Ubuntu One :: Downloaded Music Store Files Stored?

Apr 25, 2010

Does anyone know where the files downloaded from the Ubuntu One Music Store are stored?They are not in the Music folder or anywhere else in my home folder that I can determine, yet Rhythmbox sees them. I noticed that in the Rhythmbox preferences I can no longer specify one specific folder as a watch folder (it defaults back to "Multiple Locations Set"). I'd like to transfer the files I bought to a flash drive, but cannot find them.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: One Music Store / Message "Connecting You To One Music Store"?

Jun 24, 2010

I added a song to my basket and when I click Checkout....it just stays on this message "Connecting you to the Ubuntu One Music Store..." and does nothing.

How can I fix this so I can buy music?

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Ubuntu One :: Music Players And Choice Of Music Store?

Feb 24, 2011

For a long time, I've been downloading music from the Amazon MP3 Store (using Windows). I had hoped the Ubuntu One Store would allow me to use Ubuntu for downloading instead of booting into Windows. To date I've only bought and downloaded one album using the Ubuntu Store. Two reasons, namely that the albums are cheaper in the Amazon Store (at least the ones I've bought have been cheaper) and the files are hidden after download from the Ubuntu One Store.

I was reading last night that Banshee will be the new default music player in Ubuntu 11.04, so, I downloaded and installed Banshee which I discovered has the option to let me download from the Amazon Store (something I've not managed to do yet in Ubuntu). So I gave it a try and it downloaded an album successfully. As an added bonus, the music was downloaded to my Music folder and wasn't downloaded to a hidden folder anywhere. So now I have access to the Amazon Store (cheaper) and the files are not hidden (much easier to make a cd or move to another device for backup).

As of now, I'm exclusively using Banshee because of the reasons I've given above and I can see no sense in using the Ubuntu One Store as it stands. Will Banshee actually be the default music player in 11.04? If so, will it retain the ability to go to the Amazon MP3 Store? If so, will that then be the default for downloading music? If so, what will become of the current default and any music that's already been downloaded from there?

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Ubuntu One :: Try Music Store For Free

May 1, 2010

If you want to try the music store out without risking of any of your hard earned, 7digital have a selection of free downloads here. Check them out on web site, then go find in Rythmbox and check out as normal.This is using from UK, I assume they also do the same in other territories.

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Ubuntu One :: Cannot Get Music Store In Karmic

Sep 15, 2010

As the subject says, i cannot get the Ubuntu One Music Store to run under rhythmbox in 9.10.

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Ubuntu One :: One Music Store As Does Rhythembox?

Nov 26, 2010

I heard that Banshee was going to be the next default media player for Ubuntu. So would someone tell me why Banshee does not yet of the Ubuntu One music store as does Rhythembox?

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Ubuntu One :: Music Store Doesn't Connect?

May 17, 2010

since ive installed 10.4 im quite taken by rythmbox which i didnt really discover before somehow but i have a problem with the store-plugin
whenever i restart rythmbox it seems to be working fine, then i try to buy a song and then it says "connecting..." but then nothing happens, meaning it doesnt connect.i made an account but i dont find a problem-log

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Ubuntu One :: Music Store Downloads In Mono?

Jul 27, 2010

I just downloaded my first track and I was pleased!
It was easy to find, pay, and download. It was 20 cents cheaper than AmazonMP3 too.

I had the same song downloaded from AmazonMP3 and compared them side-by-side.
The 7digital file had a better bitrate (320KB/sec) than AmazonMP3 (225KB/sec) and I didn't notice any quality in the sound.

I noticed, however, the AmazonMP3 track was stereo and the 7digital one was mono.

Are all the songs like this?

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Ubuntu One :: Plugin To Access Music Store On Kubuntu?

Apr 5, 2010

I read that there will be a plugin for Amarok to access the Ubuntu One Music Store, but haven't heard anything of it since. Will the plugin be ready before 10.04 or when 10.04 launches? Or will there be another way to access the Music Store from Kubuntu without installing Rhytmbox?

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Ubuntu One :: Music Store Versus 7 Digital Catalog

Apr 23, 2010

I found some artists/albums available on 7digital that are not available on Ubuntu One Music Store. Is that done on purpose?
One example is:
Artist: New Young Pony Club
Album: The Optimist

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Ubuntu One :: Music Store Bug - Internet Connection Required

Jun 22, 2010

I just started using the Ubuntu One Music Store from within Rhythmbox and all was going well until I tried to play a music video. (Search for Daft Punk. Scroll to Videos. Click 'Around the World' and attempt to play.)

