Ubuntu :: Panels On Dual Screen?

Dec 7, 2010

I have dual screen setup with my laptop screen being primary and the external display secondary.I have added new panel to the secondary screen (with application launcher, taskbar and some other widgets), which is working fine. But,when I start the laptop without the external display, both panels are displayed on the primary (laptop) screen overlaying each other and making them both quite impossible to use.A always have to remove one of them after connecting external display create one again.Is there any way to make the panel stay fixed (or not to display) on the secondary sreen, no matter if the external display is connecter or not? Or should i submit this as a bug/feature request?

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Ubuntu :: Dealing With Panels When Going From Dual To Single Screen?

Sep 20, 2010

I have a laptop. At home and at the office I hook it up to an extra monitor for extra screen space. When I do this I add some panels on the second monitor.

When I occasionaly use my laptop op the train, all my extra panels show up on my first screen, which get really cluttered.

If I delete the panels I have to recreate them when I connect my extra screen again.

Is there any way of configuring gnome so that you can easily recreate 'deleted' panels, or configure the extra panels to not show up unless the second screen is attatched ('lock panel to screen')?

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Ubuntu :: Two Panels At Screen Top - Panels Lose Order On Reboot

May 12, 2011

I find that I prefer have both panels located at the screen top. That way I don't have to go to the bottom of the screen for one thing, then back to the top for another. I arranged the panel so the regular top one is on top,then the panel that contains the open applications is underneath.The problem is, when I reboot, the panels lose their order. First, the regular top panel initializes, then the bottom ones starts and pushes the first panel down, which becomes what you see in the picture: I would like to find a way to keep them in the opposite order of what you see in the picture, but every time I reboot they end up in that order.

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Ubuntu :: Retrieve Panels Firefox Shells On Dual Boot

May 13, 2011

i am running ubuntu 10.10 on an aspire 5734z laptop, as 11.04 has a backlight issue, and i am dual booting with win7, which i am currently on. i have/had KDE, xfce, desktop edition ubuntu, and gnome 3 sessions installed. i had noticed recently that startup is taking longer than usual, 2x the time as win7, ubuntu and windows are both 32 bit bytheway. after grub, it would be a black screen with only '_' displayed, followed by a screen that says something about sql stuff. i figured this could be the reason my startups were long, and as i dont use sql (that i know of) i decided to just remove it and hope that would fix the problem... yeah, im a linux-noob. i went to software center, searched for it and removed the first entry, and it said it would remove some other stuff, mostly sql named things, plus shotwell and evolution, which i also dont use. after it went thru applying changes, i selected the next one on the list for removal, and the software center froze.

i logged out of the gnome3 part, and logged into ubuntu desktop edition. i then only saw a wallpaper, both of the default panels were gone. at this point i decided a reset was in order. i logged back into the default ubuntu desktop edition part, and the panels were still missing. i figured i would login to gnome3 or kde and see if i could get something figured out from there, but they are missing from the drop down box. the only ones remaining are ubuntu (desktop, recovery and safemode) and xcfe. i logged into xcfe only to find out firefox is gone. i am not familiar with xcfe, i only added it to maybe use sometime when i need to extend battery time, and with no click here to get online - icon in the panel, i figured my best bet was to return to windows and plead for help, before i tried to 'fix' something else, and made an even bigger mess. i dont know what i couldve done to basically render my ubuntu useless to me, to get rid of my panels, firefox, and i dont even know what else.. but the only thing i did at all was to remove the top sql entry, which was something like sql3_lib or something like that.

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Ubuntu :: Open Terminal And Run Killall Gnome-panels In Order To Have Panels Shown Again?

Sep 22, 2010

Whenever I log in, restart, etc... There are no panels shown, I have to alt+F2, open terminal and run killall gnome-panels in order to have panels shown again. Is there a way to fix this?

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General :: Ubuntu : Panels Remain On The Wrong Screen?

Jan 27, 2010

I just updated my Ubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10. Since then everything looks fine, but the panels (the one at the top with menus and date, and the one at the bottom with the running applications and the virtual desktops). I have a dual screen, and the panels show on the wrong one... I already changed the display setting, trying to inverse the screens, but the panel always remain on the wrong screen.

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Ubuntu :: How To Take Away Vertical Panels And Have Normal Panels

Nov 28, 2010

i am running on ubuntu 10.10 netbook on my acer 5742 64 bit laptop i having some issues with the vertical panel how can i just use the regular panel that come on top is there a way to fix this issues how can i just have regular gnome panel not the ones that come with 10.10 netbook edition is there any guide and how to take away this vertical panels and have normal panels.

