Ubuntu Networking :: Eth0 DISABLED Upon Reboot - Lucid

Sep 7, 2010

Network card (82566DM-2 Gigabit Network Connection) is DISABLED upon reboot. Only way to bring it out of disabled mode is to rerun dhclient to obtain a DHCP lease. Upon reboot though, the NIC is back into disabled mode.

A workaround I have found is to uncomment the iface line in /etc/network/interfaces, but considering I have 14 identical PCs to this one, and only this one is currently giving me grief, I am trying to find the root cause

The machine successfully obtains an IP using the PXE boot option in the BIOS - so I can hopefully rule out hardware problems as a cause. Network cable has been replaced, as the location of the machine to a different switch port.


# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback


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Networking :: The Output Tells Me That Eth0 Is Forwarding And Eth1 Is Disabled?

Jun 8, 2010

I'm trying to setup a network with a bridge on Debian Lenny (too bad most bridging information is for 2.4 kernel, maybe I'll write some if I get this to work). I've seen somewhat similar problems involving bridging for VMs and a couple involving Fedora, but people say that it was either a driver problem or it was fixed magically.I'm using a few Intel Pro 100s, which I'm pretty certain have had driver support in the kernel for years now. Magic doesn't happen.Here's /etc/network/interfacesQuote:

auto loiface lo inet loopbackauto br0
iface br0 inet staticbridge_ports eth0 eth1bridge_maxwait 0address


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Fedora Networking :: Eth0 Says Inactive On F10 Reboot

Apr 1, 2009

I just installed Fedora 10. I entered my static network info in Network Configuration. When rebooting, the eth0 says Inactive. I've read many articles about this problem on earlier versions and tried many of the suggestion, but have not found a definite way of solving this. Is there a better way or a workaround to get this machine on the network?

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Ubuntu Networking :: No Auto Eth0 On One Lucid Box?

Jul 30, 2011

so I now have 4 Ubuntu Lucid LTS installations - terrific - but the alternative Ubuntu boot on this particular PC (all made from the same Live CD) does not have any eth0 configured, so I cannot reach even my router. I can look at the eth0 properties with "Network tools" and it has no IP or MAC. I have the network notification gremlin installed but it does not appear on the top panel. {"eth0" hardware works under Win XP, hence this post}.

I'm a novice at Ubuntu, and I am at a loss. I realise that networking is supposed to be automatic, no 'tool' should be needed, but what can I do when it has not configured?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connection To Network - Terminal: Ifup Eth0 Don't Fix Until Next Reboot

Mar 3, 2010

I have my ubuntu box hard wired into my network. It all works fine, until I reboot my ubuntu box. After reboot, it can no longer see the network. I have it set up with a static ip. Not sure that I set it up completely correctly but it works fine...when working.. To fix the problem, I enter terminal: ifup eth0 That fixes all know problems until next reboot. What do I need to do so that it will remember settings and automatically be hooked into the network at power up?

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Ubuntu :: Eth0 Disabled - How To Enable

Apr 23, 2011

I installed the server version 10.04. The only problem with the install was setting up the network. I believe it was due to the fact that my nic was not setup correctly. The installation reconciled the nic, but upon the reboot after the install, I had no network capabilities. I tried to ping the router, no luck. ifconfig only showed lo. Also, the GUI (command F7) freezes and does not responds. The last thing shown is configuring web server. I tried to ndsiwrapp the drivers to the nic, but found out that ndsiwrapper is for wifi connections.

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Ubuntu :: Usb Bluetooth Adapter Always Disabled After Reboot

Feb 14, 2010

I have just updated to karmic and whenever i reboot i have to re-enable (turn on) my bluetooth adapter in order for it to work. This wouldn't be much of a problem except for the fact that i use a bluetooth keyboard / mouse.Does anyone have any solution for this?Is there a way i could enable bluetooth from command line?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Lucid - Wireless Button Controls Bluetooth / Shows "wireless Is Disabled"?

