Ubuntu Multimedia :: Banshee Doesn't Seem To Pick Up Device

May 10, 2011

I just got a Motorola Atrix yesterday. Figured I could just use Banshee to manage the device in Ubuntu like I did with my prior IPhone.However, banshee doesn't seem to pick up the device. However, they dont' tell you what file to add it to. I did add those lines to /home/michael/.config/banshee-1/addin-db-001/config.xml which was the only xml file I could find for banshee. However, still doesn't work.

Does anyone have any experience getting the Atrix to work in banshee. Or does anyone know of another manager I would be able to use to manage music and video on Ubuntu. The only official way to do this is to use Windows Media Player or the motorola app both of which are Windows/Mac.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Does Not Pick Up USB Device

Aug 8, 2010

My Ubuntu 10.04 does not pick up my mp3 player via the usb port. The usb ports are working fine, picking up my storage device etc but when I plug in the mp3 player nothing happens, except that the device indicates that it is picking up power from the usb port. The device works fine on my other computer (Windows) and I tested it on another machine running on Ubuntu 10.04 where it picks up fine.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Ipod Mounts But Doesn't Load (banshee)?

Nov 13, 2010

(New thread due to significant change in info)5th gen iPod is recognized, but will not load files into banshee. It is the latest version of banshee. My ipod (named SON2) shows up in the menu, but when selected it hangs on "Loading SON2" and showing that it's busy...but this goes on without end, no files ever get loaded. Also, banshee doesn't recognize any music or video on the ipod, only "other". Steps taken so far:- A complete removal and reinstallation of banshee has had no effect.- Installed latest version of podsleuth, no effect- Previous had "automount" in nautilus preferences unchecked, rechecked - no effectPossible signs of danger:Running Banshee from Terminal output (CLICK HERE FOR NOPASTE OUTPUT)- skipping my song errors, at the bottom 4 warnings occur, followed by a number of failures which I don't understand

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Banshee Doesn't Play Video

Jan 22, 2010

I see that whenever I try and run a video, the system defaults to try and run it in Banshee.Banshee, though, sits there with a black screen and the information on what it is supposed to be playing. Clicking the Play button does nothing. This includes OGG (OGV?) video files.Does anybody use this feature in Banshee and got it to work?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Banshee Doesn't Mount Creative Zen Player 11.2?

Dec 16, 2009

When logged in as my normal userid to OpenSuse 11.2, I cannot get Banshee to recognize my Creative Zen MP3 player. The player does appear as a device on the desktop and I can access files on the player through that icon, but cannot get Banshee to recognize it so it can be managed in Banshee.If however, I log on as root, Banshee recognizes the device without a problem.

The log file in ~/.config/banshee-1 shows the following:
libusb couldn't open USB device /dev/bus/usb/001/004: Permission denied.
libusb requires write access to USB device nodes.


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Ubuntu :: Burg Doesn't Let Pick OS To Boot ?

Nov 29, 2010

I am dualbooting Ubuntu 10.10 x64 and Windows 7 x64. I am using Burg instead of Grub2 since I like the nice graphical display for choosing which OS to boot. Unfortunately, after I turn on the computer from "shutting down" after a Windows session, it automatically chooses Ubuntu and doesn't let me choose Windows. (If I just "restart" after a Windows session, I can choose which OS I want to boot just fine).

After Ubuntu loads, I can restart and *then* I get the option of which OS to choose, but this is extremely frustrating to have to load Ubuntu then reboot just to get Windows. I am not using the OS Prober module (I disabled it, and have a manual entry in my 40_custom file for Windows).

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Doesn't Pick Up One Of The Networks?

