Ubuntu Networking :: Using Laptop To Give Internet To Desktop?

May 17, 2010

I have a laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 with wireless working out of the box. I've been using it for the past few weeks because my iMac G5 has really slowed down with OS X. Today I installed 10.04 on the iMac G5 as well. However, wireless isn't working out of the box as it asks me to install the Broadcom wireless driver. The problem is, without this wireless driver, I can't install the drivers.

I am wondering if I can connect the laptop, which has wireless, to the iMac with a spare ethernet cable to give the iMac internet so it can download the driver.I'd rather not have to unplug it and move it downstairs to the router just to install the drivers.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Possible To Connect Desktop To Internet / By Connecting It To Laptop With Cable?

Jan 11, 2011

I have an old desktop computer that I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on. I also have a laptop with Windows 7 Pro which is connected wirelessly to the internet. The desktop does not have a wireless card and the modem is in another room. I have a spare ethernet cable, is it possible to connect the Ubuntu desktop to the internet by connecting it to the laptop with the cable? I'm not very good with computers.If this isn't possible, how would I go about connecting the desktop to the internet?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Using PC As A Router To Share Internet: Laptop Connects But Desktop PC Doesn't

Oct 15, 2010

Since I have 3 Network cards in my Desktop PC I've configured it to act as a Router using GNU/Linux Ubuntu Lucid in combination with Samba so I could share my internet connection. It works on any laptop a connect to it using any of the network cards ports [regardless of the operating system installed on the Laptops], but when I plug that same network cable to any Desktop PC [regardless of the operating System installed] it doesn't even light the LED in the netcards. From the Client PC seems like nothing is plugged in the the netcards.

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Ubuntu Networking :: RTL8187B + Dlink DI-524 Give Slow Internet Connection

Mar 31, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 9.10 in my laptop. Everything works fine except for my wireless. It works, but much, very much slower the through RJ45, which is perfectly ok. When using wireless i can't even connect to any online messaging service and I need to reload pages oftenly. My security setting is WEP 128 bits ASCII and since I'm trying to follow the format suggested on the thread "HOWTO post a Wireless issue" I'll try to provide the infos like requested on it. Laptop brand and model (I'm from Brasil, so it's a brasilian model)


Semp Toshiba IS 1412
Wireless Card


ID 0bda:8189 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187B Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps Network Adapter


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Ubuntu Servers :: Networking - Machine Refuses To Give Access To The Internet Via Firefox

Sep 21, 2010

I have a machine (lets called it machine 1) with two networks card, eth0 and eth1. Both have static IPs. Once in a while the machine refuses to give access to the Internet via Firefox (eth0 is the route to router). Other machines on the network have no problems accessing the Internet. Eventually the machine would just magically start working again, but this time it just seems to have stayed broken. I've done some simple diagnostics and found:

a) I have another machine running Apache with a Wiki on our network - [URL]. Machine 1 is unable to connect to this Wiki. I get 'the connection has timed out'. I can ping and it responds in the usual fashion.

b) If I try to ping www.google.com it times out with: ping: unknown host www.google.com. I can ping google using its IP address.

c) On machine 1 I have tried traceroute on both www.google.com and its IP and I just get:

1 * * *
2 * * *

And so on until hop 30. Doing this on any other machine on the network works. So while it seems I can ping internally in our network and outside, but when it attempts anything traceroute or URL related it does not work.

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Networking :: Setup Firewall / Gateway Address And Dns / Give To Clients For Accessing Internet?

May 12, 2010

I have 17 system (sys1,sys2,sys3.....sys17) in my office, and i am willing to setup a dedicated system to act as a firewall for that i have selected sys1 with two NIC(eth0 for local network and eth1 for internet) and i have configured to access internet in my office for that i have opened a wellknown port 80.but my clients are not accessing the internet..

and please check my sample IP configuration !!!

interface : eth1 (ISP IP)just for example
IP :

Interface : eth0 (my local lan )

IP address of xp clients ranges form to with default

my question is that which gateway address and dns i have to give to my clients for accessing internet ?...

