Ubuntu Networking :: How I Fixed Asus USB-N13 Compile Errors In Ubuntu 10.10

Oct 21, 2010

It seems with the newer linux headers, two functions changed their names slightly and caused a crash when attempting to build the Asus-provided USB-N13 drivers.

I'm still in the middle of getting the device to work, but actually compiling the driver was a major problem for me and others I've seen that complained of the breakage in 10.10.

Here's the fix:
Within the include/os/rt_linux.h and os/linux/rt_usb_util.c files, the usb_buffer_alloc and usb_buffer_free functions are part of an internal macro. These functions do not exist anymore and are replaced by the usb_alloc_coherent and usb_free_coherent respectively. Input parameters did not change, just the names.

The macro is defined in rt_linux.h and the functions are used in a symbol export within rt_usb_util.c. Simply renaming the functions should allow it to build.

As I said, I'm still in the process of getting the wireless to work, just wanted to let everyone know of the quick fix.

This issue will probably be addressed with a macro fix somewhere eventually.

#define usb_alloc_coherent(a, b, c, d) usb_buffer_alloc(a, b, c, d)
#define usb_free_coherent(a, b, c, d) usb_buffer_free(a, b, c, d)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Fixed USB On ASUS Laptop With Maverick?

Apr 22, 2011

After upgrading to Maverick I found that lsusb command would hang or omit any device I plugged in (flash drive or portable hard disk)

So I did
dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/*usb*
dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/*udev*

using packages from a lucid install I had on another laptop which didn't have the USB problem.Now everything is fine. Maverick has some problem with USB.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Unable To Compile Native Driver For ASUS USB-N13 Wireless Device

Mar 27, 2011

1. Installed a fresh 10.10 and upgraded all packages (via Ethernet).
2. Downloaded latest drivers from ASUS webiste (DPO_RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.2_20100422)
3. Unpacked and tried to compile:

The wireless card is working with the driver rt2870sta, but I've read not all the capabilities of the device is unleash unless the native driver is used.

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Software :: Making A Symlink From 1.2 To 1.4 Fixed VirtualBox - FVWM2 Does Not Compile

Feb 9, 2010

FVWM and VirtualBox stopped working when I upgraded from libpng 1.2 to 1.4. Making a symlink from 1.2 to 1.4 fixed VirtualBox, but FVWM does not compile (this happened before I made the symlink, too).Here are a few lines from the end of the output of make:


gcc -DFVWM_MODULEDIR="/usr/local/libexec/fvwm/2.5.28" -DFVWM_DATADIR="/usr/local/share/fvwm" -DFVWM_CONFDIR="/usr/local/etc" -DFVWM_COLORSET_PRIVATE=1 -DLOCALEDIR="/usr/local/share/locale" -Wall -Wno-implicit-int -g -O2 -o fvwm menus.o style.o borders.o events.o move_resize.o builtins.o add_window.o icons.o fvwm.o frame.o placement.o virtual.o menustyle.o conditional.o ewmh.o stack.o


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Ubuntu :: Old Kernel Compile Errors Resurface

Mar 2, 2010

I un-installed all packages that I downloaded and removed all references to the attempted kernel and I thought it was over. Today I tried to install xubuntu-desktop and the install exits with a dpkg errros that refers to that old custom kernel attempt. I run dpkg as instructed (see below):


I cannot run apt-get until I try to figure out where this error is.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Compile Errors From OpenCV With Ffmpeg + X264

May 29, 2011

I am trying to compile OpenCV 2.0 with ffmpeg (with x264) support on my Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit machine. (Since I want to use the binaries provided by other developers, I have to use opencv 2.0 version)

I followed the guide from: [URL] to compile x264 and ffmpeg manually, and succeeded.

Then I followed the guide in the INSTALL file provided by the OpenCV 2.0 package. I use CMake to configure and generate them, and use "make" command to try compiling. However, I got the following error report, which haunted me for almost half a week.

