Ubuntu Multimedia :: Record Flash Video Streaming Into Multiple Files?

Jul 12, 2010

I am trying to record streaming flash video to multiple files each limiting upto 10 mins.Thinking of two possible ways to script,1) saving the files with 10 minute time limit on the fly as I record2) record the whole video as single file and split into multiple files with time limit.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Choppy Playback Of Streaming Flash Video On Lenovo Ideapad S10-2

Oct 26, 2010

when i play streaming video in any browser (tried firefox, chrome, opera, and midori), the playback is severely and unwatchably choppy. sometimes it'll be ok for a few seconds and then devolve into choppiness, but usually it's just choppy right off the bat. the audio is just fine, by the way.the odd thing is, videos works just fine, but only if i stick to 360p. anything higher yields the same results. downloaded videos work just fine as well. i've noticed this on vevo.com, cracked.com, and southparkstudios.com. (my age is showing! ) i just tested it on an html5 video from the html5 site and that worked just fine, as well, so i think this is a flash-specific problem.

right now i'm using xubuntu maverick, but i've used both lucid and maverick of xubuntu and ubuntu netbook remix (all 32-bit). i'm using a lenovo ideapad s10-2 (a netbook), and the video card is intel gma 950. i can get more specific if necessary. i've tried both the open source and non-free versions of flash (latest versions, of course) with no difference. i even tried uninstalling flash and using chrome's built-in flash plugin, also with no difference.

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Ubuntu :: Record / Capture Live Streaming Video - Audio From A Website?

Oct 9, 2010

Is there any way to record/capture live streaming video/audio from a website?

I think the file will be .swf something to do with Flash and Macromedia
i have tried all kinds of downloader to no available.Thanks for your help....

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Record Streaming Audio From SWF?

Feb 2, 2010

I would like to record the audio from a streaming audio swf file. The site is:[URL]I found how to record audio from flash files (ie. .....) but not streaming from swf. Would anyone know how to do this?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Record Streaming Audio In 10.04

Sep 5, 2010

Use Freecorder in Win7 to record streaming audio and save it as an mp3. Anyone know of a similar program for Ubuntu 10.04? Tried Sound Recorder but I guess that's just for a microphone. Streamripper only seems to work on ShoutCast.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Way To Record Streaming Audio From Integrated Motherboard

Aug 4, 2010

Is there a way to record streaming audio from an integrated motherboard.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Flash Player - Video Streaming Seased - Wouldn't Load It Stays Searching Forever

Jan 20, 2011

I have been using this thread for a couple of days and just getting exposed to the vast world of ubuntu after succesfully partitoning the hard drive through a live cd. (a copy of linux for dummies book)So naturally after getting adjusted to the new os I started seeking for downloadable media and applications.Started with flashplayer last night and installed after watching some videos.But when I tried the same thing with vlc through the terminal command; sudo apt-get vlc

The video streaming seased because they wouldn't load it stays searching forever! Now ..... doesn't work.I am afraid that by tampering with the command it also affected the flash player file.This is an ethernet connection , 100 mb/s, netgear router.

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Programming :: Split Multi Line Record Into Multiple Files With Awk?

Nov 11, 2009

I have a large file 'NS0923.csv' with data like the following. There are two records in this multi-record sample.


E60898,4578910,03/06/09,BEN BOYD RD,61,82,,,127,3,,52000.3046.001,3155,4.00,,PLT,1356,1.00,05/06/09,Y,Y,0551
,,,,,,,,,,,,4057,1.00,CLEAN CAR SHARE SIGN,LAB,0551,1.00,,,,


2. I still have to create a file 'transaction.csv' that should retrieve data from $13 - $15 with the identifying column $1. Required output:


E60898,4057,1.00,CLEAN CAR SHARE SIGN

3. And finally another file 'quantity.csv'. Retrieving data from $16 - $18 with identifier $1. Required output:




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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Audio / Music Without Flash

Jan 7, 2011

Have any of the main music streaming sites (ex. Pandora, Rhapsody, Grooveshark, etc.) made it possible to stream audio without using flash, (other than via iPhone apps)? Have any of them made any strides with regard to implementing html5 functionality?

