Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert HD Mkv Video Files To AVI Or WMV Without Loss Of Quality

Nov 23, 2010

does anyone know of any FOSS program I can use to convert HD X.264 MKV video files to AVI or WMV without loss of quality. I wish to stream these videos from my linux box (yes u can do that via ushare)to my xbox 360 but unfortunaly it wont play MKV files.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rip The Audio From An Flv And Convert To Flac Or Mp3 Without Quality Loss?

Jun 30, 2011

Anyway to rip the audio from an flv and convert to flac or mp3 without quality loss?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Re-encode Old Videos With Open Codec Without Quality Loss?

May 24, 2010

I have a lot of old video footage around that, I am ashamed to say, I encoded with heavily proprietary codecs like DivX and such during the dark ages (aka. the Windows Times).

Now, I would like to redeem myself from the mistakes of my past by re-encoding everything into open formats.
Since those videos are often not of the best quality (poor camera, poor codecs, poor knowledge), I do not want to loose more quality in the process.

So, to avoid any more mistakes in the future, I would be glad if someone could answer me some of the following questions:
1. Is it even possible to re-encode those movies into something like x264/vp8/theora without loosing any more quality?
2. What tools should I use for that? Command line is actually preferred.
3. What would be the most desirable format to have? I'm thinking about x264 in Martroska with ogg Auto. Is there anything better suited?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert Any Video Files To Any Format?

Jan 4, 2011

I just wanted to know what people think is the best video encoding program. I want to be able to convert any video files to any format, mostly x264, avi that sort of stuff. I used AVS encoder in windows.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Batch Convert Audio In Video Files?

May 8, 2010

a movie is encoded with AC3 in 6 channel audio, what I get out is all of the sounds except for voices, which in 5.1 would be sent to the center channel. What I usually do is fire up avidemux and convert the audio to mp3 stereo, as converting to a 5.1 format usually ends up with a very odd sound (like running everything through an echo chamber). What I'd like to do is run a script to batch-convert these files from AC3 to MP3. The video format may vary, but they are usually XVID. I am comfortable at the command line, but I am not well-versed in audio/video tool terms. I don't need anything extravagant, I just want something that works. Heck, even if it is done one at a time, having a shell script that I can use to simply type:

tool.sh inputfile.avi outputfile.avi

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert To Standard Quality In Handbrake?

Jan 8, 2010

I downloaded an HD video from ....., but my computer is not powerful enough to play it. Is it possible to convert it to standard quality in Handbrake? If not, what video converter would be best?

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Ubuntu :: Increase Image Size Without Quality Loss?

Feb 26, 2010

is there a way to zoom in on an image with out as much blur as normal?

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Ubuntu :: Kile Under Vncserver Loss Image Quality?

Jan 18, 2011

It is about vncserver. While I use Vncviewer connect to Desktop :0. The Kile picture is the same as that I am on the local machine. But, when I connect to the desktop created by vncserver,say Desktop :1. The Kile picture is pretty bad. I attached two pictures. One is for Desktop :0 and another is Desktop :1. I wonder how to make configurations to vncserver in order to make Kile look better.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Quality Is Poor

Sep 19, 2010

I am using ubuntu version Ubuntu 8.04 , it is observed that the video quality is poor as compared to windows os i am not sure it is driver problem or something different, below are detail of my system

CPU : 2.6 Mhz
RAM :1024 MB
board : Intel 845 chipset

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Improve Quality Of Video Using Filters

May 23, 2010

I've some videos with poor quality.It has pixelation and such problems.Can somebody suggest me some filters to be used with avidemux for correcting the pixelation and maybe deblocking it

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How Can I Half Video's Quality And Size

Aug 8, 2010

I have a 500MB video that is 720x400. I want to half the size of the video while retaining the same relative quality.My main goal is to half the filesize of the video, but to do that and keep the same relative quality I will have to also make the resolution smaller.I can't seem to find a way to do this.I would preferer to use ffmpeg, but any solution would be good at this point. I would really like to be able to do this from the command line, but if there is a gui program that will also give me the command line it uses, that's great too.Does any one know of a way to half the file size of a video while maintaining the same relative quality?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Increase Video Reproduction Quality

May 11, 2011

When I watch movies on Ubuntu I noticed that quality of reproduction is not good as in Windows. All movies seems to have some sort of contrast problem which I don't know how to fix. This problem is not present in Windows (XP/7) and stand-alone DVD players play them also correctly.

Here are images (AVI, DivX format)

Windows version: http://i52.tinypic.com/125hlis.png
Linux version: http://i56.tinypic.com/tz53t.png

Also here is MKV format which is noticeably even sharper in Windows:

Windows version: http://i53.tinypic.com/2lmqxqe.png
Linux version: http://i53.tinypic.com/15gfmlt.png

Note: I didn't wanted to include them in post since they are quite big and I didn't want to do JPG compress since they might lose quality. Try not to resize them.

On Ubuntu I installed some 'extra' codecs (might be proprietary) via Software center. I use standard movie player that comes with 10.10, but for MKV I use VLC since mkv don't run in standard movie player. On Windows I use k-lite codec pack and GOM player. My guess is that Windows solve those sharpness and contrast issues by using some playback filters (possibly contained in k-lite codec pack) that are unavailable in Ubuntu. I installed proprietary video driver for ATI RADEON 2600.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Hooked Up LCD TV As Moniter And Now Video Quality Sucks

Feb 4, 2010

I hooked up my laptop via monitor cable to the L.C.D. T.V. and ran a patch I found on Ubuntu forums because it wasn't showing up on the T.V. After that it asked me what screen resolution I wanted I entered it and then the screen worked! However, now when I play movies on either the T.V as a monitor or just on the laptop itself it comes out with bad video quality now. It sucks because that was the purpose of hooking up my T.V. as the monitor was to watch movies and videos I have downloaded.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Choppy Video Quality - Horizontal Flickering

Jan 16, 2011

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 recently and I love it. Everything works great except for video playing. When I try to play DVD's with VLC or ANY video player, I get horizontal flickering and I can't seem to fix it. I re-downloaded and installed the most recent video drivers from Nvidia and it did not change anything.

