Ubuntu Multimedia :: TV Tuner Card - Unable To Get Video

Mar 29, 2011

I have a Phillips SAA7130 TV Tunner card and seems to have installed correctly. I have Xaw TV program on Ubuntu 10.10. I am unable to get the Video. I tried 3 players and in none I am able to see the video. The source in all programs says 'Default' and am unable to choose the card as source. I am also ok to allow remote login to check.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: TV Tuner Card For PC ?

Apr 1, 2011

I haven't had one for years, so i am not even really sure what options to look for. So i need to be able to stream media, record media, record cable box, play cable box, listen to local FM radio would be really nice.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Change Tv Card Tuner?

Feb 20, 2011

I have 2 tv cards that I have successfully configured to work in linux.But this 3rd one I bought recently seems to have a problem. The card is not autodetcted (that's really not the problem) but when I try to load saa7134 with:sudo modprobe saa7134 card=xx tuner=xx, it loads whatever card I indicate but the tuner never changes. This is part of the output of dmesg:

Linux video capture interface: v2.00
saa7130/34: v4l2 driver version 0.2.15 loaded
saa7134 0000:02:04.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 16 (level, low) -> IRQ 16


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: TV Tuner Card No Audio?

Jun 2, 2011

I have a pinnacle 800i that i just setup and video to work which was a pain but now i cant get audio to work.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Setup Tv Tuner Card With Vlc?

Sep 1, 2011

I have a sabrent tv tuner card (tv-pcirc). I want to use it in vlc but don't know how to change from the composite source to the tuner source and from there don't know how to change channels (is there a program that generates channels.conf for analog channels?) It would also like to know how to record a certain channel for a certain period via the telnet interface. Another thing I would like to know is how to set up the remote with it, because the audio is very soft and I would like to raise the voume.

My card is using card=42 tuner=43.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Install Intex Tv Tuner Card

Feb 5, 2010

How do i install intex tv tuner card (PCI ver 2.1) on ubuntu 9.01 I have installed myth tv my problem is which card do i select i selected Analog card and MJPG as well but when i go to scan for channels says FAILED TO OPEN CARD.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Configure INTEX TV Tuner Card

Dec 24, 2010

I have INTEX TV tuner card. i'm trying to configure in ubuntu for tvtime. The card has the saa7130 or saa7134 philipse chipset.

lspci | grep -i saa713



00:0a.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7130 Video Broadcast Decoder (rev 01)

after the installation, the card was detected and /dev/video0 was created but dmesg indicated that the card is not among the ones listed as supported and since card did not have EEPROM, the card was not up and running right away.i have edited /etc/modprobe.d/tvcard.conf and added options saa7134 card=3 tuner=14


$sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/tvcard.conf



options saa7134 card=3 tuner=14

Then CTRL+X to exit

still it did not work. tvtime would always say no signal and tvtime-scanner never picked up any channels. then i followed instruction given by rsramkee [URL]. edited saa7134-cards.c and deployed new kernel linux- with changes.i rebooted machine to windows selected one channel in tv tuner software of windows, again rebooted machine to ubuntu (i have dual boot windows XP and ubuntu tvtime able display video of channel that is selected in windows OS (No sound), but not be able to tune any other stations.In mplayer able display video of channel that is selected in windows OS with sound.



mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:chanlist=us-cable:alsa:adevice=hw.0,1:amode=1:audiorate=48000:forceaudio:volume=100:immediatemode=0:norm=PAL

i followed instruction given by http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Saa7134-alsa to set up sound. loading the loopback module with the command:

$ pactl load-module module-loopback

Now tvtime able display video of channel that is selected in windows OS with sound, but not be able to tune any other stations. Not be able to tune any stations.dmesg output:


[ 1320.568603] saa7130/34: v4l2 driver version 0.2.16 loaded
[ 1320.568697] saa7130[0]: found at 0000:00:0a.0, rev: 1, irq: 18, latency: 32, mmio: 0xdffff800
[ 1320.568737] saa7130[0]: subsystem: 1131:0000, board: LifeView FlyVIDEO3000 [card=2,insmod option]


i'm not be able to tune any stations using tvtime and xawtv. if channel is not selected in windows OS for more then 1 hour then tvtime displays message no signal, same message in tvtime-scaner (No sound).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Configure Generic Remote That Came With A TV Tuner Card