I know html5 will make more options available for streaming audio over the web, but I have not seen or used html5 for anything yet. The only method that I know of for streaming audio without flash, although I haven't tried it, is via html5 video on ...... This is certainly a suboptimal method for streaming music since the audio quality cannot be guaranteed and is likely mediocre. Nonetheless, I've heard that it works. Also, as a second unrelated question, are there any open source flash players that you guys have used to stream audio from these music sites? I tried a group of different players like Gnash about 6 months ago and failed to stream Pandora or Grooveshark.

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Server :: Media Streaming - Process Video Files ?

Feb 1, 2011

I was just wondering if there is a software package that will allow my linux server to process video files (mainly AVI and MKV) so that they can be streamed over the network or Internet. I obviously wouldn't be able to stream files between 600MB and 8GB over the Internet and have it play smoothly. What my plan is to setup something so that I can stream my videos over the Internet when I am not home. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Or maybe there's a software that can break the video file into "parts" and only send out blocks at specific intervals?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash For 6.6 For Videos And Internet Radio Streaming?

Mar 13, 2010

I have Ubuntu on both my machines but my older machine is a Duron with 128 mb of ram. Because of that, I have Xubuntu 6.06 on it. It runs very well. So well, I wondered if I could use it to stream internet radio or even videos. Problem is, I can't find flash for it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Video (NFS) To Netbook?

Feb 4, 2010

I have a ubuntu desktop running 9.04 and a Acer Netbook running UNR 9.04.Using NFS I have shared my videos from the desktop and have it automounted at start up on the netbook. I can navigate to the files but once I click play, the netbook locks up.Is this a limitation on my hardware or is there a better way to "stream" these vids?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Video (MP4) To PS3 And/or Xbox 360

Mar 3, 2010

I would like to stream my HD Movie collection over a wireless network to my PS3 and/or Xbox 360.

All my movie files are MP4s and I wondering if it is possible to do this. If possible, I'd like to use the VLC player to do this but its not too important. I really really really do not want to sacrifice any video or sound quality while streaming.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: IP Camera Video Streaming

Apr 6, 2010

My local priest has asked me if I can use my computer skills to stream church services live for people who can't make it to church.I said, sure thing! I thought it would be simple, but the deeper I look into it, the more lost I have become!Here's the tech requirements:

- A camera with good optical zoom and focused on the altar (the camera will be stationed at an unobtrusive point at the back of the church on the choir balcony)
- Everything must be wireless (power is available on choir balcony to power the camera).
- Sound should be synchronised perfectly with the video (have access to the church PA system - located behind altar)
- the internet connection should be able to upload the stream to a virtual server (i.e. with root access) that's accessible to the web with ease. What upload speed would I need? Would 256k be enough? HD video is not required - ..... quality would be great. We can upgrade to HD at a later point in time!
- What bandwidth requirement would my server need if say 1000 users were connected? Seeing as they would most likely be locals, would just one stream be sent to the local exchange and that exchange would send out the stream to the 1,000 users, or would each user have to have a dedicated connection to the server?
- Say I bought a camcorder with HDMI output, what kind of processing power would I need to convert this to compressed video? (I've got an old Pentium 4 and an AMD64 2.0GHz lying idle in my bedroom and it would be great to make use of 'em instead of chucking 'em on the skip)
- I'd like all this to be done so that HTML5 browsers can access the video, resorting to flash if necessary
- I'd also like to be able to power down all the hardware with ease: i.e. set a timer. I'm sure ubuntu can do this with ease? What about configuring the camera to zoom in every time it is powered on? Can linux control the zoom on a camcorder?
- Am I totally nuts?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Video Over The Internet?

