Ubuntu Networking :: Server Wont Show Up On The Network After Reinstalling Hard Drive?

Jan 27, 2011

Removed hard drive from our office server to check model number (windows pc). reinstalled same hardrive and now i can't connect to server from the network (MAC). it gives me error code -43.

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Ubuntu :: Merge Hard Drive Space Without Reinstalling 9.04?

Mar 10, 2010

I currently have Ubuntu 9.04 installed on my HP Pavilion A1213W alongside Windows XP. Problem is, I no longer need the XP partition (finally) but I would like to reclaim the rest of the hard drive for Ubuntu.

I'm planning on wiping the XP partition with GParted and then (hopefully) I can merge the unallocated space with my existing 9.04 partition without having to reinstall Ubuntu and lose all my stuff. Is there a way to do this? I have nothing to back my hard drive up to other than a 2 gig flash drive.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Accessing Hard Drive On Network?

Oct 10, 2010

I have a network where several machines are connected through a switch. I'd like all machines to be able to read/write to/from the hard drives of the other machines. for example:

machine1 will read/write files that are on the hard drive of machine2
machine2 will read/write files that are on the hard drive of machine1
machine3 will read/write files that are on the hard drive of machine1
machine3 will read/write files that are on the hard drive of machine2
etc etc...

all of this reading/writing will be done through the terminal, and programatically. rather than SSHing into a machine to read/write files from it, I'd be happy to set up some 'conventions' on how to access hard drives of various machines. for example:

'hdd1' will refer to the hard drive of machine1 (that has the static IP of
'hdd2' will refer to the hard drive of machine1 (that has the static IP of
'hdd3' will refer to the hard drive of machine1 (that has the static IP of
etc etc...

this way, when I want to read/write a file, its PATH will be something like ~/hdd1/myfile.txt; ~/hdd2/anotherfile.txt;

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Fedora Networking :: How To Share Hard Drive On Network

Jun 18, 2010

I am trying to share a hard drive on the network. (Essentially the hard drive is for another computer which didn't have the physical space for it so this computer is like a holding place for the hd). I read somewhere that I can use samba to do this. But in all honesty I have no idea what I am doing. What would be the best way to share this drive? Also understand, I know little about networking.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Share An External Hard Drive In My Wireless Network

Jul 2, 2010

I have two computers with ubuntu 10.04 installed. They both connect to the same wireless router. One computer has an external hard drive that has music, pictures and some documents. another thing, the hard drive has been formatted to ext4. I would like to be able to access that external hard drive from my other computer. I read some post on how to connect to the server through ssh but i think it's the intruction are too old. I tried nfs for server/client, but couldn't set it up, it was a little complicated.

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Networking :: Connecting WD My Book World Network Hard Drive

Aug 7, 2010

I bought a WD My Book World Network Hard drive and are trying to connect it. I am using Suse 11.2 and have it connect wired through a Netgear WGR614 router.I believe I can use Samba?It is working under Windows and it connected as network drive.

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Ubuntu :: My 1tb External USB Hard Drive Won't Show?

Mar 10, 2011

I have been trying to get my 1tb External USB Hard Drive; WD External HD1021; but although I can see it in "Disk Utility" it does not appear on my Desktop as it used to and as it holds many family photographs and almost all of my music collection, some 150gb I am a little concerned. I am using Ubuntu Meerkat on my Toshiba Laptop.

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Fedora Networking :: Server Not Show Up On Network Places

Jan 9, 2011

I have a simple problem where Windows machines can connect to shares on my Fedora server (via SAMBA), but only when using the IP address. When Windows users to go Network (in Vista and 7) or Network Places (XP), then all computers on the network show up in that window except for the Fedora server. How can I get my server to appear in that space? Although I can connect via IP address, we are using some programs that can only find shares by the computer name (aka if it's found in the Network window). I have checked and rechecked that the workgroup name is indeed correct.

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Fedora Networking :: Share My External Hard Drive Over My Wireless Network?

