Ubuntu Multimedia :: Optical Out From TV Into The SPDIF / Optical In On PC

Jul 5, 2010

I currently have the following:-

Optical Out from my TV into the SPDIF / Optical In on my PC
Optical Out from my PC into my Sony 5.1 Theatre Kit

The audio from the PC comes through ok when listening to music and movies. But unfortunately I can figure out how to enable the audio passthrough from my Tv so that the audio comes out of my theatre kit. In Sound Preferences, the hardware is set to 1 Output / 1 Input [Digital Stereo (IEC95 Output + Digital Stereo (IEC95 Input]. When I click on the audio tab, the Input Volume is at 100% and the Input Level is moving in conjunction with the audio coming from the Tv.

I saw it mentioned in another thread to install Gnome Alsa Mixer which I've done, it seeems to identify the audio chipset as Realtek ALC882, the motherboard is an Abit AB9 Pro. Hopefully I'm missing some config somewhere or there a box I should be ticking but I just can't find it.

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Slackware :: No Optical Drive Found - K3b Did Not Find Any Optical Device In Your System

May 22, 2010

I dont know when k3b stopped working but have just gone to burn a disk and when opening it tells me

Quote: No optical drive found. K3b did not find any optical device in your system. Solution: Make sure HAL daemon is running, it is used by K3b for finding devices.

I can boot from cd and can mount cds from within Slackware but for some reason k3b insists that i don't have a drive.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Get Optical Out To Work On 10.04?

May 5, 2010

My sound card is an HT Omega Striker, and it worked fine with 9.04. I did a fresh install of 10.04 and I can't get optical/SPDIF/IEC958/whatever to work. I only use the optical out (mostly with Rythmbox, if that matters). I know I had to enable IEC958(?) on 9.04 to get it working, but that didn't work this time around. The sound card is found fine, so this is really pissing me off.

card 0: CMI8762 [C-Media CMI8762], device 0: CMI8738-MC8 [C-Media PCI DAC/ADC]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Optical Output Stereo Only / Why Is So?

Jul 26, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04, with Myth 0.24 and XBMC 10.1. Hardware is an Asus P8H67-M Pro mobo which I bought specifically because it boasts an optical output, which I need to send 5.1 sound to my receiver.

My plan is to set up MythTV for watching TV, and have it send stereo sound directly to the TV via HDMI. This part is working fine.

And then set up XBMC to play my collection of ripped and recorded video, with the sound always going via optical spdif to the receiver. I did have this working on a prototype (different mobo) but now I have my "final" hardware I can't get this bit to go.

The issue seems to be that the OS is only seeing the Optical output as a stereo device - for example if I go System Settings - Sound I can see two hardware devices - "Digital Stereo HDMI" and "Digital Stereo Duplex (IEC95"

I'm new to this area of Linux, so would really appreciate some pointers - I've spent the last couple of hours reading immensely long threads and not getting any wiser! code...

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Debian Multimedia :: K3b No Optical Drive Found

Apr 3, 2011

I tried to burn a cd today and k3b told me it couldn't find an optical device. It suggested making sure HAL was running, it is. Nothing has changed except auto upgrades, so I tried an apt-get upgrade to see if that would make a difference. It didn't. Burning has never been an issue before, and googling all day hasn't provided any answers, apart from finding /etc/init.d/hal The permissions haven't been changed.

james@Lenny:~$ ls -l /media
total 8
drwxr-x--- 2 root root 4096 Feb 12 00:14 apt
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 Jan 21 2009 cdrom -> cdrom0
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jan 21 2009 cdrom0

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: ALC889A Digital Optical - No Sound In Firefox / VLC

Jan 20, 2010

I have a GA-MA785GMT-UD2H with ALC889A audio. I hooked up the optical cable and now only get sound from amarok. I don't get any sound from firefox or vlc. I looked at other posts but all refer to ubuntu and pulseaudio. I want to be able to use the optical out for all audio i.e firefox(flash) and vlc.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB - How To Get 5.1 - Home Theater System With Optical?

