Ubuntu Multimedia :: Install A Specific Display Driver?

Oct 21, 2010

I am running an ubuntu 10.10 with an Intel i3 on a Gigabyte motherboard. I use it mainly as an HTPC, so it is connected (via HDMI) to a Samsung LCD TV (LA40A450C1V).
Do I need to install a specific display driver? if so - how do i do that?

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Ubuntu :: Nvidia Driver Install Killed Display / Remove This Driver When I See Nothing?

Aug 8, 2010

Can do nothing with the PC. New install of 10.04 and was prompted to install Nvidia driver. Did so. Rebooted, now have nothing except a thin line at top of screen. How can I remove this driver when I see nothing?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Display Has Lines Through Everything After Installing NVIDIA Driver?

Jan 14, 2011

Im running Ubuntu 10.10 on an Nvidia ION gpu. I've installed the latest driver using the built in driver tool and by downloading from nvidia. Both times this has been the result at every resolution:[URL]

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Ubuntu :: Could Not Install Display Driver

Feb 15, 2011

I have trouble installing my display driver in ubuntu 10.10. Almost spent a week, still could not get it done

my display is ATI Radeon Xpress 1150

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OpenSUSE Install :: No More Display After Nvidia Driver Update?

Aug 9, 2011

This morning, I authorized an update as almost every day. I saw that the nvidia driver was on the list but in recent years, I no longer fear these driver updates since everything usually works well...

Except that this time, no! I turn on my pc this afternoon and more 3d effects. I run "Nvidia X Server Settings" which tells me I do not use the nvidia driver and must run as root the command "nvidia-xconfig," what I do. I restart X and no display at all, only the prompt in text mode!

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Fedora :: No Display After Attempting Nvidia Driver Install And Doing Telinit 3

Sep 24, 2010

I have no display after attempting nvidia driver install and doing telinit 3

On hitting F2 I get these errors -


Is there anyway to boot in safe mode. I boot Fedora with GRUB2 and there isnt any failsafe entry for it. I have blacklisted nv driver already.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Cannot Install ATI Radeon 4670 Display Driver

Mar 13, 2010

I tried to install the driver using the easy and hard way, but unfortunately I couldn't install it. When the file manager opens up through terminal after I type in the command using super user mode, I select the downloaded file and it opens it up in kwrite.

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Fedora Hardware :: Install Ati Display Card Driver - Ati Radeon Hd 6370M ?

Jun 14, 2011

The display card of my notebook is ATI rd 6370m ,the OS is fedora14. After I installed the driver download from ATI web site, it says that my computer can only run 2D can't run 3D. I want to know if some one used the same card with me in fedora14 has run 3D sussesfully? After the installlation I run "#aticonfig" it says "can't find the adaper".

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Ubuntu :: Display Driver - Cannot Get Display Settings Nvidia7600GS?

Jan 28, 2010

I am using GeForce 7600 GSNot using the Nvidia X driver message you know... I searched all over, and seen this problem on many searches but no resolve issues.I want to be able to connect my tv, I use to be able to when I first installed Ubuntu and now IdK.

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Shortcut For Moving A Window To A Specific Display

Feb 23, 2010

I noticed that while Compiz has every keyboard shortcut imaginable for moving windows between desktops, there's no shortcut for moving a window to a specific display when using dual monitors.

So far, I've found the best method is to use the command line automation tool: xdotool - [url]

Here's what I did:Test out the xdotool in a new terminal window using this command

This should move your terminal window 100 pixels in from the top left of the leftmost display.

Find out the top-left coordinates of your rightmost display by using the Nvidia X Server Settings tool in Main menu > Administration or via the terminal:


Go to X Server Display Configuration and click the rightmost Display in the layout section. Its position offset should be displayed in the position field. Make a note of these two numbers.

Create a script to move your window, either to the leftmost screen or the rightmost screen, using this code or similar:


Remember, the number at the end is an argument that denotes the display (1 for left, 2 for right). Assign a keyboard shortcut to your custom shortcut. Repeat for the right display. Now when you press the keyboard shortcut, the active window should be moved to either the left or right display!

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General :: Kill All Programs On A Specific Display?

Jul 31, 2010

how to kill all Programs on a specific X display? In example, I need to kill all Programs on Display :1. How is this possible?

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General :: Display Specific Block Of Contents Or Lines In Output?

Apr 23, 2010

Consider a situation in which you want to display only specific lines of contents from a file or of a command's output. Yes, we have head and tail commands. But, how to view all the lines of a file except the last one or vise versa when we don't know the count of lines in advance?

