Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Does Not Work For Skype And Firefox Flash In 10.04

May 1, 2010

I just freshly installed 10.04 and I found that the sound doesn't work with Firefox and with Skype2.1.0.81 (though I get perfect output in Amarok and I can record from the mic just fine using QARecord). I have an Intel ALC880 integrated card and neither issue was present in 9.10.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Change The Sound To The USB Headset (sound Output) The Webcam Does Not Work In Skype

Jun 21, 2010

I am using a USB headset and a logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 with Ubuntu 10.04

1. When I change the sound to internal sound the webcam works in Skype but I have not sound.
2. When I change the sound to the USB headset (sound output) the webcam does not work in Skype.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Skype - Pulseaudio - Sound Output Or Input Does Not Work At All Doesn't Work

Sep 11, 2010

When I installed my 64 bit system of Ubuntu 10.04 the sound worked very well and I were very happy. The problem started however when I installed Skype which uses pulseaudio. As soon as I start skype (or any other application that uses pulse, HoN for example) the applications sound output or input does not work at all. If I have pulseaudio started in some way, applications that I suppose do not use it like spotify or flash player stops to produce sounds. And when I type "pulseaudio" in the terminal it gives me this:


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Videos Have No Sound In Firefox

Feb 17, 2010

Using Ubuntu 9.04, Firefox 3.5, Flashplugin 10.0.45. Flash videos have no sound in Firefox. In Seamonkey they work nice. Tried unsuccessfully many solutions found here and other websites.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Firefox Flash Have Sound But No Video

Jan 2, 2011

When I play a flash vid (ex. from .....) I have sound but the entire screen is simply white. When I put my mouse where where the "play/pause" button should be I can click there and they work, but its all white. Flash in chrome works just fine, I use regular ubuntu repos. (ubuntu 10.04 32 bit)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Continues To Drop Out Of Flash In Firefox

May 14, 2010

Sound continues to drop out of flash in firefox. Reinstalling flash will bring it back, but it will drop out next browser session. All audio works in other applications. Skype, Last.fm, Rhythmbox, Amarok, Movie Player, etc. Even downloaded swf files will play sound. It's just in firefox, from what I can see so far. I don't know if Steve Jobs flying overhead in a black helicopter has anything to do with it, but perhaps.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound For Flash Video In Firefox - Kubuntu 10.10

Nov 6, 2010

I am having a problem getting sound to work in flash-videos in Kubuntu 10.10. My system currently has two working sound cards, the one integrated into my motherboard and the other is a USB Logitech headset. After installation, the speakers were set as my default output device which I did not want. I was able to move all the sounds over to the USB headset using phonon. While Amarok works, videos work (downloaded, wmv, avi, divx, etc) I cannot get flash video to work in Firefox. I set up my prefered device as the USB headset for everything in Phonon, but still the sound will only come out of my integrated soundcard (speakers). I'm not sure what exactly I am missing, I set everything up, but still it's a no go. What switch did I miss? I haven't used Kubuntu for a while, but i'm pretty sure this worked fine in Ubuntu 9.04 (when I last used it).

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: 11.3 - Flash Player / Firefox (No Sound)

Nov 26, 2010

I cannot hear anything from flash player or firefox
no sound

Definition of pending adjective from Cambridge Dictionary Online: Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus I cannot hear the pronunciation of the world. Τhe sound chip (Realtek ALC88B) is embedded in the motherboard. I think the problem started after an update.
YaST2-> Sound Configuration

SBx00 Azalia(Intel HDA)
* Configured as sound card number 0
* Driver snd-hda-intel
Radeon X1200 Series Audio Controller
* Configured as sound card number 1
* Driver snd-hda-intel
on the down right corner

Other-> PulseAudio_Configuration
an error message apears PulseAudio is not installed or cannot be configured.
If I try to install the package alsa-plugins-pulse
!alsa-plugins-pulse-1.0.23-1.9i586 requires pulseaudio, but this requirement cannot be provided.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Lost All Sound On Flash After Firefox Updated - Or Shortly Thereafter

Aug 7, 2010

lost all sound on flash after firefox updated (or shortly thereafter)

in other words videos and the like are silent (which is a kind of a blessing, really).