Jan 18, 2010

I've been trying to configure this generic remote that came with a TV tuner card (saa7134) a while ago but I haven't been able to do so. The thing is that the remote works, in fact some buttons are recognized properly... but some are not. I'm not using lirc!, from I have been reading there is support for generic remotes in the 2.6.31 kernel, besides, i can't configure lirc, it doesn't let me load the kernel modules to start up the daemon for the ir. is there a config file for the button mapping of the native remote support in kernel 2.6.31?. Been searching it but couldn't find it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tv Tuner Card Works Fine In Windows7 But Not In It

May 18, 2010

Gateway desktop running Ubuntu LL 10.04(64 bit) with Asus/ViXS Combo-210E NTSC/ATSC TV Tuner card: link to card... [URL] Ubuntu lists the card when I do lshw in a terminal but it shows as 'unclaimed'. Is that important? Also what software is neccessary to watch tv? The card works fine in Windows7

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tv Tuner Card: (Vivanco PCI EASY BG / DK) Not Working

Jul 27, 2010

I have an almost noname tv tuner card: Vivanco PCI EASY BG/DK. Lspci says it is Philips Semiconductors SAA7134/SAA7135HL Video Broadcast Decoder (rev 01). Dmesg detected it as a LifeView FlyVIDEO3000. I tried to configure it making the file at /etc/modprobe.d with the options card=2 tuner=5 (I found that also in dmesg). Still TvTime can't find any channels. I also tried using xawtv and scantv, but only managed to find two channels using ntsc somehow, but I have PAL BG/DK. (the card itself works on Windows, but it took me a while to configure the channels properly)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: WinTV Card Fails To Initialize Tuner

Sep 11, 2010

I'm running 10.04 64-bit with all stable and pre-release upgrades enabled in a Dell 4-core Inspiron with 8 GB of memory. I just bought a Hauppage WinTV-HVR 1600 and it's detected in the boot process and all firmware is loaded, but then it goes bonkers and spews

[ 24.421795] cx18 0000:02:01.0: firmware: requesting v4l-cx23418-dig.fw
[ 24.612289] cx18-0 843: loaded v4l-cx23418-dig.fw firmware (16382 bytes)
[ 24.632510] cx18-0 843: verified load of v4l-cx23418-dig.fw firmware (16382 bytes)


over and over again. All the info on the Hauppage site and LinuxTV is very obsolete. MythTV initializes, but can't find any channels on either the analog or digital streams.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tv Tuner Card Not Picking Up Digital Channels?

May 26, 2011

I have a tv tuner card thats a couple years old, well since they are phasing out the old analog cable channels with digital ones, my card is not picking them up anymore. Is there any way to get the digital ones without buying a new card?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Installing The HVR-950Q TV Tuner Card?

Mar 13, 2010

Has anyone had any success with installing the HVR-950Q TV Tuner card? I am trying it after giving up on the hvr-1500c (15 months trying!).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tuner Card Not Feeding Sound Through Onboard Sound?

Aug 9, 2011

I am setting up a mythtv/xmbc box on Ubuntu 10.10 (natty does not install on my hardware). I have a Sabrent TV PCIRC tuner card, which seems to work fine with the proper card and tuner settings. My on-board sound is HDA-Intel surround sound, which I have configured as analog duplex.

Currently the sound works fine through my speakers plugged into any jack on the back of the PC (two speakers, one jack). I can watch ripped movies and listen to music. The TV tuner is pumping sound from its external jack -- if I hook it up directly to the speakers it works fine. I can feed the Tuner's sound to the line-in on my motherboard, but nothing comes out. In the sound manager, i have the input device selected and the input level shows that the sound is coming in through the connector, and I can test the speakers and they work fine, but they don't seem to be communicating that the sound coming in needs to be pumped out through the speakers.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Card Died New Card Boots To Black?

Jul 15, 2010

My video card developed problems, so I followed the suggestion in this thread:

Quote: Boot into recovery mode, then choose root, for a command prompt and enter
Code: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

but my ubuntu 10.04 32-bit system still won't boot. Shortly after the ubuntu logo comes up, before the login, my screen goes black and there is no more video signal. What else can I do to reset the video configuration? The card only has this info on it: I could put the card back in the system, reboot, and then pre-configure the system to drop to the intel 865G on-board video, but the msi card has intermittent problems and will spontaneously re-boot several times during the first ten minutes of turning on the system.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Card Crashing When Using Video Editor?