Linking CXX static library ../../lib/libhighgui_pch_dephelp.a
[ 71%] Built target highgui_pch_dephelp
Scanning dependencies of target pch_Generate_highgui
[ 71%] Generating _highgui.h
[ 71%] [COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]Generating


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Ubuntu Installation :: Compile Errors Installing VMWare Workstation 7.1.0

Aug 19, 2011

I have played around with Fedora for a few years and recently switched to Ubuntu. I am installing VMWare Workstation version 7.1.0 from a retail packaged CD. When I attempt to install VMWare Workstation and VMWare Player I get the following error:

Aug 15 16:24:54.826: app-3078788800| Your GCC version: 4.5
Aug 15 16:24:54.837: app-3078788800| Your GCC version: 4.5
Aug 15 16:24:54.889: app-3078788800| Trying to find a suitable PBM set for kernel 2.6.38-10-generic.
Aug 15 16:24:54.895: app-3078788800| Trying to find a suitable PBM set for kernel 2.6.38-10-generic.....
Aug 15 16:24:56.163: app-3078788800| Failed to compile module vmmon!

I tried installing the patch for kernal 2.6.38-8 found here - [URL] - but it did not resolve the issue. Is there a patch for kernal 2.6.38-10?

I also found this posting for the same problem: [URL]. I followed the following instructions as advised in the post . . .
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install make
sudo apt-get install gcc

Then enter:
uname -r

My kernel was: 2.6.38-10-generic
sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-2.6.38-10-generic
Now run the vmware-install.pl script.

Everything ran without error. However, I continue to get the same error. Another post suggested uninstalliung and reinstalling the software, but this had no affect either. Another post suggested that after running the above update to them run the /usr/bin/vmware-config.pl script. However I do not seem to have the vmware-config.pl in my /usr/bin directory. I checked the various VMWARE directories in /etc and the /tmp/vmware-root directories but no vmware-config.pl

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Hardware :: X-Fi Titanium RedHat 4 Getting Errors When Trying To Compile

Nov 1, 2010

I have a machine with X-Fi Titanium sound card. Im getting the following errors when trying to compile the driver.


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Slackware :: Compile Errors With Various X11-relying Programs?

Jan 31, 2010

I've been trying to compile and install different terminal emulators:Eterm, aterm, and libAfterImage for urxvt.

I've been getting all these errors, and it seems odd to me. I did some fiddling awhile back enabling KMS with my radeon, install custom packages for xf86-ati, mesa, and libdrm. Could that or some other fiddling have broken these dependencies?

Here is an excerpt, with the full error log attached and here:url

In file included from libungif/../xwrap.h:5,
from libungif/../asim_afterbase.h:23,
from libungif/../afterbase.h:36,
from libungif/gif_hash.h:24,
from libungif/gif_lib_private.h:5,

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General :: Using Makefile - 'Multiple Definition' Compile Errors

Mar 1, 2011

As part of an assignment, our class was given a small set of c++ classes which are compiled using a makefile. As part of the assignment, I have created a namespace and saved in it a .cpp file. The functions, constants and typedefs from the namespace are now used in one of the original files, and so I added an <#include MyFile.cpp> to the file I modified, in addition to a using MyNamespace;

When I try to use the original makefile, the compiler gives a lot of errors about multiple definitions of every function in the namespace. What do I need to do to resolve this? Do I need to change the makefile or one of the files themselves? I am new to Linux programming and makesfiles.

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Software :: Compile Ardour 2.8.7 From Source - Stopped With Errors

May 15, 2010

I'm trying to compile ardour 2.8.7 from source and the compile got past the dependencies and everything else fine but it stopped at one point with these errors


I have no experience compiling python. I would not like to install from a package as the one with ubuntu is wrongly compiled and so are many others which are hosted I have heard the only way to make the problems with packaged versions stop is by compiling ardour yourself so I would still like to go ahead with it.

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CentOS 5 :: Unable To GCC Compile Any Stuff - Random Errors

Jan 24, 2009

I am new to CENTOS (5.2) and more importantly new to linux. Any time I try to gcc compile something, it always throws random errors. I yum installed development-tools which is what I have seen other threads suggest but that did not solve the issue. I still get the same errors. I cannot find a common error among the many things I have attempted to compile.