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Ubuntu :: Panels Lost After Increasing Screen Resolution / Restore It To Original?

May 18, 2010

I have a weird problem that after increasing the screen resolution from 1024x786 (4:3) to 1280x900 something (also 4:3) that both top and bottom panels have disappeared. I am not familiar with the keyboard shortcuts to much but managed to get a terminal running so I should be able to do some command line stuff but as I am not too familiar where to edit perhaps someone can give me some pointers.

I guess first step is to restore the resolution to the original. Anyone any ideas?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Dual Screen Launcher - Right Hand Screen Displays Everything Except The Desktop Launchers

Apr 25, 2011

I have a dual screen setup with one card NVidia 8400GS.

Both screen are identical 22" LCD LG W2246 Monitors.

I have Dual X-Display setup.

I am using Gnome Desktop.

The left hand screen displays everything, menus, panels, background and of course desktop launchers.

The right hand screen displays everything except the desktop launchers.

If I create a new launcher on the left it appears on the left desktop when created.

If I create a new launcher on the right it appears on the left and can not be dragged over to the right screen.

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OpenSUSE :: Dual Monitor - Nvidia Driver With X Screen - Shows A Black Screen

Feb 5, 2011

I have openSUSE 11.3 with an nvidia card connected with two monitors. In the past I used xinerama which was ok, but now I need to have two separate desktops, one on each screen. I set the nvidia driver with x screen, and now one screen works perfect and the other only shows a black screen. When I move the mouse over the black screen, the mouse pointer turns into an X, but moves correctly, which seems to me that the problem is that I need to set the second desktop to that screen. I looked on forums on how to do so, and no luck.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Touchsmart Screen Doesnt Support Dual Screen Input

Nov 24, 2010

I running 1 pc touchsmart IQ816 (windows7, standalone) and a sunfire server (fedora 14, standalone).Because my touchsmart screen doesnt support dual screen input, i'm reaching my server true vnc. Is there a beter way (VMware?) to handle this problem?Im new in VMware: Can a esxi server from vmware help me out in this situation?
Do some people have experience on this?

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Fedora :: Dual Monitors - Screen Does Fill The Lcd Screen All The Way

Mar 25, 2010

setting up my dual monitors. I can get a continuous screen but the screen does fill the lcd screen all the way. I have dove in to xorg. I'm on fedora 12 .


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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot With Windows 7 - Blank Screen With My TFT Screen Displaying A Msg "Out Of Range"

Jul 8, 2011

I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 along side windows 7 ultimate. But the problem is as soon as I switch on my computer. There is only a blank screen with my TFT screen displaying a msg "Out of Range"

Then suddenly Ubuntu loads without showing any option to load windows 7.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Dual Screen "SaX2 Doesn't Recognize Dell Screen" On 11.1

Apr 10, 2010

I have a Radeon Mobility M300 video card on an IBM T43 labtop. I have this labtop on a docking station connected to a Dell screen. SaX2 doesn't recognize my Dell screen, and so from the labtop commands I am unable to have the main screen on the Dell monitor and a secondary one on the labtop screen. I would like to have (if possible) my primary desktop on the Dell Monitor and the secondary one on the labtop screen.

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General :: Gnome - Configure The Definition Of "full Screen" To Make Large VNC Windows Behave Nicely On A Dual Screen Setup?

Dec 15, 2010

In my corporate environment, I'm required to run a Windows machine that acquires a VNC session on a machine in the server farm. My windows machine is dual head with different resolution monitors ( 1600x1080 on left and 1920x1200 on right). If I create a VNC session that spans the monitors, then maximizing a window in the VNC session causes it to stretch across both my monitors.

Instead, I want a "maximize" event to behave like it does on my windows machine -- I only want to maximize to the display that the window is on.

How can I define what, what I'll call, "maximize regions"? Regions in the VNC graphical plane where when I click "maximize", the window only expands to the region it currently ( and mostly) resides in.

Can I do this in gnome, X, xrandr, or some other magical interface?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Dual Screen In XP?

Feb 11, 2010

i switched my netbook over to ubuntu and love it, ive been trying to switch over my desktop and managed to work out the file sharing...but cant figure out how to do dual screens with ubuntu.

my video card is a geforce 7600 gs, i loaded wubi to give ubuntu a shot and couldnt manage to get it like i have it in XP...i use my main monitor and i can move things to the right to my TV hooked up with an RCA cable, maximize it and play it like its a 2nd screen...when i tried to hook it up using ubuntu it made it like one giant screen...how do i get 2 entirely separate screens?

