Ubuntu :: Need Newer Versions Of Software Onto Intepid Ibex Release Of System

May 13, 2010

Is there any way to get newer versions of software onto the Intepid Ibex release of Ubuntu? I have to stick to this version as later versions break my Video card support but Imuch prefer some of the newer versions of software. For example Amarok refuses to update to 2.0 and beyond. Is this merely a matter of changing repositories to later versions, or am I restricted by the version of X.org I am running?

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Ubuntu :: Upgrading 10.04 Lucid To A Newer Release?

Jan 17, 2011

I have problem upgrading my ubuntu 10.04 lucid to a newer release of Ubuntu. I have done updates regularly but nothing prompt regarding upgrading Ubuntu. as mentioned in Ubuntu website, updating must result in a notification of upgrading. I want to know if there is any way to do this manually?

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Ubuntu :: LTS 10.4 Versus Upgrading To Newer Versions

Nov 2, 2010

currently my laptops is running 10.10 I haven't been having any problems so far nor I felt any improvement (functionality wise) over 10.4 . But today I came across a small problem: I went to Cilenerra's website - a Powerful video editing software. I saw that they have a version for 10.4 but not for 10.10 yet. Now I'm unable to get that software.

1. My question is, will I be encountering this type incompatibility issues in the future if I keep getting the latest Ubuntu distros?

2. What if I choose to install 10.4 LTS and stick with it long term? Will I start getting incompatibility issues after a year or so?

3. Will the 10.4 get more and more stable and responsive with newer updates until the new LTS?

EDIT: and if you're wondering, I tried installing the repository of Cinelerra, but the Ubuntu Software Centre kept telling me that there's no version available for my OS.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Fix Transcoding To PSP Format In Newer Versions Of Avidemux?

Sep 12, 2010

In newer versions of Avidemux wrong parameters are set when choosing "Sony Playstation Portable" from the Auto menu. The PSP doesn't support more than 2 reference frames or 8x8 DCT Transform.

This is how you can fix it. Backup the original file

sudo cp /usr/lib/ADM_plugins/videoEncoder/x264/Sony PlayStation Portable.xml /usr/lib/ADM_plugins/videoEncoder/x264/Sony PlayStation Portable.xml.org
Edit the file
sudo gedit /usr/lib/ADM_plugins/videoEncoder/x264/Sony PlayStation Portable.xml
Change this line


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Debian Multimedia :: Official Policy For Newer Versions Of KDE?

Feb 27, 2011

I just wanted to ask about official opinion or policy concerning newer versions of KDE. Is 4.6 still so buggy or unstable to be included in experimental? What steps are going to be made concerning KDE and what when? I don't like GNOME, KDE 3.5 is out of the game now in 6.0 and KDE 4.4 is IMHO all but mature and finished. So I am not sure what to do now, Kubuntu is buggy and don't like it but they have 4.6...

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OpenSUSE Install :: Yast Does Not Show Newer Versions

Jan 22, 2010

I just installed openSuse 11.2. I added extra repo's like packman and Mozilla. I gave them priority level 80. The normal openSuse repo's have priority level 99.Still, Yast does not show newer versions from Packman or Mozilla.Yast completely ignores the prioritylevels of the repo's.The only time Yast shows packages from other repo's, is when they are not in the default repo's, like XMMS,w32codec-all, etc.So the repo's are added in the right way,but something strange happens in software management.

When I search for firefox, it shows the old version 3.5.6-1.1.1.When I click on the tab versions, I see that version 3.6.0-1.2 is there from openSuse buildservice.Why is Yast not showing the higher version (available) in the mainscreen?When I select it manually, Yast complains about dependancies because it is not aware of newer versions of mozilla xulrunner.

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General :: Removing Previous Older Kernels 'vmlinuz' When Updates Get Newer Versions

Mar 30, 2010

Is removing previous older kernels "vmlinuz", when updates do get a newer version an easy task, or do the more recent Linux like Ubuntu 9.10 do that automatically, and only keep a few older previous kernels ?

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CentOS 5 :: "Proper" Way To Install Newer Versions Than Provided By Yum?

Jan 13, 2010

I'm stuck in an ugly situation where I *have* to upgrade some packages to newer versions than what yum provides. For example, the latest openssh-server is 4.3 and I need 4.4 or higher.

Obviously I can compile the packages I need myself, but are there any sort of "best practices" to avoid making too much of a mess? Should I be installing stuff side-by-side with both versions? Anything distro-specific to keep in mind when building?

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OpenSUSE :: Get Function Set_magic_quotes_runtime() To Function On The Newer Versions?

Mar 30, 2011

I'm currently using OpenSuse 11.1 web server. This is bad since 11.1 is no longer supported. the reason why I am using it is because Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() was no longer being used. (so I was told)

That being said, is there a way to get Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() to function on the newer versions of OpenSuSE?

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General :: Put A Newer Distro Of System On An Older Mac?

Jul 28, 2010

I'm sure the answer is yes but, I'm wondering if you could put a newer distro of Linux on an older Mac (for example an iMac G4 or G5).