Here is my most recent file for an example made when trying to compile up-imapproxy :
gcc -g -O2 -I. -I./include -c -o src/icc.o src/icc.c
gcc -g -O2 -I. -I./include -c -o src/main.o src/main.c
src/main.c: In function "int main(int, char**)":
src/main.c:618: error: invalid conversion from *void* to *void* (*)(void*)
src/main.c:618: error: initializing argument 3 of int pthread_create(pthread_t*, const pthread_attr_t*, void* (*)(void*), void*)
src/main.c:646: error: invalid conversion from int* to socklen_t*
src/main.c:646: error: initializing argument 3 of int accept(int, sockaddr*,socklen_t*)
src/main.c:675: error: invalid conversion from void* to void* (*)(void*)
src/main.c:675: error: initializing argument 3 of int pthread_create(pthread_t*, const pthread_attr_t*, void* (*)(void*), void*)
make: *** [src/main.o] Error 1

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Software :: Php Compile Errors - Found Not - Flex , Bison , Re2c?

Jun 8, 2010

configure: warning: bison versions supported for regeneration of the Zend/PHP parsers: 1.28 1.35 1.75 1.875 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.4.1 (found: none).
configure: warning: flex versions supported for regeneration of the Zend/PHP parsers:


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General :: Libtool Has Syntax Errors When Running After GLib-2 Cross Compile For PPC Using LTIB?

Jun 10, 2010

First, I'm trying to cross compile mono 2.6.4 so that it will run on Freescale Embedded Linux for a PowerPC CPU. My host machine is running Fedora 13 on an x86. Freescale provides a copy of the Linux Target Image Builder (LTIB) that has been pre-configured for the particular board I'm using, and LTIB seems to be able to help with the cross compilation of other stuff--you can add in your own packages to be built and included in your newly-built Linux image.

Mono depends on pkg-config and glib-2, so I have selected them in the LTIB package selection config. I've also added a new package for mono that builds mono-2.6.4 from the source tar (after the other deps have also been built).

I'm having a problem getting the glib-2.24.0 package libraries created. Basically they appear to build and link ok, but then libtool runs and errors out claiming it has a syntax error! (numerous wths followed...)

Here is LTIB's temporary build script for only the glib2 package:


Here is the output when building the glib2 package (configure + make):


Build path taken because: directory build, build key set, no prebuilt rpm,

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Ubuntu Networking :: Configuring IPv4 With Fixed Ip?

Aug 2, 2010

Our router is pretty old and only capable of giving fixed ip and there is no support for IPv6. Via the gnome networkmanager I try to set a manual IP to and a netmask to and a default gw at . However, this does not work.

If I open a terminal and type:

sudo ifconfig eth0 inet
sudo route add default gw
Then I get a perfectly valid connection to the internet.
ifconfig by it self returns:


ffor me it seems that the gnome network manager doesn't save the information that I gently ask it to.

I can fix it with the CLI commands, but I would like to know whats going on.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 9.10 Server - Fixed IP Eth0 Disappeared

Mar 9, 2010

Ubuntu server 9.10. I have configured my network connection using GUI Network connection. It worked fine with DHCP, but when I assigned a fixed IP eth0 has disappeared. How can I restore it?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Using Aircrack-ng [fixed Channel Mon1?

Feb 2, 2011

I am trying to audit my wireless router due to someone in the neighbourhood hacking it, and have run into a few problems. When I run airodump-ng, everything works fine. However, when I try to get the .csv file and run "airodump-ng -w test --channel 6 --bssid ---------- mon1" (obviously with my the mac address of my AP instead of x's) I get this:

CH 6 ][ Elapsed: 4 s ][ 2011-02-02 17:48 ][ fixed channel mon1: -1 ] The problem is the [ fixed channel mon1: -1 ], because when I go to the next step to try to force a handshake, it says:

18:00:34 Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID:-----------) on channel -1
18:00:34 mon1 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel 6

I have scoured the Internet for answers, and have seen several people with the same problem, but no solutions that work for me. I think it may have something to do with the driver. I really do apologise if this has been answered properly several times, but none of the solutions seem to be working in my case.