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Ubuntu :: Maximize Across Dual Screen?

Dec 20, 2010

I want to maximize across both of my screens. I am currently running twinview with lucid lynx. The previous build of Ubuntu let me maximize across both of my screens, but now when I maximize i just goes to one screen.

I tried doing a google search to see if I can figure it out and to my surprise the only thing I could find is people complaining because the maximize would go to both screens and not one.

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Ubuntu :: Setting Up Dual Screen?

Mar 7, 2011

this is the frist time I've installed Ubuntu as my main OS, but I'm having some trouble.I cannot get my dual screen setup to work properly. I'm running a gigabyte mobo, with an core i5 and a Nvidia 8800 GTS 320mb video card (2x dvi). My monitors are a 24 inch acer (1920x1200) and a 32 inch Phillips TV (1920x1080).

The main screen, the acer, is working just fine with his max resolution via a DVI cable. My tv is connected via a DVI to HDMI converter and it does work, but only at 640x480 resolution. The screen is very small in the center of the TV. I've tried changing the resolution in the xorg.conf file but upon restarting it just turned my TV off.

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Ubuntu :: ATI Dual Screen On Natty 11.04?

Jun 8, 2011

Running classic desktop, with ATI Catalyst ccc with 2x 1680x1050 screens, I can't get the behaviour I am used to in 9.10. I used to use "Big desktop".

The closest seems to be "Multi-display desktop with display(s) 2". I like that now when I get a video to go full screen, it picks one screen instead of spread badly across both.

But I have these problems:

1. I use VirtualBox 4.0.8 installed from the VB repo. I've been able to run XP clients and resize them across the dual displays to get one massive virtual machine. Very useful for what I do for business. Essential in fact.

Now in 11.04, I am restricted to a small window. If I try and resize the guest window, it lets me drag it out as large as possible, but when I release the mouse the guest window resizes to 1680 wide. I can't set it larger.

2. Minor problem. Big desktop lets me have one desktop background across both monitors. Not possible now.

I tried Single Display Desktop (Multi-desktop)

- results in two distinct separate desktops. Can;t move items between. And there is a Xinemara option which is hopeful - but activating this completely borked X, needing recovery mode to uninstall ccc before I could log in again.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Dual Boot Screen?

Jan 4, 2010

I was running a dual boot Ubuntu 9.10/Windows XP. I reformatted just the windows partition and re-installed it, and now I don't get the option at boot time of what OS I'd like to use...it just boots straight into Windows.

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Ubuntu :: Dual Screen Setup On Net Book

Mar 6, 2010

I have a netbook (samsung nc-10) with the regular 9.10 desktop installed. The screen is 1024*600, and I have a computer monitor with a resolution of 1024*768.I want to have the external monitor right of my netbook-screen, and with the 1024*768 resolution, but the hight is limited to the hight of my netbook-screen, 800*600. If I use a different hight, both screens don't work.I know its possible with kde, but i want to have it with gnome.

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Ubuntu :: Dual-Screen Default / How To Change?

Jun 26, 2010

Everything is on my secondary (left) monitor. I want my primary (right) monitor to have the toolbars and default stuff on it. Is it possible? I haven't seen it on the settings and I've searched around but all posts are like 2007-2008 which have different layouts of solutions which don't work or aren't the same.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04-Switch Between Dual And Single Screen?

Jul 21, 2010

I am having issues switching between dual monitors and a single monitor.

I have a Dell laptop with an NVIDIA graphics card that I use with a docking station attached to a monitor.

My problem is that if I shutdown without first changing the NVIDIA settings back to the single monitor (the laptop's screen) when I boot with the laptop undocked half the screen is on the monitor that is not attached.

Is there a way to switch between dual and single monitors without using the NVIDIA settings.

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Ubuntu :: Blank Screen With Dual Boot?

Nov 18, 2010

I have always had Ubuntu installed along with Win 7 but rarely use it, i only use it if i am flashing firmware to my phone or something similar.

I uninstalled my older version of Ubuntu because it was becoming sluggish and have tried to install the 10.10 version a few times today, but every time i boot into Ubuntu, i get a blank purple screen and nothing else.