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Debian :: Install A Newer Version Of Curl And Libcurl Without Breaking System?

Jun 17, 2011

I am still running Debian Lenny and have found that the curl version 7.18 is just too outdated for my needs, I would rather not do an upgrade just yet to the stable release of squeeze. I was looking for some information on how I could install a newer version of curl and libcurl without breaking my system.

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General :: Installing VIM On Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex?

Jan 9, 2011

i removed the vim-tiny with sudo appitude remove vim and then tried reinstalling the vim full but it seems that the package is obsoleted.

shortcasper@shortcasper-laptop:/usr/local/download$ sudo apt-get install vim
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree


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Ubuntu Installation :: List Of Versions At The System StartUp

Jan 20, 2011

How can I remove the list of versions of Ubuntu showing at the system Start Up?. Because I have windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu in my System. Every time when i login to Ubuntu i have to use the arrow key to select the operating system.

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Ubuntu :: Orca Messed Up Sound (Intrepid Ibex 8.10)?

Jul 13, 2010

I had Orca installed for absolutely no reason, and I decided to start it and try playing with the text to speech. It wasn't interesting and I closed it. Now that I've restarted the computer, in GNOME sound doesn't work for certain things (VLC, Firefox). I uninstalled Orca because it auto-started on log-in and the preferences would freeze when I tried to change them. I read about a problem in 9.10 where there is some file taht disabled pulseaudio, I don't see it and I am using 8.10 anyways. :/

EDIT: I've re-installed Orca and edited the preferences fine this time, but the sound still doesn't work for VLC and Firefox. Now I've completely uninstalled Orca from synaptic and it still doesn't work. The sound test works fine, though. I'm sure there is some configuration file Orca added something to, but I don't know how to find it.

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Ubuntu :: Realtek Alc650 Audio Not Working On Intrepid Ibex

Apr 15, 2009

Just installed latest Ubuntu (intrepid Ibex) on my DFI Ultra Infinity II system. It has onboard audio via a Realtek ACL650 chipset. Unfortunately, no sound. Have searched various forums, etc. and found recommendations to download the ALSA driver from realtek, but those posts are from ~2007 and the drivers are dated from back then as well. Nobody present-day seems to be suffering audio problems with this motherboard or chipset. I did install the 2007 realtek driver, but no change. What logs can I check?

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Fedora :: 14 Gnome-system-monitor No Distribution-release?

Nov 4, 2010

the gnome-system-monitor in fedora 14 do not sho the distributionrelease in the system-tab. The place for the distribution release is empty.

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General :: How To Install Icecast On Red Hat Enterprise System ES Release 4

Feb 13, 2011

I'm starting an online Internet radio station and my server Linux Distro is Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 4) and I want to install icecast so I can stream music and video onto my website. I already check the package manger to see if it was there and it was not so how do I install icecast?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading To The Higher Versions(9.10 - 10.04) The System Failed To Boot

Oct 20, 2010

i used to use ubuntu 9.04 on my lap compaq 515, it worked well. But on upgrading to the higher versions(9.10, 10.04) the system failed to boot. Whenever i tried to install, the laptop would freeze and just show a blank screen. The Configuration of my system is below

Processor-AMD Athlon X2 64-bit
RAM- 1.7Gb
HDD- 150Gb
Graphics Card-ATI Radeon 3200 HD Graphics (256MB)

Is the problem actually with the operating system?. Does the new versions of ubuntu support this configuration or not?

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General :: Unable To Install New Versions Of System On My PC / Enable This?

Mar 23, 2010

I have an MSI-RC410 motherboard with onboard ATI Radeon XPress 200 series Graphics card.

I have used OpenSuse-11.0 on my PC for over an year. but when I tried to upgrade to OpenSuse-11.1, I managed to install it only to find that several features were missing. for example /dev/cdrom was missing.

Also install DVD of Fedora 11 did not work.

I have also tried Ubuntu-9.10 live cd. When I boot from the CD i get the initramfs command prompt. Still able to install old versions of these OSs.

What is the reason for this behavior?

Does it have to do anything with the new version of the linux kernel not being compatible with my hardware?

What should i do to install new versions of Linux?

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General :: Install Two Or More Intel Compilers With Different Versions On Same System?

Jan 14, 2010

I want to install two intel compliers.

one complier with version 10.x and other with 11.x.

1)can i do that ?

2) since same "ifort" command is used to compile .f file, how can i compile with two different compilers?

3) how can i compile a software package with two compilers?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Newer Kernel Updates AFTER 2.6.32-17 Has A Randomness At Boot Time Whether The System Will Completely Boot Or Not?

Jul 26, 2010

I've been having a problem on my AMD based machine, 4cpu, gigabyte ga-ma78gm-s2h Mobo, 8GB mem, two 2 terabyte Sata HDs.One thing I've found is that any kernel after 2.6.32-17 has a randomness at boot time whether the system will completely boot or not.

