Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audio No Longer Works After Switch Htpc From Windows Xp To 10.10

Apr 12, 2011

I switched my htpc from windows xp to ubuntu 10.10 and since i switched my audio no longer works. these are my current stats. Please help im new to Linux so im not sure quite what to do. [URL]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Unable To Get Audio Through HDMI On HTPC?

May 16, 2010

I am currently running Intel DG45fc Mobo. works great with Ubuntu thus far. However when connecting to my LCD through HDMI I can not receive any sound.

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Ubuntu :: Windows 7 No Longer Works In VirtualBox?

Jan 12, 2011

I installed virtualbox a couple of days ago and had used Windows 7 (guest) multiple times without anproblems. However, upon attempting to share folders, it will no longer boot and I get this error:

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } "Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Windows 7.
The virtual machine 'Windows 7' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1."


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Ubuntu :: Wireless Cards No Longer Works For Windows Computer

May 29, 2010

So my wireless card no longer works in my windows machine for some odd reason, probably due to the temporary video card I have until my actual one comes back from XFX. It works perfectly in the Ubuntu box though, so I bought a crossover cable hoping to have it automatically create a wired network that I can bridge to my router. Obviously it's not that simple.

Anyway, I have the computers connected through crossover cable and they sort of know there's supposed to be some form of networking going on (Windows has limited connectivity on "unkown network" while Ubuntu just won't connect to Auto eth0), but that's as far as I get. basically all I need is to:

1. Get the computers to connect to and communicate with each other.
2. Bridge the wired connection with the wireless one within Ubuntu so that the Windows computer can access the Internet as well as the shared files on the other computers in the wireless network.

I'm running 10.04 Lucid with Gnome desktop, if it makes a difference.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot With Windows 7 Partition No Longer Works

Jan 20, 2010

when i installed it the windows 7 Partition no longer works. I can see the windows 7 partition but when i click on it, it just reloads the grub boot loader. Im in college and need the windows 7 partition.

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Ubuntu :: Hp 4000 Network Printer No Longer Detected Still Works In Windows

Mar 8, 2011

for some reason, ubuntu cant see it anymore. so how to fix? windows still prints to this printer on the network. I deleted the printer in ubuntu and tried to redetect and now it says no printer at that address.

before I deleted it, I recall it saying something about the backend had failed?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash No Longer Works In 64bit Web Browsers

Jul 17, 2010

I installed 64bit flash last week when I installed Ubuntu 10.04 64bit on my new laptop, and for the past week it has worked without issues.

However a couple of day ago it simply stopped showing flash videos on sites such as ..... etc. I think there might have been a ream of updates around the time this happened but my memory is a little vague.

I have since tried installing the each of the 3 flash codecs in turn that Firefox recommends but these will not install, failing with an exit status of 2. After I tried this I followed the 64bit flash instructions on the Wiki once more to get back to the point when it previously worked but alas this has been of no help.

I have also tried loading flash videos in Chromium and these suffer from the same issue. Anyone have any ideas what could have caused flash to suddenly stop working?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Mencoder Cam Recording Script No Longer Works?

Mar 20, 2011

I have been using mencoder to record audio and video from my Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000. I've been using the following wrapper script under 10.04:

outFile=$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
mencoder tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=800:height=600:device=/dev/video0:forceaudio:adevice=/dev/audio1 -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -lameopts


The video and audio work in other applications, but for some reason mencoder isn't using them. I don't like Cheese because it seems like I can't get equally high framerates at good resolution, and besides I want to be able to run this from the command line.

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Software :: Ubuntu HTPC - Intermittent Audio Buzz Over HDMI

Aug 2, 2010

I'm extremely new at Linux but managed to get Alsa .023 installed on my HTPC and sound working in xbmc. However, every 10-15 seconds when playing audio over HDMI, i get a short burst of static (maybe 0.5 seconds). The static does not interfere with the audio track. I have tried running my laptop using the same cable/tv/port and its fine (win7). Listening through the analog connection on the mobo with headphones produces no such noise. The noise happens with any audio such as ..... or xbmc.

