Ubuntu Networking :: Mapping The School Network Drive?

Aug 23, 2010

In my university linux lab I have access to a linux network drive where I save programming code.I have ubuntu as a guest in virtualbox on my xp computer in my dorm. How can I map the linux network drive to ubuntu for use in virtualbox? I already have it mapped in windows, but can't get it mapped in ubuntu / virtualbox

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Ubuntu Networking :: Map To School Share Network?

Feb 1, 2011

I am trying to map to my schools shares VIA their network.

Normally on windows, I would just say Run and type the network path and it would open a window with the folders.

the path is \KNA11.XX.ON.CA you need to be on our VPN to connect to it, which I am.

How do i access this directory in ubuntu? And even better, make it a permanent shortcut or mountpoint so that i can easily access it later without having to re-mount it.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Connect To School's Wifi Network

Apr 30, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop and I found that I cannot connect to my school's wifi network while i have no problem connecting using windows. Also I can connect to my home's wifi network. The details of the wifi network are as follow:

SSID: Universities WiFi
Authentication: WPA
Data Encryption: TKIP


I have downloaded the certifate required and put it in my home directory and selected that .cer when setting up the connection But I still can't connect to it

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Fedora Networking :: Cannot Access School's Network

Feb 14, 2009

i hav 2 laptops but there is only one LAN port and i recently splitted them with my own router, the problem is the internet works fine, but i cannot access the schools's network e.g. my friend's shared folder in another room, the school's shared folder, etc. i can only access my own local router network.

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General :: Create A Relationship Between Two OS Like Mapping Network Drive?

Feb 13, 2011

in my windows7 laptop, I installed a virtualbox 4.0 then Fedora 14 as OS. Can I transfer the files from Linux system to windows syatem? I mean can I create a relationship between two OS like mapping network drive?

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Networking :: Mapping Folder To Windows Drive?

Feb 4, 2010

I'm have a server running linux ver: Linux version 2.4.22-1.2115.nptl (bhcompile@daffy.perf.redhat.com) (gcc version 3.2.3 20030422 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.3-6)) #1 Wed Oct 29 15:42:51 EST 2003

from my windows xp machine I can see that there are three shared folders using : 1- run then \ I can map tow of these folders to a network drive using the root credentials. but when I tried to map the third one (it was mapped before) I got the following errors: first asking to insert the password again [URL]

then: asking to put the password but as a gust [URL]

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Networking :: Mapping Network Use AND Process?

Jun 19, 2011

have a workstation, that, even after a fresh reboot, has a constant network activity.I used Wireshark on the machine, and i saw there is a constant HTTP trafic(even after a fresh reboot).I just know that my local TCP/44188 port is used to send the HTTP trafic to the web server on Internet.However; I don't know which process is doing that.How can I identify the binary responsible for using this particular TCP port and sending data?

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Ubuntu :: Mapping Network Devices Like Windows Networking?

Jan 9, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 9.10 and Windows 7 (Wubi). Windows Networking shows all devices on the network (computers, routers, etc). Is there a way to get Ubuntu to do this (Would prefer GUI)?

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General :: "Permanently" Mapping A Drive In Vista Home To SAMBA Network Share?

Jan 28, 2011

OK, this is really little to do with Linux, as my question really involves my Vista Home machines. Anyone know good methods to have Windows Vista (Home Edition) machines stay mapped to a SAMBA share on a Linux server? I'm using user-level security on the server (Ubuntu Server 10.10), and it (generally) works really well, but I can't get the rest of my family to use it, as (understandably), they don't want to have to type in their password to the share every time they log in to the Vista machines (or my one XP machine left, for that matter), plus the problems when it occasionally decides it's already tried to connect once and failed, and refuses to "restore" the connection, ugh. I currently have one Win7 machine, and surprisingly, with the Win7 Home Premium edition, it actually "remembers" the passwords to the SAMBA shares.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Vmware - Finding / Mapping Network Shares In Win7 Guest On 10.10 64 Bit

Jan 23, 2011

finding / mapping network shares on Win 7 guest in vmware. I am running 10.10 64 bit ubuntu and installed vmware workstation 7 (64 bit version). I created and installed win 7 (ultimate) vm. everything is good so far. The issue is I have a second desktop with ubuntu and I have shared 4 drives on that desktop. I want those shared available to the win 7 guest. And even after enabling the shared folders I do not see them.

