Ubuntu :: Nautilus - File Browser Does Not Refresh Automatically

Jun 19, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64 and have a problem that the file browser does not refresh automatically. This is what I notice. open a file browsercreate a folder or touch a new file from a terminal window.In the already opened file browser, I expect the new file or folder to show up on its own. It doesn't unless refresh button is pressed

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OpenSUSE :: Dolphin Does Not Refresh File List Automatically?

Apr 23, 2011

I found that sometimes if I have opened file manager window (Dolphin) it does not refresh list. Example, if I already have Dolphin opened and then create file in Terminal - i need to press F5 (refresh) to see newly created file

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CentOS 5 :: Call Nautilus File Browser With Root Permissions - "sudo Nautilus" Does Not Work

Feb 12, 2011

How to call Nautilus file browser with root permissions? "sudo nautilus" does not work. Under Ubuntu there is a command:

"gksu nautilus"

but this does not work in CentOS either.

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General :: Searching Content Of The File Using File Browser Nautilus?

May 27, 2011

I'm using rhel6. Using File Browser Nautilus 2.28.4 I could easily locate any file I'm interested in by it name. I'd like to use this File Browser to locate the file name based on it content e.g. based on some word in the text file. It doesn't work for me that way ... My question: does Nautilus support the search of file based on it content or only based on the name of the file itself?

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Ubuntu :: More Advanced File Browser Than Nautilus?

Jun 12, 2010

Is there an alternative to Nautilus file browser? I mean a file browser which offers out of-the-box (!) more features and where I don't have to install such add-ons like nautilus-actions separately and defined some commands which should obviously be built-in.

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General :: Nautilus File Browser In Fedora?

Feb 2, 2010

I am using fedora 11, I am facing a problem while accessing windows share through nautilus.. Initially while accessing the windows share through nautilus, I clicked on remember password. Now I need to access the same windows share with another username having different access previliges on the share. But when I click on the shared folder it takes the password that I have previously saved. Its not prompting for new username and password.

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Debian :: Nautilus File Browser - Open Folder By Using The Shift And F4 Keys

Mar 21, 2011

In the kde realm, with the dolphin file browser, I can open a terminal in whatever folder is in the gui by using the shift and f4 keys. I'd like to be able to accomplish the same in gnome with the nautilus file browser but can't figure out how to do same. So far I have to open a terminal and then cd to the desired folder. Or do I have to use some other file browser and which one?

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Fedora :: Type In An Address Into Nautilus (default File-browser In Gnome DE)?

Jul 3, 2010

How do i type in an address into Nautilus (default file-browser in Gnome DE)? By default it shows me the folders as buttons instead of a typable url-type space, how do i change it to a white space i can key-into?

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Close / Kill / Stop Instance Of Nautilus File Browser

Jun 9, 2010

I'm running
Opensuse 11.2
Kernel Linux
GNOME 2.28.2

I have an instance of Nautilus File Browser that will not close or be killed, and it always opens to the same directory, kdenlive in my home directory.

Rebooting, logging out and in as someone else, then logging back in again as myself doesn't stop it. And, I'm afraid to uninstall Nautilus. I've tried Re-installing it to no avail.

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Applications :: Missing Tree View Option In Nautilus File Browser?

Sep 15, 2010

In the left pane of Nautilus File Browser, I can only display directory and file names. I don't have the button at the top of the pane which allows me to select an alternate view such as Tree view.

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Software :: Can't Close/kill/stop Instance Of Nautilus File Browser

Jun 9, 2010

I'm running

Opensuse 11.2
Kernel Linux
GNOME 2.28.2

I have an instance of Nautilus File Browser that will not close or be killed, and it always opens to the same directory, kdenlive in my home directory. I'm a newbie and have already googled. Rebooting, logging out and in as someone else, then logging back in again as myself doesn't stop it. And, I'm afraid to uninstall Nautilus. I've tried Re-installing it to no avail.

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General :: Way To Refresh A Browser After Pushing Ctrl+s - Save - In An IDE ?

Feb 9, 2010

Is there any way to refresh a browser after pushing Ctrl+s (save) in a IDE?

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Ubuntu :: Which Is The Default File Browser (NOT Web Browser) Of 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

Apr 18, 2011

Which is the default file browser(NOT web browser) of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat?Nautilus?Are there any others for Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: External Hard Drive Within The Nautilus Browser?

Jun 8, 2011

I don't know why it's happening or what caused it, but just a few minutes ago it occurred that every time I unmount/power down my external hard drive from within the Nautilus browser, Ubuntu freezes and Caps Lock starts blinking, indicative of a kernel panic. It doesn't do this when I Safely Remove the drive from the right-click menu on the drive's desktop icon. Even stranger is that no other external device I've tried causes the panic. It only does this with this particular external hard drive and it's a repeatable error.

