Ubuntu :: Ondemand Vs Performance - Increases The Clock Speed To Performance When The CPU Is Under Load

Jul 31, 2010

I just wanted to know if having my laptop set to ondemand, will this affect performance in any way? I realize it increases the clock speed to performance when the CPU is under load, but does the time it take to go from ondemand to performance affect speed? Will there be any noticeable difference between the two setups? I have a dual core intel at 2.2GHz when in performance. When ondemand is set with no load it downclocks to 800Mhz.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Get LMMS More Performance Speed

Nov 24, 2010

I have A dell vostro v13. I am have installed LMMS which runs ok if I put minimal demands on it but if I start putting to many demands on it like running More then three Zynaddsubfx plugins or multiple sample players the cpu moniter goes into the red and it starts to sound bad and slow down a great deal. I know a small laptop is probably not the best choice to run a DAW on unless it has a good processor but this is the only computer I currently have and I really like LMMS. Is there any way I can get more performance out of my computer? I looked a little into overclocking but dell Bios Does not allow for this. Is there any tricks that I can do to get LMMS to perform better given the limitations of my system?

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Ubuntu :: System Requirements For 10.04 - Speed Up Performance?

Mar 6, 2011

I have an older PC running Ubuntu 10.04, and the system is slow, especially with Firefox running. I recently upgraded to 2 gig memory, but it didn't help. I have plenty of space on my hard-drive, using only 30 gig of 80 gig. My CPU is Intel Celeron 2.40GHz. I have broadband, and the speed seems good. What are the system requirements for Ubuntu 10.04? Any tips for speeding performance, esp on Firefox? I used to do a defrag when I had Windows; is there any need to do that on Ubuntu also?

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General :: Can A Ramdrive Be Used To Speed Up Performance

Feb 1, 2011

I have recently upgraded to a M4A77TD motherboard and 8Gig of memory.I have a AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 645 Processor, and I cant say that I see much improvement over the one that died. I have noticed that the HDD light is constantly flashing so I wondered if I couldnt use some of the Ram to create a ramdrive to speed things up . So ..my question ... what should I put on my ramdrive? My own thoughts were the var and usr directories. I would load the ramdrive at startup (which would slow down my startup) And Rsync back again on shutdown.Has anyone done this? Ive had a look through the forum but cant see anything ..but my search terms may not be all that good.

suse linux 11.1 64 bit
var=0.3G usr=5M lib=0.2G opt=0.6G sys=0.6G
As far as I can see swop is never used

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Ubuntu :: Boost Overall Performance Speed/response Times?

Nov 2, 2010

My desktop tower is pretty old and runs horribly slow nowadays. I only use it for a little internet browsing and to upload photographs etc. It runs on 1Gb RAM and has the celeron(R) 2.4GHz processor. What is the best way to boost overall performance speed/response times? would a better processor be viable?

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OpenSUSE :: 11.4 Slow In Terms Of Speed / Performance

Jun 30, 2011

I'm new to openSUSE and my computer is quite slow although my computer isn't that bad. I opened up ksysguard and it appears that my CPU is the bottleneck. My CPU usage is usually 100%, then after a few seconds, it goes down to 20-60% and then it goes back up to 100% after another few seconds. It says I have 141 processes running (I don't know if that's normal or not).

My Specs are:
CPU: AMD Duron (tm) processor 1.8GHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
Memory: 2GB RAM
I'm using KDE.

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Server :: Very Slow Raid Performance / Only Write Speed

Jan 5, 2011

I have recently migrated my file server over to a HP Microserver. The server has two 1TB disks, in a software RAID-1 array, using MDADM. When I migrated simply moved the mirrored disks over, from the old server Ubuntu 9.10 (server) to the new one 10.04.1 (server).I Have recently noticed that write speed to the RAID array is *VERY* slow. In the order of 1-2MB/s order of magnitude (more info below). Now obviously this is not optimal performance to say the least. I have checked a few things, CPU utilisation is not abnormal (<5%) nor is memory / swap. When I took a disk out and rebuilt the array, with only one disk (tried both) performance was as to be expected (write speed >~70MB/s) The read speed seems to be unaffected however!