Aug 4, 2009

i am using fedora 11 and i want to share my western digital external hard drive over my wireless network like i previousely did with my windows os. it is connected via usb to my computer. how do i do this ?

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Ubuntu :: Mounted Hard Drive Won't Show Up After Reboot

May 8, 2010

I just got ubuntu installed for the first time, I tried mounting my hard drive to my desktop so i can have easy access to it, but when i restart ubuntu it always dissapears and i have to go to places then click on the hard drive again to mount it to my desktop.

Is there a way of keeping this on the desktop without having to do this all the time? I have the latest ubuntu version.

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Networking :: Reinstalling Network Manager?

Mar 17, 2010

I am new to linux and using ubuntu as my Os.I installed a package named WICD network manager through ubuntu software center.After that my network manager in ubuntu is missing.I am using broadband conection and i cant connect to it through the WICD.I try to reinstall network manager by installing debian package.But it says "installation failed ,dependancy not satisfactory.How can i reinstall network maneger without network connection.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows 7 Install On 2nd Hard Drive Not Seen By Grub In Maverick / Show That?

Jan 23, 2011

I've just installed a second hard drive in my laptop with windows 7 on one drive and Ubuntu on the other. I selected the side-by-side install in the Ubuntu install and let Ubuntu do the rest. Unfortunately Grub isn't seeing the windows install even after reconfiguring grub. However, the windows 7 drive is visible in Ubuntu and all the windows files are there intact.

Does anyone know how I can make grub see Windows 7 so I can boot into it?

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Fedora Hardware :: External Hard Drive Unreadable - Cannot Show All Files

Aug 14, 2010

When I inset my External Hard drive into my laptop it shows 27.3 gb occupied but doesn't show all the files. Also , this is happening only now.

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General :: Show Total Free Unpartitioned Space In A Hard Drive?

Mar 6, 2010

find out the total amount of free unused partition space in a hard drive?


-- when i use fdisk to create a new partition; its hard to tell how much free space is available.
-- tried searching the net but found no answers. some suggested using cfdisk.
-- i don't have cfdisk installed on the centos 5.3 server. i don't think its bundled in the distro any more.

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CentOS 5 :: Hdd Show In Hard Drive Menu In Bios But Not In Boot Priority

Mar 23, 2011

I installed(actually i hope i did) CentOS 5.5.However i can see my HDD in Hard drive menu in bios but HDD doesn't shows in boot menu.

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General :: External Hard Drive And Flash Disk Connected To Usb Doesn't Show

Oct 25, 2010

a friend of mine just given me an old 2004 IBM NetVista 8305 desktop and suggested to use Linux Ubuntu which is something new to me. So i installed it via USB memory stick & it works. After installation of the OS I am impressed with functionality & speed. when i conect the external hard drive via usb it doesn't show & i tried my usb flash disc it showed the same problem. I tried both disk in my laptop (Windows XP) & it works.

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Ubuntu :: External Hard Drive - GParted Wont Load Up When Plugged In And Disk Utility Doesn't Show It

Feb 7, 2011

I had this corrupted external hdd and so I formatted the main partition on it on windows but messed up in the formatting and ended up having to format the entire thing. I got some weird message about it not being initialized (no not mounted) so I was in compmgmt.msc in windows and right clicked it in device manager and it asked for master boot or GUID I selected the latter and formatted. Worked fine and all for a bit but now it doesn't show up as a drive. I noticed when using compmgmt.msc it showed up that it had installed driver software and was being recognized but in the partition editing area there was nothing on this drive, reinstalling driver software doesn't seem to help. Also GParted wont load up when I have it plugged in and Disk Utility doesn't show it. I am requesting help to fix this problem within Ubuntu 10.10 somehow so I can use it properly.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connect To A Network Server Drive?

Jan 29, 2010

Okay so my school has a Z: drive which is the network drive that holds all of the students folders. I need to connect to it so that I can complete projects and place them in my server drive. How would I go about doing that?