Jun 16, 2010

I've got a NAS mounted on a linux machine, and here at another location, I have my Ubuntu laptop. I'm able to remotely, securely mount the directory my NAS is mounted on in the linux machine onto my laptop via sshfs, giving me remote access to my NAS via my laptop.The problem I'm having is.. even though I have a high downstream at the laptop end, and a hefty 1mb upstream at my home, I still can't quite stream the movies I have stored on it. I can stream them, but there is a lot of stuttering.I've tried messing around w/ various options w/ mplayer, but I can only improve it slightly at best. Am I missing something? Is it a size issue that it comes down to? The files are roughly 700mb for a 1 1/2 - 2 hr avi file.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Video Is Choppy

Aug 8, 2010

When I play streaming video on hulu or other sites it is choppy. However, the sound is fine. Video files play fine when I download them.I experience this problem in both Firefox and Chrome. I have a 10MB connection on other Linux desktops the streaming video is fine.I imagine it is a flash issue, but I have the latest flash v10.1.The other solution would be a video downloader for streaming video. I have not found one that works on Linux.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Video Is No Good

Nov 1, 2010

I am elevating this thread up a level from [url] . Ubuntu 9.10 no longer streams without the screen pausing and going black every 2 minutes! Our product was just going into production and now we need to hopefully find a version of Ubuntu that streams video! We couldn't go with Unbuntu 10.04 because the video streaming was 30% slower than 9.10.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Updated To 11.04, Now Have Streaming Video?

May 22, 2011

Like the title says, I just updated to 11.04, and now I am having trouble with streaming video. ..... is fine, however I can't seem to watch video on mlb.com

The following do not work:

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Log Into CNN Live Streaming Video / Fix It?

Aug 3, 2011

I'm not sure this is, strictly speaking, an Ubuntu problem (although it may be), but people around here seem to be more knowledgeable than they are anywhere else, so it's worth a try.

CNN recently started offering its news station on live streaming video for those who get CNN from a participating cable provider. For better or worse, I get CNN on Comcast, so no problem there.

Except for lagging video because lack of processing speed, it all works fine on my netbook, on which I have Ubuntu 10.04 installed.

But on my desktop, where I'm using Ubuntu 11.04, no such luck. The problem is the same regardless of whether I'm using Opera, Firefox or Chrome.

I can go to http://cnn.com/video and get the standard video streams (not CNN live) just fine. When I click on the "Live" button and then the "Unlock Live TV" button, I get, as expected, the "Sign in to watch live TV" dialogue box. So I click on Comcast, log in correctly, and am returned to the main screen. The page appears to be loading correctly, and then I get the "Sign in to watch live TV" dialogue box again. No matter how many times I try, that's what I keep on getting.

If this didn't work on my netbook, I'd just assume that for some reason the setup is Linux-unfriendly, but now I'm determined to get this working.

I've checked my plugin settings on my browsers and nothing seems amiss. I've tried deleting all cookies, persistent storage, Flash cookies and all such things, but to no avail. Even though I had the most recent version, I even uninstalled and reinstalled Flash, but that didn't change anything.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Anything That Can Be Done To Increase Video Streaming Performance?

Jan 19, 2010

Is there anything that can be done to increase video streaming performance?The general impression I got is that it's mainly an adobe problem and not much can be done, though currently streaming is nearly unwatchable. When I switch from full screen to normal size many of the players freeze, ..... HD is unwatchable etc.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get Video Streaming Working To Iphone?

Sep 29, 2010

I am trying to get video streaming working to my iphone. I have everything working fine using Handbrake to convert to .m4v. I takes a 2.2gig and compresses it down to about 550 megs. Then I am just posting a link to a web page for now for the iphone to open.

It all works but after about 4 - 5 mins of video it needs to buffer. Is there anything I can do when encoding them to help? or is there some kind of video staging server that can be used?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Finding A App For Saving Streaming Video?

Nov 21, 2010

dose anyone know a app for saving streaming video.. this is not for videos btw. it is for gomtv,

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Streaming On Ancient Hardware?