10.04lts 32bit
firefox 3.6.8 - (for ubuntu - canonical 1.0)
flash 1.0.10 (tried r&r already)
external usb sound card, desktop system

sound works great everywhere else, including mp3's on web through firefox. i searched the forum, of course, but didn't find anything that seemed relevant or up-to-date.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Sound Crashes Unexpectedly In Firefox Flash

May 2, 2010

flash version 10.0 r45 in firefox plays video, graphics, and sound just fine. however, while i'm playing a video on videos, or listening to pandora, the sound could unexpectedly crash. when this happens, sound doesn't just stop playing. it keeps playing but loops the sound every second or so - it's kind of strange to describe; the sentence, "hello, how are you?" could sound like "he-he-he-he ar-ar you-you-you". has anyone experienced this? i say it happens 'unexpectedly' because i can't replicate the crash on demand, but it happens in every firefox session. it seems that it does not matter what i'm doing - i've tried crashing it by making a flash video full screen and exiting continuously etc. because sometimes it happens when i'm going to full screen or changing tabs.

however, most of the time it happens when i'm not even touching the computer - i'm not sure if some background process can cause flash's buffer to overflow, or whatever. other times, it doesn't even need me to play anything for it to crash the sound in flash - it could loop sound from the first time i tried playing it in flash in that ff session. even when i exit firefox or pause the sound it takes a few second for the loops to stop. however, when i restart firefox the sound is fine until it crashes again and i have to restart, again! i tried removing libflashsupport as i read in other threads that it causes sound issues - no luck there. i uninstalled, installed and all that jazz. tried strace - doesn't report any flash errors for some reason, or as far as i can understand.

i also installed the flash debugger for use with the firebug extension, flashbug addon in firefox, but i'm not getting anything there either - i think it can't locate the flash debugger, although it lists the right version. i haven't had this problem with chromium yet, but i mostly use it when flash sound in firefox crashed and i don't want to reload ff; i think they use the same 'libflashplayer.so'? also, just to clarify, sound from the mplayer plugin works fine, and when the sound crashes in flash it does not cause ff to crash and quit. firefox continues to run normally but when i play sound in flash it starts looping. i've had sound problems in the past and i'm thinking there is something i messed up in the packages i have installed. i uninstalled pulseaudio because it was the only way i could find to get my skype working. how would i know if there are conflicting elements?

here's what i get from 'lsof | grep snd':
firefox 956 angelos mem chr 116,4 3850 /dev/snd/pcmc0d0p
firefox 956 angelos 120r chr 116,2 0t0 3751 /dev/snd/timer
firefox 956 angelos 122u chr 116,4 0t0 3850 /dev/snd/pcmc0d0p
firefox 956 angelos 123u chr 116,8 0t0 3874 /dev/snd/controlc0
keytouchd 4518 angelos 4u chr 116,8 0t0 3874 /dev/snd/controlc0
knotify4 4683 angelos 12u chr 116,8 0t0 3874 /dev/snd/controlc0
kmix 4690 angelos 10u chr 116,8 0t0 3874 /dev/snd/controlc0
keytouchd 8563 angelos 4u chr 116,8 0t0 3874 /dev/snd/controlc0

it seems to me like there should be a conflict between all those using the same sound control? however, why would it just happen unexpectedly? also, is there a way that i could dissociate sound from firefox without having to reload a whole session with many tabs?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Random Flash/Shockwave Objects Refuse To Work In Firefox

Jan 6, 2010

i run ubuntu 9.10 64-bit, using firefox 3.5.6 (courtesy of ubuntuzilla) as my web browser. i've had a problem with some flash and/or shockwave objects simply refusing to work inside firefox, despite having 64-bit flash player and all necessary plugins/addons/extras etc. installed.

there is no pattern to the problems, other than all of them being flash or shockwave objects that won't play. the majority of videos videos do play, including hd ones. however, this morning i encountered a pair of videos clips that simply would not play. i could load the page they were on, but all i ever saw was a black box, with no audio, where the video should have been.

i also noticed that on some of the videos that do play, the flash player's built-in volume control does nothing. i can slide it up or down or mute it entirely, but the sound from the flash video is unaffected.

i'll post urls of the problem videos later, so others can try them.

meanwhile i was able to watch other videos videos without issue, on another tab, aside from the broken flash player volume control.

i've also had a problem with the [url] player for a radio station, which i believe uses shockwave. i like to listen to atlanta, ga's wsb 750 am radio in the mornings before work, but so far i have to do it on a virtual windows xp machine running firefox 3.5.6, under virtualbox. if i try to open the player in firefox 3.5.6 running in the host os (ubuntu 9.10), i get only a blank popup window. url is [url]; click the "listen live" box at upper left to try it.

both machines, the host ubuntu 9.10 install and the guest windows xp machine, use exactly the same ad-blocking hosts file. i use the noscript addon in the host os install of firefox, but i allow any and all scripts when visiting the radio station's website.