I'm tempted to think that there is something funny going on with the storage subsystem, as copying from the single disk to the array is slower than creating a file from /dev/zero to the array using DD..Either way I can't try the array in another computer right now, so I though I was ask to see if people have seen anything like this!At the moment I'm not sure if it is something strange to do with having simply chucked the mirrored array into the new server, perhaps a different version of MDADM? I'm wondering if it's worth backing up and starting from scratch! Anyhow this has really got me scratching my head, and its a bit of a pain! Any help here would be awesome, e-cookies at the ready! Cheers

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Networking :: Calculate Overall Network Load And Cpu Performance Of A Client?

Jan 8, 2011

I wrote a script which sends the server,files from /proc/ like dev,netstat,loadavg etc of a client. i want to calculate the network load and the overall cpu performance of the client using the information from the files.I donot know how to calculate that as i have too many values in those. which values will be useful and how to calculate?

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Server :: Nagios Performance - High Load Average

Jul 6, 2010

I have a Nagios server with a lot of hosts and services; around 400 services (in all) and 150 hosts. Most of these services are programmed in bash language. The problem is the server has a high load average; between 5 and 11. The server has the next features:

- Intel Xeon 2.66GHz Dual Core
- 4MB cache memory
- 1GB RAM memory
- 50GB hard disk

Is this load average normal? Should I program the plugins with C?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Acer Aspire Revo R3610 CPU Clock Speed Not Reducing With Low Load On 11.3

Jul 20, 2010

I just installed oS11.3 on a new Aspire Revo R3610 which has the Intel Atom 330 chip and Nvidia ION graphics.

I noticed that the CPU is always running at 1600Mhz and doesn't throttle down when there is no load. Do the Atom cpus not throttle down or is there a setting in 11.3 that I can change?

I installed the 64bit of oS 11.3.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Extremly Bad Performance?

May 28, 2010

I'm havng some seriously bad performance why i try to do any work on ubuntu.. big issue..i think it's in ubuntu 10.04 and need's some serious work!here's my list.


anyone experiecing the same issues? runnin ubuntu 10.04 64bit fully updated on dual 2.4 9700m 720gigs 4gig ram... i think it's fast enough for ubuntu or simple browsing..

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Ubuntu :: 32 Bit On 64 Bit Performance Difference?

Apr 11, 2011

I am currently using the 32 bit version of Ubuntu on my 64 bit laptop. My question is, does using a 32 bit version on said hardware reduce its performance (i.e will battery life be reduced, system be under more load, etc.)?

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General :: 64 Bit - Performance Hit Using 32 Bit On A 64 Bit CPU?

Jun 25, 2010

I'm running 32 bit Ubuntu 10.04 with 2GB RAM. Is my processor (AMD Athlon 64 X2) running sub-optimally?Given that a larger addressing space will make no difference to me (right now) would there be a performance gain or any other advantage to switching to 64 bit Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Flash Performance Bad In Fullscreen?

Jan 16, 2010

Why does flash perform so badly in fullscreen mode but not when out of it? [URL]... that is a 1080p flash video that runs completely smoothly for me when not in fullscreen mode, but after entering it the frame rate drops significantly. Am I the only one affected by this? Is there a way to fix this?

My computer is 64 bit and is running flash 10.42

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Ubuntu :: 8.10 - IBM ThinkPad R32 Poor Performance

Feb 8, 2010

i'm trying to run ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex on an old hand-me-down laptop that i got from a family member, and i've noticed that the performance is actually much worse than it was on windows xp professional (32-bit).

first of all let me give you my specs:
ibm thinkpad r32
intel mobile pentium 4-m 2.0 ghz
ati radeon mobility m6 (i think this is actually the mobility radeon 7000 igp) with 16mb ram
256 mb ram (pc-2100)

i understand that these are very low performance specs, but it feels like the computer is running very sluggishly even for those specs. the computer ran just fine in windows xp, but is extremely sluggish in ubuntu. it seems like it detected all the hardware just fine, but i feel like it may not be utilizing the cpu and/or video to the extent that it should be. a couple of places where it really seems to struggle is when first opening new programs, viewing flash intensive web 2.0 type webpages (i.e. videos), and listening to music/podcasts (with rhythmbox).

it seems like rhythmbox really kills my performance more than anything else, but the performance is poor all around compared to xp, and i feel like that shouldn't be the case. like i said, i understand that the specs are poor, but it feels like it's not even living up to those specs. i know that 8.10 is old and outdated now, but it's what i had laying around and i figured that it might perform better on this old deprecated laptop than 9.10 would anyway. am i wrong in this assumption? would 9.10 perform better for me?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Getting Better Performance Out Of HTPC?