Jan 10, 2011

I've recently found a Dell Optiplex GX110 - about 10 years old with a Pentium III. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 no problems, and it behaves quite well, despite its age.However, if I try and stream video from web sites (....., bbc etc), the result is underwhelming - very jumpy images, although sound is fine. Interestingly, viewing video files through VLC does not have such an issue - it seems to be OK - it is just http streaming (typically Flash) where I observed the issue.I found an old graphics card - a ATI Radeon 7000 and installed it. However, I saw no improvement in streaming video performance. I was a little surprised, but would like to understand the reason - is it:the card is so low spec it would not make a difference, or is it that:the card *ought* to make a difference, but is not configured and/or performing correctlyNote that Ubuntu appears to correctly find the card - lspci shows it correctly identified.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Setting Up A Streaming Video Server?

Jan 31, 2011

I am trying to set up a video streaming server on my Gnu/Linux Ubuntu 10.10. I want to be able to stream videos that I have on my computer to my friends who aren't on my network.streaming audio applications but that won't help me. Most of the tools available are only for sharing within your own network.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Capture Streaming Video / Grab These?

Feb 13, 2011

Up untill this week I used to grab a streamed video from my root/tmp file. Video is nolonger streamed to this file. What has happened? and how can I grab streamed video?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Video To Android Tablet

Apr 5, 2011

I'm using an Ubuntu desktop box as a home server and I want to be able to stream videos across the network to my Android devices wirelessly, however a plain UPNP server will not do, I also want to be able to password protect the streaming server so that only I will be able to view the videos without anyone else in the network being able to see my personal video library, is there any way I can do something like that?The devices in question are a Google Nexus One running Android 2.3.3 and a Motorola Xoom running Android 3.0.1.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Record Music Streams Coming From Flash

Apr 25, 2011

I would like to record music streams on my computer, coming from the Firefox FLASH plugin, with audacity or something else.In ancient times I had a soundcard that allowed to enable loopback by sw, but my current soundcard (realtec ALC88 doesn't support it. I am looking for a sw based solution to record the sound (not a hw loopback cable). I need a GUI.I tried JACK, but this is horribly complicated, Audacity seems to support it, but does the FLASH player? Anyhow, I never got any sound stream rerouted to audacity through JACK.Isn't there a simple solution that allows to tap the digital audio stream at the output of the Flash player and write it to a file

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.10 - Cannot Record Both Audio And Video

Jun 6, 2011

For some reason, I cannot record video with cheese. I cannot record video and audio on ....., just video. I can record audio on sound recorder. Why can't I get both? I have an e-machines (acer)em-250, 2g ram, 2ghz intel atom processor. Using Moon Os 4 neak (ubuntu 10.10 variant). I have downloaded and installed ffmpeg, and all other codecs. I can also get video on google voice and video, but no audio. Obviously I have a built-in webcam and mic. I've had this problem with every ubuntu distro I've tried since Oct. of 2010. This netbook came with Win. xp, and I had no problems with this issue then. I would just REALLY like to be able to use my webcam and be able to record video and audio.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play Streaming Flash Videos Online - Sound Does Not Work

Apr 25, 2010

running kubuntu 9.10 karmic koala, and my sound settings -at first glance- seem to be in order... a strange thing is occurring, is my machine haunted? my sound works when:

a. the machine boots up
b. files are played in dragon player
c. the machine shuts down

my sound does not work when:

1. i try to play streaming flash videos online (e.g. videos videos show the image but no sound will play)
2. the same goes for vlc media player: images yes, sound no.
3. i use skype *edit: additional problem*

i made no changes, that i know of, to my machine before this started happening. one day everything was working fine and i turned off my machine to go to sleep. the next day, i turn on my machine, and surprise, the sound doesn't work in some instances.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Server To Create A Video Streaming Website?

Jan 12, 2010

I'm trying to install a new ubunto server , to create a video streaming website , and live legal channel broadcasting. what all I should install in my server to broadcast my channels. Channel stream uses windows media player or flash player. Dynamic content can be managed with PHP programming language How do justin Tv or livestream , get video from users to broadcast channels ? [URL]

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