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Networking :: Apache Allow Fixed Ip Addresses

May 23, 2011

I would like have a password for accessing my web site which works fine. I also want for the specific site to allow access only for a specific range of ips. Right now the following config should forbid my access, as my ip is different from 200.200.200.*

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Networking :: HughesNet Is DHCP - My LAN Is Fixed-IP - Don't Want To Change That

Feb 3, 2011

For some time, I've had DSL and used Fixed-IP internally. I moved, no DSL, no cable, no nuthin' but dial-up and flaky cell-phone modem. Ugh. Along comes American Recovery and Reinvestment Act providing funding for making high-speed internet available to those of us in the boonies; no up-front or monthly equipment costs, affordable monthly changes, whoo-boy, that's for me. Installed, works, bada-boom, bada bing.

I have three servers, a network printer and a large format pen plotter that have all happily played together with fixed-IP for years connected via a Linksys BEFSR41 router and CAT-5 or CAT-6 cables and I do not want to screw around with DHCP (and the printer and plotter don't particularly like DHCP in any event). The servers talk to each other with SSH, their names and addresses are in /etc/host and all has been well with the world. DSL connected with PPPoE, HughesNet connects "automatically" to the modem with DHCP. I also have a switch available for additional LAN stuff as needed. Of course I had to do a hard reset of the router when setting up HugheNet (right back to infancy).

I do need to have DHCP enabled in the router for the limited occasions that a Winders thing gets connected to it (not my box, I don't mess with it).

Now, the actual question: is there any setting in the router that will enable fixed-IP, ignore DHCP leases unless the server is running DHCP (like a Winders box) and not bother me with screwy lease addresses that override my fixed-IP addresses? My servers are running Slackware 13.1, all configured with fixed-IP, all configured to "know" each other via /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf has DNS Server address in it (and DHCP is not permitted to overwrite /etc/resolv.conf.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: How To Switch From DHCP To Fixed IP

Jan 25, 2009

Assume I installed originally CentOS Desktop with IP receiving from DHCP server.Later I decided to assign a fixed IP to the local CentOS installation.How do I switch (permanently) the dynamic DHCP IP assignment to a fixed IP?

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Networking :: NFS Booted Client Lockd Ports Not Fixed

Mar 18, 2010

I boot some Slackware with PXE. All work fine except i can't fix the client lockd ports.NFS is compiled inside the kernel, so all modprobe.d options are useless.But rpcinfo -p on the client side shows me totally different ports.On the NFS server, the ports are ok, as i appended lines in /etc/lilo.conf Server and client kernels/modules are identical.

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Fedora Networking :: Commands To Switch From DHCP To Fixed IP Address?

Feb 20, 2009

When I install Fedora 10 on a new system, I let it default to DHCP. Later, I change the system to a fixed IP address by running system-config-network, selecting eth0, clicking on "Edit", clicking on "Statically set IP addresses:" and filling in the blanks. Is it possible to accomplish the same thing using commands that could be entered in a script? I assume one of them would be

ifconfig eth0 address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX netmask

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Ubuntu Networking :: Getting ASUS USB N-13 Up To Speed?

Dec 26, 2010

I have hesitated posting this because there are a number of threads on the Asus USB N-13.First let me point out that I am using this device.It worked out of the box in Ubuntu 10.10 after several reinstalls using the native Ubuntu driver.However my speed is stuck at 54Mb/s.When tested on a Win7 machine, the connection speed is much closer to 300Mb/s.In wading through the other threads, I am unable to find anyone who has this adaptor running at N speed in Ubuntu 10.10.I have downloaded the latest ASUS driver for LInux but have not installed it as my previous attempts at doing this failed miserably and each time necessitating an OS reinstall.I am an experienced Windows user but a rank newbie when it comes to Ubuntu. The following is the result of iwconfig:chad@linuxbox:~$ iwconfig
lo no wireless extensions.

eth0 no wireless extensions.

wlan0 Ralink STA ESSID:"midgard" Nickname:"RT2870STA"[code]....

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Ubuntu Networking :: Setting Up Asus N13 In 11.04?