Mar 1, 2010

I have a custom built PC with a AMD 9650 2.3ghz quad core, 4gig of ram, nvidia geforce 9500gt graphics card. With windows 7 my movies look immaculate but I want that from Linux. My first problem consists of lines in my players. To test out the performance I am playing Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray. The video file has been ripped and placed on the HD. MPlayer has lines everywhere, VLC is very good but line every once in a while, XBMC plays bout as well as VLC. The first part that confused me was how MPlayer was worse off. I have followed all the stickies and this is a fresh install of ubuntu 9.10. The Second problem I am having is getting my onboard audio to work. My board comes with 8 channel audio support but my 2 side/back speakers wont work. I have messed with the application settings and the actual settings in Sound Preferences.

Here is a link to my board specs



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Ubuntu :: Performance Slows Down After 2-3 Days?

Jul 7, 2010

I hope somebody has a solution to this annoying situation: right after restart my system is very fast (at least for me), but after few days it slows down to the point when using it becomes a waste of time. As soon as I restart everything is OK. Usually I keep open 1-2 Open Office files, couple large PDFs, and some Firefox tabs at the same time, nothing special. No gaming/video on this rig, just basic internet and text processing. Here are my specs:

9.10 Karmic
Kernel Linux 2.6.31-22-generic
GNOME 2.28.1
Memory: 433.1 MiB
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3200+

Am I wrong thinking that I have enough juice to keep these windows open? Maybe there is a way to tweak something?

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Ubuntu :: Moving Tmp To RAM - Performance Increase

Jul 15, 2010

I've found this page: [URL]

I've followed several suggestions on my system and overall performance is better.

My question is related to the following:



Move your temporary files /tmp folder to your RAM if you have loads of memory. This will also provide you greater privacy. Edit /etc/fstab and add the following line to it

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noexec,nosuid 0 0

Is this not normally implemented since some users don't have a lot of RAM?

Also, would it make that much difference if the system didn't have a lot of RAM to work with?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get The Best Performance/quality On 10.04 Box

Jul 24, 2010

I'm trying to get the best performance/quality on my my 10.04 box and i have a few questions regarding 'sync to vblank'. My first question : I see 'sync to vblank' in 3 different locations.

- In compiz display settings
- In NVidia XVideo settings
- In NVidia OpenGLX settings
What is the difference between the 3 ?

Second question : I used to have problems watching movies where the picture seemed to be cut in half ( i'm not a native english speaker so i don't know the technical term). After reading some forums, i enabled sync to vblank everywhere i saw it. That solved the movie problem. But maybe that was overkill ?

So i did some benchmarking and noticed the following :

When i disable 'sync to vblank' in compiz my compiz benchmark drops from 60 to 30. But then my movies look worse.When i disable 'sync to vblank' in NVidia OpenGlx my GlxGears framerate jumps from 300 to 36000.I didn't notice anything when changing vsync in the NVidia XVideo setting. System specs below.

Ubuntu 10.04 64b
Nvidia GT 230 1536MB
NVIDIA Driver Version : 195.36.24

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Ubuntu Installation :: SD Partitions And Performance?

Sep 19, 2010

I'm doing a fresh install on my netbook and have purchased an 8GB SD card to expand storage space. I'm curious as to which directories can be mounted on the SD card without affecting performance as the write times and such are much lower on the card. I know that /home and /tmp can be mounted there.

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Ubuntu :: (About Live Cd) Which Version Has Best Performance?

Dec 27, 2010

I have 9.04 on a live cd. Is it worth upgrading the cd for live usage? Would there be any performance improvements?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Performance After Upgrade From 10.04 To 10.10?

Dec 29, 2010

I am having a lot of performance problems since my upgrade my ATI board does not get properly supported (tried a lot but nothing really helps)my keyboard typing is horrable : i have to see at each click of it got accepted ; cannot type text properly screen performance is bad - often the screen greys out and back to color (probably because of driver)


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Ubuntu :: 11.04 - Performance Slow And Laggy

Apr 21, 2011

Just installed 11.04 on my netbook (eee1015pem) and its laggy! Went from super fast 10.10 to slow and laggy 11.04.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Slow Performance In 11.04?

