Ubuntu :: Networked Printer/Standby Laptop?

Oct 13, 2010

Is there any way to make it so I can let my laptop go into standby that is connected to my printer and make it so that I can still see the printer from my other systems. Then if I print something it brings the networked printer/laptop out of standby and prints my job. I just ran a test and when my system went into standby the printer went "offline" and I couldn't print from it. I don't want to be forced to leave my computer fully on 24/7 to have a networked printer.

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Ubuntu :: Laptop Standby: Wireless Tries To Connect While On Standby

Jun 27, 2010

Running Ubuntu 10.04 on a dual-boot Windows 7 laptop.

On "suspend," the wireless card appears to close connections correctly. Then, >15 minutes later, the laptop's wifi LED lights up and the laptop generates heat.

The computer should be on standby, but instead it's waking itself up and running down the battery.

Are there any programs that might be failing to suspend for sleep? Are there any settings to prevent the wifi card from waking the computer?

I only noticed this because the laptop was getting hot and the battery was wearing down.

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General :: Connect To A Networked Printer On A Different Subnet?

Oct 10, 2010

While I was setting up CentOS 5.5 for my first time I faced this problem which is connecting to a printer is not possible, my tutor told me you need to change from eth0 to eht1 or eth2, what does that mean? And if I do this, how can I connect a printer which I have its name and IP address.

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Ubuntu :: Laptop Won't Go Into Standby?

May 8, 2011

Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10, my laptop won't go into standby. The screen goes black, but then refreshes with the login screen.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Laptop Can't Connect Internet When Open Again After Standby Mode

Nov 4, 2010

I have problem with laptop installed Ubuntu OS. Laptop can't connect Internet when open again after standby Mod. It can't receive issued IP from Router.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Using A "reserved" IP Under DHCP For The Networked Printer?

Feb 23, 2011

Searched this forum and Brother's resources but still can't get the Brother HL-2070N to play on 10.04. Especially troubling since 10.04 is an LTS. Wether throught SPM or Brother's PreInstall followed by an RPM converson I still can't locate the correct drivers. Done it countlees ways and still have never seen HL-2070N show up on the driver screen. Still stuck with HL-2060 whose best match flags "out of paper".

BTW; using a "reserved" IP under DHCP for the networked printer. Essentially a fixed IP.

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Ubuntu :: Set Up The Printer On The Vista Laptop To Print Through My Box

Feb 17, 2011

My question is that i have a laptop with windows vista on it and my main box ubuntu 10.04.

I know there is a way to set up the printer on the vista laptop to print through my box.

I remember part of it, something like :640/my printers/linux printer/hp?

Also how do i set up the linux box to allow the vista machine see the printer?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Desktop - Mac Laptop - Printer And External HD ?

Jan 9, 2011

I just installed it on my desktop. I love it so far, but I'm having trouble setting up a network in my apartment. I have the desktop directly plugged into my router and a mac laptop linked wirelessly to the router. I also have a printer and an external hard drive plugged into the desktop. The goal is to be able to access the external hard drive and use the printer from my mac laptop, as well as access the mac laptop from the desktop.

Right now, I can access the mac from the desktop with ubuntu on it. Under "Places" and then "Network," I can mount the folders I want and then access the contents.

I can also print and access my external hard drive from the ubuntu desktop.

However, on the mac laptop in the Finder under "Network" there is nothing. I can ping the desktop from the mac and get a response, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get beyond this. In System Preferences I have "File Sharing" and "Printer Sharing" both checked.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Printing From Mac OS/X Laptop To Printer On Workstation

Aug 18, 2011

How can I get my MacBook running OS/X on my wireless network to recognize and print to an HP OfficeJet 6110 printer attached to a desktop workstation that's running Ubuntu Linux 11.04. It had no problems finding the printer when it was attached to a Windows machine, but you know about Windows...

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Fedora Servers :: Sharing Printer With Windows 7 Laptop?

Jul 2, 2010

I've checked the forums for a guide to sharing my printer with a laptop and cannot find any entries that are specific to my configuration. [URl]... My printer is connected to a desktop running Fedora 13. I also have a laptop running Windows 7. There was one web entry that spoke about "Windows Vista 7" that didn't match my configuration. [URL].. Is there a "how to" out there that I can follow to make this work? I am not a well-experienced user, so the more detailed (and accurate) the steps, the better!

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Fedora Hardware :: Connecting Wireless Printer To Laptop Running F13?

