Ubuntu Multimedia :: Command/program To Find Codec Details On MKVs?

Nov 20, 2010

I've been searching and haven't had any luck so far so I figured someone here's gotta know the answer to this. I'm troubleshooting why some of my MKV files will play audio on my WDTV and others won't. I'm suspecting it's got something to do with the audio codec inside the MKV. However, I don't know how to view what codecs are being used inside the MKV. Does anyone know of a good program or command I can run to view what's inside of the MKV

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Mencoder Can't See Libdv / Get It To Find Codec?

Feb 12, 2010

I've just been trying to convert a video to DV format, but mencoder doesn't know about libdv.

Using the command code...

How can I get mencoder to find the codec? Is there a specific place it looks for them?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.04 VLC & Movie Player - Say Can't Find The Wma Codec

May 12, 2010

This never happened with Ubuntu 8.10-9.10, but both my video players, VLC and Movie Player, say they can't find the wma codec (actually it says wmas, and this is referring to videos not audio) and says that this can't be put right, even though at the same time these players have begun to play the video correctly.

I've got all the updates and the Restricted Extras, etc. Everything seems to be working. This is on an Acer Aspire One, dual booting with W7, installed from USB stick.

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Debian Multimedia :: Can't Play Person Of Interest .mkv Other .mkvs Work Fine

Oct 9, 2010

So I downloaded the HD version of Person of Interest: [URL] It has h264 video and AVC audio contained within a Matroska file. For some reason I can't get it to play in either Totem or mplayer, even though I've been able to play other Matroska files fine in both of them. Totem does nothing but display a black window. gmplayer displays a blue screen and there's a silouette where the control buttons are supposed to be. Also it takes about 20 seconds to close it. When I try to get the properties on it, it says "Creating properties window. You can cancel this operation by clicking cancel." and it won't show the properties no matter how long I wait.When I try to run it in mplayer from the command line, it says a bunch of these:

[h264 @ 0xb40fa0]AVC: nal size 29922113
[h264 @ 0xb40fa0]no frame!
Error while decoding frame!

All at the same hex location, but with seemingly random "nal sizes." Then it ends with this: Too many audio packets in the buffer: (4097 in 1648030 bytes).Maybe you are playing a non-interleaved stream/file or the codec failed?For AVI files, try to force non-interleaved mode with the -ni option.

A:   0.1 V:   0.0 A-V:  0.107 ct:  0.000   0/  0 ??% ??% ??,?% 421 0
Exiting... (End of file)

Running Debian 5.0.6 and MPlayer dev-SVN-r26940. See if you can run it, it's available under a Creative Commons license from the link above.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Use In Kubuntu 9.10 Audio Codec - <voxware Metasound Audio Codec>?

Jan 26, 2010

how I can use in my Kubuntu 9.10, audio codec - <voxware metasound audio codec>? P.S. Sorry for my bad english. I look forward to an answer,

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Ubuntu :: How To Find Command To Run Program

May 22, 2011

I am trying to add an application to the start up menu by following this tutorial:

However, in order to do so, I need to know which command runs the application, but I can't find it. Is there a way to know this using the cumbersome Unity?

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Ubuntu :: How To Find Server Details

Jan 7, 2010

I'm trying to set up my Evolution mail & calendar but I don't know what to put in the server box under Configuration in the setup wizard.

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Programming :: Can't Find Command, But Program Is Installed?

