Ubuntu Multimedia :: The X4 Bandwidth Have Any Detrimental Performance Hit When Playing HD Videos Using VDPAU (H.264 Codec)?

Jul 20, 2010

I'm considering getting a new motherboard in the future that has a pci-e x16 slot, but the slot only runs at x4 bandwidth.I will be using a 8800GT, so my question is will the x4 bandwidth have any detrimental performance hit when playing HD videos using VDPAU (H.264 codec)?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: VDPAU Performance On SMplayer & Compiz?

Apr 29, 2011

Using either MPlayer or mplayer2 under the video player SMplayer, when clicking on any drop-down menus, the video will freeze and then skip. Once the drop-down menu animation has completed, the video playback will play normally. This happens when using VDPAU to play back H.264 MKV files. Audio playback of the video is never interrupted. why VDPAU will not play nice with SMplayer & Compiz?

System Info:
AMD BE-2400
1GB System Memory
Natty Narwhal 11.04
Ubuntu Classic with Effects
Nvidia 9500GT
Video Driver 270.41.06-0ubuntu1

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Re-encode Old Videos With Open Codec Without Quality Loss?

May 24, 2010

I have a lot of old video footage around that, I am ashamed to say, I encoded with heavily proprietary codecs like DivX and such during the dark ages (aka. the Windows Times).

Now, I would like to redeem myself from the mistakes of my past by re-encoding everything into open formats.
Since those videos are often not of the best quality (poor camera, poor codecs, poor knowledge), I do not want to loose more quality in the process.

So, to avoid any more mistakes in the future, I would be glad if someone could answer me some of the following questions:
1. Is it even possible to re-encode those movies into something like x264/vp8/theora without loosing any more quality?
2. What tools should I use for that? Command line is actually preferred.
3. What would be the most desirable format to have? I'm thinking about x264 in Martroska with ogg Auto. Is there anything better suited?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Low Performance Playing HD Content?

Dec 6, 2010

my friend has a dell inspiron 4600 desktop that we recently install ubuntu on to replace windows xp on. now when we try to play some hd videos in vlc player it's pretty low frame rate but i'm not sure why. if we play 720p on videos it's pretty low frame rate too. in windows xp he could play these videos flawlessly. we tried installing a nvidia driver but it stops the desktop from working. in 10.04 the driver installed fine, however, in 10.10 after installing the driver on next boot it would start up at just a terminal. not a terminal window but just a black screen with white text on the entire monitor. i could only fix it by editing the xorg.conf changing a field that said "device: nvidia" to "device: nv". that driver may also be causing a problem.

if i cannot find a solution we will reinstall windows xp which i rather not do because i think ubuntu runs better. also, we installed xubuntu-desktop package so we are running xfce instead of gnome.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Very Bad Performance When Playing MTS Files - HD Video - In 11.04

Jun 23, 2011

My problem is that my computer plays MTS videos very bad (the videos get freeze, etc) in Ubuntu 11.04. I tested many players, but I didn't get good performance during the playback in any of them.

However, in the same computer, I use K-Lite Codec Pack in Windows XP and MTS videos are fine!

Is there any way to play MTS videos in Ubuntu very well?

Performance is excellent in both operating systems (XP and Ubuntu 11.04).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Embedded Videos Not Playing In Firefox 3.5.7 On 9.10?

Jan 8, 2010

i am not able to play videos videos whenever it's embedded in pages other than the [url] pages. but it play just about fine on the original page.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Playing Videos There's No Video - Only Sound

Feb 3, 2010

This is true for .flv, .avi, .mov, and .mp4, at least. This is true in both vlc and movie player. Thumbnails generated from frames in the videos appear correctly in nautilus. Videos play fine in firefox, on ....., but I downloaded one as an .flv and then it had the same problem. I have restricted extras freshly installed. My "Ubuntu 9.10 - the Karmic Koala" system is fully updated. I've found several other forum posts about the same kind of problem, but I couldn't find anything helpful in them (like that the contrast setting might be WAY out of whack, which it wasn't, or that nvidia drivers needed to be updated or reinstalled, which I don't have anyway, etc).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.04 System Crashes When Playing Videos

May 8, 2010

When I play a video file whether with VLC or Movie Player the system will crash. The screen will go black with some text output (all I can quickly read is something about pulse audio) then flash black, then text, then black over and over. I tried to edit a video with Pitivi and the system crashed too. I saw an error about gstreamer that time. I set multimedia to No Xv and the test works but when playing an avi the system still crashes. If I test the multimedia with autodetect the system crashes.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Images While Playing Videos With Other User?