Consider this output:


[root@localhost ~]# ps au | grep bash
root 6316 0.0 0.0 4672 1440 tty1 Ss+ Apr22 0:02 -bash
root 20847 0.2 0.0 4672 1432 pts/0 Ss Apr23 0:12 -bash
root 21167 0.0 0.0 3920 660 pts/0 S+ 01:00 0:00 grep bash

Here, I don't want the last line (in italic) to be included in the result since the last line is due to "grep bash" in the devised command "ps au | grep bash". Well, we can rewrite the devised command:


"ps au | grep bash | head -n 2"

But, again, here we are specifying the count of lines to be included. But, in the presented problem we don't know any count in advance!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Poor Display Qualities New Install, 32" TV As Monitor?

Apr 11, 2011

I asked this question in the installation forum and got as far as possible with the advice there. I'm using a 32" Insignia TV as my sole monitor. I'm using the HDMI from the integrated video on my ASUS E35M1-M motherboard. I have it running at 1920x1080. When it boots up the monitor says the BIOS is running at 1080p, but as soon as Ubuntu loads the TV switches to 1080i. When I was setting the computer up the other day it was running 1024x768 and the text looked beautiful, now similar size text is blue/black and scraggly/shadowy looking. I followed some instructions for xrandr, but ran into problems and the person giving me advice admitted he was too unfamiliar with xrandr to get me any further. Here's as far as I get:

erik@erik-System-Product-Name-System-Product-Name:~$ cvt -r 1920 1080 60
# 1920x1080 59.93 Hz (CVT 2.07M9-R) hsync: 66.59 kHz; pclk: 138.50 MHz
Modeline "1920x1080R" 138.50 1920 1968 2000 2080 1080 1083 1088 1111 +hsync -vsync
erik@erik-System-Product-Name-System-Product-Name:~$ xrandr --newmode "1920x1080R" 138.50 1920 1968 2000 2080 1080 1083 1088 1111 +hsync -vsync


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Install ATI Graphics Driver?

Jan 1, 2010

I downloaded my Proprietary ATI Linux Driver (for my Radeon Xpress 200) from [URL]... But I cannot figure out how to install it!I followed the instructions here but Terminal told me "command not found". I also tried double-clicking the file but it opened with gedit and gave me an error.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cannot Install Catalyst 10.00 Driver?

Nov 5, 2010

I have already downloaded and installed ati's catalyst for my ati mobility radeon 4570 (at least i think so, since there is the ATI catalyst control center in the system-> preferences menu). The problem is that i want to upgrade its version from 10.9 to 10.10. and since i want to firstly uninstall the previous version,I get this:

alexandros@alexandros-laptop:/usr/share/ati$ sh ./fglrx-uninstall.sh
sh: Can't open ./fglrx-uninstall.sh
The uninstall.sh doesn't exist.

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Hardware :: Forcing Specific Driver For Device Through Udev

Oct 5, 2010

My co-workers and I are trying to develop a USB device, which uses an FTDI chip as a USB-serial controller. The thing is, we would ideally like to set a custom idVendor and idProduct on the FTDI chip. The problem occurs that when we set custom idVendor and idProduct values, udev(7) loads the "usb" driver. If we leave the idVendor and idProduct values to their originals, udev(7) loads the "ftdi_sio" driver. The whole reason for the custom idVendor and idProduct values is so that I can (hopefully) write a udev(7) rule to map that particular device to a specific entry in /dev. Is there a way to write a udev(7) rule so that you can forcefully load a particular driver for a device? Is there something else that could be done to get a similar result?

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Hardware :: How To Stop Device From Being Controlled By Specific Driver

Apr 5, 2011

I am working on getting into driver development in Linux, I am developing a driver for the Hanvon GraphicPal drawing tablet.I have started writing a driver that actually detects the device when it is plugged in, so far thats all it does, it needs a lot more work. However, testing it is really hard because when I plug in the device normally, it gets picked up by usbhid or hidraw (not sure which), so the only way to get my driver to pick it up is to unload usbhid ("sudo rmmod usbhid") and then plug in the device. However, unloading usbhid kills my usb keyboard... which, as you can imagine, makes typing difficult, making it hard to develop drivers or even to reload usbhid. So is it possible to stop that specific device from being picked up by usbhid or hidraw and only by my driver?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Install Proprietary Video Driver

Jan 23, 2010

I'm running a slightly upgraded Dell Inspiron B120 with 2 Gig RAM, 200 Gig HD. I recently switched this laptop from XP to Ubuntu 9.10. After many a long hour, I was able to get World of Warcraft running under wine but its slow to the point of being unplayable. I was used to slow gameplay on this laptop under XP, but 0 fps is a new low. Dalaran (the notoriously laggiest place in the game) is a joke. There's a 5-10 sec lag between hitting the button to move and actually going anywhere. I took all the video settings down to the minimum and did a regedit to add a key for wine.