Oct 11, 2010

I have tries numerous methods to connect my laptop running Fedora 13 and my Netgear WGPS606 print server all without success. Has anyone made a successful connection and if so how? when running Windows 7 I have no trouble. Both Windows 7 and Fedora connect to the internet without a problem.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Mount An HP Laser Printer On Home Network Through A VPN IPSES Connection From Laptop?

Dec 12, 2010

I have tried to mount an HP laser printer on my home network through a VPN IPSES connection from my laptop, but I cannot manage to see the printer or make it accept commands.

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Debian Installation :: When Connect The Printer, Doesn't Recognize Printer As The Photosmart B109 Printer For Unknown Reason?

Jan 3, 2011

I've bought a HP Photosmart printer, HP Photosmart wireless e-All-in-One printer - B110a and i've got a problem installing it properly. I'm using Debian 6.0 Squeeze. When i connect the printer, Debian doesn't recognize my printer as the Photosmart B109 printer for unknown reason. When i go to the site of HP and search for a driver, it directs me to this site:I've downloaded that latest hplip file as a .run file and installed it. My printer is recognized proparly, but when i try to print a colored image, it comes out black/white. Something is not crrect. Does anyone recognize this problem with this type HP printer?

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Ubuntu :: Networked Indexing Service

Aug 8, 2010

On Windows, I used to be able to search for items on my home server quickly if it had indexing enabled by simpily typing a query in the search box when I was viewing one of its drives (i.e. samba shares).Since I moved the server to Ubuntu, I can find plenty of indexing software like tracker but I cant figure if any of them support querying them over the network. I need a fast way to search through all the files on the server with indexing without the hassle of having to VNC into it.

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General :: Installing Printer - Add Printer In Local Network Or Windows Printer Via Samba

Nov 23, 2009

I just upgrade to Fedora 11.

I have problem in installing the printer, no matter add printer in local network or Windows Printer via Samba.

The summary is as follow:

I have download a printer driver and had installed but got error when I tried to printer a test page.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Remote Shutdown Of Networked PC's?

Sep 2, 2010

I will be running a network of +- 35 Ubuntu pc's from next year on. I have already started setting up remote desktop viewing utilities, but I now need a way to remotely shut down all the pc's at the same time, with a simple command as Admin. Setting up scripts to execute at a certain time is not gonna help, as the online time wont be the same all the time. I want to avoid having to remotely shut down each and every pc, as this will take quite a lot of time.

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Ubuntu :: Connecting To A Networked Mysql Daemon

Dec 6, 2010

I have installed Tomcat on one machine and MySQL on another. When I run tomcat on the same machine as Mysql and use 'localhost' in the jdbc url, I have no problem accessing mysql through jdbc. So my problem is accessing a remote mysql instance. I have granted privileges in the following way from the MySQL prompt:GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON mydatabase.* TO myusername @ IDENTIFIED BY 'mypassword';

Still I get :
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorEx ception: Access denied for user 'myusername'@'' to database 'mydatabase'
sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInsta nce0(Native Method)
sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInsta nce(NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.java:57)

I have no idea whether this is a problem at the operating system level i.e. allowing networked hosts, or whether it is something to do with MySQL. I have commented out bindaddress and, on this version, there is no 'skip-networking' line to comment out.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Add Permissions To Networked Folders?

Dec 11, 2010

Ok here is the deal, I am allowing my neighbor access to some networked folders on my ubuntu file server in exchange for access to their washer & dryer. I have already created mapped drives on their xp machines but now I want to only allow them "read only" access so they don't accidentally delete anything?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Saving Files To Networked Computer

Jan 14, 2010

If I DL something from the Internet It askes were to save. This is normal however even though my 2 computers are nicely networked I can't seem to navigate to the network to save onto the other computer.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Multifunction Printers In The Networked World?

Jan 23, 2010

So having recently set up my server (including some disk space and ushare, and an additional laserjet printer) I was wondering if anyone had any experience of putting a multifunction printer into an ubuntu server and adding it locally (to the server) then to the networked computers....I know this printer works perfectly (the scan too!) when plugged directly into a machine's USB....I suppose my real question is....does anyone know anything about the scanner side of it?? is this going to work?? I reckon the printer side will (/should - i know the printer works and i know the server can share printers.....lol) but the scanner side is relatively new (when put into the context of shared from my HS.Please note:My server is just running vanilla (plain) ubuntu 9.10....and my compo's are 10.04 and 9.10....ubuntu ONLY network...

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Ubuntu Networking :: See Localhost Site In The Other Networked Computers?

