Ubuntu :: Open Files In Gvim In Tabs?

Jun 10, 2010

Is it possible to open text files in gvim in tabs not opening anothe rgvim window for every text file? Just like it is done in gedit: open a file the open another file and it opens in a tab.

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Ubuntu :: E233 - Cannot Open Display - When Starting Gvim On Root Shell

Aug 30, 2009

However, "E233: cannot open display" error appears when starting gvim on ubuntu 8.04root shell.

E233: cannot open display Press ENTER or type command to continue # kdesudo gvim /etc/fstab kdesudo: cannot connect to X server.

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General :: Error - Can't Open Display - For Xclock Or Gvim On Kubuntu Root Shell Konsole 1.6.6

Oct 8, 2009

I use kubuntu (8.04) which does not have a root account.

[sudo] password for ts:

However, starting xclock or gvim on root shell on konsole has the "Can't open display" error appears.

Error: Can't open display: localhost:0.0

Press ENTER or type command to continue

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Ubuntu :: Open Terminal With Multiple Tabs ?

Aug 16, 2010

Is it possible to open a terminal window with a few tabs and execute a separate script or command in each with a single command or script?

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General :: How To Get Tabs To Open Up At Top Instead Of Bottom?

Nov 22, 2008

Using Konsole on KDE4. How do I get the tabs to open up at the top instead of the bottom?

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General :: Open Multiple Tabs Automatically?

May 24, 2011

I am using ubuntu 10.10. I am practicing for my CCIE. I need to do the following just to speed up myself :-)In ubuntu, while i am in gui (gnome) i want to do the following1) open a terminal window2) open 13 tabs (the ones that we open using ctrl+shift+t)3) on tab1, execute -> telnet 20014) on tab2, execute -> telnet 20025) so on till telnet 2013

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Ubuntu :: Make Gedit Save Tabs And Open Them When Restarting?

Jan 6, 2011

Textpad on Windows did a great job with this. How to make gedit save tabs when closing and reopen the files when restarting?

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Ubuntu :: Open Documents In Openoffice 3.2.1 In Tabs Instead Of Multiple Windows

Jan 19, 2011

i have a macbook pro with snow leopard 1.6.6 (its Unix based don't look me like that ). my question is about an linux software so thats why i'm asking here (on mac forums nobody answered me) I wanna know that how i can open documents in openoffice 3.2.1 in tabs instead of multiple windows ... (like firefox ?

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CentOS 5 :: Setup Tabs To Open Using Ssh_key Passphrase?

May 27, 2009

I would like to know how or if there is a how to guide on setting up konsole in KDE to display the server name you are logged into.

Also, how can I set up tabs to open using my ssh_key passphrase without having to enter it in everytime.

In Fedora there is a utility that caches your ssh_passphrase for a limited amount of time, is there a utility like that in Centos?

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox Is Slow Opening New Tabs/switching Between Tabs

Mar 25, 2010

Firefox is sometimes slow opening new tabs/switching between tabs. If I click on the kickoff application launcher button, it takes a few seconds to open, and typing something in the search makes it hang up for about 20 seconds before it does the search. Clicking on an app takes 16 seconds before the menu window closes and the program begins to start. Then it takes another 30sec-1min before the app is usable. smplayer plays video with tearing.

Like right now I tried taking a screenshot, and it tells me

Error launching /usr/share/applications/kde4/ksnapshot.desktop. Either KLauncher is not running anymore, or it failed to start the application.

while the app worked fine.

I also tried running glxgears right now, and it runs but the gears don't move, and terminal states

15 frames in 19.0 seconds = 0.789 FPS
XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0.0"
after 48 requests (48 known processed) with 15 events remaining.

If I'm on dolphin, and I click a video to start smplayer, it takes about 1 minute for it to start.

Memory is using 1.4GB out of 3.6GB, with 0.08GB/2GB swap

Top shows an average usage of less than 10% average. Xorg is always 25%, kwin is always 10% and then rest of the apps are less than that.

