Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Play Live Radio / Make It Possible?

Mar 24, 2010

I used to be able to listen to live Internet radio (Classic fm and Chill) but no longer. The podcasts of these stations activate Mplayer but not the live stations

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Software :: Make Asus Eeepc Automatically Auto Play Radio On Booting?

Feb 18, 2010

I'm trying to set up Asus Eeepc for a my friend so she can listen to midwest irish radio,without me being there to switch it on . she can only switch the notebook on and off,that all she can manage.So i thought there must be a way to switch the notebook it does the rest for you.I know there is people out there who can work this out in no time at all.I do not know much about linux,just the basic,there must be (as in windows)a macro program that records and replays back actions

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Get The Radio To Play One Website

May 29, 2010

this media player is not playing [URL]I have played other internet radio and tv stations through vlc but this one doesn't seem like i am supposed to play it through vlc?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How I Can Play .wax Radio Station

Oct 18, 2010

Anyone know how I can play a .wax radio station on ubuntu. The link I have is:URL...I don't think this is possible based on some research but find it hard to believe and do not understand why.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Internet Radio Play On Streamplayer?

Sep 12, 2010

i have what might be a really simple, or really confusing question. i.m not exactly sure.

my problem is that i just downloaded streamplayer, and i would like to listen to Hollister Co.'s radio through it. here is the address to the player itself:[URL]... if anyone could please tell me how to get it to play on streamplayer, i would really appreciate it. i tried to find the URL through Chrome.s "inspect element" option, and found a few, but none of them seemed to work. what should i do?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Radio Online Stream - Can't Find The Way To Play

Jun 14, 2010

I want to play this link: [url]

It's a radio online station and i can't find the way to play it

Ubuntu 10.04 with Media player vlc xmms xine.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Banshee Fails To Play Classic FM Radio

Sep 27, 2010

From banshee if I try to play the radio station [URL] it fails. However if I run gnome-mplayer [URL]. It works fine. Close mplayer, and then try banshee again to the same url and it now works?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Stream Live Radio Through Mplayer / VLC?

Oct 18, 2010

I'd love to listen to a local radio station while working, but my problem is I can't seem to stream it at all.

The link is [URL], and when I click on the Live Radio link, it leads me to [URL] which contains a player which wouldn't load. On viewing its source, I saw the following:

<embed src="http://x899.bfm.my:1161" height="69" width="300" autostart="1" loop=0 align="absmiddle" type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage="http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/" showcontrols="1" showdisplay="0" showstatusbar="1"> </embed>


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: App To Record Live Radio To Schedule Recordings?

May 21, 2011

I wanted to get back into a radio show I used to listen to but can't too much anymore because it runs late at night. Is there a app to record live radio to schedule recordings? The program is Coast to Coast AM.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Way To Make Internet Radio On System

May 21, 2011

Well I'm not very sure how to make an Internet radio on Linux.Well basically I googled it.and I did not get quite convincing enough results so.What is the best way to make a Internet radio on linux?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Make Radio-canada Streams Work In Maverick?

Dec 15, 2010

This is an eternal problem with radio-canada streaming content, and it seems every new version of ubuntu we have to go through different processes to get it to work.In some previous versions, following the guidelines provided by radio-canada worked, but they are quite outdated now and some of the packages they refered to do not even exist anymore. I make regular reports of their website, but users complaining only end up by, if they answer at all "it works on our computers so it should work on yours" or "why don't you use windows".

Basically, their guides consist of removing the totem totem plugin, installing flash-plugin-nonfree and the mplayer plugin.I read somewhere the mplayer plugin is now gecko-mediaplayer, which I installed, but the videos still don't work.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Carmen By Livio Radio - Save Internet Radio To The Device Is Written In Java

Jun 30, 2011

I am wondering if any in the Ubuntu community owns a Carmen Car Radio player by Livio Radio. The program to save internet radio to the device is written in Java, however I am not able to run it either using WINE or using Open JDK.