Jun 12, 2010

My system: Pentium 4 3.6 GHz, 3 Gb DDR ram, GeForce 210 video card, Ubuntu 10.04.

I have previously used Cinelerra-cv (on Karmic) and recently Openshot (on Lucid) with not much trouble. I have been sampling other video editors (Kdenlive, avidemux, kino etc). Now I have my video card crashing whichever I use, mainly when trying to load clips. I have disabled Compiz, uninstalled all video editors and then reinstalled one at a time. I still get early video crashes whichever I try.

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Fedora :: Resolve An Ongoing Fight Involving /dev/video Node Assignment Between 2 TV Tuner Cards And USB Video Camera

Feb 27, 2011

I am trying to resolve an ongoing fight involving /dev/video node assignment between 2 TV Tuner cards and a USB video camera.

Each time I reboot the three devices seem to shuffle their /dev/video assignment. i.e. what was /dev/video0 (USB camera) after a reboot magically becomes /dev/video1.

This causes all kinds of grief between my MythBackend and ZoneMinder who expect the devices to have static assignments.

how to best solve this? I did a brief search and one solution appears to be to statically assign the devices.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Use Video Card (intel X4500 )

Aug 22, 2010

i just install ubuntu 10.4 linux 32.bit on my Pc and it's was running fine beside the video card (intel x4500 ) not supported in ubuntu anyway after i update about 251 package in ubuntu ,i restarted the pc after in the grub ...they show me 4 Ubuntu ! 2 for boot ubuntu and 2 for ubuntu recovery and 1 for windows 7 loader !

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: TV Card Setup - Get "No Tuner Is Available For The Selected Card"?

Jun 27, 2010

I got a vaio vgn-ar21s laptop that under yast reports to have a tv card: saa7131/saa7133/saa7135 Video Broadcast Decoder

However if I try to choose a tuner (bottom on the right bottom of the yast window for Manual TV card selection, I get "No tuner is available for the selected card".Can this be set up somehow under opensuse 11.2 ? I am running kernel x86_64

The card works under windows (I can see most digital tv channels [I am in the UK]), but I would prefer to use it under opensuse, of course.

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Ubuntu :: Mixing Up TV-Tuner And Sound Card?

Nov 17, 2010

A while ago I reinstalled Ubuntu on my PC when I felt that Windows was about to give up. I'm glad I did. A lot of the applications I had on my Mac had equivalents on Linux, I was delighted and I haven't been needing Windows at all.

Up until recently everything was working fine, but now I think Linux is mixing up my Sound Card with my TV Tuner. When I call someone using Skype, it ends up airing white noise, however, if I've watched TV prior to that, it ends up airing the sound from whatever channel I was watching last. If I turn on the video calling function (despite the fact that I haven't got any webcam plugged in) it ends up airing video from that same channel.

It just started doing this randomly, and as I did some experiments, I discovered that it does this with all audio-input applications. (Sound Recorder etc,)

So I installed Pulseaudio device manager, and I discovered that my soundcard isn't listed under output devices.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Set Up A Tv Tuner Card And Ruined OS?

Nov 19, 2010

A few nights ago, I was trying to set up a tv tuner card and I somehow ruined my OS. When I log into Ubuntu, all I get is errors and a blank screen. Since it was an older version, I decided to upgrade to the latest version, 10.10. So I figure that I get a live cd, transfer all my wanted files to an external drive, then install the new OS. I got the live cd and when I boot it, I get some picture at the bottom of my screen with some stick figure and what looks like a piece of film, then my monitor resets and says "Out of range" What can I do to fix this problem? I am currently on a Knoppix 2.6 live cd.

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Ubuntu :: Want To Get TV Tuner (Internal Or External) Card

Feb 22, 2011

Way back in the day when I was running Windows I used a Compro Tv Tuner Card which had nice, easy to use drivers for XP. Now that I'm using Ubuntu, I wouldn't mind getting another Card myself (old one died on me) and was wondering what brand was the most linux friendly so to speak?