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.04 - Using Laptop OS From Desktop?

Oct 9, 2010

I have a laptop and 2 desktops all running ubuntu 10.04. The desktops are slower than sh|t and I've already upgraded their memory to the highest that they'll take, they're just really old. The laptop is super fast and amazing. Is there any way to use the operating system of my laptop from either one or both of the 2 desktops? I know how to connect to my laptop from the desktop over ethernet, and once i accidentally logged in to my laptop from a desktop in the terminal, then forgot I was logged in to the laptop and entered sudo reboot and rebooted my laptop, but I'm not trying to browse it, I want to use the video of the laptop over the ethernet to the desktop, and use the desktop's video to be a second monitor, and be able to use the mouse and keyboard of either to input. Or somehow tie them all in together and combine all their memory to running a single operating system somehow?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can`t Find Internet On Using Mac Laptop?

Feb 22, 2010

I was wondering if anyone knows how to find internet connections on ubuntu?i can`t find anyone, and i have installed ubuntu on a mac laptop!

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Ubuntu Networking :: Laptop Can't Connect To Internet?

Aug 10, 2010

I have finally gotten my courage up and decided to take the plunge into Linux. I bought a used HP Pavilion zt1135 laptop, and loaded Ubuntu 10.04. The laptop has no other operating system on it. Everything seems to work fine except it won't connect to the internet. I am using a Comcast cable modem, which uses DHCP and a wired connection. It works fine on my XP computer, but on the Ubuntu laptop it claims there is no network connected. Firefox gives a message something like "No server found".

I have tried recycling the power to the modem and then booting up the laptop. I have tried unchecking "Enable Networking" and then re-checking it. I have checked the ethernet cable on another machine and found it OK. Is it possible Ubuntu does not have drivers for this laptop's ethernet connection, or that the laptop is defective?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Connect To Internet From Laptop

May 15, 2011

Sorry if this is already posted, but I wasnt sure the right keywords to use the search feature... I am somewhat familiar with older Ubuntu, but recently got 11.04 and installed it on my girlfriends laptop and during installation when it was scanning for the DHCP or whatever it says it failed to find it or something or other and it gave options to do it manually or to do it later so I chose to do it later and after booting into the OS I can not do anything via the internet, not even updates. I have tried looking at the network connections and the only thing there is a wired connection. This laptop accesses the internet through a desktop with Cox cable internet and a wireless router...

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connect To Internet Through WinXP Laptop

Aug 8, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my mac G4 (PPC) and it does not connect to wireless with my wireless card (drivers maybe) I am a complete newbie with any linux operating system (I've tried SLAX but never kept with it) So is there anyway i can use my laptop with Windows XP to cennect to the wireless on my G4 using an Ethernet cord?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Sharing Internet Between 2 Comps + Laptop?

Dec 6, 2010

I am looking to share internet between a Laptop + 2 computers and carn't for the life of me figure it out and looked around and seem to come stuck with a answer. This is how it's set up.

Talk talk Router (Internet Enabled) - downstairs
Talk Talk router (No internet ) - Upstairs


how i need to enable the EEEPC to share the net

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Ubuntu Networking :: Get Internet Stick To Function With LVM On Laptop?

Feb 8, 2011

How do I get internet connection through mobile broadband (internet stick Nokia CS 15) for my laptop (Fujitsu Siemens) with encrypted hard disc (LVM)? I have set up LVM using Ubuntu 10.04 Alternate install.

Earlier when I installed the ordinary desktop version (Ubuntu 10.04 desktop) using no encrypted disc the internet connection worked fine. Before I installed the software from the internet stick an image appeared (Nokia Modem) on the desktop. I dubbel clicked the image and through the files that appeared I installed the software. After that I clicked the Eject Volume and after some input I had my connection.

But now I dont get that image on my desktop when the stick is plugged in. I can imagine that I have to mount the stick some how. I can further imagine that the encrypted hard disc through its protection now stop me from this action.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Phone Modem Laptop - Internet ?