Aug 8, 2011

I have developed a site in localhost in my laptop. Here are the specs: Ubuntu 11.04, Joomla! 1.7, Db Ver: 5.1.54-1ubuntu4, PHP Ver: 5.3.5, Web Server Apache/2.2.17

This laptop is connected to a wi-fi network. Task: I like to see this local site from my laptop to other desktop computers in the same network. I understand that I need to do some changes in /etc/hosts what changes I need to do to be able to see my localhost site in the network.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connecting To Networked Windows Hard Drive

Jun 14, 2010

My friend has a Windows 7 desktop with a large data hard drive which is set up to allow other users to connect to remotely, such that they have read and write access. To set up a connection from another Windows machine, it is as simple as right clicking in the My Computer window and selecting "New Network Connection", then entering the information requested.

The information my friend as given me is:
- The IP Address
- The Hard Drive's Name
- A Username and Password

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Ubuntu Networking :: Monitoring Networked Computers Bandwidth Usage?

Mar 25, 2011

Back in school I remember using an application that would identify active IP addresses on a network, and basically show you a log of activity. We actually monitored another lab and went in and showed them what we saw (all the machines had IP addresses on the monitors.) We could see websites, bandwidth, etc.

I'm trying to find an application that would do this again. I've been trying to monitor my networks to see what machines are performing unauthorized operations. ISP is showing high bandwidth usage and there is no way checking email and browsing is using this amount, 200GB a month! Something is going on here.

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Ubuntu :: File Preview In Nautilus On 11.04 On Networked Home Drive

Aug 2, 2011

We have recently upgraded to ubuntu 11.04 64bit from 10.04 and 10.10 in a networked office in which our home directories are mounted on a server raid array. Ubuntu considers that the home directory is a local drive rather than on a networkWe have noticed that file preview are very very slow in 11.04 for pdf's and pictures in nautilus, causing a lag of around 10 seconds for each file. This can cause a problem for folders which hold multiple files which can be previewed. Preview worked fine in previous versions of ubuntu on the same machine, with the same network setup. Previewing of actual local files works faster, but is slower on 11.04, than previous versions.

Both the 10.10 and 11.04 systems are up to date with available updates (11.04 - and 2.30.1 on ubuntu 10)Obviously, there is a work around for this problem - turn off preview. But, it would be nice to turn it on as its a useful feature.

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Debian Hardware :: Can Make A Networked Hdd Secure

Jun 18, 2010

I've got a lan with a mixture of linux and win machines. I've got one of those network addressable printers that I really like since I can access it from any machine on the lan in an os independent manner.

I saw in the local computer store network addressable hard drives, i.e., those that have an ethernet address and port. I really like the concept of having hdd storage that is both machine and os independent, just like my printer. However I don't know how to make it secure from spoofers. The only filter between it and the outside world would be my linksys wireless router, which has an internal firewall, but that doesn't seem to be enough security to me.

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Fedora Networking :: Find MAC Address Of A Networked PC?

Feb 21, 2009

I want to find the MAC address of another pc connected to my pc through LAN. That PC is showing GRUB load error so i cant boot it.

Can i find its MAC address through my PC? Both PC's are connected in LAN.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Mounting Shared Drive On Networked Machine [wubi]

Apr 21, 2010

I have a machine running Ubuntu 9.10 that has an external HD with shared folders music folder and media downloads folder). I have set up SAMBA on that machine.

On my laptop I am running a dual boot system with Windows Vista and using wubi install, Ubuntu 9.10.

In Windows, I am able to wirelessly connect to the shared folder and access the music folder and the media downloads folder on my Desktop Ubuntu machine. All is good.

When I boot in Ubuntu, I am unable to connect to the shared folder under Places > Network I can negotiate to the MSHOME (the name of my work group). Once selected I get the error Failed to retrieve Shared List from server error message.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Having A Music Player Play Files From Another Networked Computer?

Aug 16, 2010

i don't have much space on my individual computers, so i have to keep my music files on my laptop with most of everything else on my PC. i want to have rhythmbox play music from my networked laptop, but i have a few issues.

for one, my laptop doesn't show up in Places --> Network

two, even if it did. i'm not exactly sure how i could get rhythmbox to do that. would i have to use SSH? connect everytime?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Netbook Version Support Mounting Of Networked Drives?

Oct 14, 2010

will going from 10.04 desktop to 10.10 netbook mean i have to reinstall everything? also, does the netbook version support mounting of networked drives?

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Ubuntu :: Put Backup Hdd Into Standby?

Feb 25, 2010

I used the following command to put my backup hdd into standby:

# hdparm -y /dev/sdb1
issuing standby command
check the status:


It does this every time. What would cause the disk to spin up when it's not even in use?

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