Apr 11, 2011

I just loaded 10.10 onto a stock hp pavalion zt3000 and everything is running fine except it won't detect my college's wifi network. It picks up everything else and runs without a hitch. (I'm actually on my work's wireless network atm) The network is not hidden and doesn't have any encryption. The wireless is on and has even detected other networks when it doesn't see the school's. I searched but couldn't find much on this specific problem but Im guessing/hoping its something simple here's the hardware: Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter (rev 04)

here's ifconfig:
eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:02:3f:67:05:ff
RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0


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Fedora Networking :: Laptop Doesn't Want To Pick Up Signal

Oct 23, 2009

Once I have installed F11KDE (and I have), and I have a wireless adapter/booster, how do I configure my internet connection.My laptop doesn't want to pick up the signal.

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Debian :: USB Stick Doesn't Pick Up Globe UMTS Signal

May 6, 2015

i have successfully installed debian 8 stable, but the USB stick doesn't pick up Globe UMTS signal, i can make a new Mobile Broadband onnection with no problems though..i don't know whats wrong but with my current debian jessie testing PC, i can connect to the USB stick for internet with no problem

i tried installing a guest debian jessie testing with virtual box, but still the USB stick can't pick up the Globe UMTS signal, even if i enable the USB stick in virtual box

Code: Select allBus 002 Device 008: ID 12d1:1506 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E398 LTE/UMTS/GSM Modem/Networkcard

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound & Audio Device Doesn't Get Recognized In Karmic?

Mar 7, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop then immediately upgraded to Karmic 9.10. Pulseaudio installed by default. There's no sound although the mute button is not checked and the volume slide control is at medium. lspci gives:

00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies IXP SB4x6 Hi Definition audio controller (rev01)

System >Preferences >Sound >Hardware tab: blank window "choose a device to configure" Output tab: "dummy" output stereo

So, it appears that somehow the audio device controller in my laptop is not recognized or its driver disabled, possibly by pulseaudio. Sound works fine in Windows 7 part of this dual-booted laptop.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: USB Video Capture Device Doesn't Work When Plugged In?

Sep 25, 2010

In Ubuntu 9.10, I was successfully able to use my Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 100 (a cheap USB analog video capture device). I use it for backing up old video that is stored on tapes, and it isn't working with my current install of Ubuntu 10.04. When I plug the device in, it should be detected and the em28xx module should be loaded. This fails and /var/log/messages has the following:

Sep 25 16:13:18 kernel: [1196215.111898] usb 2-2: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 20
Sep 25 16:13:18 kernel: [1196215.266097] usb 2-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rs880 Audio Device[Radeon HD 4200] Doesn't Work

Dec 27, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu on my HP Pavilion dv4-2012br and am really enjoying it, except that it is conflicting with my sound card. The only way I can hear some sound is going into System> Preferences> Sound> Output and selecting "Internal analog stereo audio" which makes the sound hollow and not at all pleasant to listen to music. When I mark "RS880 audio device [Radeon HD 4200] Digital Stereo (HDMI)" the sound is not played.

I followed step by step these instructions: [URL] yet the only way to run the audio through the "Internal analog stereo audio. "

Just adding: I used the "Install with Synaptic Package Manager" way to do it. And i'm using a desktop version of Ubuntu.

Here are some screenshots:


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Ubuntu :: Banshee 2.0 Autostarts When Plugging In A Device?

May 12, 2011

Have tried to find an answer over at over LoCo (Sweden) with no result...Does anyone know how to stop Banshee from autostarts when I plug in a USB-drive, my iPhone or what-so-ever! Banshee even autostarts when I'm doing a "Connect to server" O_oHave even googled for it, with no result and it's bugging me off real hard that Banshee autostarts!Edit: If I remove Banshee, and still plugs a device in it now autostarts in qmm

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Ubuntu :: Banshee: LG GD330 Not Detected As Device?

Aug 9, 2011

I have tried connecting an LG GD330 mobile in both "Mass Storage" & "Data Service" but in either cases it does not appear in bansheee nor even in rhythmbox.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: What Is Everyones Pick Of CD Ripper To MP3?

Apr 30, 2010

Started with a clean install, with new GeForce 6200 video card installed. Very impressed that when I tried to activate compiz, it informed me that I must download and install the relevant drivers - and it provided me with a 'one click' install! Now I'm running the latest driver (195) - well done guys!Anyway, happy as I am with a no-fuss install, I'd like to know what is everyones pick of CD ripper to MP3?