Note: I have a shared folder on the same machine where I have vmware installed and win7 has assess to that drive.. its just that the shares on network are not available. Note2: i had virtualbox installed and it worked fine.

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Ubuntu :: Installed In Usb Flash Drive It Works But Not In School

Feb 27, 2011

When i boot to my ubuntu installed in my usb flash drive it works (home computer) but in school it wont? in school i already boot from the usb in bios but it promts the message "boot error". what should i do.. ?

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Fedora Networking :: Pam_mount Not Mapping Network Drives On Gnome User Login?

Nov 18, 2010

Have been configuring fedora 14 to connect to a windows domain server and have been successful so far....am now on mapping network drives when the user logs in via the gnome gui.

If there is a better method of mapping network drives on login

After reading up on PAM_MOUNT and using that for mapping drives on login I have been able to successfully map them, but it doesn't do this automatically on gnome login.

Problem is as follows: It works when i connect / login using the terminal but requires me to enter the password once (even when i logged into the user account on gnome).

How I want it to work:I would like the mapping to occur when i login via gnome so that i dont have to open a terminal once logged in to gnome to map the network drives. I would like it to login without having to type the password again as the user is already logged in

Config Files:

#--- ~/.pam_mount.conf.xml ---#
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<volume fstype="cifs" server="GRA.GI" path="apps" mountpoint="/mnt/GRA.GI/apps"/>


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Debian Configuration :: Setting Up A Server Network For A School?

Nov 26, 2010

I am putting together a server and computer lab at my school for Standardized testing, and am planning on using debian for it. But first, i must prove to the school board that this is a possible and viable option, so right now it is one pc with 1 gig ram (Going to be the server for this experiment), and two others with around 512 mb ram.the problem with all this is, the computers in the lab cannot have hard drives, as there is some sort of licencing issue. So I need to be able to have these two testing computers boot from the server's hard drive.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Tunneling Through School AP

Mar 14, 2011

I am trying to tunnel through my college's free AP so I can get access to protocols outside of http and https. The school has an in-browser DNS redirect until you log in.The output of "cat /proc/version" on the server OS is "Linux version 2.6.35-27-generic (buildd@palmer) (gcc version 4.4.5 (Ubuntu/Linar o 4.4.4-14ubuntu5) ) #48-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 22 20:25:29 UTC 2011" The client OS is Windows 7. What I have done so far is use Proxy Cap to redirect applications to a Putty tunnel connected to the server. Eventually I want to tunnel that SSH connection through my school's firewall, so that I can keep encryption and have a reasonable amount of ease with setup.

I am not particularly educated on the inner workings of the DNS redirecting so I was not sure what to search for. My attempts to connect Firefox over normal http proxies failed and since all ports are blocked besides http and https I didn't attempt any socks or SSH. I have also tried simply hosting the SSH server on http ports with little success. I hope that I can do this without having to purchase a domain, but that's starting to seem like that won't be the case.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Connect To School Wireless

Jan 4, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 onto my laptop, and having wireless issue. I was able to connect to wireless at home, but cannot at school. Then recently, I reformatted by desktop at home, and now I can no longer connect to my own connection. But yet, I'm able to connect to my neighbor. I considered installing ndisgtk package, but then i thought if I'm able to connect to some connections that means I'm not missing windows driver (maybe I'm wrong ).

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Keeps Dropping At School

Oct 5, 2010

I'm running ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop with broadcom BCM4322 wireless card.Basically what keeps happening is my wireless will stop working, then network manager will notify me that I have lost signal. It will then try and reconnect, but it never seems to be successful. The only way I can get the wireless to work again is if I disable wireless then re-enable wireless (or do a complete system restart).