Gigabyte UD3-H57 USB 3.0
Core i3 530
2GB Corsair 1333 DDR3
1TB WD Green
Running 10.04 Ubuntu

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: HDA Intel Sound No Longer Works

Oct 23, 2010

Since upgrading to OpenSuSE 11.3 I no longer have sound.I remember having the same prob upgrading to 11.2, but for the moment, I'm at a loss.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Xserver No Longer Works After Removing Bad Graphics Card?

Apr 30, 2010

It all started Tuesday morning. I woke up and turned my computer on. Normally I just leave it on all the time, but I turned it off the previous night for some reason. When I turned it on, everything worked fine for about 10 minutes, until my monitor said "Monitor Working Out of Scan Range." I messed with the settings on the monitor to try and get it back, but to no avail. Restarting would make it work, but for even shorter periods. It eventually would display the manufacturer image (Everex), and then go dead again with the same message.

I thought it was the monitor at first, and got a new one. The new one is a wide screen 18.5 inch Dell IN1910N. The problem persisted, so I knew it wasn't this. I kinda figured it out when I started smelling something burning coming from my computer, and discovered it was the graphics card I installed awhile back. It is the pci ATI X1550, and its fan no longer worked.

So I figured, well, I will just remove it and go back to the onboard video. Doing this worked fine, until I got to the stage where it tried to boot to the Xserver, and then the computer just hangs. No sounds indicate I ever get to a logon screen or anything.

Now, I tried commands like sudo dpkg-configure xserver-xorg, and it asked me a lot of questions about my keyboard, but didn't fix my video. I also tried the "Xfix" option in recovery mode, and it purged all the old fglrx drivers, but that didn't help either.

I am currently using a live CD (I was doing straight command-line for awhile, after I also played hell getting the wireless working). I tried literally coping and pasting the entire contents of the X11 folder over, but that didn't work either (the xorg.conf files were the same anyway). I don't know what to do to get my old partition to boot X correctly.

All the commands I was copying before are not in my terminal now, and I'm not sure exactly what command-line information you need. I know that Openchrome is supposed to run the onboard VIA video, but I don't recall the command that tells me everything about it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Surround Sound No Longer Works Spdif Only Headphones Now

Jun 18, 2010

On my initial setup I follow the Comprehensive sound guide that is posted on the ubuntu forums because I wanted to get the spdif work Optical out with surround. After a while I was able some how to get it to work and but my headphones would no longer output sound so in an effort to get sound back to the headphones I maanged to ruin the the settings for the spdif.My question is how can I get spdif back and switch between headphones and spdif.I there no way to figure it out how do I purge every file that has to do with sound and recompile. ( THe comprehensive sound guide showed how to purge the alsa utils but that didnt work if someone know why please let me know and if you could explain.)

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Debian Multimedia :: Jessie Gnome-xrandr No Longer Works

May 13, 2015

Updated old Eeepc 1005HAB to Jessie. Used to have a text file:

xrandr --output LVSD1 --mode 1024x600 --fb 1024x768 --panning 1024x768"

that I could run (twice in a row, it needed) to allow the scroling of the screen to see the bottom 1/4.

This no longer works.

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Debian Multimedia :: From Lenny To Squeeze - Xrandr No Longer Works

Mar 17, 2011

Are you running Lenny? If yes, try this:

Be sure that there is an active X.
Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch to tty1.
Login with your normal username and password.
Enter the command: "xrandr -d :0.0 -q"

You should be rewarded with information about your current screen.

Are you running Squeeze? If yes, try the above procedure and please explain to me what this means: No protocol specified

Can't open display :0.0

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audacious No Longer Plays Audio?

Mar 31, 2010

I recently switched my usb external soundcard from an M-Audio Fast Track Pro to an Edirol UA-25EX (i can get 24bit working on it - that's why). After making the switch, all audio programs are working just fine except for Audacious. When i try to play audio, i get 00:00 and no playing. The output plugin is ALSA and the audio device is UA-25EX. I don't understand why it's not playing the audio.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Switch From Audio Input From Mic To Line On 9.10?