Basically I tried all the tips and tricks I could find (including creating an xorg.conf file since I didn't have one). Nothing I did worked. I can be in the most remote, unpopulated spot in the game and I can't get more than 3fps. Somewhere I read that I should install a proprietary driver for my video card (intel GMA 900). So I went out and downloaded xf86-video-intel-2.10.0 and ran the configure script that came with it. It came back and said

No package 'xorg-server' found
No package 'xproto' found
No package 'fontsproto' found
so I went out and found Xorg-Server-1.7.1 and ran its configure script which gave me

No package 'x11' found
I tried setting $PKG_CONFIG_PATH to /etc/X11/ with no joy.

Now I am new to linux but in poking around the file system I did see /etc/X11/ which had some stuff in it. To me that says that I've got X11 installed but then again I've been using linux since breakfast so what do I know? What do I need to do to install a proprietary video driver -OR- what can I do to get the game running well enough to be playable (short of walking over to my windows desktop computer)?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Card - Install The Driver?

Apr 13, 2010

I am attempting to make a video machine only... which mean I have a Compaq 6435cl and I have installed the latest verion of ubuntu on it. All I want this machine to do is play video from off the net on my LCD HD TV. The video on board was all choppy when going into full screen mode so I put in a 3dfx Voodoo card and the same thing happens. I cannot figure out how to install the drivers for this card in ubuntu so I was wondering if I should by a new video card. Do you have a recomended video card for ubuntu that would push HD video?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Remove Alsa-driver Install

May 3, 2010

what I did was searched a solution on google and i read something about install alsa-driver. So I downloaded it and tried to install it (took a very long time) and didn't installed (errormsg). When I looked a little further i saw my microphone was muted in the audio settings (DOH !)but now everytime i do an apt-get i get this error message from alsa-driver that want to setup


sudo apt-get install gcc
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Xf86 Intel Driver Can't Install

Sep 20, 2010

I've installed 10.04 netbook on an old Fujitsu Amilo L1300 laptop, with an Intel i845 graphic card. As I know, it would run just OK with the 2.11.0 drivers, but i have no idea how to install that. I've downloaded the driver, and every package written on the page: [URL] At first I couldn't even ./configure the install, but now the configuration runs smoothly. However I cannot finish the make part, because it gives an error.


sentor@laptop:~/Documents/xf86-video-intel-2.11.0$ make
make all-recursive
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/sentor/Documents/xf86-video-intel-2.11.0'
Making all in uxa


I've been working on it for four days now, and as much as I'd love to continue it, I've run out of time.

Or if there's a way to use the 2.12.0 driver, then could somebody tell me how?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Failure To Install Nvidia Driver?

May 7, 2011

I'm having issues installing the nvidia-96 driver package on the new Lubuntu 11.04. I have a GeForce4ti 4200 card and have had that driver package install successfuly on numerous flavors of Ubuntu over the years.

apt-get spits out the following error:

Code: The following packages have unmet dependencies: nvidia-96 : Depends: xorg-video-abi-8.0 but it is not installable Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 2: but it is not going to be installed
Meanwhile, a check of the currently installed xserver-xorg-core through apt-cache shows:


The nouveau driver does work, but I would really like full 3d acceleration like I have had in the past.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Failed ATI Radeon 9500 Driver Install?

Mar 23, 2010

I (somewhat foolishly) decided to reformat windows XP and make my foray in the Ubuntu world with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid just last week. It has treated me fairly well so far and with the help of others posts have been able to get most everything setup to my liking. However...My Problem:I tried to install the ATI drivers for my radeon 9700 using ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.run. I tried to install it using the Ubuntu/9.04 settings, hoping that I could get it to work like that and I was quite wrong. When I restarted my computer I was started in simple graphics mode, and now I'm trying to set things right again.'ve un-installed the fglrx drivers (I think...) and now I'm stuck. Play On Linux tells me that I need to install 3D acceleration, something I know my graphics card has..