Why is this happening and how do I fix it? EDIT: To note, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 with the kernel. Not Ubuntu 11.04.

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Ubuntu :: Adobe Browser Plugin Automatically Gets Added

Jun 11, 2011

My understanding is that when one installs Adobe Reader the browser plugin automatically gets added. For some reason the Adobe browser plugin isn't working in Firefox on my Ubuntu 10.10 desktop. The plugin doesn't show up in Tools Add-ons or Tools -> Manage Content Plug-ins. It works fine on my laptop with the same versions of Ubuntu, Adobe Reader (9.4.2-0maverick1), and firefox (3.6.17).

Starting firefox from a terminal yields messages that are probably illuminating to some:
$ LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library /opt/google/picasa/3.0/lib/npPicasa3.so [/opt/google/picasa/3.0/lib/npPicasa3.so: cannot open shared object file: Permission denied]
2.4+ kernel w/o ELF notes? -- report this
*** NSPlugin Viewer *** ERROR: /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Browser/intellinux/nppdf.so: failed to map segment from shared object: Permission denied
This message caused me to stumble onto the readme file, /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Browser/HowTo/ENU/Browser_Plugin_HowTo.txt, which encouraged me to run the script /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Browser/install_browser_plugin.

I ran it in the local mode, and it created the directory ~/.mozilla/plugins and the file nppdf.so in it. Alas, it didn't work, complaining that,
$ LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library /home/clarkb/.mozilla/plugins/nppdf.so [/home/clarkb/.mozilla/plugins/nppdf.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32]
and again,
*** NSPlugin Viewer *** ERROR: /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Browser/intellinux/nppdf.so: failed to map segment from shared object: Permission denied

Next I removed the plugins directory I'd created, and, following an Internet hint, I tried the command:
nspluginwrapper -i /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Browser/intellinux/nppdf.so
This didn't work either, again complaining that it "failed to map segment..."
How I can get the Adobe browser plugin to work? I'm almost sure that it worked not long ago.

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Automatically Re-mounts Pendrive After Unmount / But Only Once

Apr 24, 2011

What happens on my computer is this: when I insert my Walletex business card-shaped pendrive into any USB port, everything works fine, and so does unmounting using the right-click "Eject" option.However, when I try to unmount the device using the other context menu option, "Remove device safely" (or something like that; sorry, I'm using a localized version of GNOME), it does unmount it, but then mounts it right back on. The weird thing is that after it does it, if you try using that same unmount option again ("Remove safely"), it actually works! And I can replicate this issue every time: the "Eject" context menu option works the first time every time I try it, but the "Remove safely" one, when used for the first time per device insertion causes an unmount and then a re-mount, and works the second time you try it

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Actions - This XML File Is Not A Valid Nautilus-actions Config File

Feb 18, 2010

I've been trying out Nautilus-actions (Gnome 2.28.4), but have been unable to import most config files from [url].

When I attempt to import an action, it complains:


Can't parse file 'convert_flv_to_avi.schemas' as GConf schema description file!

This XML file is not a valid Nautilus-actions config file (missing keys: )

So far, the only one that has worked for me is "Move to custom folder" [url].

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Fedora :: Run Script That Automatically Opens Nautilus As Root

Aug 19, 2010

I am trying to run a script that automatically opens Nautilus as root for a certain directory.

# cd /home/abby/Desktop
# gedit go2html.sh
cd /var/www/html
su -c "nautilus ./ &"
# chmod u+x go2html.sh
# ./go2html

The script appears to run but the foreground process closes unexpectedly.

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Fedora :: Way To Automatically Clear Out Settings / When Browser Is Closed Like Firefox

Jan 23, 2010

It seems there is a problem with Chromium with not clearing out some cache such that if you go from one site with a css file to another site with a similar named css file, the old css file remains - go to options and clear out all browser stuff and everything is okay.is there a way to automatically clear out settings when the browser is closed like the Firefox option to do this ?

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Fedora :: Make Browser - Firefox - Automatically Search And Install Missing Unicode Font?

Aug 23, 2010

Unfortunately far for all unicode characters can be displayed in Fedora by default, (much less than in M$ Wnd). There is a tool that aim to find and install missing fonts when an non-displayable character appears, but it starts mainly when I accidentally open non-text file in terminal and never when a web-page I open in Mozilla Firefox (or Konqueror) contains such kind of characters. So, I see a rectangle with hexadecimal number of character in it (or simply empty rectangle in case of Konqueror) and don't know if there is a easy way to see it by installing missing font automatically (or manually at last) for range of this character or a way to install complete font collection to display all unicode characters from all ranges.