I've downloaded Asunder, but this seems very slow in comparison to other Windows-based apps I've tried.I wanted to try Sound Juicer, but unfortunately it requires some code to change from VBR to CBR @ 320kbps.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get VLC To Pick Up A Video From Where Stopped It Last?

Apr 28, 2011

it might be simple but i have never been able to find this function on VLC

it is default on SMplayer and available on MoviePlayer though not default but i have looked around VLC carefully and see it nowhere

Maybe it simply is not there which is a shame as it is SO useful

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Phonon Doesn't Accept Standard Capture Device

Mar 22, 2011

I have two sound devices, an internal audio device on my motherboard and an external USB devices, which came with my headset. After upgrading to 11.4, the microphone on my headset ceased to work with my softphone. As it turned out, the softphone used the standard input device, which was defined in the Phonon tab in the KDE System Settings. Unfortunately, when I put the USB Device on top of the default input stack, it doesn't stay there. When I apply the changes and leave the Phonon tab or even enable "Show advanced devices " the stack always resets to its initial order. I was unable to find any kind of config file where Phonon saves this settings.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Built-in Laptop Mic Does Not Pick Up Any Sound

Jan 16, 2010

I installed Skype onto my Toshiba Satellite running Karmic last December, and gave it a very successful test run. However, while video still works, and I can receive audio, the microphone does not pick up any sound. I don't think it could be a hardware issue- it worked so recently and my machine has experienced no tramatic events since, but I can't pick up any sound using Sound Recorder either. How could I go about diagnosing and fixing this problem?

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Ubuntu :: Syncing IPhone With Banshee Transfers But Unseen On Device

May 2, 2011

I recently installed ubuntu and noticed somewhere that it says "Now you can say ubuntu has iDevice support out of the box". Naturally i tried, resulting in a music library with all the album artwork mixed up. I've tried to sync a couple of times, even added the repository for libimobiledevice and searched for the newest version (said it was already installed). When trying to sync with banshee (or rythmbox), it says syncing on my screen and on my iphone's screen. After syncing, my iphone updates the library, no new music is discovered. I can also add that banshee discovers 100 extra songs on my iphone.

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Ubuntu :: Banshee Doesn't Recognize My Sansa Clip+?

Jul 23, 2011

I've always had trouble with Banshee recognizing media devices. Right now I have a Sansa Clip+ which I'd really like banshee to recognize. Unfortunately it wont at all.

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Debian :: No Banshee.sh - Doesn't Exist ?

Aug 17, 2010

I was just trying to get the now playing for banshee to show on conky but the way I was going to do it required me to make a wrapper for banshee.sh but I can't seem to find it or it doesn't exist.

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Ubuntu :: Amazon Music Store Doesn't Show In Banshee 1.7.3?

Jul 27, 2010

I installed Banshee and upgraded it but I don't see the Amazon Music Store.

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Ubuntu :: Ipod Doesn't Show Up Everytime I Run Banshee / Sort It?

Jul 29, 2010

I downloaded banshee because i knew that could put movies on my ipod, but everytime i run banshee my ipod doesn't show up. i tried started it, then plugging it in and still didnt show up. Anyone knows what the problem is?

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OpenSUSE :: Banshee Doesn't Recognize Ipod?

Nov 14, 2009

I've just installed openSUSE 11.2 (with Gnome). Everything works fine except the Ipod support in Banshee (Ver. 1.6 Beta 2).

When I connect my Ipod Video 30GB to my Computer it is recognised in openSUSE and also a new Nautilus windows with the Ipod content is opened. But in Banshee there is no Ipod button or anything else which allows me to sync my music with Ipod.

I've already tried to delete the /home/{user}/.config/banshee-1 folder and installed the banshee-1-dmp-ipod package. The Ipod plugin (Ver. 1.0) is also installed in Banshee.