May 14, 2010

WindowsDude is back on the dark side of the web, the linux world, and he has encountered yet another impassable problem !There's a compiler mpicc, probably installed on the network at some location let's say /network/bin So when I write mpicc main.c I get the "can't find command" (or similar) error. Somehow it's supposed to work anyway. I think I need one of those magic commands to make it work. But the question is; which word will make it all happen? (I thought the DOS days were over!) I guess I could use the full path (provided that that binary really is in that folder), I want to bind that executable at that location to the much shorter mpicc.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How Do I Find Out Details About Graphics Chip

Apr 23, 2010

I'm trying to get 9.10 to work nicely on a Thinkpad Edge 14".Everything is working fine, except that I have issues with the intel graphics drivers.The monitor's native resolution is 1366x768 and I have Intel HD graphics card on it.I have changed my xorg.conf to use driver = "vesa", but now I get only a resolution of 1024x768.I tried to use xrandr to fix this, by adding a new mode etcetera, but this does not work - I believe because the driver is the issue.Also, doing Ctrl+Alt+F[1-6] gives me a blank screen rather than a console.

How do I find out the details about my graphics chip? Intel Corporation Arrandale Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 12)Maybe I should go more bleeding edge for my drivers? How do I do that?

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Ubuntu :: VLC And Movie Player - Cannot Find WMA Codec

May 13, 2010

This never happened with Ubuntu 8.10-9.10, but both my video players, VLC and Movie Player, say they can't find the wma codec (actually it says wmas, and this is referring to videos not audio) and says that this can't be put right, even though at the same time these players have begun to play the video correctly. I've got all the updates and the Restricted Extras, etc. Everything seems to be working. This is on an Acer Aspire One, dual booting with W7, installed from USB stick. I don't want to have to close the notification box each time.

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General :: Details On Piping Information Into Command

Feb 15, 2011

I am sure this has been covered before, however I do not know which terms to sue for searching for this, so I will try and explain it.

I have a program that I run at startup to connect me to my work VPN, specifically the Cisco VPN client. When running the program, it prompts me for my username and password. I would like to be able to automate the login process by piping the username and password into the program everytime it starts up (username and password cannot be passed as arguments to the program)

Something like echo username | echo password | vpn_script

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Fedora :: Xine Can't Find MPEG 1/2 Codec?

Nov 13, 2009

I am having some trouble with xine, and because of this I cannot get any media player to work. When I try to play mp3's in Amarok, nothing happens and the song does not play. When I try to open xine, it opens a window that says

The stream 'There is no MRL' uses an unsupported codec:
Video Codec: MPEG 1/2 (0x0)
Start playback anyway?


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General :: How To Find Proper Codec For Xubuntu

May 20, 2010

I have just installed the Xubuntu. And I feel that to use it play a mp3 is like kill myself twice.

I try to play it with Exaile, the boxed player with Xbuntu. But it says I need to install some mpeg codecs.

I found so many depends with sudo apt-cache depends.

How to install them? one by one?!

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SUSE / Novell :: List Out All Cron Job Details With Any Single Command

Mar 31, 2010

I am using SLES10 and i checked with command crontab -l and when i compared it with the cron.d/daily/monthly/hourly , all they are different. is there any single command that list out all the cronjobs that exist under the system.

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Find Any Player Or Codec That Will Allow To Play Videos On F9?

Apr 25, 2009

I installed Fedora 10 on a Toshiba Laptop, where I had been successfully running Ubuntu for over a year. The newest iteration of Ubuntu was giving me problems, and the press was saying that Fedora 10 was pretty good, so I tried it.

Fedora 10 froze after any application was loaded. I couldnt correct it. I installed Fedora 9, and am no longer having that problem. However, I cant run any multimedia items on the computer. Particularly videos, including wmv, mpeg, or rm formats. This was not a problem in Ubuntu. I can't find any player or codec that will allow me to play these videos on Fedora 9. Can anyone suggest a solution for this?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Conver Mp3 To Ogg With Details?

May 2, 2011

I would like to convert all my mp3 to ogg file. I got a script by googling. Script is

for fic in *.mp3
ffmpeg -i $fic -acodec vorbis -aq 60 ogg/${fic%.mp3}.ogg;
mv $fic mp3/

But the problem is the ogg doesn't contains the details like title artist, album art etc. Ogggconvert help me to do that but there is no cli for that. Is there any script to copy details of mp3 to ogg

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Edit MP3 Song Details?