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Ubuntu :: Links Browser Script - Automatically Fills In The Credentials On The Links Login Page?

Dec 6, 2010

At my Uni, we use a web-based login for our internet connections. Its based off of Cisco, and every Wednesday night every computer on campus must re-enter their credentials to use the network.

Normally on my several computers I simply pull up the Terminal, point links to google.com using


And enter my credentials when Cisco redirects to the login page.

Literally, the process is


Then ENTER to accept the redirect, down arrow to skip over the logo image, USERNAME, ENTER, PASSWORD, ENTER, ENTER.

Naturally, this is EXTREMELY time consuming, as I have about 5 computers located around campus and must physically walk to the machines and login every single week.

My question is, How would I formulate a program that does the following;

1) checks for connectivity (i.e. is able to reach/resolve to the greater part of the internet) and

2) automatically fills in the credentials on the links login page?

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General :: Refresh Current Configuration Used By Modprobe With Newly Updated Modules.conf File?

Jun 20, 2010

Is there a way to refresh the current configuration used by modprobe with an updated modules.conf file at the command line for Red Hat Linux 9.0?

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Ubuntu :: Gedit Plugin - Scrolling To The Active File In File Browser Side Pane?

Oct 28, 2010

Is there any gedit plugin, which expands folders of file browser side pane and shows currently editing file, while user switches between tabs?

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Ubuntu :: Run "start-tor-browser"or Display Its Content"start-tor-browser" Is An Executable Text File"

Apr 6, 2011

Ok so i have the tor browser bundle but when clicking start-tor-browser. I get : "Do you want to run "start-tor-browser", or display its content" ,"start-tor-browser" is an executable text file." So i click run but Vidalia doesn't start and nothing happens.

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Copy File/directory Path Should Not Put "file://" Prefix

Dec 27, 2010

I really missed the old Ubuntu file/dir. copying feature. When I copied in nautilus file explorer and paste into a terminal or text editor, I got the exact path (eg. /home/user/abc.txt), but when coming the Ubuntu 10.04, it added some "file://" prefix to the actual path (eg. file:///home/user/abc.txt), and I always had to manually delete the "file://" prefix. I don't see clearly that we need to place "file://" in front of the actual path (maybe just in the case we want to put the path in an Internet browser?). Wish this reversed back.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Opens File Listing Instead Of Nautilus Opening File Listing

Jun 20, 2010

Firefox opens file listing instead of Nautilus opening file listing.When I access a folder via "Places" -> "Home Folder" or "Places" -> "Downloads", Firefox opens and list the contents of the directory.I have re-installed Nautilus, un-installed Firefox and then going to "Places" -> "Home Folder" or "Places" -> "Downloads" launches Nautilus and I can view the contents normally. Anybody else had this problem with Firefox ? Anybody know how to fix this Firefox problem ?Running Ubuntu Desktop 9.10 64bit.

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Ubuntu :: Php File Work In CLI Not In Browser?

Mar 5, 2010

i have installed mtn and its work perfectly in shell, i have written a php script to run mtn in browser, if i run this php script in CLI it works well and if i run in browser its not working, here is the code for php

if (function_exists(shell_exec)) {


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Ubuntu :: What File Browser Does Xubuntu Use

Mar 28, 2011

What file browser does Xubuntu use? I know Ubuntu uses Nautilus, does Xubuntu use that to?

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Ubuntu :: File Browser Tabs

Apr 30, 2010

This is not a big deal in the grand scheme, but more an annoyance. I allowed Ubuntu (Karmic) to do some updates today. now, in the File Browser, there is no longer a tab bar. Before, there was the bar located beneath the address bar that was similar to Firefox, that had the + to open new tabs. Now it is gone and I do not see an option for a tab bar anywhere. I realize i can right-click on the tree on the left to open a new tab, but I REALLY liked the original feature. Anyone know how to get it back?

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Debian Multimedia :: Bluetooth Phone File Browser / Cant See Or Access To Any File Or Folder Into The Phone?

Mar 1, 2010

I have a dell precision m4300 laptop with a 360 wireless bluetooth dell adapter On my system there is a debian lenny with kde3 and backported enable(everythings is p to date except bluez-utils and bluetooth holded at version 3.36-3)

Nowadays bluetooth more less works fine, I can send and receive single file to/from my phone (nokia n70)

The hell begin when I try to browse my phone files from konqueror...with bluetooth:/ I can see the list of all the device near me with sdp://[address]/ i can see two icons (obex file transfer & obex object push)
but I cant see or access to any file or folder into the phone.

I also try to update my bluez-utils to 4.60-1~bpo50+1 but in this case kbluetooth totally fail and a see the contextual menu of the system tray icon all disaled.

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