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CentOS 5 Server :: Partitioning Hard On Hp Proliant Dl380 Doesn't Detect Hard Drive

Sep 11, 2010

I have been trying to install centos on my hp servers and when i get to partitions my hard drives the OS does not detect any harddrives. I have 4 scsi drives and i believe a intergrated smart array controller.

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Ubuntu :: Installing / Reinstalling Gimp - System Didn't Show It As Being Installed At All

Aug 18, 2010

I've really borked up my Gimp. I'm running 10.04 64-bit and had at some point installed gimp but don't recall how or where I got it from. The strange part is that neither Synaptic or Ubuntu Software Center showed it as being installed.

Anyway, it started misbehaving (locking up) so I figured I'd uninstall and reinstall. That's when I discovered that the system didn't show it as being installed at all. Needless to say, I couldn't uninstall it so I decided to just reinstall over the top through Ubuntu Software Center. The installation seemed to complete normally but when I tried running it I got an error stating that there was a version mismatch for libgimp and suggesting that maybe I had gimp installed in both /usr and /usr/local. Not knowing what else to do, I uninstalled via Ubuntu Software Center and then removed all gimp related files from both /usr and /usr/local. Lastly, I reinstalled again via the Software Center.

Now when I try to launch gimp I get a box in the panel's Window List titled "Starting Gimp Image Editor" but shortly thereafter it disappears and I'm back to the desktop. I've even tried it all over again but utilizing Synaptic for the final install (as well as apt-get) with the same result - it tries to load and then... nothing. I must have deleted something essential when rooting around in /usr and /usr/local that is not replaced by reinstalling gimp but I have no idea what or where. So now what do I do? I really need gimp installed on this machine. I do have a full system backup but it's a couple of weeks old and I don't want to lose all of the changes that I've made to the system since then.

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Networking :: Dhcp Server On Network Drive

Jan 15, 2010

On my network drive web control panel I have got such an option:What would a dhcp server do on a network hard disk?

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Doesn't Show Previews Of Images On Network Drive?

Dec 19, 2010

I have this little problem: when I open a folder with images from my network drive, I can't see the previews of the files.If the folder is on the local drive no issues, but with the remote one... no luck.I checked around for a solution, without results.. do you know if there is a solution for this little issue

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Ubuntu :: See A Network Hard Drive?

Sep 17, 2010

I am wondering if ubuntu can see a hard drive attached to the network while using a live cd. I know ubuntu can see a local hard drive but wondering about a network one.

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Ubuntu :: Connecting Hard Drive To Network

Jan 4, 2011

What I have
1- 1TB HDD. "has 2 partitions"
1.1- Data1 250GB NTFS.
1.2- Data2 750GB EXT4. "Content 4 folders"
1.2.1- Documents.
1.2.2- Music.
1.2.3- Pictures.
1.2.4- Videos.

2- Laptops with Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop 32bit. "I have 3 laptops"
2.1- TV-laptop."I connect to it TV, sound system and 1TB HDD"
2.2- MY-laptop.
2.3- MyWife-laptop.

What I Done so far is that:
1- I connect my 1TB HDD to TV-laptop.
2- I configure Samba on TV-laptop. "Add Samba share"

2.1- basic (/media/Data1,data1,,writable,visible)
access(allow access to everyone).
2.2- basic (/media/Data2/Documents,documents,,writable,visible)
access (allow access to everyone).
2.3- basic (/media/Data2/Music,music,,writable,visible
access(allow access to everyone).
2.4- basic (/media/Data2/Pictures,pictures,,writable,visible)
access(allow access to everyone).
2.5- basic (/media/Data2/Videos,videos,,writable,visible)
access(allow access to everyone).

What I want is that:
1- I want to mount 1TB HDD to all laptops via network "Wireless" automatically when I connect 1TB HDD to TV-laptop.
2- I want all laptops to save data to 1TB HDD. such as all laptops Docs will be in Data2/Documents and so on.
3- I want the laptops synchronize the data.
4- I want some application add data from 1TB HDD such as Rhythmbox.

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Ubuntu :: Clone A SGI IRIX Hard Drive Over The Network?