Jun 22, 2010

So, after installing Lucid wireless doesn't work for me. When I click on the network icon on the status bar, it shows "wireless is disabled".

With that message, I press the wifi button on my HP laptop and it turns off my blue-tooth, without changing the status of my wifi.

I found this rfkill command in another thread:

Before doing anything, after bootup:

$ rfkill list
0: hci0: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no

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CentOS 5 :: Reset Eth0 Without Reboot

Jul 18, 2011

after the 5.6 update I started loosing the connection to my router. Having had issues with routers before I assumed that the router was on its way out. However I happended to have a laptop handy the other day and thought I would give it a try (after eth0 went down), router was fine(same cable too). I have tried bringing eth0 up/down (gui and ifdown/ifup) and restarted the network(gui and cli) but it will not get an ip(as I recall it does recognize that the cable is connected). If I do a reboot, eth0 comes up immediately. The log just shows repeated dhcp requests. I tried a dhclient -r but it errors out with no link found. It has been doing this since 5.6 came out (roughly once a day) so I THINK that it is not a hardware issue(should have died completely by now if it was). PSU voltages show stable and unchanged. It does use the forcedeath driver. 5.6-64bit fully updated.

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General :: Gnome Desktop Effect Disabled After Reboot?

May 12, 2010

desktop effect is disabled after reboot after reboot and go to : system->prefer->desktop effect , the box show the enable desktop effect button already clicked ! but no effect .i use F11 ,and the lspci shows:


01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 9200M GS (rev a1)

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Networking :: Eth0 Fixed IP - Eth1 DHCP Gateway - Access To Eth0?

Aug 19, 2009

5.10 Breezy configured as machine controller. Works great eth0 is a fixed IP to communicate with controller comms board. Not easy at all to alter - the comms board is hard coded to listen on eth0 for commands.

I can use eth1 as the default gateway and ping google.com, etc. But when I now attempt to communicate with the controller with netcat, e.g.

Code: echo !HH | nc 80

I obviously never get an answer since the request is passed via eth1. Using the -g option with netcat doesn't work either. I had a look at iptables but it doesn't seem to be able to do what I want. How I can still use eth0 as my communication port to the controller whilst eth1 is the default gateway?

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Networking :: Production Server With Static IPs On Eth0 And Eth0:1 - Getting Private LAN On Eth1?

Jul 1, 2010

I have two servers on a vlan at my datacentre/colocation and previously both servers had public IPs on their eth0 interfaces. The servers are HP ProLiant DL360s - one is a G4 and one is a G5 The newer G5 is now the LAMP server and the G4 has been retired and I want to repurpose it as an iSCSI target using openfiler freenas or similar.

My G5 has public/static IPs lashed to the eth0 physical interface and the eth1 is not configured to do anything yet. The G4 will have both interfaces available - perhaps one for ssh access from one of my static public IPs and the other to be a private IP on the local vlan. Here is what I am trying to get my head around...

The G5
eth0 - Public IP - full LAMP services on two or three virtual interfaces
eth1 - Private IP
The G4
eth0 - Public IP for ssh
eth1 - Private IP

Because my traffic between eth1 on these boxes is via private IPs on the local private vlan it doesn't add to my quota for bandwidth. How do I go about configuring the routing and gateways and other aspects of this so that I can run a private IP space network between the eth1s and still serve the outside world from the eth0s...

I am afraid that if I assign the private IPs to the eth1 interfaces the routing may either not work or interfere with the access to the production internet facing interfaces (eth0s).

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Hardware :: Eth0 And Eth1 Looses Information After Reboot

Jun 29, 2010

Eth0 and Eth1 is bonded and works fine but when i reboot the OS eth0 and eth1 cant be up when i run command "ifup bond0", it gives me following message.