Jun 6, 2011

I have a nokia phone, cant recall the model number, but its gprs enabled and i can check my mail on it. Its got a vodafone simcard and theres a packet data connection. how i can set it up with my laptop so as to access the internet using the phone as a modem...?

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Networking :: Allow Access To The Internet Through Laptop?

Apr 23, 2010

I have my desktop and laptop connected using an "Cross Over Cable" to transfer files. Each PC also has a wireless card which is used to connect to the internet. Today, the card in the desktop went bad, so I want to access the internet from my desktop through my laptop. Here is the specs running Ubuntu 9.10

eth0 (Wired NIC)


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Networking :: Networking Config For Desktop/Laptop Through Router

Jan 6, 2011

My Desktop is wired through eth0 to my wireless router. The router is connected to the internet. the ipaddress leased to my desktop was done with dhcpcd. My laptop is connnected to the wireless router through the wifi card known as device eth1 and i used dhcpcd for that also. How can I network my laptop via wifi through the router to the Desktop?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Using Putty To View Desktop From Laptop?

Jan 2, 2010

I am new to using Ubuntu but I have installed ubuntu karmic koala on my laptop and am dual booting ubuntu and xp on my desktop. I am wondering how I go about setting up putty so I can view my desktop from my laptop because I travel quite frequently.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 9.10 - Share WiFi Between Desktop And Laptop

Feb 11, 2010

I have a laptop with Ubuntu 9.10. And I want to connect it to Internet using wifi. Also I have desktop with Ubuntu 9.10 (another desktop with Win XP, but for some day it will run under Ubuntu too ). I want one of this these desktops to share wifi with laptop. I think that a wifi adapter is a way to solve this problem. I found a D-Link dwa-110. i've read on forums that someone successfully installed drivers [URL]. Is there any other ways to share wifi with laptop (only 1 laptop needs to be shared with)? Had someone connected desktop with D-Link dwa-110 and laptop (as I want)? Both desktops connected to Internet via wire.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connect Desktop And Laptop Via The Firewire

Feb 27, 2010

I just purchased a firewire cable but I have no clue how to use it. I'm trying to connect my desktop and laptop via the firewire.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Desktop - Mac Laptop - Printer And External HD ?

Jan 9, 2011

I just installed it on my desktop. I love it so far, but I'm having trouble setting up a network in my apartment. I have the desktop directly plugged into my router and a mac laptop linked wirelessly to the router. I also have a printer and an external hard drive plugged into the desktop. The goal is to be able to access the external hard drive and use the printer from my mac laptop, as well as access the mac laptop from the desktop.

Right now, I can access the mac from the desktop with ubuntu on it. Under "Places" and then "Network," I can mount the folders I want and then access the contents.

I can also print and access my external hard drive from the ubuntu desktop.

However, on the mac laptop in the Finder under "Network" there is nothing. I can ping the desktop from the mac and get a response, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get beyond this. In System Preferences I have "File Sharing" and "Printer Sharing" both checked.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Internet Not Working With Samsung R580 Laptop

Apr 14, 2010

I just bought a samsung r580 laptop. this is the first time i've ever owned a laptop. I have owned a pc with ubuntu 8.04 installed on it and the internet worked trouble free. Now I have windows 7 and ubuntu 9.10 dual booted on my samsung r580. I used wubi to install and the internet works fine in windows but will not work in ubuntu. I have been trying to get this to work for about 5 hours now

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Ubuntu Networking :: Using Laptop With Wireless To As Internet Source For Other Computers?

Jan 2, 2011

I have an old laptop with wireless, 2 desktop computers without wireless and an Allied Telesyn gigabit ethernet switch (specifically AT-GS908GB). Is it possible to hook the 3 computers into the switch and use the laptop's wireless as the internet source for the other 2?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Laptop With Win7 Connecting Through Desktop (karmic)?