since the streaming radio works on the virtual xp machine, i'm pretty sure my network configuration, hosts file etc. have nothing to do with this.

has anyone else had this problem? the flash content really should be agnostic with respect to the host os and browser, shouldn't it?

i guess it could be some random problem with the 64-bit vs. the 32-bit version of the flash plugin, so i may try instaling 32-bit ubuntu on a virtual machine to find out whether there's a difference.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: When Sound At Remote Sink Flash Doesn't Work

Jan 23, 2010

i just reported a bug to launchpad (#511562. i'm not sure if this bug is in flashplugin-installer or pulseaudio.when i use firefox or chrome for watching a flash video from videos for example, all works good. i then transfer the sound to a remote sink using sound preferences > output > internal audio analog stereo on myuser@otherhost. after this is done, the flash video halts. this is also true if i restart firefox and start a new video, already having transferred the sound. sometimes you can see the video taking huge skips forward. for example, on a 3 minute music video, i see 3-4 different frames from different places in the video. the sound is ok though! 100% reproducible and if i transfer the sound back to local speakers the video resumes and plays perfectly.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play Streaming Flash Videos Online - Sound Does Not Work

Apr 25, 2010

running kubuntu 9.10 karmic koala, and my sound settings -at first glance- seem to be in order... a strange thing is occurring, is my machine haunted? my sound works when:

a. the machine boots up
b. files are played in dragon player
c. the machine shuts down

my sound does not work when:

1. i try to play streaming flash videos online (e.g. videos videos show the image but no sound will play)
2. the same goes for vlc media player: images yes, sound no.
3. i use skype *edit: additional problem*

i made no changes, that i know of, to my machine before this started happening. one day everything was working fine and i turned off my machine to go to sleep. the next day, i turn on my machine, and surprise, the sound doesn't work in some instances.

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CentOS 5 :: No Sound/mic With Skype And Flash-plugin?

May 18, 2009

I have installed flash-plugin from rpmforge, video on flash sites works, but audio doesn't. Similarly neither the audio or mic works in skype. The soundcard is definitely recognised and I can change the levels using alsamixer. Furthermore, sound works in mplayer. Using CentOS 5.3 64bit fully up todate with rpmforge and adobe repositories enabled.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Flash Doesn't Work In Firefox After Most Recent Flash Plugin Update (10.10)

May 19, 2011

Flash is no longer working in Mozilla Firefox after the most recent flash plugin update. I couldn't find any information on it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Skype On Ubuntu 10.04 - Sound Devices - Recording Is "PulseAudio Server (local)" - Doesn't Work

May 22, 2010

I just installed skype 2.1 beta 2 (the deb file) from the skype website, but the only option I see under Sound Devices -> Recording is "PulseAudio Server (local)" This doesn't work for me, as the skype test calls don't actually record anything I say. I use skype a lot and FINALLY got it working under karmic, but I needed to upgrade to lucid and now it's broken.

When I open Sound preferences and look at the Applications section, Skype shows up as recording when I run its test call... but no sound is recorded? How is it possible that my sound card picks up something recording but doesn't actually record it when I'm in skype?

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General :: Mic Does Not Work With Skype - Samba - Adobe Flash And Fonts

Jan 3, 2011

I installed xubuntu 10.10 on my old eeepc and as usual I have problems with windows-"thing". The mic does not work with Skype and im not going so spend more time fixing it. Samba only works with manual mount so i will write a script and maybe this can be integrated in Thunar. Adobe Flash 10 only works sometimes. And of course im missing some fonts. I moved from MS to not have MS problems(or closed source problems) and i cant escape. Skype and Adobe flash are really some real shit in a technical view but they have the market. Thats the problem.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Video When Flash Block Unblocks Flash Objects In Firefox?

Oct 23, 2010

i'm in 64 bit kubuntu, with the the nswrapper in 10.10http://www.metacafe.comin firefox i get the sound but not the video in metacafe, when the video is unblocked by flash block. Others have the same problem?

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Ubuntu :: None Of Sound Devices Work With Skype Anymore?

Jan 24, 2010

I use Kubuntu 9.10 on my desktop and UNR 9.10 on my netbook... both worked just fine before(with every version of Ubuntu since 8.04), but I didn't use them for a little while with 9.10 and nothing from either of them... Logitech USB headset and the IPV Free2 USB phone.... granted I couldn't use all the features with the Free2 phone before but I could still use it to talk with skype. When I go to sound devices in skype, they are both recognized by the system... but just will not work no matter what.