OS information:

Network Card :

I am using above card , it works perfectly fine and I have bonded but when I reboot , eth0 and eth1 looses this driver and also the RPMS I have installed , they are gone too.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Lucid - NFS Only Works With The Firewalls (UFW) Disabled On Machines

Aug 24, 2010

I have a laptop and a Desktop both systems only used by myself behind a router. Ubuntu Lucid on both and 64 bit systems. I have installed NFS with the desktop as server and Laptop as client. The NFS only works with the firewalls (UFW) disabled on both machines. My current setup on the desktop ufw is


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Networking :: Ignoring The Unknown Interface Eth0=eth0?

Dec 18, 2010

I'm running a dual boot Ubuntu 10.04/Backtrack 4 (Ubuntu 8.10) system. I can get internet in the BT4 side but not in the Lucid side. In Lucid I can ping my router, and the network manager says I'm good to go, but I can't get to any web sites. It all started when I tried to put my laptop on another network by mimicking the settings of a computer I had just unplugged from the network. MAC address and all.

ifconfig eth0:


eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:1f:16:ba:4c:8c
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
inet6 addr: fe80::21f:16ff:feba:4c8c/64 Scope:Link


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Ubuntu :: Lucid Shuts Off Monitor Randomly - Disabled Sleep And Screensaver To No Effect

May 24, 2010

I'm running a fresh 10.04 x86-64 on a thinkpad w500, using the default video driver. The monitor shuts off randomly, sometimes while I'm using it and requires me to trigger sleep mode and waking up to bring back the screen. When it shuts off, everything else seems to be running. (i.e. its not going to sleep) I've turned off screensaver, sleep, hibernation and installed the Caffeine util to no avail.

pm-suspend.log: http://pastebin.org/273444
pm-powersave.log: http://pastebin.org/273445

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Ubuntu Servers :: 10.10 - Setup Eth0 With Subdevice Eth0.0 And Eth0.99 To Come Up At Boot

Apr 22, 2011

im trying to setup eth0 with subdevice eth0.0 and eth0.99 to come up at boot

eth0 is dhcp clint
eth0:0 is static ip
eth0.99 is 802.1q vlan interface
auto lo

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Ubuntu :: Getting A Gateway To The Internet When Setting Eth0 With A Fixed IP Address - Lucid Lynx

Jul 7, 2010

I have trouble getting a gateway to the internet when setting eth0 with a fixed IP address. The gateway address ( my modem/router) resets to whenever I apply the changes. DHCP works fine but I need a fixed address for my server.

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Not Loading On Reboot / Why Is So?

Sep 15, 2010

I run a dual boot Windows / Lucid on my Acer Aspire 5740-6378 laptop. I was trying to fix a problem with my backlight per a help forum on the subject and I screwed up a boot command. I rebooted and the purple Ubuntu screen goes to boxes and a black screen with only my number lock light flashing. I looked under the edit command option at boot up and this is the code that I get;

linux/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-Generic root= uuid=f8430443-1824-4965-91c8-2760449428b3 ro no modeset acpi_backlight=vendor quiet splashac pi_osi=Linux

I know that this is the problem, because I recognize the code that I entered. I would love to continue to use Ubuntu, so please help me figure out what I need to do on a command line when I boot up to fix it.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Kernel Rpm Install After Error "Bringing Up Interface Eth0: Device Eth0 Has Different MAC Address Than Expected, Ignoring"

Dec 26, 2010

i install kernel rpm after i boot that kernel network not working kernel name : kernel-rt-trace- [URL] error "Bringing up interface eth0: Device eth0 has different MAC address than expected, ignoring."

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Networking :: Sending Video Streams From Eth0 And Eth1 To The Other Server Programs' Eth0 And Eth1?

Jul 30, 2010

I try to generate a server client code. What i try to do is sending video streams from eth0 and eth1 to the other server programs' eth0 and eth1. In order to do that, i decided to use SO_BINDTODEVICE. But the code is not working. Am i misunderstood the usage of SO_BINDTODEVICE.