For instance just today I downloaded and installed 2.6.32-24

It fails to boot (I've tried cold boot, warm boot).Running its repair also fails to completely boot.My experience is that if I keep trying it "may" eventually boot but I believe there was some change after 2.6.32-17-generic that's causing the problem.Because as with which also fails to complete bootup many times... eventually my guess is that will also boot "sometimes".But why does always boot for me? Something changed and its not my setup.

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General :: Does Versions Control System Work On Server Or Per Website

May 26, 2011

I tried hard so that I can stay away from version control but in almost good job specifications, I find version control as requirement. So I thought I had to start from somewhere. I always tried to read it but haven't got much luck with it. So I have few problems to ask. I am confused and I really want to know how can I use version control in my context and how will my working environment change with it.

I have Linux VPS Server. I use capnel/whm to create sites in php/joomla. So is version control a software or script which I can install on my linux box like ./configure. Or I have to install it on every site like any framework I use Dreamweaver to edit files via FTP. Now if I install version control then do I still use same method to edit files or then method gets chnaged What about the database like MySQL will it stays same or its also version controlled Will version control make my system slow and how much space it uses on my server.

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Ubuntu :: Difference Between LTS Versions And Other Versions?

Jun 30, 2011

I'm not to clear on the difference between LTS versions and other versions, but think I may want to go with LTS. Can someone tell me if my thinking is correct given the following situation: I have some very cool, but very expensive software installed with a group license from my school, a school which I am not going to be attending for too much longer. So I want to go as long as possible without reinstalling Ubuntu, because once the product is licensed it will be licensed until I reinstall Ubuntu (or I uninstall the program). So I think this is going to require me keep the Ubuntu version I install as long as possible.

So in this case, should I go with 10.04LTS or should I just install Natty Narwhal and keep that as long as possible? It looks like 10.04LTS will be "supported" longer, but I'm not exactly clear on all that "supported" entails. Presumable it means security and software updates will be available for 10.04LTS for much longer than 11.x versions? So I'm thinking I should go with 10.04LTS

Is my thinking correct in going with 10.04LTS? Edit: It was pointed out that this would be against my contractual agreements. Which I suppose is probably true.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From Ibex Server To Lucid Server With Matrix LSA?

Jul 7, 2010

I have a dedicated server with Fasthosts. It's currently running Ubuntu Server 8.10 and I want to update it to 10.04.

The only issue I have so far is it runs Matrix Server Appliance 2.0-38

Does anyone know if this will be affected by the upgrade in a bad way?

I have had no luck finding a site for Matrix or any other information.

For the upgrade itself, I was hoping to run do-release-upgrade.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Release Notes Flash Player 10.2 Release Notes?

Feb 9, 2011

release notes Flash Player 10.2 Release Notes

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Kernel NOT Detected "Ibex Peak 2 Port SATA IDE Controlle" Chip?

Nov 29, 2010

In our company, we have one server with kernel, 2.6.18. because of our neads, we had to buy new hard disk,that slax live cd detects that as "Ibex Peak 2 port SATA IDE Controlle".Apparently this kernel does not support this device.Unfortunately according to our policy(definitely some dependency on company's softwares installed on this kernel) we can not upgrade our kernel.

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Software :: List / Find / Compare The Program Versions On A Centos System Against Redhat / Centos Errata / Security / Bug Lists?

Mar 30, 2011

Is it possible to list/find/compare the program versions on a Centos system, against Redhat/Centos Errata/Security/Bug lists? Sort of looking for a way to make sure that all the packages on a system are ok, and not a security risk-- Without having to update every package. A pseudo code, in my mind is:


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Ubuntu :: Tar Newer And Exclude Options Does Not Run Together

Feb 25, 2010

Im trying to make backups using tar, and incremental backups using --newer. The scripts are:

tar -czvf $DISKPATH/backupRepos.tgz /home/repos/ --exclude /home/repos/Temp
for general backup (on saturdays)
tar -czvf --newer="`date -r $DISKPATH/backupRepos.tgz +%F`" $DISKPATH/backupRepos-inc.tgz /home/repos/ --exclude /home/repos/Temp/ for incremental the rest of the week.

The problem is that the first script runs OK, excluding /home/repos/Temp from the backup, but on the second, it makes incremental OK, but doesnt exclude Temp folder. Anybody knows how can i fix this script to continue making incremental but excluding also?

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Ubuntu :: Repository To Add To Get Newer Version?

Jul 9, 2010

Anyone know why Ubuntu has shipped with the same version of syslinux since 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), or if there is a repository I can add to get a newer version of syslinux? The whole reason for switching from Gentoo to Ubuntu was to avoid the troubles with compiling different versions of things, but I'm needing a newer version.

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Ubuntu :: Get Rid Of The Newer Kernel And Continue To Use The Old One?

Jul 31, 2010

I had some problems with the latest kernel (didn't play well with Warcraft)... So, I when I rebooted; I selected an older kernel in Grub Worked perfectly. How can I get rid of the newer kernel, and continue to use the old one?

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