Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Install Flash On Lucid 64bit

May 2, 2010

i really need to install flash but i don't know how to on 64bit ubuntu 10.04

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Ubuntu :: Getting Recent Flash For 64bit Lucid?

Jun 18, 2010

I've just upgraded to 64-bit Lucid and then tried to access the BBC iplayer. I got a message saying I needed a newer version of Flash, so I followed the link provided to the Adobe web site. However, there doesn't seem to be a 64-bit version available from there.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to have had this problem, but I couldn't find an obvious thread on it among the many flash-related ones, so how do I get a recent version of Flash installed in 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04? Have Adobe stopped creating 64-bit versions, or do they just not do a good job of identifying the architecture?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Camstream In Lucid 10.04 LTS 64bit?

May 15, 2011

camstream worked fine with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 64bit Since I installed 10.04.2 LTS 64bit , camstream is freezing when it opens the webcam. I have to kill it to end the freezing. No change in hardware.

Any solution? (or other software I can use to upload snapshots from webcam to my server)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Songbird In 10.04 Lucid 32bit And 64bit

Apr 30, 2010

I've been having problems with the Songbird client that we normally download from repositories. It is slow, unstable, and crashes a lot. So I finally figured out that if you download the latest developer version, it is fast, stable, and hasnt crashed yet! The only downside is not all plugins are compatible, but it is still awesome to use, its my favorite audio player in Ubuntu. [URL]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Play Dvds In Lucid 64bit

May 3, 2010

just updated to lucid and i went to install medibuntu and following the instructions on this page [URL] just like i did in Karmic but after i have done everything that i had to do in Karmic to get it to work i tried to play a dvd in totem and it pops up and says

The required software to play this file is not installed. You need to install suitable plugins to play media files. Do you want to search for a plugin that supports the selected file?

The search will also include software which is not officially supported.

No packages with the requested plugins found

The requested plugins are: DVD subpicture decoder

I click ok and then the dvd starts to play and says internal data flow error

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash No Longer Works In 64bit Web Browsers

Jul 17, 2010

I installed 64bit flash last week when I installed Ubuntu 10.04 64bit on my new laptop, and for the past week it has worked without issues.

However a couple of day ago it simply stopped showing flash videos on sites such as ..... etc. I think there might have been a ream of updates around the time this happened but my memory is a little vague.

I have since tried installing the each of the 3 flash codecs in turn that Firefox recommends but these will not install, failing with an exit status of 2. After I tried this I followed the 64bit flash instructions on the Wiki once more to get back to the point when it previously worked but alas this has been of no help.

I have also tried loading flash videos in Chromium and these suffer from the same issue. Anyone have any ideas what could have caused flash to suddenly stop working?

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Ubuntu :: How To Install 32bit Libsasl2 On 64bit Lucid

Jul 23, 2010

The current libsasl package on 64bit Lucid is libsasl2-2 (2.1.23). However when I was installing Scalix, it needed 32bit libsasl2 which is 2.1.22 or something old. Although I can download 32bit libsasl2 package from web, it requires a lot of other libs and some of them are not available.So my question is: is it possible to install an old 32bit package on Lucid 64bit? Or are there other ways to solve the problem without installation of new packages?

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 LTS 64bit - Flash Is Not Working/ Won't Install Correclty?

Jun 10, 2011

I am using the distro in the title and version, and I can't get flash to work properly either in konquer, or in chromium. I have looked in the package manager and it says flash has been installed. I tried again to install it through the terminal, it downloads a bit, and then it says that is installed as well. I know chrome in particular is supposed to come with flash built in so this is frustrating. How do I install flash and get it working? Never had this problem before

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Ubuntu :: Flash Player 64bit Install (Not Plugin)

Oct 10, 2009

I'm trying to install flash player 64-bit on ubuntu 9.04 (obviously 64 bit). I have no idea of what to do.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Getting Flash Videos To Play On Lucid Lynx?

Aug 20, 2010

My girlfriend is running Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx on her laptop. She keeps bitching at me to get it to play ..... videos. She has the restricted software package installed. But Adobe Flash 10 says it wont install on amd64?I just need clear instructions on how she can watch videos so I don't have to listen to her anymore!

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Ubuntu Servers :: 64bit - Install Server 10.04 On USB Flash - Pendrive

May 16, 2010

Is is possible to install Ubuntu Server 10.04 on USB Flash (pendrive) ?

I'm wondering could i create small dedicated server without hard drive.

I don't need high speed on "" drive.

I think i could mount home and all user data by NFS or iSCSI.

But question is about putting that on flash storage...