However, it does not seem to have this problem at home. The only difference I can think of from home and school is either encryption types (the university uses WEP, I use WPA) or the fact that at home there is only one access point and at university there are multiple access points all with the same SSID.Anyone have any idea how to make my laptop stop dropping connection all the time?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Connection Not Working In School

May 5, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - Lucid Lynx(great interface!). But I am experiencing a very weird problem. The wireless internet works just fine at my apartment. But when I am in my school, it just stops working at all. It didn't use to be like that. It used to work in school too few weeks before. But I don't know what happened all of a sudden. I have checked with my school system administrator to know if there has been any change with the network. He said the network has always been the same.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Connect To School WiFi - Need Certificate

Oct 28, 2010

At home, I can easily connect to my home network with ubuntu. But at school, things are differently. The wireless security is tighter, and I need more then just my username and password to connect.
(See attachment for Screenshot)
The last two lines, okay, but I seem to need a certificate, and that MSCHAPv2, Anonimous identity. I don't understand what I need to enter in those fields. I only got a username and password from school and that's all I need for windows. So why does Ubuntu want/need more info?

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CentOS 5 :: Mapping Drive On Windows XP?

Jul 30, 2009

how I can map a drive/directory on a remote Centos 5.3 server in my office to my local Windows XP at home. Is there any guides on how this could be done? eg. VPN, SAMBA, NFS, etc..

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UUbuntu Networking :: Configure Squid3 Et SquidGard On Server 10.04 For A School?

Sep 29, 2010

i'am trying to configure Squid3 et SquidGuard on ubuntu Server 10.04 for a school. I'm new in linux, before i post this thread, I searched in the french forum and www. I found nothing to help me to resolve this issue. You can see below to configuration file from Squid3. which is stored in /etc/squid3/


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Debian :: Synology NAS Shared Drive Mapping

Sep 11, 2015

I've some how managed to map to a shared drive on my Synology NAS, but can only access it through the terminal when logged in as root. The share is mounted in the "mnt" directory, which I can't access when using the file manager application (as a user).

so I carried out the actions below and I can no see the share in my home directory, but can't access it. Is this because I done it with root?
root@D8:/home/user# mkdir share_nas
root@D8:/home/user# ls
Desktop Downloads Picturesshare_nas Videos
Documents Music PublicTemplates
root@D8:/home/user# mount /home/user/share_nas

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Ubuntu Networking :: Get Network Drive To Mount As A Local Drive?

Aug 2, 2010

I was trying to figure out how to get my network drive to mount as a local drive on my computer. This was back on 9.10. Since I've upgraded to 10.04, my boot process halts and tells me (paraphrasing) /shared is not ready to mount. To continue, pres S to skip or M to manually mount the drive.

Well, I have it mounting now through GVFS and I don't need this in my startup anymore. Frankly, it's just annoying that it won't boot into Ubuntu right away. So, what's the startup file I need to edit to remove the attempt to mount the network drive?

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General :: Mapping Sftp/scp As A Drive Letter Without User Logins?

Aug 24, 2011

I'm trying to find a software which could map sftp/scp services to a windows drive letter. I know there are quite a bunch of those available, but i haven't found a single one which could run with SYSTEM or Netservice privileges or have decent command line options so i could elevate the program myself. The mapped drive should be available for other services running on the same server.

Most of the programs (sftp netdrive, expandrive, etc) have only option to startautomatically only when someone logs in. Because of that they are useless to me.Their inability to handle non-interactive starts is a bummer too. FTP->SFTP wrappers don't count as solution despite of integrated windows support for ftp drives. The way they are handled in windows makes ftp mapping unusable without some external ftp drive mapper software.

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Networking :: Cannot Find The Network Storage Drive On MS Network Using Ubuntu?

Dec 26, 2010

i can not find the network storage drive on my MS network using Ubuntu.i can find other computer using xSMBrowser but not the hard drive connected to my router (LAN)i have tried samba and a few others

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Networking :: Wine - Network Drive - Startup Drive ?