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Videos Won't Play After Nvidia Driver Install

May 9, 2010

I have an Asus ul30vt with the Intel 4500MHD/Nvidia G210M hybrid graphics. I finally found a way to get the Nvidia card to work. I followed these instructions [URL] and now my nvidia card is working. Now though I can't play a single video through the movie player that comes with Lucid 64bit or VLC. I have tried various movies in different formats and different resolutions, both hd and sd. Every video just shows a black screen with sound in the background.

EDIT: I set the output on vlc to X11 and now my videos play but 720p is p little choppy sometimes and 1080p is completely unplayable. Using the Intel card 720p was perfect and 1080p wasn't nearly as choppy but still not really watchable. So something must be messed up because this card should play a lot better than the Intel.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 9.04 Install GMA500 Driver But Run In Low-graphics Mode

May 18, 2010

Our BIOS use AMI,Memory:1GB,CPU:Z510,

then install ubuntu 9.04,GMA500 Driver,but refer Inf is:

The following error was encountered. You may need to update your configuration to solve this;

(EE) psb(0):THE STOLENbASE IS :OX1FC00000
(EE) psb(0):Screenindex is:0;
fbphys is :0x1fc00000;fbsize is:0x003bf000
(EE) Psb(0):Could not find a valid initial configuration for this screen;
(EE) screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration;

, then I try to modify the Stolen Memory to 8MB,but result no change; I doubt BIOS need do some change ,but don't know how to do,

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Install Nvidia Proprietary Driver For Two Kernels

May 26, 2010

I am using the most recent ubuntu kernel (2.6.32-22-generic) for general stuff, and a real time kernel (2.6.31-10-rt) for music recording. Everything was working fine under Karmic.

When I upgraded to 10.04, I had problems with my Nvidia video card, so I uninstalled everying related to Nvidia. And reinstalled the driver using the installer script from the Nvidia website.

I can install the driver for one kernel, but when I boot on the other, it says my X config does not work, and I am back to a low-res no-effect display.

If I then try to reinstall the driver under that kernel, then the first one stops working with the Nvidia driver.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Install Missing Wine ALSA Driver

Aug 6, 2010

Whenever I try to run a windows game under Wine I get an error that depict I have no proper sound driver. I checked the wine config and there was only OSS option that I think it would not help me to get sound working. I think I have to use Alsa Instead but I don't know how to add Alsa support to wine. By the way in need DirectSound as well. should i download it myself and add it to system32 or there is a better way?

I use:
ubuntu (Meerkat) 10.10
wine 1.2

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Driver Missing In Fresh Install?

Sep 15, 2010

I've never had any problems before,but I just did a fresh install of 10.04.1 on a brand new drive yesterday. I noticed this morning that I have no sound drivers(under the hardware tab of sound preferences, there is nothing listed). I found a thread that had this line to run:

cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec
And I got:
Codec: Realtek ALC888
Not sure what to do now though.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Install Driver For GT220 On Amd 64bit Desktop

Feb 19, 2011

I'm running 10.10 on an amd64 bit desktop which, until recent problems with the screen, had a RadeonX700 256 card.

The diagnosis of that problem was video ram going awol.

I have now purchased a gt220 1G card, plugged it in and as I expected, it only gave me a resolution of 800x600 or400x300, not good for the Flatron L225WS screen that is connected(only has a vga connection).

Looking for a driver and help with the installation, I found [url], with instructions which I tried following.

I ran update manager on the desktop, then followed the link to the nividea drivers at ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/190.42/ which gives several packages.

I had a quick read through the Read Me file, and clicked on the first package to download it, but (and I spotted the clue in the extension - ".run") instead of downloading, it gave me a cl type page.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Install The ATI Proprietary Driver Using The Automatic Option ?

Apr 7, 2011

Steps that the pdf file from ati says :

To install the ATI Proprietary Linux driver using the Automatic option, follow these steps:

1 Launch the Terminal Application/Window and navigate to the ATI Propri-etary Linux driver download.

2 Enter the command sh ./ati-driver-installer-8.573-x86.x86_64 to launch the ATI Proprietary Linux driver installer.

The ATI Proprietary Linux Driver Setup dialog box is displayed It shows the ati with the penguin. Mine doesnt show that for the file: "ati-driver-installer-11-3-x86.x86_64.run

This is the driver that I got from the website. But Im still having issues with Wow not working or recognizing that I have a great card (XFX HD 4770).

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