Then I got a stupid error message saying:
"Internet connection is required to access the music store. Please connect and reload."

I could not get rid of this error message by restarting Rhythmbox. I had to unload the Ubuntu One Music Store plugin, and then restart Rhythmbox.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can I Get Access To ITunes Music Store?

Apr 18, 2011

I fully intend to use Ubuntu One, Amazon, or another music store to purchase music from now on, but the problem is that I still have $11+ in my iTunes account and I don't feel like letting it go to waste. So my question is, is there any way I can use the iTunes Store on Ubuntu? I looked at PyMusique, but it no longer works with iTunes, as well as many other things. Would it be possible to install an older version of iTunes that worked with WINE and use the store from there?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upon Loading The Music Store In Rythmbox It Crashes?

May 2, 2010

Upon loading the music store in rythmbox it crashes the program. Probably not the best way to start off the new endeavor.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 9.10 Music Store Rhythmbox Plugin Not Found

May 25, 2010

Title says it all. Following the instructions at the site [URL] "Start using the Ubuntu One Music Store by going to Applications Sound & Video Rhythmbox Music Player." yields nothing.

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Ubuntu :: Amazon Music Store Doesn't Show In Banshee 1.7.3?

Jul 27, 2010

I installed Banshee and upgraded it but I don't see the Amazon Music Store.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Mdadm Music Corruption - Link ITunes Library To The Music Files Via A Samba Share?

Dec 19, 2010

I've been building my digital music collection for some time and used to house it on a local drive with no quality issues. A while back I built myself a file server using ubuntu and mdadm in a raid1 configuration to protect against potential drive failure. I link my iTunes library to the music files via a samba share and everything works great on the surface. I've started to notice that random songs are becoming corrupted with pops clicks and silent pauses. I'll even re-download an album and notice that it's corrupted a few weeks later. Now I'm at a loss to what is causing this issue; I ignored it at first but it seems to be getting worse and more widespread as time goes on.

Do you think this could be caused by mdadm? It reports that all is fine via 'cat /process/mdstat' but I wouldn't know where to look or what to look for if there were syncing issues. The other possibility is that I have iTunes set to keep my music folder organized for me, but I've never heard of it actually corrupting the files it shuffles around. The bottom line is that my library is getting crappier as time goes on and I cannot stand for that!

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Ubuntu :: Songs Purchased On Ubuntu One Music Store Fail To Play On IPod?

Oct 10, 2010

I had my mother purchase an album on the Ubuntu One Music Store in 10.10 for me, since it was kind of a gift from last Christmas. It downloaded fine (albeit with a browse to my Ubuntu One storage account from FF), and it synced fine, but when I go to play any of the songs on my iPod Nano 3G, the progress bar that shows how finished the song is while playing is stuck at 0:00. Anybody know what the problem is?

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General :: Media Player - None Of The Downloaded Music And Lists The Songs In Each Album Backwards

Nov 24, 2010

Let me begin by saying that I'm a "casual user" of my computer (I'm a retiree who uses her 'machine' for email, looking up mostly useless info, & pretending to be a writer). However, migraines from beating my head on the keyboard in frustration over Windows eccentricities led me straight to Linux. Linux blows windows out of the water, IMO.

Except for Media Players. I have tried every one in Ubuntu's software catalog. Rhythmbox is the only one that works, & it doesn't work correctly. I use my computer as my primary music source, & have saved nearly 200 albums/CDs to it. I transferred my collection to a memory stick, then tried to transfer it to Ubuntu. Rhythmbox 'accepted' most but not all albums, but none of the downloaded music, & lists the songs in each album backwards. When I open an album, sometimes Rhythmbox plays them backwards, sometimes (rarely) 'frontwards', but usually, jumps around, plays a few of the numbers, then stops. Occasionally, it goes through the collection, playing one song from each collection.

I was able to transfer the entire collection to 'Listen' media player, but it doesn't actually play anything, & I never even got that far with any other player. I have a two year-old HP Compaq Presario desktop w/ 500GB, (300 to Ubuntu & the rest to The Dreaded Windows for some stuff I can't run on Linux). I began with running Ubuntu 10.04 on 'wubi', then installed it from a CD I burned from the Ubuntu site. Someone suggested I had screwed something up during downloading, so I got 10.04 on a CD (w/ "Ubuntu for Non-Geeks"), but had the same media player problems. Last month I upgraded to 10.10, but still have the same problems.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Configure Mpd (music Player Daemon) To Access Music Files?

Nov 8, 2010

I am trying to configure mpd (music player daemon) to access my music files that are stored on a windows server (NAS).