My mouse curser is the only thing that is working but there is nothing to click on and nothing shows if i right click.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: No Dual Boot - Cannot Get To A Log In Screen

Apr 29, 2011

I have a Macbook Pro, with ubuntu as the ONLY OS, there is no dual boot. I bought the mac long ago and recently got fed up with OS X, so i removed it for unbutu. i've been having random troubles with it but have for the most part been able to figure it out by reading forums however, my computer will not boot now.

From power off:
Push power button
Screen becomes grey for about twenty seconds
screen becomes black
sometimes flashes the underscore in the top right corner once
screen goes black
no change thereafter

I was playing Warcraft 3 (running on WINE) when I left it, the CD is still in the disk drive. I cannot eject it, I can not get to a log in screen, I can't do anything. Nothing I have attempted has affect the computer what so ever, except the power button as far as I can tell.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Freezes When In Dual Screen?

May 11, 2011

I've been using Ubuntu 11.04 for some time now and I'm experiencing many severe bugs. One of this is very bothering and I still can't find a solution. I experienced many problems maybe related to this, but seems to have gone away by downgrading xserver-xorg-video-ati. Still anyway, when in dual screen, after some time, the screen completely freezes. The system is completely freezed, I can't even go to a shell, but I noticed it is possible to log in via ssh.

I've never had problems with ATI opensource drivers. Now I even noticed a logout problem anyway (which is known as far as I know). Is there anyone else experiencing the same? I found some others complaining about something similar, but not exactly the same and still no solution. Is it possible to somehow debug this when it happens? I have to note that I'm still using kernel version 2.6.35 because the new 2.6.38 is not booting at all. But I don't know whether this is the problem or not.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Separate X Screen For Dual GPU?

Sep 1, 2011

I'm trying to get my Dual Monitor setup working. I have a 1900x1080 LCD and a 1280x1020 LCD. Cards are dual nvidia 7600GT.

I had the system set up using TwinView for a while but I opted to switch over to "Separate X Screen" so that the two displays could serve as separate desktops with different functions. Initially they were both running off of GPU0 and everything was fine. I then decided to swap the smaller monitor over to GPU1 to make better use of my available resources. I have no issue using the nVidia configuration utility and all appears well but when I respart X it comes up with a black screen and a white mouse cursor and then just lags. The mouse moves initially but after a few minutes it freezes and the whole system locks. I have to hard reboot and then it comes up with only one monitor. Inspection of the xorg.conf file shows that it has disabled the second monitor in order to start X.

Can someone look at my xorg.conf and see if there's anything obvious that would cause it to break? Is there some issue with separate cards that is fundamentally different from a dual-head card?

# nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings
# nvidia-settings: version 1.0 (buildd@yellow) Fri Apr 9 11:51:21 UTC 2010
# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig
# nvidia-xconfig: version 1.0 (buildmeister@builder62) Wed Nov 11 06:45:14 PST 2009


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Ubuntu :: Black Screen After Dual Monitor?

Mar 23, 2010

I have an Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM chipset. As I was playing around, trying to figure out how to get my dual monitor to work. The Mirror Screen was working fine, but then I uncheck the mirror screen option, both my laptop and my secondary monitor black out. I can only see the mouse, and it cans move on both screen.

Here is my xorg.conf:

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "X.org Configured"
Screen 0 "Screen0" 0 0


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Ubuntu :: How To Get Rid Of Dual Boot Screen And Partitions

Jan 24, 2011

My brother installed ubuntu earlier this year, ended up not liking it, and somehow managed to delete all the Ubuntu folders from Windows XP without deleting neither the partition nor GRUB (which is what I'm assuming is keeping up the dual boot screens).

Dual boot - windows xp (SP3) and ubuntu
Laptop - Dell Vostro 1510

How do I get rid of the dual boot screen? AND how do I get rid of the partitions? I already tried to run Mbr fixer, but it hasn't worked. When I boot from the Windows XP CD I have, the recovery console doesn't detect the hard drive and therefore can't repair windows. I have the latest version of Kubuntu on hand - will installing this alongside or inside Windows XP wipe out the Ubuntu partitions or will it just create more partitions in the disk?

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Ubuntu :: Dual Screen - Gnome Panel On Both Screens?

Jan 28, 2010

I reinstalled and forgot how I added a panel to my second screen, cause when you add a panel you choose left right top or bottom, but no option for second screen... finally I added a new panel, then right click on the new panel> properties, then unchecked "expand" then was able to move the new panel to second monitor, then set to whatever side and recheck "expand" then it sticks to the second screen, then add to panel, and select window list, then all new windows will be shown on the appropriate panel/screen

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