May 25, 2011

Just curious if anybody else had experienced Firefox being slightly sluggish in the new release of Ubuntu? I'm running 64-bit Ubuntu on a Dell laptop (Inspiron 1445) with a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.04 on it. I haven't touched or messed with any of the settings.

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Ubuntu :: How To Improve System Performance

Jun 4, 2011

Basically I'm wondering if there is any way to lighten Gnome and Ubuntu I would like to keep Gnome if possible. I am a pretty experienced linux (or for you hardcore GNU fans GNU/Linux) user having used it for almost 4 years and I just built my Arch system but have found that alot of the functionality that I've come to love about ubuntu isn't in the default Gnome package but that Ubuntu's Gnome is heavily modified so I want to switch back but do to my lack of modern hardware I can't run Ubuntu as smoothly as I want.

Below is my current hardware.
Intel Pentium III 733mhz
512mb of ram
8gb Hard Drive
and a Dvd Drive
Nvidia Geforce 6600 265mb pci gpu
100 watt power supply

I am also a Developer so I know I can compile the Kernel my self and remove some not needed junk and optimize it. But I was wondering are there some Highly intensive processes that don't really need to be running? The only thing I would be using Ubuntu for is Web Browsing, Coding, Gimp, Text Processing and probably Music; thats really all I need I don't do much else besides that.
Basically all I'm trying to do is lighten Ubuntu and Gnome without putting 3 days worth of work into it.

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Ubuntu :: 11.4 - 3D Games Performance Really Choppy

Jul 11, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my new laptop, and the performance of games is really choppy.

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad z570 with i5 2nd gen.
3D games such as Supertuxkart and Armagetron Advanced keep pausing for 1 second every 3-4 seconds.
2D games however seem to work fine.

Could this be a problem with drivers? My older computer, another one with intel integrated graphics, ran these games excellently (with ubuntu 11.04).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Enhance MP4 Performance

Jul 27, 2011

I've installed an older Intel/Compaq Evo machine with a single core 2.0 Ghz. processor and 2 GB of DDR ram in our livingroom, for movie viewing purposes. I'm intentionally using Xubuntu 11.04 without 3D to keep the used resources down to a minimum. There are no 3D games on this machine either since I'm using it strictly for watching movies on our TV. The graphic card is integrated with the 845 chipset/mainboard. It does receive up to 64 MB of Ram though which is drawn directly from the onboard 2 GB DDR. The following links provided me some linux related info. about this chip but I honestly have no idea how to use that since the intellinux site is set up horribly (IMO).

[URL]So with a 2 Ghz. processor, low resources, 2 GB of DDR, of which 64 MB is dedicated to the graphic chip, I figured that playing movies wouldn't be a problem .. and it's almost not. I can play wmf, avi, mp3, and other codecs without any problem at all. Even BlueRay works fine as long as they're AVIs. But as soon as I try to play an MP4 movie the experience gets very unpleasant. No crashes, just endless stuttering and sometimes lack of audio. Is there perhaps some way that I can improve that performance permanently without buying another graphic card? The machine is an ultra slim form factor so I can't even add a narrow format card to it.I'm stuck with the embedded 64 MB chip but I'm hoping that someone here can help me to get the most out of it

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Ubuntu :: VNC And Gnome-rdp - How To Improve The Performance

Sep 1, 2011

I am running a ubuntu desktop machine as a server and use VNC from my windows machine to login via a LAN to the ubuntu machine. The login session is very sluggish and frustrating. I installed gnome-rdp to see if it would be better but I don't know how it works or what to do and if there is something else I can do to improve the performance. I have 3 gig of ram and the server is a dual celeron machine

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Ubuntu :: Changing UI For Fast Performance

Sep 1, 2011

I am newbie to ubuntu. I wanted to change the ui so that my netbook would run faster, I was using compiz and when I clicked out of the app to switch to firefox my screen flashed and now I have nothing but the desktop wallpaper no toolbar, no launch menu the super dosen't even work now.

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Networking :: Ubuntu VS Windows 4-to-1 Performance?

Mar 10, 2011

Ubuntu V 10.10, vs Windows 2k server. Comparable hardware. From a XP workstation on the same gigabit switch. Share uses Samba.

I start a copy of a 2GB file from the workstation to my Linux share, and then to my W2k server. The copy to the w2k machine finishes in less than 60 seconds, the copy to my Linux machine takes 4 minutes. I am a windows veteran, but a Linux newbie. Are there settings I should look at, or something faster than Samba?

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