Feb 28, 2010

I wanted to take an audio feed from a stereo amplifier into my HP Pavilion DV6 laptop, in order to digitally record some old vinyl.

In the Sound Preferences tab, I seemed to be able to record easily from the internal mic, but there seemed to be no easy way to switch the preferences to enable recording from the Line In socket on the laptop.

We tried muting the mic, this only caused the system to record nothing. We also tried all the various available options in "the Hardware Profiles" tab, "Settings for the available device", but no the laptop seemed to be getting no "line in" input with whatever profile we tried.

On Mac, it was as simple as switching the input sound preferences from "internal mic" to "line in".

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Switch Audio In / Out Sockets On Natty

May 23, 2011

i have three jacks on the card, the usual with a normal home PC, - one for the speakers, second for the microphone, and third for line in. Now my speakers (Line out) jack is damaged a little. So when i plug in my speaker jack there, i get audio only in the right speaker (not a problem of the speakers, because i tested it, and not Ubuntu either, because this problem existed when i used to run Windows XP as well).

Now in Windows XP, what i used to do is, there was this tool (i think it came with the sound driver - Realtek) whenever i plugged in a jack into either of the sockets, a gui would ask me what i just plugged in, and it would allocate audio in and out according to what i specify then. So i used to plug in my speakers into the line in, because thats something i do not use, and used the tool to identify that jack as the line out.Is there some way i can do this on Ubuntu? i want to get line-out through the line-in socket. i'm a beginner with Ubuntu, and know only to use the GUI.

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Debian Multimedia :: Etch>Lenny, Sudo Konqueror No Longer Works?

Feb 2, 2011

Testing an upgrade Etch>Lenny 5.08, and one issue I've found is that "sudo konqueror" in a teminal no longer gives root priveleges, instead konqueror starts with limited rights. It also seems that using a .desktop shortcut, an attempt to run konqueror under any credentials other than the logged-on user fails.

Yet, 'sudo kwrite' works. Anyone met this before, or know why?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Switch Between Pulse Audio ALSA OSS Etc In 11.2

Nov 22, 2009

switch between Pulse Audio ALSA OSS etc in 11.2

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Switch - Pulse Audio ALSA OSS Etc In 11.2 ?

Mar 4, 2011

switch between Pulse Audio ALSA OSS etc in 11.2

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Distribution Where Audio Just Works?

Jul 20, 2010

Is there a Ubuntu distribution in which sound "just works"? I'm booting into Windows 7 far too much.I am running both Jaunty (on an old P4V533-MX desktop) where for some reason my sound went away, and Lucid, on a new Dell laptop (all-Intel Studio 14). I thought a new installation of Ubuntu 10.04 on modern hardware would give me rhythmbox back, but I get no sound of any kind from the Dell laptop after installation, although everything works Ok if I boot into a W7 (came with the purchase) partition.

I don't want to fiddle with configuration files any more - just wondering if there is a "most-dependable" Ubuntu with respect to audio. Which I will install. Frustrated and impatient after weeks of this.I am an old (hairy eared) Unix fan but IMO if Linux continues to complicate itself so freely (i.e. Pulseaudio - I don't know an audio mixer from a can opener and would prefer to remain that way), then the small market share it has will slip away rather than grow.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Why Isn't There A GUI Audio Ripper That Just Works

Nov 10, 2010

All I'd like to reliably do is rip a few audio CDs. SoundKonverter - doesn't work at all. Log tells me nothing SoundJuicer - OK for one disk. Usually crashes when the read disk is ejected and attempts are made to read the next. Failing that, it will read a few tracks and then lock up. K3B - Only rips first disk, then the progress window (form) locks up at 100%. Cancel button doesn't work. Need to kill task.

RipOff - works OK, but so slow... life's too short goobox - locks up before it even reads the disk and despite its claims I don't think it's a "rip" tool anyway.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audio Device Only Works After Hibernate / Sort It?

Jun 24, 2010

When i turn on my computer and log in i get a notification that says "Phonon: KDE's Multimedia Library -- The audio playback device HDA Intel (ALC880 Analog) does not work." and the system falls back to pulse audio.