May 3, 2011

How it works in Windows.

I have a server designated as F: drive. This server is a linux server. All computers that access this server are windows machines.

In windows, you can make a "Short Cut" that links a Executable program to the F: drive on the server. When you click on this "Short Cut", Windows will "Run" your program in the exact directory the Executable is located.

Thus, if you Make a "Short Cut" called "Customer" on your network F: drive, you can click on that shortcut and "Customer" will run as if you ran it directly off the F: drive, NOT your station drive of C:

Now *MY* scenario what I WANT to do:

I want to copy the above scenario and be able to do the same thing with Linux and WINE.

I have tried to make a "Shortcut" to my Linux laptop, but it fails. I can only "Copy" the program to the laptop. And when I run it on the laptop, it will not run, because it does not recognize the "F:" drive having all the data files, it only recognizes the C: drive of my linux.

When I tried to make a "link", it says something like "LInk not supported by this file".

So, is it possible to make a "shortcut" to a executable file on the network server, so that if you run the shortcut, it will run the program as if it is located on the F: server instead of the linux station? In Windows, it has a field that says "Target", in which the file will be ran in that directory.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Tightvnc Server On 11.4 And Keyboard Mapping?

Apr 21, 2011

I use opensuse 11.4 with TightVNC Server version 1.3.9. I use french keyboard mapping (yast configuration).When I connect with putty via ssh all is ok (keyboard mapping). But when I use tightvnc viewer on windows the mapping is not correct.I've verified many time the configuration of the keyboard in yast (graphical) and desktop options (french mapping). I can't map correctly. It seem there is no issue with direct attached keyboard.Another strange behavior is the shift key. I want to use . (need to press shift + and this put a >. But sometime if I press "shift + ," before then "shift + ;" it works.

I've passed long time on google and find no answer yet.Is there a issue with tightvnc server ?A bug with tightvnc viewer ? (I've tried with realvnc and same results).

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Hardware :: New Network Card Not Mapping To Ethernet Interface?

Feb 21, 2011

I've added a 2nd ethernet network card into my linux box. After I installed it the box recognized the new card and mapped it to eth1, as I expect. I then configured the addresses and routing for my eth0 and eth1 interface. Since then I had shutdown my box.When I next started my linux box up only eth0 was present.`ifconfig -a` only displays eth0, but `lspci` lists both cards. How can i permanently map the new pci card to eth1?


scattaneo@unthread:~$ ifconfig -a
eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:1a:a0:8c:61:49
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
inet6 addr: 2002:c0a8:6414:1234:21a:a0ff:fe8c:6149/64 Scope:Global


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Ubuntu Networking :: No Internet Access Through The School Proxy Only For Ubuntu Users?

Jun 11, 2011

I have been using ubuntu for my college work for some time, and suddenly last week for ubuntu users in a specific Department/building lost the ability to connect to the internet through the school proxy.The problem seems to have effected only our department/building .

What is so annoying is even its the same computer we have internet if we use Windows but no internet for ubuntu.When using ubuntu the DHCP server automatically assigns IP's just as before, and we can reach the Default gateway using ping, but cant reach the proxy server. When we ping the proxy we get a message saying it refuses a connection. When using firefox or chrome we get the same message when we try to browse <proxy server not available>. The network guys says that the only change they did recently is to activate ipv6. But i fail to see how this can become a problem.

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Ubuntu Networking :: File Sharing And Mapping To Win XP

May 6, 2011

I have 4 computers/users and we need to put all the files on a central server. The server is running Ubuntu 10.04. What is the best way for these 4 XP users to see the files that will be stored on the server?

Or basically, how will I either share or map the files *from* Ubuntu *to* XP? Also, the users will be reading, writing, creating and deleting files on the server.

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Networking :: Actually Uses Interface Name Mapping?

Apr 12, 2010

Who actually uses interface name mapping? Why, and what advantages do you get out of it?

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