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Fedora Hardware :: Unable To Use 12 With An Onchip Intel Video Card

Mar 30, 2010

I recently installed Fedora 12 and have tried it in different machines with different results. I am using HP laptops and can boot with no issues in one of them (HP NX7200), boot with compiz limitations in another (Compaq 6910p) and almost never get a proper boot on another (HP EliteBook 6930p). This last one is the one I want to check on, because even if I have got it to boot properly, most of the time it fails. I get to the login screen OK, but when trying to load the desktop, it usually fails and sends me back to the login screen. The driver in use is i915. I have tried to generate an Xorg.conf file and add a specific option, which I got from other people having the same issue. Here's the display section from my xorg.conf file:

Section "Device"
Identifier "Videocard0"
Driver "intel"
Option "Legacy3D" "true"

Looking into the last few lines from my Xorg.0.log file, I could see segmentation faults and messages that showed how the server was killed and the system would drop it. ometimes I can get this machine to boot (in fact, I am typing these lines from it). To achieve that, I run

su -c system-config-display

on one of the other laptops that work. That allows me to boot fine at least initially. Every time I get that right, I get a kernel crash message, which reports the following:

------------[ cut here ]------------
WARNING: at drivers/pci/dmar.c:616 check_zero_address+0x7d/0x191()
Hardware name: HP EliteBook 6930p
Your BIOS is broken; DMAR reported at address zero!


If I reboot/shutdown, I won't be able to boot again until I repeat the same workaround.

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Fedora :: Unable To Use VMware With Intel Video Card (Enabling 3D)

Jul 4, 2010

For those who want use in VMware guest 3D games or any, using intel graphics... (who cant enable it ) You must enable S3TC texture compression even if your card can't enable it!The software you must use is DRICONF... You can Download it at the package manager...

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Hardware :: Tv Tuner Card Recommendation?

Dec 13, 2008

I am needing a tv tuner card that is compatible with linux. My tv went out so i need to be able to hook up my directv receiver to the card.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Intex TV Tuner Card?

Jan 31, 2010

How do i install a intex TV tuner card
I am very new to ubuntu and only know to use a little of it.
I have a intex tv tuner card with FM.
how do i add this as my hardware
i wa earlier using windows XP and i also have drivers for XP and inter video Win DVR application for viewing TV on XP.

But on ubuntu how do i see TV and how do i install the card.

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Multimedia :: Looking For Best Video Card For Ubuntu?

Aug 7, 2010

I'm looking to replace my video card...

From what I can tell (From Looking at forums)
Nvidia is the way to go with Ubuntu

Just want to double check that, since the newest post I found was a couple years old.

The video card I have now should be more than good enough for me.
All I do is watch videos and brows online.

But videos and desktop effects are both very choppy.

I realize that if I take the time, I can probably get my card to work well, but I just don't have the time.

Looking for a new card between $100-$150 that will work perfect right out of the box.

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Multimedia :: Best Video Card For Ubuntu

Sep 2, 2010

After a post on the wine forums came to the discovery that my ATI radeon 4850 graphics card is causing much trouble in my ubuntu machine because of the lack of support. And because of that I cannot play my favorite games through wine. So now I'm saving some money to buy a new graphic card. A nvidia this time.
Now I don't know all that much about graphic cards, but I am looking for a card that works well on ubuntu that equals the performance of my old 4850 and fits my P5Q pro motherboard.
I myself don't know much about good graphic cards so if I go off to buy something without good advice I probably end up with something that does not work or fit or something like that.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Which Video Card To Buy?

Nov 29, 2010

We at church are going to build a new computer to use with Datasoul, therefore I need to use 3 monitors.I've been searching about it and it seems very hard to configure Ubuntu to use 3 monitors. I know in Windows it is very easy to configure, but our budget is very small and we cannot afford to purchase a Windows license, so I need to know which video cards to purchase in order to be easier to configure; ATI or NVidia?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Using The Video Card Nvidia 7800GT On An AMD4200, MB T6100 - Unable To Install From The Iso?

May 3, 2010

Using the video card Nvidia 7800GT on an AMD4200, MB T6100, I am unable to install from the iso, as progression is halted by a video mode that is unviewable. (black and white rows). I can get to the "f6" menu, however once I attempt an install it fails. My main goal is to install Mythbuntu, however the problem seems to be with the Unbuntu install drivers.This post worked to get around this on version 6.10, however these instructions no longer work. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=379807

Is there any way to use the newest Nvidia drivers that should work from a new install CD? I do not see a command line option, which would seem to allow me to install and update and setup the distro, THEN add my drivers before I run xconf.

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