May 29, 2010

I bought the Creative X-Fi 5.1 Surround USB card today and it works flawlessly with my 5.1 speaker set that I use for my computer. However, in the next few days, I'm getting a 5.1 home theater system to which I want to hook up both my new SACD player and my PC.

I got the Creative because it has an optical output, so it should allow me to send 5.1 audio to the receiver. I'm a bit confused, though, because when I look at my hardware tab in the Sound Preferences, I only have the options that I attached to choose from. There is no digital/optical multichannel profile in there.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Samsung SH-S222A Optical Drive Locks Up System?

Oct 27, 2010

The culprit is a Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology 222A CD/DVD RW drive, aka SH-S222A, sold under the Samsung brand. It occasionally locks up my entire system when I'm ripping an audio CD to a *.toc/*bin image with Brasero. I've had this happen with several different audio CDs, while ripping discs using both Imgburn under Windows XP and Brasero under Ubuntu 10.04. The display freezes completely, the mouse cursor doesn't move, and I can't get any response to keyboard input. Any sounds playing loop endlessly, repeating the last 0.5 sec or so before the cursor freeze. Meanwhile, the hard drive activity light stays on, but the optical drive light does not. I've let the system sit this way for several minutes, with no sign of change. To recover, I must press the system reset button.

I ripped the same discs without incident, using my other optical drive. It is a different brand, Lite-On, but otherwise similar to the Samsung drive: PATA interface, CD/DVD RW, etc. Anyone else have the Samsung SH-S222A? I'm wondering whether there is a bug in the drive's firmware, or I just have a defective drive. It works for other things. I can play audio CDs, access CD-ROMs, and rip audio CDs to individual tracks (rather than a disc image). I can also rip DVDs. Is there some way to recover my system when it locks up from drive misbehavior? I haven't found a way so far. I'm surprised that Ubuntu can be incapacitated so easily.

The SH-S222A has the most recent firmware revision, SB01. I tried to install the newer ID01 firmware from Samsung's website, but got a message that the installer couldn't find a "suitable" drive. I take that to mean that the ID01 firmware is meant for a slightly different variant of the -S222A, perhaps one only sold overseas. Yep, that's pretty much it. My drive's customer code is BEBE. Firmware ID01 is for drives with a different customer code.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Get Sound To Work Via Optical Out On Intel HDA / Realtek ALC1200 In 11.04?

May 19, 2011

Basically what the title says.I have an ASUS P7P55 WS SUPERCOMPUTER motherboard with the latest BIOS.

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Ubuntu :: K3B No Optical Devices Found?

May 29, 2010

i've been having this problem since lucid, in both ubuntu and kubuntu, though im currently running kubuntu wich is why i tagged it that way.I open k3b, and it immediately tells me there's no optical device/drive...Then i "wodim --devices" and it returns

wodim: Overview of accessible drives (0 found) :
well that sucks, next stop "wodim --scanbus"


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Ubuntu :: Use The Optical Output On Computer?

Jan 30, 2011

Is it possible to use the optical output on my computer using ubuntu and how you would go about doing so without the original drivers? The sound preferences menu doesn't seem to find it..

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing With No Optical - USB Boot Or FDD

Jan 18, 2010

I have a Dell Lattitude LS. It gets used for very light web browsing, RDP into my main PC and also to access Megasquirt in my car. It had until recently a stripped out XP install there that ran ok despite the laptop being a P3 500, 256mb RAM. That install is now damaged, it gets as far as the login screen and then hangs. Instead of repairing it, I want to put ubuntu on there as i think it'll manage the (lack of) resources better. However, the laptop has no optical drive, cannot boot from USB and I'm not sure if the external FDD. I have for it works either (it's a bit crusty).

I do have a pata > usb convertor to access the drive via my main PC though. Am just not sure what I can put on there to let me boot and then install. Is it plausible to make the HDD act like a LiveCD? Should I partition it, and copy the install ISO contents into one of the partitions, and go from there - but how do I make that bootable? I do have another laptop with a PATA HDD that does have a working optical drive. Could I begin the install on that, then pull the drive and swap it over at some point during the install - or is that a no go?