Also, i noticed that if i wake my computer from hibernation then the HDA Intel device will begin working again.

I read through the comprehensive sound guide with no luck, this behavior seems very strange to me and im not sure what is causing it. I would much rather use the HDA Intel sound device than Pulse Audio.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: HDMI Audio Works With ALSA But Not With PulseAudio?

Dec 15, 2010

I spent a few days trying to make audio work on my TV connected via HDMI to a PC. The speaker test used by the sound preferences was dead, as was MPlayer. I managed to find a solution for MPlayer, giving the option "-ao alsa:device=hdmi", as specified in this article:So, basically ALSA can see all my devices. This is the output of aplay -l:Quote:

**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC1200 Analog [ALC1200 Analog]
Subdevices: 1/1


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Xdmcp Local Audio Only Works While Logged In?

Jan 5, 2011

I'm trying to use xmms (or any other audio player) lauched from a remote computer but playing locally. I have a maverick server which has xmms installed. I launch an xdmcp (starnetssh) from a windows machine and I am able to open terminals, panels, emacs, etc but when I open xmms (or MOC, is the other one I tested), it simply doesn't play anything unless the same user is logged on the ubuntu box.

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Debian Multimedia :: Switch From Mate-volume-control To Pulse Audio Mixer?

Jun 20, 2015

I'm using Mate on Jessie. The problem is that mate-volume-control kinda sucks as an audio control. It doesn't have nearly enough options for a proper volume control program. Pulse is much better for my needs. It or Alsa. Is it possible to remove mate-volume-control, or at least make Pulse the default volume control?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound In 10.10 - Audio Works Fine In Win7 Boot

Nov 25, 2010

To start off, I am about 3 days into my new ubuntu operating system. I am a complete newbie, but i have picked up alot in the last couple days. My sound was previously working, but the microphone was glitching when using skype. After running a bunch of different commands in terminal that were posted on forums from all over the internet, I rebooted my computer to find no sound. I have searched the forums again and tried many different command lines in terminal to no avail. My system setup is found here: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Two-way Sync Between HTPC And Windows Laptop

Jan 28, 2011

I am building an HTPC based on Mythbuntu and will also have a laptop running Windows.

I need some software that will provide two-way syncing between these machines:

1) Sync folders from HTPC to the laptop

As the laptop is new, all the media content I want to have on the laptop (music and photos) will be on the HTPC.

2) Backing up content from laptop to HTPC

New content (purchased music and photos) is likely to be added on the laptop initially so I'd therefore like to sync (instantly/automatically if possible) this back to the HTPC to make it available there as well.

Does anyone know of any good software to do this?

I'd originally been thinking of DropBox but, as I understand it, you have to use a DropBox folder however, on the HTPC, music and photos will be on different drives and it seems that putting symlinks inside the DropBox folder is not recommended.

This post also talks about using Ubuntu One. I think there's a Windows beta version available but does this sync between machines on a local network as I thought it was a cloud storage solution and I'm not looking to upload any content to the internet at this stage.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Getting Better Performance Out Of HTPC?

Mar 1, 2010

I have a custom built PC with a AMD 9650 2.3ghz quad core, 4gig of ram, nvidia geforce 9500gt graphics card. With windows 7 my movies look immaculate but I want that from Linux. My first problem consists of lines in my players. To test out the performance I am playing Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray. The video file has been ripped and placed on the HD. MPlayer has lines everywhere, VLC is very good but line every once in a while, XBMC plays bout as well as VLC. The first part that confused me was how MPlayer was worse off. I have followed all the stickies and this is a fresh install of ubuntu 9.10. The Second problem I am having is getting my onboard audio to work. My board comes with 8 channel audio support but my 2 side/back speakers wont work. I have messed with the application settings and the actual settings in Sound Preferences.

Here is a link to my board specs



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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Which Remotes Are Good For HTPC

Apr 19, 2010

Tell me what remote you have found works great running Mythbuntu, Boxee, etc.

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