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General :: Banshee Doesn't Play All Media Formats

Sep 14, 2010

After installing and gradually becoming familiar with OpenSUSE v11.2 [Gnome], I've been casually trying to get acquainted with the Bash shell and its commands. However, for this problem I thought it would be more appropriate to log in here, since this issue is a bit more serious. Accordingly, I'm afraid that I must once again prevail upon the helpful, patient, knowledgeable Linux users in this forum for assistance.As a retiree and a doting grandfather, I enjoy the luxury and time to take numerous videos of my children and grandchildren, and one of the features to which I've become spoiled in Windows is the ability to play a wide variety of video formats. Unfortunately, "out of the box", Banshee appears to refuse to play any of them. Somehow, using YaST, I was able to get online flash video to work by downloading and installing recommended packages, and it worked the first time after re-booting my system! However, I'm not having as much luck with installing video codecs that I apparently need to play my own video files. I wish these codecs had come pre-installed on the OpenSUSE disc that I burned, but you can't always get what you want. [Wasn't that the title of a 60's or 70's Rolling Stones song?]

I guess where I need help, specifically, is in determing where to get and how to install the best free video player and a comprehensive codec package that will work reliably in OpenSUSE. Would some kind soul out there be able to take me by the hand and show me, step by step, exactly what I must do to achieve this goal? I was hoping to be able to use the automatic package installer, but when I tried it, I noticed diagnostics informing me that I lacked certain dependencies, and that I should install manually, which I assume requires using the command line. I have no objection to trying this, if someone would be kind enough to show me exactly how. I really would like to be able to watch my grandchildren playing without having to depend upon one of my Windows systems.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Unable To Open Device /dev/dsp - Device Or Resource Busy

Apr 13, 2010

All my music editing software programs say, "unable to open device /dev/dsp.Device or resource busy." How can I fix this?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Install Banshee 1.7.5

Sep 3, 2010

Banshee 1.7.5 supports the ipod touch and iphone but i can not figure out how to get it on Ubuntu. Its not in synaptic yet and i can not compile from source because it always says


configure: error: Package requirements (gstreamer-0.10 >= 0.10.12
gstreamer-base-0.10 >= 0.10.12
gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10 >= 0.10.12
gstreamer-controller-0.10 >= 0.10.12


Alternatively, you may set the environment variables GST_CFLAGSand GST_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Audiobooks In Banshee / Get It?

Dec 6, 2010

I'm using Banshee for my music and video collection because it works and looks much better than Rhythmbox in my opinion. The only thing that refuses to work (correctly) is the audiobook-feature. I have all my audiobooks (different formats - m4b, mp3, ...) stored in a special folder. The subfolders have no distinct order, sometimes it is author/title, sometimes author - title/ and some books even are in my audiobooks root-folder. I have selected the audiobook folder in the banshee preferences but no audiobooks are shown in banshee. I tried changing the selected folder, changing the structure of the subfolders, but nothing helped.
The only thing that worked was importing the audiobooks into the music library and take them to the audiobooks-section in banshee using drag&drop. But when I removed them from my music library, they were also removed from the audiobooks section. This can't be the right way, because in that casse the option to select the audiobooks-folder in the preferences would be useless.
What is the right (intended) way to get audiobooks into banshee?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get Banshee To See NAS Folder?

Jul 10, 2011

My music is stored on a NAS on my home network.
I am trying to get Banshee to see my MP3's on the NAS. It looks like Banshee only will support local folders.
So, is a sym link (symbolic link) in a local folder be the solution? If so, what's the syntax? I know the basic form is ln -s <dir 1> <dir 2>.
Ubuntu's file browser sees the folder as 'smb://'s'
I haven't had any success trying to create a sym link to the NAS folder.

Or, am I approaching this totally wrong and can Banshee support the NAS without a sym link?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Banshee Not Picking Up Ipod?

Feb 1, 2010

I'm using kubuntu 9.10 and I know there was a thread a while back about someone having the same problem with ubuntu. Unfortunately I can't get the ubuntu solution to work with kubuntu

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