Aug 27, 2011

I'm not the greatest with linux in general, I mean I know my way around it okay but theres still a ton to learn, and 11.04 is the first version to work on my custom PC without messing up after I update it so I'm left with natty. Anyway I bought my PC with an Asus U8B-N13 Wireless adapter. The disc it came with has the program to install the drivers in Windows, Mac, and Linux, but the Linux drivers need to be compile and I'm yet to have luck doing so. I've tried to somewhat follow an older guide here: [URL].. but I made it as far as extracting the .tgz, then running the make command and got a couple errors. Here is that attempt:

dom@NZXT:~$ cd Desktop
dom@NZXT:~/Desktop$ tar -xvzf DPO_RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.2_20100422.tgz
DPO_RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.2_20100422/LICENSE ralink-firmware.txt


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Ubuntu Networking :: Install Asus N13-usb Adapter On 10.04?

May 5, 2010

I have a Asus N13-usb adapter and i am running ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop. I tried all those commands that you have posted but it led me nowhere. I was wondering if you can help me start off from scratch. I have typed lsub and it showed the device. I followed this thread [URL]and i did it up the part where you downloaded the driver. but i was not able to go further once i typed in the command :

cd Downloads
tar -xvzf

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Ubuntu Networking :: Asus EEE PC 901 And Desktop Remix 10.10?

Nov 4, 2010

I have an Asus EEE PC 901 from a few years ago with an integrated wireless card (touted as the "integrated Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link 4965 AGN LAN chip" on the website). I am running Ubuntu's Desktop remix 10.10.

My computer connects fine to any given wireless network the first time around, but will not connect to it again.

After I disconnect from a network, every time I try to connect again, it continually asks for the password, and never fully connects, but will spend about 20 minutes trying and asking for the password and trying again.

Sometimes, it will say it is connected (100% strength) but will never load the google start page. This will last about 2 minutes, then it will disconnect, and start the never-ending connection process again.

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Ubuntu Networking :: ASUS USB-N13 Fails To Communicate?

Dec 5, 2010

Chili555 where are you?

I am running Ubuntu Release 10.04 (lucid), Kernel Linux 2.6.32-26-generic-pae, GNOME 2.30.2.

I have installed the ASUS USB-N13 according to your advice in previous posts, specifically, in your advice to 828688 Ben.

The dongle seems to be operating as it should. The LED does its flashing at what appears to be the correct time. Wicd also looks correct. Networks are found with good signals shown. Everything looks correct. But when I attempt to connect, "validating authentication" runs for quite some time, and eventually results in a dialogue window stating the communication failed. The required WEP password is entered in the RT2870STA.dat file, and again in the wicd window.

I have entered as much detail in the RT2870STA.dat file as I dare, and believe it to be correct.

ndiswrapper is not installed. Network Manager is uninstalled. Only wicd remains.

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Ubuntu Networking :: ASUS PCE-N13 Won't Connect - Keeps Asking For Password

Jun 16, 2011

I've been debugging for a few days and can't get this to work.

I've tried all of the following suggestions:


Some possibly relevant command line output:

$ sudo ifconfig
eth1 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr bc:ae:c5:68:8b:a2
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
inet6 addr: fe80::beae:c5ff:fe68:8ba2/64 Scope:Link


(I'm connected to an ethernet port which connects to my laptop which grabs the wireless, currently.)

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Ubuntu Networking :: Asus N10 Wireless Usb Adapter On 10.04 LTS

Jul 26, 2011

I recently purchased an Asus n10 wireless usb adapter to use with my media server, running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx). After spending several hours today with many of the threads (especially this one about the Asus n13) it seems that I've run out of ideas.

My network is running a hidden (non-broadcast) SSID ("Potato") with wpa2 personal encryption.

Here is the relevant information from lsusb:

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0b05:1786 ASUSTek Computer Inc.

Iwconfig follows. The rest of the values, like link quality & etc, are all zero:

wlan0 802.11b/g ESSID:"Potato"
Mode: Managed Access Point: Not-Associated Bit Rate: 0kb/s

And the kicker is that the interface doesn't seem to be available, despite the above reports. ifconfig wlan0 up produces:

SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable

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Ubuntu Networking :: Asus K53e - No Network Available With 10.04

Jul 27, 2011

I recently bought an Asus laptop and had a friend install ubuntu 10.04. After the install was complete I tried to connect to a network and there was no networks available. After some research time my friend said the I need network drivers to install in ubuntu.

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