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Ubuntu :: Optical Drive Not Mounting After Boot

Jun 8, 2010

So if I boot without a DVD or CD in my optical drive, then I attempt to put one it, it doesn't mount. I try mounting with the terminal and that fails as well. If I boot with the media in the optical drive, it works fine. (this problem occurs both on my desktop and laptop and I know the DVD and CD's work in both 9.10 and in windows, This error also occurs with Linux Mint and Sabayon leading me to believe this is a kernel issue).


What do I need to do to get this to work like it should? I have been asking about this since the beta of 10.04

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Ubuntu Installation :: USB Soundblaster Optical Out Not Working / What To Do?

Dec 5, 2010

I migrated to 10.04 (clean install) from 9.10 recently. I have no problems with internal sound card playback but cannot get the USB Creative Audigy Optical port working. I have defined it as Digital Output in Pulse Audio and when an application plays audio I can see Pulse Audio showing output but no output from the Audigy.

I would appreciate if anyone has come across this problem and if so could give some pointers to fix this issue.

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Ubuntu :: Resizing Partitions Without An Optical Drive?

Apr 21, 2010

I have this rather old Compaq Presario 2184 (Celeron processor), with a completely busted optical drive - which means I cant boot from Live CD, and it doesn't boot from USB, either... which means I cant use a live memory stick, either. It's currently running Xubuntu 9.04.

I'm seriously running short of space on my root partition - can't upgrade to 9.10...

I had a Windoze partiion that I decided to remove, using Gparted. Identified the NTFS partition, right click, delete. After that, I couldn't do anything else... I then found this page, that told me that I cant resize all partitions while booting from hard drive, and that I needed a Live CD. For the reasons mentioned above, that's just not possible...

Are there any alternatives that the good folks here can suggest? For example, can I create a new partition, and move my entire /usr there? It would solve the space problem, but I'm not confident of doing it without screwing up something... could someone kindly guide me through the process?

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Debian :: External Usb Optical Drive?

Jun 7, 2010

In my laptop, the optical drive cannot burn dvds. If I get an external usb optical drive do I have to initialize it and how? Also do I have to install some particular packages?

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Fedora :: Cannot Author Optical Disk In F13 KDE

Jun 24, 2010

I generally use Nero Linux for my optical disk authorization needs. But after installing Fedora I've noticed that Nero is not writing data in disks. It tried to make an .nrg image of the data in my hard disk. Then I tried k3b but seeing this error message:

MP3 Audio Decoder plugin not found.
K3b could not load or find the MP3 decoder plugin. This means that you will not be able to create Audio CDs from MP3 files. Many Linux distributions do not include MP3 support for legal reasons.

Solution: To enable MP3 support, please install the MAD MP3 decoding library as well as the K3b MAD MP3 decoder plugin (the latter may already be installed but not functional due to the missing libmad). Some distributions allow installation of MP3 support via an online update tool. Installed libmad without success........

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Hardware :: Can't Get Pc To Boot From Optical Drive

Mar 9, 2010

I have a pc with linux mint installed, and wanted to try edubuntu with my kids. The first time we tried, it booted just fine from the dvd, as the bios is already set to boot from dvd as priority. So it ran off of RAM.

Subsequent tries however, result in the pc booting mint from the hdd, and no sign of edubuntu at all. I have tried different distros/isos, but to no avail. I have also opened the box to see if the dvd drive had somehow come unplugged.

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Hardware :: How To Get Information About Optical Disk

Jul 21, 2010

I need information about the capabilities and state of the disk...specifically, if it's rewritable (capability) and if it's currently blank (state). Currently, I'm using the output of hal-device to give me that information. The problem is, hald doesn't update the information in response to a burn event... this is a problem, because if a burn a blank disc, hal-device still lists it as blank...and if I blank a disk, hal still lists it as non-blank.