My video card:


I don't know what else to do. When I run windows, the videos play smoothly, just fine. But when I play the same DVD's under Ubuntu, it's choppy.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Make Exact Video Quality Conversion With Ffmpeg?

Jan 3, 2010

I spent about a half hour wrestling with different website tutorials about how to convert a file with ffmpeg and figuring out how to get all the video quality options right. Then I discovered you can just use the -sameq option and it figures it all out for you if you don't want to change the vid quality but just want it in another format. Thought I'd leave this on the site in case anyone else finds himself in the same boat.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert Any Video To Mp3 Without Video?

Oct 5, 2010

I been looking on Google to convert videos to mp3 audio and all I get is just a video conversion from one format to another and some things I installed just get error messages so I took them back off. Anyone know the proper syntax in Mencorder to convert a video just to audio? Or any other program I can use that won't cause this much trouble?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: NVidia Driver - Files Playback In Bad Quality

Aug 19, 2010

I have NVidia 8400gs. After fresh install my splash screen is at good resolution but after installing nvidia drivers I got resolution issue at splash screen. And when playing hd files in movie player i.e. totem I get slow frames. and in mplayer I got this error "could not open directshow codec wmvdmod.dll" but file plays in bad quality than windows.

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Software :: Convert Video Files .mov Format To .mp4?

Apr 9, 2011

How can I convert video files .mov format to .mp4?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert AVI Video To MP4 For A PSP?

Jun 13, 2010

I am trying to convert AVI video to MP4 for a PSP.

I have tried both AcetoneISO and Mobile Media Converter... both fail.

The error message from AcetoneISO is:


Unknown encoder 'libxvid'

This was from using the "Convert video for PSP" option under the "Video" menu.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert A Video From .ogv To .avi?

Oct 2, 2010

I'm trying to convert a video from .ogv to .avi I use this statement:

mencoder video.ogv -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc -o video.avi
and get this message.
MEncoder SVN-r1.0~rc3+svn20090426-4.4.3 (C) 2000-2009 MPlayer Team
success: format: 0 data: 0x0 - 0x1b51e0


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Convert Video Into Mkv/ogg

Nov 23, 2010

How Can I convert videos into mkv/ogg? is there any gui software? I used handbrake in ubuntu 9.10 to convert into mkv. Bt handbrake does not work later ubuntu versions

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert Any Video To Mp3?

Feb 8, 2011

I want programme which convert any vedio to mp3 on ubuntu 10.10

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert A Flv Video To Mp3 By Winff?

Jul 22, 2010

when i try to convert a flv video to mp3 by winff

it gets to me this:

le-avfilter --enable-avfilter-lavf --enable-vdpau --enable-bzlib --enable-libgsm --enable-libschroedinger --enable-libspeex --enable-libtheora --enable-libvorbis --enable-pthreads --enable-zlib --disable-stripping --disable-vhook --enable-gpl --enable-postproc --enable-swscale --enable-x11grab --enable-libdc1394 --extra-


are there a good video and audio converters?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: PACPL - Pearl Audio Converter - Convert Wav Files To Wma Files ?

Jan 30, 2011

I have installed this program ok but I am new to command lines in terminal.

I want to convert some wav files to wma files. I have the wav files currently in a folder called Test to make it easy. So I have entered the following command line:

ajpearson@ajpearson-laptop:~/Desktop/pacpl-4.0.5$ pacpl --to wma home/ajpearson/Desktop/Test and the error message I get is:

error: the following is not a file or directory: home/ajpearson/Desktop/Test

It does not matter what directory I use I get the same error. I am sure the answer is obvious - but not t me.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert .swf Video To Something Playable Like Avi Or Mpeg?

Jan 18, 2010

How can i convert .swf video to something playable like avi or mpeg ?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert Video For IPod / IPhone?

May 9, 2010

I know this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find any recent topics.
What's a good program in Linux/Ubuntu to convert any video file to .mp4 for an iPod/iPhone?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert Video To Audio Use Ffmpeg?

Jul 15, 2010

I want to convert all video file in folder a become audio file in folder b use ffmpeg, how to type it in terminal?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert An AVI Video Clip To MPEG4?

Dec 28, 2010

somebody gave me a dvd of my little music group, and i used a ubuntu application to edit out two clips (i think i used avidimux--it was about a year ago). it produced a clip in avi format, which is not accepted by anything. i'd like to upload it to my facebook or even videos, but need to convert it. i've tried about everything, but have had no success. i just downloaded winff and tried that. the conversion window produce a lot of information ending with "unknown encoder 'libx264'," whatever that means.

does anyone know how i would convert a clip from avi to mpeg4? it's driving me nuts.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Unable To Convert Video (MOV Format)

Apr 19, 2011

I emailed myself a video. I took with my ipod touch, and its in .mov format which ubuntu doesn't support. I have an app called arista transcoder (a little slow, but very handy), which, for some reason, isn't able to convert the video. its strange because I was able to convert a few other videos from my ipod (same format) into .avi files last week. Arista says something about an unrecognized media type.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Convert AVCHD Video File To MP4 Or WMV

May 12, 2011

How do you convert AVCHD video file (MTS) to MP4 or WMV? Which program on Ubuntu do I use?

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