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor
Integrated VIdeo: HD4200 with fglrx driver

When I ssh into the computer with x tunneling, the programs start up faster than being on the desktop

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Fedora :: Cleaning Up - Make Epiphany Remeber Tabs After Close Browser And Open It Again?

Nov 13, 2009

I just moved to Fedora 11 from Ubuntu and I am very happy, not even thinking to go back to Ubuntu (because of gma500 driver support). How can I clean up Fedora? On Ubuntu I could go to Synaptics, remove Installed (not residetial) packages, I coud use terminal sudo autoremove, autoclean, clean. On Fedora I found out only one so far: yum clean all. Is there anything else I should now, can you share with me how you are cleaning up your Fedora? Second thing, which is not only related to Fedora, is there any chance to make Epiphany remeber tabs after I close the browser and open it again? Don't really want to use any other browser.

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General :: Convert Tabs To Spaces In Many Files?

Jul 2, 2010

I have a lot of files with tabs littered throughout, and I'd like to convert them all into spaces. I know about the expand command, but unfortunately I would have to type out every single file using it. Is there any easier way to do this on Linux?

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Ubuntu :: Error: To Many Open Files But None Of The Files In Them Are Open?

Jan 9, 2010

they keep coming up with Error: To many open files but none of the files in them are open?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Nfs Locking Files - Cannot Open For Editing, Or Open Firefox / Thunderbird?

Dec 12, 2010

Server - Ubuntu 10.04.1 lts
Client - Kubuntu 10.10

When I try to open any nfs-mounted file using OpenOffice, I get a pop-up window titled "Document in Use". The text of the message is:

"Document file 'abcde.odt' is locked for editing by:

Unknown User

Open document read-only or open a copy of the document for editing." I then have three options - <Open Read-Only>, <Open Copy>, & <Cancel> If I cp any of these files from the mounted directory to my home dir (not mounted), I can open them without problem.Also, my firefox & thunderbird date are in this mounted directory as well (sym links to ~dan/.mozilla & ~dan/.thunderbird). Both of these apps hang when trying to open, leaving two processes behind that need to be manually killed. Again, cp'ing the data out of the nfs-mounted dir onto a local dir resolves the issue, so I am 100% confident there is nothing missing or corrupted in the firefox &/or thunderbird data...

relevant entry in /etc/fstab:
server:/nfs/dan/Documents /home/dan/Documents nfs defaults 0 0
relevant entry in server's /etc/exports:
/nfs/dan/Documents client(rw)

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Applications :: Error Glibtop: Open (/proc/stat): Too Many Open Files

Oct 1, 2010

I have a while(1) loop, and the error is: glibtop: open (/proc/stat): Too many open files This error occurs after about a half hour to an hour of running. I've tried running this multiple times, both with using glib_close() at the end of the loop, using glib_init() and glib_close() at beginning/end, and just using glib_init(). The strange thing is these have no effect on the actual glib_get functions.

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Software :: Cant Open Xls Files In A Shared Folder Using Open Office 3.1?

Oct 12, 2010

I cant open xls files in a shared folder using open office 3.1. Its all started when i install a new open office version. when im using open office 3.0.8 i can open all the files but now i cant even open it. Its always display untitled documents.

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Ubuntu :: Gvim Installation Editor?

Nov 12, 2010

In ubuntu 9.10 i installed gvim editor..... if i opened that it shows like following and opened editor and also compiled.... wats this? Anything need to install?

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Ubuntu :: Getting GVim To Play Nice With Unity

May 24, 2011

my idea is to have gvim working like gedit in ubuntu 11.04: when you open a file thru unity's dash, and if there's already an open editor, it opens the file in a new tab.To make nautilus open more than one selected files in gvim's tabs, i used to change the exec line in /usr/share/applications/gvim.desktop to "Exec=gvim -p --remote-tab-silent %F". This trick is working ok in nautilus and also in unity, just like the way I was planning.