Nov 30, 2010

i have no problem. But with user2, when i start to read a video file, i have no image, just a black screen.The sound is ok, the time is running normally, but no image. *It tested with vlc and gnome-media-player, it is the same. *I have no error message, when I start the program in a console. *I suspected a permission problem, and i checked all the groups, but i don't see any difference between user1 and user2.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Auto Logoff While Playing Videos 11.04?

May 6, 2011

I installed ubuntu 11.04 on my desktop PC .While trying to play videos using smplayer the screen goes blank then the login screen appears.Tried vlc with no luck.Working fine on office PC

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Playing High Definition Videos?

May 27, 2011

I am having hard time playing a high definition video file (.mp4), the video initially plays fine, but after 5 mins, it starts to skip and stutter, (I use Movie Player with some codes that Ubuntu installed when I first tried to play file) I have a Dell XPS M1330 Intel Core Duo @2.20 GHz with 4 GB RAM.

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Debian Multimedia :: Minidlna Not Playing MP4 Videos To TV

Jan 17, 2015

I am trying to setup a media server running Debian 7.8 and the minidlna 1.0.24. My TV is a Toshiba 50L7300UC and can play music and show images via the DLNA. It will play .mkv videos too, but when I try to play an .mp4 video it says "Unsupported file". If I put the same .mp4 video onto a USB and plug that into the TV, the TV plays it no problem.

When testing streaming to my phone, everything works (music, pictures, MKV and MP4 videos).

How I can get the MP4 videos to stream to my TV?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Matroska Mkv 720p Videos Not Playing Smoothly

Oct 31, 2010

i have acer 5532 with ati raden hd 3200. on windows xp, all 720p files play nicely in media player classic (with klite) but when i switched to ubuntu, inoticed that SOME 720p videos are not playing smoothly at all (frame skipping..freezing etc) but the audio is ok-ish. after a bit research i found out that only the matroska avi/mkv HD files cannot be played smoothlly. i have installed the restricted extras and proprietary ati drivers.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Totem Error Playing Cheese Videos

Jan 7, 2011

getting an error after recording video from webcam with cheese.totem cant play these ogv files, BUT VLC can play themthoughts?

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Debian Multimedia :: Jessie - Playing Videos Through Firefox

May 7, 2015

I went to mozilla, installed the tar ball package into /opt/, then double clicked on the shell script named firefox inside the /opt/firefox folder.I go to a few sites that stream videos kind of in a way YouTube does as well. So when I go to play the file which is typically in a jwplayer. Firefox thinks I am trying to open to save the file? It attempts to play the video inside dragonplayer, I just want it to run the video. I have also uninstsalled IceWeasel, running KDE shell. x64.

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Debian Multimedia :: Why Chrome Is Not Playing HTML5 Videos

Apr 19, 2016

I am using chrome Version 50.0.2661.75 (64-bit) running on Debian (Gnome).

I am having the following problem, since yesterday every time I want to play a video (for ex [URL]watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc) The music, logo in the video and functions work but the video doesn't play. I reinstalled Chrome, clean all the data, disable all the plugins, I tried as incognito and several other options and it doesn't work, before yesterday it was working (yesterday I updated all Debians packages).

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Software :: Does ATI Have Something Like VDPAU That Have Same Video Playback Performance

Feb 1, 2010

Im confused about buying nVidia 9800 GT or ATI HD 4770, In the 1st place I am going to buy this card to play HD videos 720p & 1080i and in the 2nd place to play games.I was using nVidia 6200 LE which doesnt support VDPAU, So nVidia use VDPAU in the newer cards to play movies, my question is:* Does ATI have something like VDPAU that have the same video playback performance ?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: When Playing Videos - Mpeg - Avi - Mkv - Wmv - With Smplayer - Get Transparent Screen

Jan 17, 2011

When playing videos (mpeg,avi,mkv,wmv) with Smplayer all I get is a transparent screen. Other players work fine.

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Debian Multimedia :: Iceweasel Black Screen When Playing Videos

Sep 18, 2015

What I mean by black screen is that whenever I view a video or if there is video content anywhere on the page, my whole monitor goes black for around 3 seconds then plays the video content.

I am running Jessie 8.2 by the way.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: MPlayer Playing Videos On Slow Computer - Getting Blue Screen

Jan 21, 2011

-Ubuntu 10.04 with MPlayer/Smplayer & VLC installed via the repos. -Installed the Ubuntu Restricted Extras package (everything except flash, extra fonts, & java) & w32codec packgae (medibuntu). -Computer in question is 800mhz Celeron, 256MB RAM & one of those basic Intel Integrated Graphics Chip. I'm having problems playing some video files. When trying to play these files with Smplayer, I get a blue screen but can still hear audio (default video output). After switching the video output to x11(slow), I can now see the picture but it's not playable (some video will show maybe one frame every 2 seconds, some video would play for half-a-second then just freeze). This happens mainly with large files (not 100% accurate, but in general files over 300MB).