Jan 6, 2010

i used to edit the mp3 song details such as artist, title, song number details and the album art in windows, i edited the same in UBUNTU using the "easy tag" but the album art is not visible when i transfer the song to my NOKIA phone as well as the artist details are not available when i am playing the songs in windows machine.

program to edit the sing details in UBUNTU so the edited details are visible in phone as well as windows machine.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Execute Command Using Php To Start Program That Grabs Screen From Webcam?

Apr 8, 2010

I'm trying to setup a webcam surveillance system. Zoneminder didn't work for me regardless of how I tried configuring it, so I gave up and have now settled on a more primitive solution. I've currently got 6 cams and looping streamer (webcam screen grabber) I can grab a picture from each camera with about a 1 second interval. The previous picture is overwritten and using javascript to reload the image continuously in a browser I get the desired "movie" effect I'm after. The problem however is that as soon as I start using streamer on more than two cameras at once I run into this little snag:


libv4l2: error turning on stream: No space left on device
ioctl: VIDIOC_STREAMON(int=1): No space left on device

I've been searching around and it seems I need to increase my shared memory. I've done that (tried many different values and "solutions") but the problem remains the same.

My setup is as follows.

1.php (refreshes updated grab from camera 1 every second in the browser)
2.php (refreshes updated grab from camera 2 every second in the browser)
3.php (refreshes updated grab from camera 3 every second in the browser)

Is it possible to use something like php exec to execute the command that starts 'streamer' that grabs the image from the specific webcam (/dev/video1 for 1.php and so forth) when 1.php is opened in the browser. Is this even possible, or am I just dreaming?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Can't Install Multimedia Codec, After Installing?

Jan 22, 2011

i can't install multimedia codec, after installing i restart PC and then linux writes error kde4int i hadn't this error before, it begins after installing new monitor Samsung syncmaster B1940

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Unable To Enter Login Details For Miro?

May 13, 2010

excuse if this is incorrect section, not entirely sure where it would belong. I rarely find myself posting as i rarely have any issues. But this is persistently annoying, tho not a deal-breaker. Currently running latest Ubuntu 10.04, fully updated. Everything works fine, even better than any previous releases. No problems worth mentioning. But this is annoying, so anyway, here I am.

Installed Miro, loads up and runs fine, can download no probs. The section at the top where it says "account", and you sit over it and it drops down a window for your login details (username, password) so as to recall your personal settings, preferences, etc, but it's not working. By this, I mean the drop-down appears, but clicking the mouse in the window on the lines does not seem to register with it, you can't enter anything. Annoying, slightly frustrating. Has anyone had any experience with this,

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Debian Multimedia :: Finding A RSS Program That Can Run On The Desktop Command Line Style

Jun 8, 2010

I am looking for a good RSS program that can run on the desktop command line style.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Add 264 Codec To Ekiga?

Jan 17, 2010

I'm trying, reeeeally trying to use Ekiga. But the video quality is horrible. So I started messing with the settings, lo-and-behold I find info about h.264 and how fantastic it is. Well, I say to myself, let's try that on for size.

What? No h.264 option in Ekiga. That's weird, especially considering they have supported it since 3.0 and I'm using the version in the Karmic repos, 3.2.5. Not free, ok, I'll just install it then, right?

x264 package didn't do it. A little ffmpeg install as well. libavcodec52, which uninstalled a buttload of other stuff also. Even dl'd and installed libopal3.6.4-plugins-non-free. All to no option for the h.264 codec option in Ekiga.

Oddly enough, the libopal non free plugins DID add the iLBC audio codec into Ekiga as on option. Why not h.264? What am I missing? Also, why is this SO difficult? There is not any decent documentation that I can find out there that goes over this. Google has failed me.

All I have in the video codecs is theora and h261.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Best Codec And Container?