Any easy way to install in on pendrive ?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Install Flash - Bash: Wget: Command Not Found

Mar 27, 2009

In trying to use the instructions here [URL] I get Quote: -bash: wget: command not found

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Fedora Installation :: Replace Existing 32 Bit Wrapper Based Flash On 64bit Browser To 64 Bit Flash

Sep 23, 2010

Did anybody tried installing the latest adobe flash named Square for amd64 systems? I was interested in knowing whether there is any improvement in the performance. I also want to know how to replace my existing 32 bit wrapper based flash on 64 bit browser and install this 64 bit flash.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Pbs.org "you Don't Have Flash 9" After Lucid / Sort It?

May 14, 2010

Flash (10) plugin nonfree is properly installed and works on ..... etc.

Seems like this happens every time I upgrade, all the episode video on pbs.org becomes unavailable. Just a snide message telling me to get Flash 9, after an animated intro that appears to be done in Flash.

I believe I was running flash 10 on Karmic, and pbs.org worked then... is it possible it only works with flash 9?

I've only tried with Firefox so far.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Install VLC 0.9.9 On 10.04 (64bit)

Feb 11, 2011

I've found VLC to be the most difficult to understand by far. I've followed many guides on installing different versions and want to now try VLC 0.9.9, as I've read there's a chance this version might work for what I'm trying to do. I've followed a couple of guides to installing 0.9.9 that were written for 8.04 but am getting errors.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Install Driver For GT220 On Amd 64bit Desktop

Feb 19, 2011

I'm running 10.10 on an amd64 bit desktop which, until recent problems with the screen, had a RadeonX700 256 card.

The diagnosis of that problem was video ram going awol.

I have now purchased a gt220 1G card, plugged it in and as I expected, it only gave me a resolution of 800x600 or400x300, not good for the Flatron L225WS screen that is connected(only has a vga connection).

Looking for a driver and help with the installation, I found [url], with instructions which I tried following.

I ran update manager on the desktop, then followed the link to the nividea drivers at ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/190.42/ which gives several packages.

I had a quick read through the Read Me file, and clicked on the first package to download it, but (and I spotted the clue in the extension - ".run") instead of downloading, it gave me a cl type page.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Citrix ICA Xen App On 64bit Lucid

May 4, 2010

How to go about in this situation with a 64-bit version of Lucid, and XenApp? Citrix only has 32-bit packages available on their web, and previously with Karmic, you just added some 32-bit libs, and it would work. But now the "GDebi Pack*ager Installer" refuses to do the install, since this is a 32-bit package, and throws you this error: "Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'". Anyone out there that has managed to find a workaround to install this?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Play Audio CD - Lucid 10.04 64bit

May 6, 2011

I preface this by saying that all other forms of CDs and DVDs work perfectly in this machine - the problem relates exclusively to Audio CDs, either burnt or bought.

When I put and Audio CD in the drive, the mounting process starts, takes longer than usual, and during this process, the desktop icons flash off then back on again, then the CD mounts and I get an icon on the desktop.

If I right-click and select Open, the desktop icons flash off and on again, and nothing else happens.

If I right-click and select Open with Rhythmbox, the same thing happens - desktop icons flash off and on, and nothing else happens. Rhthymbox is not listed in the active processes either.

If I open Movie Player, and click on Movie in the menu, the Play disc 'Audio disc' option is greyed out.

If Rhythmbox is running, and I insert an Audio CD in the drive, Rhythmbox crashes and won't start again until I remove the Audio CD, then all is well again.

When I select Eject to remove the Audio CD, the desktop icons flash off and on again, then the CD ejects.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading From Lucid 32bit To 64bit

Jul 21, 2010

I am going to upgrade from Lucid 32-bit to Lucid 64-bit, and I have some questions as to what I need to do. My system is a dual boot of XP and Lucid, but I only use XP rarely nowadays. I know I have to do a clean install, so here goes. Do I have to blow away my current install of Lucid? If the answer to (1) is yes, what about Grub? How do I get a list of my currently installed applications?

Currently Lucid is on one partition. I have a Clonezilla copy of the file system. Can I restore the /home directory from that copy once I have installed the 64-bit system? If I decide to make /home a separate partition, are there any good rules of thumb about how much space to allocate to the various partitions? Are there any other directories or files I should consider copying from the Clonezilla copy?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Lucid Fresh Install Totem Won't Play DVD Iso?

May 10, 2010

Just upgraded 4 machines from Karmic to Lucid. 2 of them I used synaptic to install ubuntu-restricted-extras and two I used apt-get from command line. The synaptics will not play a DVD iso in totem while the two from the command line will just fine. If I install VLC on the two that don't work, it plays the iso just fine.