Jul 5, 2011

I want to clone an SGI IRIX hard drive over the network. The hardware is ancient, no usb, and the CD rom is shot, its scsi and Im worried I wont be able to get it to boot a live cd.

if I run dd on a running computer, what consequences might there be?

dd if=/dev/sda | gzip -1 - | ssh user@hostname dd of=image.gz
where /dev/sda is the local IRIX computer and of=image.gz is a free partition else where.

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OpenSUSE Network :: WD Live Cannot See USB Hard Drive On 11.3

Oct 4, 2010

I just setup an old computer with Suse 11.3. My goal is to store all my movies and stuff on the Suse box and access them through my home network. I have 11.3 installed, got the network setup and working, can access the internet, access files to/from my laptop to Suse box, and can even access movies/files on the Suse box from my WD Live media box. The problem is: when I add an external drive to the Suse box my WD Live does not totally 'see' it. he external USB drive is accessable on the Suse box as I've moved files to and from this external USB drive. The drive is a WD MyBook. I setup sharing in Samba and the WD Live sees the drive but cannot see the files. Is this a permission thing? Pretty sure I setup Samba correctly as I share several directories in the Suse box.

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Ubuntu :: Sharing Files Off A External Hard Drive Over A Network?

Jan 8, 2010

when I try to share files off of my external hard drive over my network; it says it is shared on my ubuntu machine but when I try to access the file on my windows machine it says I do not have permission.

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Hardware :: Install Printer Thru Network Hard Drive?

Dec 27, 2009

I am trying to setup up an HP Officejet G85xi printer through an Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive, so that the printer can be shared over the network without requiring that an attached computer be turned on to print. There is a place on the back of the Network Hard Drive to plug in the printer with USB. Then the printer is available over the network via SMB at the following location: //WORKGROUP/IOMEGADRIVE/Printer1

When I add a new Network printer, Ubuntu sees the printer on the network and I am able to install the printer driver. However, when I go to print, nothing happens. Previously, when I tried to install the G85xi locally with USB, the Ubuntu printer driver installed but did not work. If the printer is installed in HPLIP then it works. And then, after the printer is installed locally on a computer with USB through HPLIP, it can be shared as a network printer and I am able to print from other computers simply by adding the Network printer without going through HPLIP on the client computers.

There does not seem to be a way to install an SMB shared printer in HPLIP on the client computers and it seems that HPLIP only supports printers connected directly to the network. Is there any way to get this working directly through the Network Hard Drive so that the computer next to the printer does not have to be turned on in order to print?

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General :: No Cd-rom Or Network / Dd A Usb Boot Image To A Hard Drive?

Aug 30, 2010

I acquired an old IBM Thinkpad 770e the other day and it runs fine but I have an issue installing Linux on it. It has a floppy drive in it not a cd drive. It also does not have an ethernet jack or wifi.

I did clone my external firewall image to the drive but that image is partitioned in such a way to make it impractical for a laptop/desktop system. So I know that the machine will boot off a floppy and it will run off the hard drive. The bios test utility reports no hardware problems.

What I had hoped to do was to install some suitable distro to it. Not sure which one yet, any recommends? Damn Small Linux would be good except that you are limited to what they offer. I would also prefer to stay with a debian based distro.

The issue is install media. Floppy install images are not practical, and there is no cd drive. Is it possible to boot off a floppy and then chroot to, say a usb flash drive to do the install?

I do have a wifi card (d-link DWL-G650) that fits the micor-channel slot but it requires the madwifi driver which needs the kernel source and depends to be able to install. Not something that normally works out of the box so to speak.

Another question that comes to mind, Is it possible to dd a usb boot image to a hard drive and have it work?

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Software :: Access Windows Hard Drive On Network ?

May 8, 2009

I am trying to access the files on my windows pc. I am trying to access them from my laptop which has mandriva 2009. I have both computers connected through the same internet router, and i am succesfully accessing windows share files and remote control. The problem is, i dont want to move the files i want from their current location, to a share folder, and then onto my laptop. The main problem is that my whole family uses the pc, and while they are logged on i cannot remote control.

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