Jun 1, 2010

So I know that Mac OSX post-production and Linux post-production are very different things. I'm hoping to give editing on Linux with Cinelerra a try and I'm wondering, what in FFMpeg's array of codec and container support is widely understood to be the best combination for editing video. I'm looking for the most lossless option so H.264 won't do. Is there a good Apple Intermediate Codec or Apple Pro Res equivalent? Is AVCHD the answer?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Way Of Getting Fraunhofer MP3 Codec

Jun 3, 2010

is there a legit (read: legal) way of getting the Fraunhofer MP3 codec in Ubuntu? Any commercial or freeware compressors that use it, or maybe even a standalone codec installer (like Radium for Windows, though IIRC that one's not exactly legal)?If not, is there perhaps a better codec for compressing MP3s? I've used Fraunhofer at 256Kbps CBR for years and never had a problem.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Codec Error In VLC / What Is To Be Done?

Jun 20, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit version. Want to capture a short audio stream from a DVD.

VLC has a command "Open Capture Device" that gives the user options for ripping (I think) the audio tracks. I made the relevant choices and got this message:

Streaming / Transcoding failed:
It seems your FFMPEG (libavcodec) installation lacks the following encoder:
If you don't know how to fix this, ask for support from your distribution.

This is not an error inside VLC media player.
Do not contact the VideoLAN project about this issue.

What is to be done?

I went to synaptic package manager and I have FFMPEG, libavcodec, and AAC installed.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Command To Find The Resolution Of A Video File?

Jun 13, 2010

I need to know a command that is able find the hight and width of a video. I know in VLC you can go into the Codec details but I need something in the command line because I have hundreds of files that I need to organize. I could not find any VLC command that does what I want to do.

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Debian Multimedia :: Command In The Terminal Can't Find Anything?

Aug 11, 2010

I just decided I'd give Google Chrome a try. Installed it via the google repository and it went fine.

However, every now and then it just vanishes from my menu and it can't be found again, also the command in the terminal can't find anything.

So, what's left is to reinstall it, and during reinstall it doesn't even whine about already being installed.

Anybody else with this matter? I am running 64-bit Squeeze.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play A .mov With The SVQ3 Codec?

Jan 6, 2011

I'm trying to play a .mov with the SVQ3 codec, but VLC fails ( 1.0.6 and 1.1.2 ). What media players can play it?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Mp3 Codec Bitrate Always Shown As 48 Kbs Now?

Mar 6, 2011

This may be a minor irritation, but I'm puzzled by it nonetheless. I'm ripping my CDs to MP3 using Sound Juicer with the lamemp3enc plugin and following gstreamer pipeline.

audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lamemp3enc name=enc target=0 quality=0 ! xingmux ! id3v2mux

All was great a couple days ago, but suddenly the files' audio properties show 48 kbps bitrate when it should be well over 200. I even changed the pipeline to use "target=1 bitrate=256" with the same result. The files are being encoded as expected and that is reflected in the file size and the Statistics view in VLC.

I have two computers running Ubuntu 10.10. One has all the latest updates, but the other has not been updated in several days. This problem is happening on the former, but not the latter. gst-inspect lamemp3enc shows both computers have the same version of the encoder.

I thought I'd put it out to the forum here before submitting a bug in launchpad.

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Ubuntu :: Multimedia Codec Install Stuck

Mar 15, 2011

I just bought a new hard drive and decided to upgrade to 10.4.2 (I was running 9.10).I started doing the normal customizations that come with a new install. I tried to play an mp3 file and the sstem offered to install the new gstreamer codecs(ffmpeg,fluendo-mp3, and plugins-ugly).I click on install and it is stuck at preparing libavformat52.The terminal details state:Code: dpkg: warning: files list file for package 'libavformat52' missing, assuming package has no files currently installed.Preparing to replace libavformat52 4:0.5.1-1ubuntu1 (using./libavformat52_4%3a0.5.1-1ubuntu1_i386.deb).Unpacking replacement libavformat52.It was stuck so long and I could not kill it (did not know what to kill), so I rebooted once before this message.

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