Ubuntu :: Multi Monitor Setup With 2 Graphics Cards

May 18, 2011

I have just bought 2 monitors to be used as a x3 multi setup and 2 graphics cards the same make and model (ATI Sapphire Radeon HD5450). This all works in Windows 7 but I have just booted into Ubuntu and removed the old nVidia drivers and got the supported driver. The problem is only 2 monitors are detected as it would seem that it's only picking up 1 card.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Triple Monitor Setup: X Crashes When Moving To The Second Graphics Card (third Monitor)

Oct 22, 2010

This is a triple-monitor setup with two video cards, where the mouse pointer gets "stuck" if it tries to cross from one video card to the next one. It worked correctly in openSUSE 11.2 and doesn't work in openSUSE 11.3 with the same xorg.conf. This is a 64-bit openSUSE 11.3 with xorg 7.5-11.3 (the openSUSE prepackaged version). I've already tried NVidia drivers 256.53-16.1 (the openSUSE NVidia repository version) and 260.19.12 (the latest off of the NVidia website).

This is the same xorg.conf that I used successfully in openSUSE 11.2. I tried a new automatically generated xorg.conf using nvidia-settings and it had the same problem. This forum won't let me upload the relevant files, but here: [URL] is a tar-ball with my xorg.conf, Xorg.*.log, /var/log/messages, and the NVidia debugging output.

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Fedora :: F15 Still Crashes On Multi Monitor Setup

Jun 5, 2011

I have asked about this issue before to no avail but since then I have been able to narrow down the main cause of the crashes. My setup:

HD5770 - Running 2 19" LCD's
HD3300 onboard Running 1 47" lcd

Whenever I am in firefox and have pictures open in the browser and move the mouse to the other 19" monitor it crashes, not everytime but often enough to be annoying. Sometimes when it crashes the screen goes blank and I wind up at the login screen, other times it just goes blank and stays blank.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Running A Multi Monitor Setup With Xinerama?

Jan 18, 2011

I am running a multi monitor setup with xinerama, and everything works great except when I try to play an FPS such as OpenArena. The mouse doesn't work, it gets stuck to the screen edge.

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Debian Hardware :: GMA 4500MHD - Ability For Dual Head Monitor Setup - Limitation On Virtual Desktop For Older Gma Cards

Jan 30, 2010

I want to buy a laptop with gma 4500hd WHAT I WANT IS

1. 2D AND 3D full support eg compiz, full functional kde4+effects (not to be slow)
2. full hd support
3. oss driver
4. ability for dual head monitor setup

searching in google find out that as fa as it concern the dual head setup there is a limitation on virtual desktop for older gma cards

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Ubuntu :: Multi-Monitors: Can ATI + Nvidia Video Cards Co-Exist

Apr 8, 2011

As described in further detail below I am looking for some help in Ubuntu 10.10 with a multi-monitor + multi-gpu setup using both ATI and Nvidia video cards installed within the same system (que scoffs and jeers). Is it possible to sucessfully run both ATI and NVidia GPU's and Drivers simultaneously in Ubuntu 10.10 (think multi-monitor environment)? I am asking b/c I am having trouble figuring out how to manage my video cards - particularly ATI - within a multi-monitor + multi-gpu video card environment.

Here's the setup:

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat
x2 - NVidia 6800XT SLi GPU's + 2 DVI outputs/per card (Serviceable card for my needs)
x1 - ATI Rage XL PCI Card + 1 VGA output (Yes, ancient hardware...I know)


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Ubuntu :: Use Only One Of Two Graphics Cards?

May 9, 2011

My situation is like so: I have two NVIDIA GTX 460 graphics cards running the latest (260.19.06) proprietary drivers. I SLI these together under Windows 7 for gaming. However, for day to day usage I have Ubuntu 10.1 running on my two monitors using twinview.