Is there a method to force HAL to update a device, or is there a way to query the disk/drive directly to find out if the disk is blank and rewritable? Or even a method to determine if a disk is blank or not? Additionally, this is for a CD-burning application... so I'm intentionally trying to avoid anything hacky like ejecting the CD and reinserting it... anything of that nature.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Mount Cdrom Or Usb After Replacing Optical Drive

Mar 24, 2010

My cdrom was sort of working, but the tray was physically damaged. The usb was working without a problem.

After replacing the the cdrom drive with a similar model known to work well I could not get it to mount. I then tried to move important files to usb to try a fresh install. The usb stick flickered when I put it in, but it didn't mount. Same behaviour as the cdrom, the light goes on when I turn on the computer, but once I'm logged in I can't access the cdrom.

I have tried multiple variations of playing with fstab and trying to mount things in terminal to no avail. I just can't get Ubuntu to recognize the usb or cdrom even though their lights go on when I first try to use them.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows Dual Boot - One HD No Optical?

Dec 15, 2010

I am pretty new to ubuntu, I have a machine without an optical drive booting meerkat from the only partition on the only disk. I would like to move from this situation to duel booting with windows 7. Can anyone advise on general strategy/path for achieving this? In particular addressing the following:

1) Can I unmount the partition that ubuntu is running off in order to repartition the disk? If not (how) can I partition my OS boot disk?
2) Is there any way to install windows onto a clean partition using the windows disk ISO from within ubuntu? Could I perhaps somehow mount the ISO as a drive then use Wine to run the windows installer? Would this approach break down when the windows installer restarts the machine to continue installation? I assume its impossible to boot off the ISO?

FYI I'm absolutely loving ubuntu - the only reason I want windows too is so I can play some windows games without an emulation layer.

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Fedora Hardware :: Optical Drive Does Not Read Any Cd

Mar 31, 2010

I have a strange problem with my DVD player. The problem: My device seems not to read any CD (it does read DVDs). Prologue: On a previous installation I had the same problem. But after messing up with that system I made a re-install, and the problem was gone. So I wasn't concerned about the problem any longer. That would be fine, but recently I had to make a new re-install to have space for windows. (I know, I'm a sinful man) But now the problem is there again. And it even is there under windows.

Question: In how far is the hardware damaged or is it a software problem since it once worked? Hardware data:

-Systems: Fedora 12 & Vista
-Laptop: Dell Studio 1555
-Drive: Optiarc Model: DVD+-RW AD-7640S Rev: HD18

What I have been doing to fix the problem:

-I made an update of the firmware and bios with the files provided by dell
-cleaned the lenses (with a clean disc)
-checked log files (both windows and linux)

After setting udev to debug logging I received this


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Fedora :: Audio Persistence - Optical RAW Switch

Aug 14, 2010

I have an annoying problem with Fedora 12. Sound works fine but When I restart the machine or log in it goes off again until I unset the IEC958 Optical Raw switch I have no sound. How do I get my fedora system to save this setting?

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OpenSUSE :: CD Burning - No Optical Drive Found

Nov 2, 2010

I seem to be having a problem with burning CDs. Whenever I launch k3b, it says 'No optical drive found.' However, When I insert a CD while in KDE, it properly mounts it. What do I do? It seems like udev/hal is working fine. Also, I can't get KDE to recognize any inserted flash drive or external usb storage device inserted on demand.

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Debian :: Optical Drives Not Found In Etch?

Aug 6, 2010

I have two optical drives (not SATA) that previously showed up as /dev/hda and /dev/hdb. No longer. I see no mention of them in fstab and catting all the /dev/dvd /dev/cd... /dev/sr.. turns up nothing. If I place a disk with info in the drive nothing appears anywhere I can seen dmesg).K3b tells me no devices found.wodim tells me Detected CD-R drive:/dev/sr1wodim: Cannot do inquiry for CD/DVD-Recorder.Errno: 5 (Input/output error), test unit ready scsi sendcmd: fatal errorCDB: 00 00 00 00 00 00cmd finished after 0.000s timeout 40s

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Hardware :: Life Span Of An Optical Media

Aug 27, 2010

I recently read about recommendations for increasing the life span of optical media as follows:-

1) storage at constant temperature in the range 41F-68F with relative humidity 30%-50%
2) no exposure to direct sunlight
3) marking only with water soluble markers

How water soluble marker becomes a factor in the life span of an optical media ?