The Carmen Player does work well with Banshee, it is the internet radio that is not working.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Gnome Radio - Doesn't Find Any Radio Channels And The Input Channel Is Completely Wrong

May 1, 2010

I have a new install of Karmic on my system with a flyvideo 3000 tv card installed. My problem is that it doesn't find any radio channels and the input channel is completely wrong. I don't have any sound on gnomeradio and can't find the config files to change the input channel. The only input option available to me is dig1 - can anyone point me in the right direction?

I have already read the Howto for this tv card and changed the device to radio0 in the setup. I have setup tvtime perfectly with sound channel as well as with a 5.1 surround configuration. I am missing my favourite radio channel. and I want to get rid of my windows installations once and for all! Update: I did a system update and some things have changed: the radio tower graphic on gnomeradio is now green (I assume it is getting a signal) but no sound yet.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Get A "network Device" (read Internet Radio) To Play The BBC Stations?

Jan 20, 2010

I'm trying to get a "network device" (read Internet Radio) to play the BBC stations. Apparently they changed their format late last year, and the radio (using Frontier Silicon Wi-Fi Radio Portal - Member Login) can no longer play the streams ("Network error" message). I thought I would try manually setting something up, but it is not easy trying to find what the actual streams are, when everything is playing in the iPlayer.
Is there a Suse/Linux app that can identify streams coming in, when being played in iPlayer..

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: MythTv Does Not Play Live Tv

Jan 23, 2011

I installed mythtv and found channels using mythtv-setup. When i click Watch TV from the myth tv main menu i get a screen that says Please wait... and then it takes me back to the main menu...My tuner is Winfast PVR tv 2000xp Is there any way to get it to work?

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Ubuntu :: U9.10 32 Won't Play Radio Station / What To Do?

Mar 31, 2010

The radio station is located here

Click Here:

Then click to listen

But when it comes up there it does not play for some reason.

It was working fine with ubuntu 8.10 no problem at all.

What did I do wrong here ?

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Debian Multimedia :: Play The Live Feed On Site With Smplayer - Zero Length File?

Apr 16, 2010

play the live feed on this site with smplayer? [URL]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Make Speakers And Headphone Play At Same Time

Jan 31, 2011

I own a netbook (samsung nf210 to be exact) which has Linux Mint 10 installed. What I want to do is to make both, headphones and speakers, play the same output at the same time. I believe it is possible to make it since many people are facing such condition and treat it as a pulseaudio bug (or smth like that) And it would be perfect if it was possible to easily switch between the modified configuration (dual output) and original configuration. I've noticed there are some profiles (analog output, duplex, surround etc.). Is there any way to modify those profiles? If it was, I could modify the Analog Surround Output 4.0 profile and assign rear speakers to headphones and front speakers to internal speakers of my computer.

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Software :: Amarok V2.3.1 Won't Play Radio Streams / Configure Proxy?

Feb 9, 2011

Amarok v2.3.1 won't play radio streams. How to configure proxy?
Lyrics fetching works and konqueror is also configured properly.
Using Gnome.

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CentOS 5 :: Play Music Streams From An Internet Radio Station?

Sep 14, 2009

I just for the first time tried to play audio files on a CentOS 5.3 machine, but I noticed there is no xmms installed, and xmms doesn't seem to be available via yum either.

So, what is the easiest way of listening to mp3 files in CentOS 5.3 these days? Actually, I just want to be able to play music streams from an internet radio station.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Make Amarok Play Music That Is In A .wma Format?

Dec 12, 2009

How can I make amarok play music that is in a .wma format? Or how would I convert it to mp3?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Playing Error : Can't Play '/media/music/Make You Famous.mp3'

Mar 7, 2011

I have trouble with gmusicbrowser. It can't play mp3, but the other formats as flac plays without problems. If I want to play mp3, I get error


Playing error : Can't play '/media/music/Make You Famous.mp3'.One of these commands is required to play files of type mp3 : mpg123, mpg321

The other programs haven't problem with mp3.

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OpenSUSE :: Broadcast Live Radio With Free Shoutcast Servers?