Mar 26, 2010

I have a laptop with win7 and I would like to connect to the internet through my desktop pc's connection. I have Karmic on the desktop and use a cable modem and I'm thinking about buying a router to solve this problem but I wouldn't know how to set it up in Ubuntu nor which router would be the best or easiest to set up. I saw this site [URL] and I'm torn between the TP-Link TL-WR741ND Wireless Lite N Router and the D-Link Wireless N Router DIR-615, because these are the cheapest ones and I can't afford much more than that.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Sharing Files Between Desktop And Laptop (Windows 7)

Sep 11, 2010

I followed these steps to try and connect my Desktop(Ubuntu) and Laptop(Win 7) together so they could share files.


sudo apt-get install samba
sudo su
cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.comf_default
gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf


sudo su was not originally in the steps but it wouldn't give me permission to edit the samba file unless I did.Also at the end it said command not found or something like that when I tried to restart samba, so I just logged out and then back in.So now I can identify Ubuntu and Win 7 from on each other, but I can not access either of them. Ubuntu goes into windows network, then workgroup, shows the computers on the network but when I try to access one this comes up:When windows tries to access Ubuntu it request for username and password. I type it in but it does not recognize it.

P.S. I allowed the Documents folder on Ubunto to share across the Network, and while it shows up in along with myshare on Win 7, it still requests for username and password.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Personal File Sharing Between Desktop And Laptop

Jan 31, 2011

I have two computers on my Wireless Local Area Network. One is a desktop and the other is my laptop, once I have enabled file sharing on my desktop, How do I connect my laptop to the file share?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Xubuntu Desktop Pc To Windows 7 Laptop Connection?

May 15, 2011

i just got my xubuntu , and i'm pretty satisfied with it , i mean : it works ok for my very old system (512mb ram , integrated video card , pentium4 procesor 478 2.8 ghz) forced to use it , because i had to take my motherboard to warranty .... anyway , i just wanted to know how can i connect my pc ( xubuntu ) with another laptop ( i would like to have file transfer , and why not control over the desktop from my laptop , or control my laptop from my pc , i think it is called remote desktop ) . My network connection is through a modem , that is connected to a router from which goes a lan cable to my pc (xubuntu ) and my laptop is wireless connected to the router . My laptop is using windows 7.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Laptop Can't Connect Internet When Open Again After Standby Mode

Nov 4, 2010

I have problem with laptop installed Ubuntu OS. Laptop can't connect Internet when open again after standby Mod. It can't receive issued IP from Router.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Acer Laptop Without Internet And Not Working WLAN Button

Nov 21, 2010

My problem with UBUNTU is that I can not use acer-wmi because I get this ERROR :


... so I can not use the acer_wmi . But this is not my only Problem :

It is most likely caused of the missing " Firmware " / Driver for my WLAN Card ( Internal ) . Currently I use Ubuntu 10.10 but I tested 10.04 too before 10.10 and it found my Card but not the Button .

So I want to know if there is any solution for my problem .

If it is important :

I use an Acer eMachines e525 with Windows Vista Home Basic ( Pimped up ) and Wubi . I saw a lot of people with simmilar problems they have it as only boot option .

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Ubuntu Networking :: No Wired Or Wireless Internet Connection On Acer Laptop

Mar 29, 2011

Machine brand: Acer 5253-BZ893 laptop
Ethernet controller: Atheros communication device 1083
Network controller: Broadcom Corp. Device 4357
iwconfig: no wireless extensions
network config: *-network UNCLAIMED
iwlist scan: Interface doesn't support scanning
Ubuntu release: 10.04.2
uname -mr: 2.6.32-28-generic x86_64

I have not been able to get an internet connection wired or wireless on my laptop. I downloaded the drivers from Acer's website and tried installing them using ndiswrapper. Still no luck.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Internet Not Working - Asus Apire Laptop

May 1, 2011

I have a 6 month old Acer (sorry not Asus as per the heading) Aspire laptop. I downloaded Ubuntu and cannot connect via wireless. It works fine via ethernet. Having spent several hour reading this forum, other web pages and the help file, I actually still have not got a clue either as to what the actual problem is or how to begin solving it. Is there a simple answer? If not, I'll go back to windows 7 as Ubuntu seems anything but the promises made.

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