Ubuntu :: Panel Applet - If Right-click Doesn't Include Move - How To Move That Icon

Sep 19, 2010

For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS / Gnome 2.30.2.

I have two applets on my Gnome panel -- NetworkManager Applet 0.8, and Klipper (it works better than Glipper) -- that I want to move.

HOWEVER, right-clicking the panel icons does not enable me to move these applets, as follows:

- NetworkManager Applet 0.8 does not include a Move item in its list of options.

- Klipper displays a long list of Klipper options but no Move option.

How I can move these items to new locations on the Gnome panel?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Move Indicator Session Applet To The Right Of The System Date/clock Applet

May 6, 2010

I thought I was removing the chat status piece of the indicator applet (I know what it is now, didn't then), but I accidentally removed the whole thing. Now when I figured out how to put it back on the panel, I can't get it back to where it was (which was to the RIGHT of the system date/time applet). How can I do this as well as move the indicator applet that has the volume control in it?

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Ubuntu :: Accidentally Toggled Click To Move?

May 6, 2010

I did something stupid and i don't know what i did or how to fix it. For some reason every time i click within the contents (not the title bar) of a window (for example; firefox, transmission, nautilus, terminal, basically any running application) and drag the mouse while holding the left mouse button down the entire window moves instead of the expected behavior (selecting text in firefox, moving a file in nautilus, selecting a torrent in transmission, clicking checkbox in system preferences, etc).

This is the expected behavior you would get from clicking on the title bar but not the contents of the window. Right before this happened, i had installed Xephyr and Sugar emulator (for XO OLPC). In the title bar of the Sugar emulator it said to push "ctrl + shift" in order to grab/release the mouse - I had issues getting the mouse successfully grabbed and released - this is around the time all of the problems started.

I have since removed Sugar and Xephyr yet this problem remains. It appears that i have somehow toggled a setting to make moving windows the default behavior when clicking.what i did to cause this to happen and what i can do to fix it? I don't want to have to reinstall. p.s. its not a stuck key - i have rebooted multiple times and the problem remains passed reboots.

p.p.s at the login screen the behavior is not present, you must hold ALT while clicking on the login window in order to exhibit the behavior. However. once Gnome is loaded you no longer need to hold ALT to window the move, it just defaults to that behavior.

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Ubuntu :: Right Click Delete Or Move To Trash Not Available?

Nov 24, 2010

I have a few folders I need to remove and when I right click delete or move to trash not available. I guess I don't have permission. I am the sole user of this machine and the Admin. How do I remove these folders. The folders were part of ClamAV which has been removed. They show up as a virus in my Avast Anti Virus.

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Right-click On Title Bar And Move App

May 9, 2011

I've been using the Pandora One app. on my opensuse 13 installation and two things have come up.

1st, (almost certainly because it's an Adobe Air container) I can't right-click on the title bar and move the app. to another workspace like I can with every other app. Is there a workaround like a key press combination or something?

2nd, and I am not sure if this is specifically a Pandora issue some combination of apps. but sometimes (most noticeable when Pandora is running) all my apps. just "freeze" for many secs. (perhaps about 10-20 secs.) and then suddenly all my clicks and key presses catch up. I have a 2.6Ghz quad core duo CPU and it doesn't look anywhere near at 100% on any of the cores when this happens (more like 10%). It seems like there's some sort of a "lock" preventing all internal messaging in X for those seconds. If there was a way to lower the thread priority on the Pandora app. then that might be a good way to resolve this but I have no idea how to do that.

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Fedora :: Can't Move Panel To Top / Add Extra Panel - Way To Do This

Dec 21, 2009

I cannot move panel to top or add extra panel. Is there a way to do this?

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Ubuntu :: Modify The Copy To /move To In The Right Click On The Mouse?

Feb 3, 2011

I want to know how to modify copy to /move to in the right click on the mouse ?

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Ubuntu :: Adding Locations Pointed To By Copy To And Move To On Right Click?