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Fedora :: Skype Sound Does Not Work After Update

Mar 1, 2010

I am working for Fedora 12 installed on my laptop, and skype has worked. I was able to speak, able to listen and everything (besides some installation problems) was working fine.

Then I allowed Fedora to update(or bugfix or enhacement) some items of my system.

Now when I click on the loudspeaker symbol in the panel and open the mixer I see various tabe for sound input and output. Finally a good idea, and I even have a slide for skype!

But it does not work, I don't hear anything from skype (version

I am able to record and playback via arecord/aplay, so in principal it should work. Any ideas what is wrong? Maybe a bug in a bugfix?

Some more informations for the pros:

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Flash Audio - Can't Hear Any Sound From Flash Content Displayed In Fire Fox

Sep 26, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 AMD64 beta. After installing the flash player, everything worked fine. I installed a few updates, as well as Ubuntu Stuido from the synaptic package manager, and when I rebooted, I can't hear any sound from flash content displayed in Fire Fox. All other sounds work fine, and I made another user account as a test, and that account has full audio functionality, including flash...

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Ubuntu :: Upgraded To 10.04 - Cannot Get Skype To Work - Sound Is Very Patchy And Hence Unintelligable

Jun 18, 2010

I have recently upgraded to 10.04 and try as i will I cannot get Skype to work. Sound is very patchy and hence unintelligable. Worked fine in 8.04 usung alsa.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Update - No Sound For Flash

Jun 26, 2010

Flash was updated two days ago on my system:

Since then, I have been unable to get any sound out of flash. All other sound sources work fine.

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CentOS 5 :: Skype Cannot Play Sound On Default Device / Get That To Work?

Jan 19, 2011

Forgive my newness, but here goes. I installed CentOS 5.5 on a Dell with a Soundblaster card. The soundcard config utility recognizes the device as:
Vendor: Creative Labs
Model: CA0106 SoundBlaster
Module: snd-ca0106
I am able to play the default sound in the utility, however, I get no sound when I select the device in Skype as Default Device CA0106. Is there a permission somewhere I am missing, because I noticed when I try to play an internet radio stream using Shockwave Flash, I also have no audio.

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OpenSUSE :: No Sound With Flash In Firefox

Sep 17, 2010

I am not really sure where i should put this, in apps or in multimedia so i just threw it in here. I am running openSUSE 11.2 i568 with Firefox 3.6.10 and I cant get sound to work with flash videos such as videos on ..... and songs like on myspace.

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Ubuntu :: Flash With Working Sound But No Video In Firefox.

Dec 18, 2010

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop, and I can't see flash in Firefox. I can hear flash, but not see it. I'm not sure when this started, because I haven't been using Firefox in a while. I've been using Chrome but now I want to use Firefox 4 beta (which also has the same flash problem as Firefox).

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Fedora :: Mic Doesn't Work In F12 - Skype Isn't Working Nor Is Gnome-sound-recorder

Nov 20, 2009

I basically can't get my mic to work in F12. After several releases fighting with pulseaudio, F11 finally worked almost OBO, after going to system->preferences->advanced sound configuration and setting all the input volumes to the maximum. But now there's no advanced sound configuration tool, and I just can't find anything to make it work. Skype isn't working, nor is gnome-sound-recorder. I do record some static, but nothing more. By the way, I'm on an Acer Timeline 3810T.

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OpenSUSE :: No Sound In Firefox Flash Videos?

Apr 4, 2010

I am using openSUSE 11.2 64-bit with Firefox 3.5.8 and Shockwave Flash plugin 10.0 r45. I am getting only video but no sound in Flash videos. Exactly how do I fix this?

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Software :: No Sound In Flash On Firefox Browser

Aug 13, 2010

Since the last firefox update I got no sound in flash on both my Acer Aspire 3614WLMi (Ubuntu 10.04) and my Asus Eee 900 (were I'm currently testing Jolicloud 1.0). I have tried to uninstall everything flash on both of them and then downloading flash from Adobe and reinstalling. This helps after a reboot, but then after closing Firefox I got the same problem when I restart it. I have also tried the fixes on this site with no result: [URL]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Ringing Sound For Skype / Get That?

Jul 1, 2010

I installed skype, and all the sound works, except for the fact that it doesn't ring when someone calls me!!! All i see is a little pop up that says someone is calling me, but I cannot hear the ringtone. When i pick up, i hear the other end clearly, there's just no ringtone with someone calls me

Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

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