However, when i try to open gvim itself without specifying any files (from unity's dash or a launcher set) it fails. Can anyone please help me with this ?

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Slackware :: Get Gvim Color In Vim?

Mar 26, 2010

For gvim :hi Include guifg=#8040f0 Is it possible to get #8040f0 in vim?

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General :: Convert Open Office (odt) Files To Text Files?

May 25, 2011

How do you convert Open Office (ODT) documents to Text files?
I have made a report using libre office. Now I wish to continue editing the document using lyx (latex front end). So the ODT file needs to be saved as some .tex file.

I don't see an option to do this in File menu (export/save as). So is there any other plugin to do this?

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Ubuntu :: How To Open Executable Files Not .exe Files

Jun 27, 2010

I just installed the nmap for port scanning and then run ./configure , make , make install command respectively. It works and then I successfully installed nmap under /usr/local/bin . nmap is a executable file not .exe . so my question is how can I open it .

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Debian :: Gvim Does Not Work Anymore

Feb 21, 2011

After upgrading Squeeze, Gvim and Vim seems to be broken. So I went back to 7.2 by compiling from source. However I am failing to compile the gui version under Debian. I tried the configure options, apt-get build-dep vim etc but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know a straight way to make it work? Or even a way to find the previous version of vim gtk?

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OpenSUSE :: Error - Starting Gvim

May 25, 2010

I get this error when I start gvim:


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General :: Compile Gvim From Sources?

May 25, 2011

Recently, I've installed vim like so:

hg clone https://vim.googlecode.com/hg/ vim
cd vim
sudo ./configure --enable-rubyinterp=yes --enable-pythoninterp=yes --enable-gui=gtk2 --prefix=/opt/vim
make install
make install clean

So, my VIM's binaries now live under /opt/vim/bin. Here is ls -la of this dir:


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General :: How To Always Start Gvim Maximized

Sep 13, 2011

set lines=999 columns=999

doesn't work, and

au GUIEnter * simalt ~x

only works for Windows.

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Programming :: How To Use Gvim Keyboard Shortcuts

Jul 6, 2010

I'm new to vim and gvim, but I feel its power so I want to learn it. I've been searching very long how to use gvim keyboard shortcuts but I simply cannot find out what is for example the vertical splitting command '^Wv'? I've tried (ctrl/super+ a lot of things) (and other combinations, but without success).

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Software :: Get The 'bash' Or 'csh' Shell From Within Gvim?

Apr 8, 2010

I use ":!shell_command<enter>" OR ":sh<enter>" in gvim to execute shell commands or to get a shell. But I am getting an 'sh' shell. Is there a way to get the 'bash' or 'csh' shell from within gvim?

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Software :: .rpm To .bin - Share Gvim Binary Over Nfs?

Jan 4, 2011

I have to share gvim binary over the NFS for users on a x64 machine. I can't find it over the internet. Is there anyway I can convert the vim-X11.rpm to .bin? or achieve the same in any other possible way.

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OpenSUSE :: Gvim Window Auto Shrinks?

Apr 3, 2010

I have a minor problem with gvim. My gvim never maximizes. Whenever I try to maxmize it automatically shrinks from right side and bottom. Don't know if anyone else faces this problem, but I have faced this even after re-installing the system It is not a show stopper but surely an irritant.

I am using openSUSE 11.2, KDE 4.3.5.

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General :: Setting Background Color In Gvim?

May 16, 2010

I use a terminal with white text on black background (I just like it better), so I wrote the following line in my .vimrc file: set background=dark

However, gvim has black on white text. How do I do either of the following: Set the background of gvim to black Check in .vimrc if I'm using gvim I tried this: I started up gvim, and typed echo &term. The answer was "builtin_gui". So I wrote the following into .vimrc:

if &term == "builtin_gui"
set background=light
set background=dark

Somehow, it didn't work.

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