Dec 4, 2010

When we right click on files and folders..copy to and move options are there in my system. only home folder and desktop are shown under these options..i want to add some of my own directories too..how do i do that ?

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Ubuntu :: Can Move Window / Can't Click Anything Except When Holding Shift / Alt Or Ctrl

Sep 2, 2010

on desktop, my mouse works normal. i can open programs normally, BUT, when i try to click inside some window, pointer turns into closed hand, that symbols dragging. i can move the window that way, but can't click anything except when holding shift, alt or ctrl.it's probably my fault, but i don't remember pressing anything different than usually. oh, and, it started in the middle of the session, i tried to reboot several times, tried recovery too, after that updated but no help there.i was looking for solution on google but can't find anything for days, i cant think of anything but reinstallation

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Ubuntu :: Move Unity Menu / Icon Bar?

Oct 28, 2010

Is it possible to move the unity menu bar? It's the bar on the left side with all the icons. I would prefer it to be on the bottom. I really hope they do this for 11.04.

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Ubuntu :: Panel Elements Move Around?

Apr 8, 2010

Everytime i restart the panel elements are shifted and i have to rearrange them all over again:this is the usual arrangement:and this is what i get after every restart:

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Ubuntu :: Move Items On Panel

Jul 12, 2010

Is it possible to move items in panel? Look at screen shot.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Move Panel Items?

Dec 12, 2010

I have a very annoying problem. I cannot move any panel items to the upper right hand corner... But I can move them to any other panel, right or left.I right click the item.Then I click Move.Then I click the upper right hand corner.Then nothing happens, except if there is a group of buttons side-by-side then the right-clicked item will move to the far right of the group

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Ubuntu :: Right Click Program - Move To Another Work Space - Desk 2 - Find?

Jan 8, 2010

Were abouts is Desk 2, as in, right click program, move to another work space, Desk 2, so how can i find this desk 2?

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Fedora :: Move OR Delete The First 3 Entries In Desktop Right Click In Gnome

Apr 15, 2010

OS: fed 12
WM: gnome

I would like to remove OR move down the "create folder, launcher etc" so the first button can be Open Terminal. I have used both NACT and nautilus-actions to get the Open Terminal on the menu - but I would like it to be on the top (old habit).

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Ubuntu :: Can't Move Wireless Icon In Notification Area

Nov 14, 2010

The icons in the notification area became out of order when I switched displays (laptop / external display). I was able to rearrange all of them by right-click > Unlock from panel > Move except for the wireless icon which doesn't have a "Lock to panel" option when I right click it. Is there a way to move it back to the left of the date?

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Frozen After Trying To Move Panel

Feb 25, 2010

Downloaded Ubuntu to try it out. It currently dual boots with with Windows XP on my Dell. Everything seemed to be going fine, until this problem: I started tweaking the panel (with the shortcuts). Put on the bottom with the Auto hide feature enabled. As soon as it hid, the bottom panel start glitching out, and this was followed by the desktop freezing. My media player continued to play and mouse was still moving, but I couldn't do anything. Had to manually shut down the computer. Turned it on and logged in - same problem. I think creating a new account by logging as "root" would fix this, but I have alot of preferences set up, passwords saved, etc on my account.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Move Top Panel Icons Sometimes?

Jul 17, 2010

Network Indicator won't budge. this happens sometimes where an icon won't move when I try to middle click and move it around.any other ways to "reset" the panel? or move the damn icon that's sitting there in the middle

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Ubuntu :: Move A Gnome Panel To The Second Screen?

Oct 7, 2010

How is do I move a panel from the right hand screen to the left hand screen?

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Debian :: Can't Move Between Panel Buttons

Apr 12, 2011

I've had this problem before in Ubuntu but I don't remember how I fixed it. I have buttons for the open applications on the bottom panel. If I move from one to the other with the mouse, the button highlight doesn't follow. I have to go out of the panel and back in to a different button. I removed and reinstalled the applet to no effect.