Mplayer log gives the "Your system is too slow to play this file" & "Bad alloc:insufficient resources" messages. So I'm guessing this is not a codec problem, but a system resources problem? Is there any option, trick, tweaks, etc. I can use to play these problematic files or is it just not possible because of my system specifications? Is there a way I could tell mplayer to play these files with lower bitrates & resolution? Maybe this could reduce the resources needed to play?

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Debian Multimedia :: Iceweasel Browser Not Playing Videos Of Any Kind At Full Volume

Aug 2, 2015

I am running debian linux wheezy, and recently, all of a sudden, all videos in my iceweasel browser have been refusing to play videos of any kind at full volume. I am, however, able to download the video and play it at full volume on vlc player or sytem video player.Why iceweasel is acting this way?

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Ubuntu :: ALSA Not Playing Audio On IDT HDA Codec?

Mar 16, 2010

I have an issue that I have been trying to fix for the last one week and failing. I am working on an IP phone where I have two Audio codecs -

CARD 0: IDT HDA Code for the Handset
CARD 1: NXP USB Codec for the Speakerphone

I can play music on each of them using command line commands. But when I use ALSA APIs, I can only play music on CARD 1 (Speaker phone) and not on CARD 0 at all.

The code I have for CARD 1 is: snd_pcm_open(&phandle, "plughw:1,0", SND_PCM_STREAM_PLAYBACK, 0);

I have all the other API calls as well.. and I am using PCM STREAM RATE = 16000, Channels = 1 for initializing. BUt when I change the devide to: "plughw:0,0" -- I get no audio on the handset.

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Find Any Player Or Codec That Will Allow To Play Videos On F9?

Apr 25, 2009

I installed Fedora 10 on a Toshiba Laptop, where I had been successfully running Ubuntu for over a year. The newest iteration of Ubuntu was giving me problems, and the press was saying that Fedora 10 was pretty good, so I tried it.

Fedora 10 froze after any application was loaded. I couldnt correct it. I installed Fedora 9, and am no longer having that problem. However, I cant run any multimedia items on the computer. Particularly videos, including wmv, mpeg, or rm formats. This was not a problem in Ubuntu. I can't find any player or codec that will allow me to play these videos on Fedora 9. Can anyone suggest a solution for this?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Use In Kubuntu 9.10 Audio Codec - <voxware Metasound Audio Codec>?

Jan 26, 2010

how I can use in my Kubuntu 9.10, audio codec - <voxware metasound audio codec>? P.S. Sorry for my bad english. I look forward to an answer,

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Videos Not Playing?

Jul 12, 2011

I am using ubuntu 10.10. I downloaded flv videos. if i try to play my system getting to hang. how to fix this issue.

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Ubuntu :: Performance Drops While Playing Games?

Apr 14, 2010

I'm currently running Windows 7 but I would like to switch to Ubuntu. I would like to know if I will see any performance drops while playing games under linux through Wine. I play cod2 and cod4 and I achieve 125 fps constantly, will I see this drop under Ubuntu through wine?

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Software :: Web Videos Not Playing - Ubuntu 8.10

Mar 5, 2009

I'm trying to browse ..... and yahoo video, unfortunatly neither of my browsers will play the videos. Both Firefox and Epiphany have the same problem, I know it must be one of the handlers causing this. I also have trouble displaying Chip-In widgets and the Yahoo!7 site doesn't work properly. I don't want to have to boot into Windoze again.

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Ubuntu :: Xorg Crash When Playing Videos

Sep 30, 2010

I tried to open a movie with VLC and it crashed X, so I tried it in movie player, and then ran the Ubuntu system test. Everything kept crashing X. I was able to watch movies before today The only thing funny in my Xorg.log.old is:


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Ubuntu :: Keeps Logging Off While Playing Flash Videos

May 8, 2011

I'm having a problem mentioned in the title. I've uploaded Ubuntu to 11.04. few days ago and since then I'm having this problem - it keeps logging off while I'm playing flash videos on ..... or anywhere else, but again, it doesn't happen every time. Anyone having similar problems or any kind of solution?

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Ubuntu :: Chromium Not Playing Sound In Videos

Jun 11, 2011

Chromium is not playing any sounds with video (....., etc.) Sound output on my system is working fine and working fine with firefox embedded videos. I have uninstalled and installed and tried changing other settings with no resolution.

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