Dec 23, 2010

We liked the idea to broadcast-stream live for our fellow students. Firstly we thought to start with music and then continue with interviews. If we cannot make it live, then we can play a recorded interview.

As I saw, both are playing with winamp for windows. Is there something helpful for playing with openSUSE (or linux in general)?

You'll tell me that most of my friends use windows, why now use their? I just wanted to make it open source and try to play some CC music first (like jamendo).

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: How Do I Make VLC Work - Whenever Load Disc Doesn't Give Option To Play

Jun 5, 2011

I am using Suse 11.4, with the Gnome desktop. I have downloaded the VLC player, but cannot work out how to make it play CDs in the CD drive. Right clicking on the Audio Disc icon that appears on the desktop whenever I load a disc doesn't give me an option to Play using VLC. Is there a way to make VLC the default player for CDs?

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Programming :: Program A SH - Bash Program With Zenity To Play Radio Based On A Site?

Feb 15, 2011

I will have to code this. However I am lacking of time since I have too much to do. make a short code bash/dash to prompt the country with Zenity, then, get the PLS or m3u url and prompt with another zenity which radio to play. http://www.listenlive.eu/index.html

My code to get url's radio country.htm is:


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Ubuntu :: How To Record The Radio Show From A Radio

Dec 8, 2010

record my radio show from a radio I have plugged into my iMac. That's right. For now, I am dual booting on my iMac until I can afford to buy a dedicated PC desktop just for Ubuntu.

I can't believe that there seems to be no way for me to record my shows from my radio. Works fine when I boot into the Mac side and even when I use Ubuntu using VMware Fusion. When I boot into Ubuntu directly, Audio In in the Sound preferences doesn't seem to work. No audio coming through when I try to record from the radio.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Dvd Drive Doesn't Play Store Bought But Does Play My Copies Of Them

Mar 10, 2010

After many days of trying to tweak Ubuntu 9.10 desktop i386. This subject will focus on my dvd drive. ...Here is what I have done, but I'm not sure what I did or still need to do, or to do different. ...

Basically the problem is, I can't play store bought DVDs, but I can play my copies of them.

When using MDPlayer that I added to Ubuntu, I can play the copies of my store bought DVDs, but not the originals. However, when using Ubuntu 9.10's movie player, it wont do anything and I'll have to do a force quit to close it.

I learned that this may because there is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution, as I'm sure you already knew.
...Yet, Most people have worked around these issues.

I came across the Medibuntu site: [url]

Running the Terminal, I added the bash command that adds Medibuntu's repositiry to Ubuntu. It also adds Medibuntu's GPG key to the keyring.
(The sudo wget - etc etc etc --quiet update)

Then I jumped down to the... "This command should be run in the Terminal, after adding the repository:" ...And did that. (sudo sed -e 's/ etc etc etc /medibuntu.list)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Media Player Won't Play Real Dvds But Will Play Burned?

Oct 15, 2010

i just installed 10.10 on my girls laptop (Acer Aspire 5735z) hoping it would fix the old problem i had with playing real dvd's. it didnt. it keeps saying "Could not read from Resource". when i try with VLC is say "Could not read from file". but if i put in a burned movie, it plays fine. i checked and it has libdvdcss2, libdvdnav4, and libdvdread4 installed. i get the same problems with my laptop (toshiba portege m400 tablet) which runs fedora 13.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play Iplayer Video - Clicking The Play Button Does Nothing

Feb 28, 2010

Anyone else struggling to play iplayer video? I've got the proprietary Flash plugin, which means it's probably not this "SWF Authentication" thing that there's been so much talk about.

I've rebooted, tried all sorts of tinkering, it loads the applet (I can see that Flash is loading OK because other things work, and right clicking on the applet gives the Flash menu)

However, clicking the play button does nothing.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Configure Midi Play Back On Windows 7 To Play That One Of The 2?

May 2, 2010

is it possible to configure my midi play back on windows 7 to play that one of the 2:[URL]..

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