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Fedora :: Can't Move Gnome-panel In F13?

Nov 18, 2010

This seems like it should be simple to do. I have a fresh F13 install running Gnome, and the gnome panel is on the left-hand side of the monitor. I want it on the righthand side. So far I have been unable to achieve this. I can't drag the panel (even with ALT held down), and if I try to set orientation to "Right" it changes back the "Left" again

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Fedora :: Unable To Move Top Panel?

Sep 2, 2011

I am 3 days new to Fedora 15 and I have just one problem o move the top panelto the bottom but I couldn't find any way to do so

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Ubuntu :: Panel Applet Icon Location - How To Change

Jul 24, 2010

I've done a bit of googling, and some searching around here, but to no avail, so I'm going to ask you lovely lot where I can find the icon location/s for: I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Nm-applet Icon Missing From Panel

Jul 2, 2011

In 11.04 on a Dell Latitude D610 laptop, there are two logins. User1 has sudo privs, User2 does not.When either user logs in, network-manager picks up on whatever remembered wireless network is available, connects, and the nm icon shows in the panel.If the other user logs in (via Switch User), the connection persists, but the nm icon does not show in the panel.

Under 11.04 it appears there is no way to put the nm icon back in the panel, even when the connection is set to "available to all users", and even when the user missing the icon is User1 (who has sudo privs).If control is now switched back to the first user who logged in, the nm icon is still there, and the system is still connected, but if that user logs off (rather than clicking Switch User), the connection is dropped, and when the other user gives their password to resume their session, there is now neither connection nor an icon with which it can be re-established.

This would appear to be a bug, but is there a way to ***FORCE*** the nm icon to appear in the panel? The connection is already set to "available to all users", and doing a networking start does not do anything. Under 11.04 it appears that there is no way to make any icon appear in the panel if it is not already there.

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Ubuntu :: How To Move / Remove Windows List From Panel

Sep 29, 2010

I am running 10.10 and I can't figure out how to move or remove the windows list... all other items I can select and move or remove normally. also, if I try and start "panel" from the menu it starts to open but then quits.

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Fedora :: Cannot Drag / Move New Panel To Other Screen

May 26, 2010

I right clicked on the panel and clicked "New Panel". This actually did nothing the first few times. Eventually it produced a panel on the right side of the screen. When I tried to alt+drag it to move it to my other screen, it won't move. The top and bottom panel do move appropriately.

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Fedora :: Activities Panel Move To The Bottom?

Jun 17, 2011

Does anybody know if activities panel can be move to the bottom.

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OpenSUSE :: Move Widgets On Launcher Panel?

Jun 2, 2011

This question concerns the system panel/launcher panel / the panel with the launcher that normally appears across the top or bottom of the screen. The default system panel layout was nice, but, I screwed it up by accidentally deleting the task manager. I put the task manager back but now my clock & system tray are to the left of the task manager, and, I can't just drag things around. Is there a trick to organizing the widgets on this panel or is it broken? Every time I try to move something, it basically ignores me and adds it to the right of everything else.

KDE 4.6.3
Opensuse 11.4 x86_64

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Ubuntu Networking :: NM-Applet Displays Wrong Icon On Panel

May 27, 2010

With a fresh lucid install on my new dell mini v10 when I'm connected to the internet the wrong icon is displayed on the panel by nm-applet. The no connection icon with the red exclamation mark is displayed when the normal wireless network connection icon should be shown. By the way I'm using the proprietary broadcom drivers for the wireless

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Ubuntu :: Move Menu From Top Panel Back To Its Program In Unity?

May 7, 2011

I decided to persist with Unity having spent until today launching in an Ubuntu Classic session. The thing that bugs me the most is the fact that each program has its menu (ie File, Edit etc) in the top panel. This may be fine for netbooks but not my laptop.I just launched Tomboy, which startde with its window in the bottom right of the screen, however to get to the programs menu I have to move the cursor all the way to the top right of the screen - miles.

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