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Optical Drive Seen In BIOS But Not In 5.2?

May 21, 2009

Hardware is a Supermicro with C2SBC-Q board, have set up a RAID1 with 3 WD drives, the BIOS "sees" the "LightScribe" DVD drive but it is not being recognized by CentOS (5.2 x86_64). It's on an IDE bus, set to "master".# dmesg | grep -E 'CD|DVD|hdc' produces a new prompt with NO feedback, BTW.I have CentOS 5.2 i386 running on this machine with the same DVD drive, it was not an issue.

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CentOS 5 :: Install Using An USB Key Than Optical Media Drive?

Aug 1, 2010

1- If I have a motherboard that supports USB boot (a Supermicro one), how can I put the CentOS DVD .iso that I just downloaded onto the stick to have the computer boot from it?

2- Certain Supermicro boards support IPMI (Kvm over LAN) and Serial over LAN and most notably Virtual Media Over Lan. I am wondering if there would be any problem installing CentOS using the Virtual Media over Lan.

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Ubuntu :: Grub Rescue On Netbook (With No Disc Optical Drive)

Jan 2, 2010

My girlfriend has a dual boot netbook I set up for her with Vista + 9.10. Her internet service went down yesterday temporarily and she was messing around with the computer to get back online and somehow booted into the Windows Rescue Partition and began the Windows Restore process, then turned the computer off during the middle of the restore process.It's her only computer and she lives 1800 miles away. And since it's a netbook there's no optical drive.

When she boots up now, the netbook goes straight into Grub Rescue mode. I got her to try most of the commands for Grub Rescue, but most of them come back as "Unknown Command". The "LS" command works though, and she was able to get a list of partitions displayed.Does anyone know of some commands she could use try to boot back into 9.10 (assuming it's still there)? Or even boot into Windows? Specifically, is there a simple command that could be combined with "LS" to specify a partition and try to boot into it?

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Ubuntu :: Play DVDs From External Optical Drive On ASUS EEE PC 901?

Jul 20, 2011

Sorry if this question might sound stupid I'm a complete noob here. I bought an ASUS EEE PC 901 second hand and had reformatted the hard disk with a fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.10 netbook remix. formatted the 2 drives as follows : 4 gb hard disk space ext4 , and 8 GB hard disk space ext4 This was after countless problems with Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop edition previously not being able to connect to the internet via my home wifi router. I took the advice on this forum somewhere, someone said 10.10 NBR will not have issues with wifi connectivity. Tried it and it worked. On my current Ubuntu NBR 10.10 installation, absolutely no wifi connectivity problems whatsoever.

Now my brand new MyLink portable USB Optical Drive which plays DVDs and CDs has arrived in the post. I open it, plug it into my ASUS eee pc 901. And nothing happened. I am used to using Windows and its Plug and Play function. Now for the life of me, this just doesn't happen in Ubuntu right now. The computer does recognise the drive though. Under Applications > Disk Utility I can see the optical drive right there and there's an option to use Brasero to copy and burn DVDs. However no option to play. I tried using the Movieplayer that comes installed with this Ubuntu version to play the DVD I'd insertedd into the drive, but on clicking "Add file" to try and search where on the system the DVD file is located, nothing turns up. All I can see are my home directory and the files on my hard drive.

The external optical drive came with a CD with the drivers on the CD, meant to be installed I think. But I have absolutely no idea how to install it on Ubuntu. Or if I need to install it.Can anybody help me out please? I'm starting to think maybe I should have just stuck to the Windows XP that came with this netbook. I would prefer to stick with Ubuntu though as its supposedly faster than Windows...

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