In the mpd configuration file I have to point to the directory in which the music is.

How do I do that? Is it something to do with mount?

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Ubuntu :: Where Are All User Files Stored ?

Dec 27, 2010

If anyone of you guys could tell me where does ubuntu saves user prefference/settings/application settings/menus/themes all that effect only user loged in so i can transfer all of this to another account and have them be the same. Or maybe there is an app for that ?

I setup my ubuntu to have no users and only root account, but i found that its not made to work correctly with being root at all times, so i created an account and want to export my root prefferences to newly created account, just like i could with windows by exporting files/registry keys etc.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Where Are Stored The Deb Files (for Copy Them To Other PC)?

Jan 6, 2010

Im gona install some ubuntu PCs, but the question is for dont update the N computers via web, what I need to copy from the first PC to the others for launch a program in the other N-1 PCs and have updated all (without run download on the N-1 PCs).

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Ubuntu :: Where Are The Temp Video Files Stored

Aug 1, 2010

In Karmic, where is the temporary file stored of a video like ..... after it is played?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Update And Apt-get Files Stored?

Nov 27, 2010

I am trying to install Lubuntu 10.10 in a VirtualBox 3.0.14 guest on Mac OS X 10.4 with the hopes of getting Guest Additions installed and working.

From prior experience I tend to go through the install process more than once which involves downloading the updates and any necessary apt-get files multiple times.

So, where do these files get stored? I would like to then save them to a separate disk mount, so I can use them on a subsequent install...which is second question...how can do that?

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Ubuntu :: Need To Access Stored Files After Disaster

Jan 4, 2011

I am new to Linux. I was running Ubuntu 10.04. While downloading software, one of my downloads changed changed my OS to Xubuntu. From browsing the available software, I surmised(wrongfully it turned out) that files starting were X files. In Synaptic, I deleted all files starting with X. This I found is a form of hari kari. When I boot up now, I have a choice of straight to Ubuntu or "Help" mode. If I boot up straight, I get to Ubuntu logo and it hangs up running the dots between red and green and I give a warm boot to restart. If I choose the "Help" route, I go thru what a windows user would call DOS commands or activity. At the end of whatever it is doing, it asks for user ID and password. I give it those and I am given a command line. I don't know what to do with this. I would like to access my stored files and save them. If nothing can be done to save them, I will just start over by reinstalling 10.04. BTW I am running 7.1 from an old boot disc. Is there some way that I can retrieve my files?

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Debian :: Where Are The Installed Files Stored

Aug 12, 2011

I run debian squeeze. I use apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk. But I do not understand how I can figure out where the files are stored?

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OpenSUSE :: Where Are Temp Files Stored In 11.0

Dec 7, 2009

Where are temp files stored in SuSE 11.0? I am trying to find all of those videos and .jpgs and other miscellaneous files I've downloaded in the past, and which are now only taking up space on my hard drive. I'd like to clean out all of that. I have looked in both /tmp and in /.kde but don't see what I'm looking for.

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Fedora :: Where Are Stored PWs For Remote Desktop Viewer Stored?

Oct 20, 2010

I have machine that I used to VNC to on my network with Remote Desktop Viewer from my Fedora 12. When I first connected I checked the checkbox that I wanted to store the pw. Now the pw on the other machine has changed but Remote Desktop Viewer does not ask for a new password, it just gives me a black screen, like I am connected but I can't see anything. I'd like to know if anyone knows where this pw data is stored on the system so I can start fresh. I already tried uninstalling Remote Desktop Viewer and installing it again.

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Ubuntu :: Where Is Minecraft Store Save Files In 10.10

Dec 21, 2010

I downloaded an old save that i used when I used to use windows, i switched over to ubuntu and i want to use it again, but i have no clue where Minecraft stores its saves, i know in windows it was the "appdata" folder.

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Debian :: In Which Files Boot Errors Are Stored?

Jan 12, 2016

Debian 8 faild to boot normally, thowing several screens of error messages. Then it suggested to enter root pw and do some maintenance, and upon accepting my root pw it booted me into command line.I guess, those screens of errors are saved to some log files - if this is the case, in which files shall find it?I tried:

/var/log/syslog - an endless file, yet the records end at 28/12/2015
/var/log/dmesg - same
/var/log/boot.log - not there

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General :: What Kinds Of Files Are Stored In The Directories

Mar 12, 2010

3.State what kinds of files are stored in the following directories. Give any ONE file that can be found in these directories.

a. /etc/
b. /proc/
c. /sbin/

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