I have purged libdvdread4 and reinstalled with no luck. It offends my sense of perfectness that two machines that used to run dvd iso's fine no longer do.

I did read a blog post somewhere that ubuntu-restricted-extras installed via synaptic does not get everything.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Removed, Will Not Install?

Jan 10, 2011

I cancelled the install and now it will not reinstall.... What should I do?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Install Flash Player For 64-bit 10.04?

Jun 16, 2011

I did install Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit at my Dell Inspiron 1721 laptop. Well I did some installations via Ubuntu software center only, and I'm not that familiar with the terminal.
Hope you guys can help me with that. The first thing I need is the Flash Player to be able to visualize videos on Firefox.

I'm not shure if there is a bug related to video in this version of Ubuntu, if so I could try another one as I'm just starting to use Linux and Ubuntu and it wouldn't be a problem to restart it all if this could solve this and future problems. I've just downloaded a preview release for Flash Player with native suport for native Linux 64-bit at Adobe. it is called "Flash Player Square" and seems to be unstable, a Beta version.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Install Skype On A 64bit Fc14 And The 32bit Doesn't Work

Feb 16, 2011

I am trying to install skype on a 64bit Fc14 and the 32bit doesn't work.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Click 64bit Flash Permission Pop Up

Jun 2, 2010

ok so i just bought a rosewill RCM-3201V webcam [URL] works out of the box in ubuntu but for some reason the 64bit beta adobe flash plugin for firefox wont let me check off to allow use of peripherals by flash apps such as the flash webcams on sites like omegle and chatroulette, does anyone know a work arround or how to get it to let me click?

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Ubuntu :: Firefox 4 64bit Flash - Cannot Get To Work

Mar 8, 2011

i just switched to Ubuntu and have run into my first problem. I am running 64 bit 10.10 and firefox 4 b12. i cannot get flash to work!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Firefxo 4.0.1 64bit Without Flash On 10.10?

May 30, 2011

I use firefox 4.0.1 64bit version. But the flash-plugin does not start. I have tried a lot (flashplugin-nonfree, flashplugin64-installer, even download the plugin directli from adobe and copiing to the given directories).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Install Nvidia Driver Removal Studio 10.04 Lucid 64 Bit

Oct 10, 2010

I attempted to install nvidia-current 195.36.24 from Synaptic for an Nvidia GTX 460. It didn't appear to work and I want to fully un-install all Nvidia drivers and do the 'official' (convoluted) Nvidia procedure of logging out of x etc: - [URL] The issue is; I tried to remove via Synaptic, but when I restart the system I get an error stating: - 'Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode. The following error was encountered. You may need to update you configuration to solve this. (EE) Failed to load module "NVidia" (module does not exist, 0) (EE) No drivers available.

This is actually the error that kept appearing and made me want to remove everything. My question is: - Can I just go ahead and install the 'official' Nvidia driver, even though the 'startup' appears to be getting some kind of reference from somewhere? I understand that I'll have to remove the Nouveau driver as well some how. . .

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound After Adobe Flash Install?

Dec 15, 2010

I spent 2 hours with Sam on IRC #Ubuntu and went through a very involved investigation of the problem. At the end, still no sound.The sound worked perfectly before the Adobe upgrade. To be clear, now have no sound period, no system sound, no playback sound, no sound online, offline, nada.I am running Ubuntu 10.04, which I don't want to update at this time. I'm running this OS on a desktop PC and have no idea what sound card I have.I recently installed a new ALSA mixer and have checked to be sure nothing is muted. I've read through a ton of posts and so far have found nothing that exactly solves this

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash 64 Bit Install Running Live Usb?

Jun 20, 2011

Dell 64 bit laptop with no hard drive, I'm running 10.04.2 from a 4 gb flash drive in persistence mode (Linux Live USB), and I'm trying to get ..... to work. I've tried everything on Adobe's site, and several methods from the forums. what's the trick to installing flash in either Firefox or 64 bit Chrome on a 64 bit system? The last method I tried was here, and the terminal said 404 not found after the download command.

I can usually find this stuff myself, but my eyes are getting watery, and my throat tight, and (sniff) I think

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: How To Install Flash On 64 Bit

Jun 12, 2010

I just bought a new laptop and I installed Opensuse KDE 64 bit on it. This is the first time I tried a 64 bit Linux distribution.

So far all the hardware, including sound and wireless internet, seem to work fine.

I've managed to install all the audio and video codecs I need, but I can't figure out how to install Flash.

I've added the Packman repo, but there only seems to be a 32 bit version of Flash.

how to install Flash on 64 bit Opensuse.

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