1-Defining two ports
2-Defining two sockets
3-Assigning host ips on them


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Ubuntu Installation :: Lucid Failing To Power Off - Reboot

Apr 29, 2010

Well, this new issue when installing the new lucid relase iso seems to be closly related to my previous bug report refering to suspend and hybernate failing to power off, freezing at and of suspend/hybernate preperation. now what happens... installing ubuntu lucid 64bit, all gos perfect. finally i get the window begging me to reboot. i click reboot. window finsihes its work and disapears. that's it. screen is frozen with its purple background. no ctrl+alt+del, nor anything else works. only reset button. so it failed ro reboot like it fails to pwoer off for hybernate or suspend. on same machine this does not happen with karmic. it is a soley ubuntu lucid problem. any suggestion how to track that down? p.s. in my original thread and bug report i provided a pm-suspend.log that went all good till the last statement "powering off".

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Networking :: Kernel - Forward Packets From Eth0 To Eth1 And Eth1-to Eth0 As Well As Get A Copy Of These Packets For Analysis

Sep 27, 2010

I have a hardware device with two ethernet ports, eth0 and eth1 running Centos 5. Basically my goal is to forward packets from eth0->eth1 and eth1->eth0 as well as get a copy of these packets for analysis. If I set IP routing to do the forwarding then I won't get a copy of the packets for analysis.

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Ubuntu :: When Click On Networking Icon In System Tray - Says Networking Disabled

Jul 13, 2010

I do have internet cause I am using it on W7. The only thing that I have done different is I left the pc on over night so I guess it went to suspend for the first time. Then I powered off. After turning the pc back on and logging in I have no internet. Not even with the Ethernet plugged directly in. There is supposed to be a little blue light on when it sees the wireless and that is off. When I click on the networking icon in the system tray it says networking disabled. It shows no wireless. When I plug directly in I still get nothing. I'm using 10.04

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Ubuntu Networking :: Acer Travelmate C110 Networking Disabled

Mar 8, 2010

I have just finished installing 9.04 via USB onto an Acer Travelmate C110.For the record, 9.10 refused to even boot on this laptop. I used universal-usb-installer and unetbootin, both without success.The installation completed successfully, except that wireless networking is not enabled. Can someone please point me to the correct resource whereby I can get the wireless nic working.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Icon Said Networking Disabled But Internet Is Working

Oct 10, 2010

I can't upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 because it said that there's a problem with my network connection. When there's none, since I am typing this now.

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General :: Stop And Restart Ethernet Connection Ubuntu 9.10 - Ignoring Unknown Interface Eth0=eth0

Mar 8, 2010

If I uncheck and recheck "Enable Networking" in the Network Manager Applet 0.7.996 I would expect the wired network to disconnect (which it does) and reconnect (which it does NOT). So I tried sudo ifdown eth0 and got


Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.

ifconfig tells me


eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:25:64:e8:18:2c
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
inet6 addr: fe80::225:64ff:fee8:182c/64 Scope:Link


so I am at a loss. How do I stop and restart the network interface short of rebooting the machine?

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Ubuntu :: Eth0 Doesn't Exists For Firestarter - Eth0: Error Fetching Interface Information: Device Not Found

May 5, 2010

My network name is eth2 it was changed by some reason and now i got these errors... i installed, reinstalled, re re installed, tried to run the asistant but no luck :/


* Stopping the Firestarter firewall...
eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found


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Ubuntu Networking :: Networking Disabled After Restart?

May 27, 2010

Last night I was using my sony vaio vgn-nr38m online with no problems. I boot up this afternoon and it now says networking is disabled.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Networking Disabled At Startup

Oct 24, 2010

for some reason, since i switched to a static ip configuration my wired nic is disabled at startup. in order for it to work i have to manually start it with ifup. i am not using a network manager of any kind.


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