My problem is that the xserver refuses to load (I get the "screens found, but none have a usable configuration" error) when both my graphics cards are plugged in and powered; if I remove the power to one, the system works fine. If I was just using Ubuntu, I would simply leave one unplugged but, because I'm not, its a pain to have to plug/unplug one every time I want to switch operating system.

I have tried every modification to the xorg.conf file that I can think of and a few more found in the documentation and via google, all to no avail. I have also tried everything again with twinview disabled and only one monitor plugged in.

I am aware that SLI isn't compatible with twinview, I don't really need to use it, although it would, of course, be nice.

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Ubuntu :: Run A Box With 2 Graphics Cards In It With One Card?

Feb 23, 2010

Is it possible to run a box with 2 graphics cards in it with one card being a PCIe x16 and the other being a PCIe x1?

Unsure whether this would cause all sorts of problems with ubuntu and/or the nvidia drivers (2 quatro NVS 290's).

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Ubuntu :: Supported Graphics Cards

Jun 28, 2009

Is there a list of supported hardware anywhere?Ubuntu directed me to Gentoo-Wiki, but there was no page with the name...Anyway, I have Intel extreme graphics, whih I know isn't the best, based on the new ones out there,Does anyone know if it's supported for desktop effects?Or will I Have to buy a new one..I'm Okay if it's a bit slow, but I just want to know if it will run..

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Hardware :: Setup A 5 Monitors Setup Using 3 Cards?

Oct 8, 2010

I am trying to setup a 5 monitors setup using 3 cards, but I am stuck at 3 monitors for now. The third card is not plugged yet, so the current setup is:

NVIDIA 8800GT (binary driver 195.***)
--->1680x1050 LCD (VGA)
--->1680x1050 LCD (DVI)
ATI HD5450 (3 output, but I think the OSS driver only support 2, corrdct me if I am wrong) (OSS driver)
--->1280x1024 LCD (DVI)
---> 1366x768 TV (VGA)


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Ubuntu :: Looking For A List For Compatable Graphics Cards?

May 24, 2010

Hi i am looking at buying a ASUS K52JR-SX052X i3-350M 2.26GHz, 4GB, 320GB, 15.6" WXGA LED, HD5470M 1GB, 11N, BT. or a ASUS G51JX-HD-SX232V i7-720QM, 1.6GHz, 6GB, 500GB, 15.6" WXGA LED, GTS360M 1GB, BT.

I know there can be issues with graphics cards and would like to know if anyone has a site that i could look at to see if these cards work with Ubuntu 10.04.

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Hardware :: ATI Graphics Cards In 2010

Jan 9, 2010

I know ATI cards have not worked well with Linux in the past, however this may have changed since AMD bought out ATI and their being improvements in the OpenGL platform. (version 3.1/3.2) So... I am wondering. Is AMD planning to add more features to their cards by offering customer good solid drivers for use on the Linux platform(s)? I know that has always been one of their pros making good CPU chips that work well with Linux. But my main question is, do the 5xxx series cards work (well) in Linux? Has anyone every tried Linux with one of these card or are their any drivers out there?

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Hardware :: Configuring 2 Graphics Cards

May 21, 2009

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 with 2 graphics cards (ATI X1300 both).After installation 1 monitor on one card worked fine.I also managed to start Ubuntu with dual monitor support (on one graphics card).Now I want to activate my 2nd graphics card in order to use my 3rd monitor too.

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Hardware :: Two Monitors On Two Graphics Cards?

May 7, 2010

I have an ACER Veriton 7600GT, with an internal Intel 82865G, which drives the main monitor and a Radeon 9250 which drives a second monitor (on its first port) - it all works fine under XP.I've had no luck at all trying to get any version of linux to cope with this. I've been trying live cds..PCLinuxOS and Mandriva will not boot except in 'safe mode' and then run with the wrong resolution for the main monitor and ignore the second one.

Ubuntu boots OK for primary but ignores the second monitor (I'm not keen on ubuntu anyway because of instability on other machines).OpenSUSE boots OK for primary and seemed to offer some hope of setting up the second monitor. However, after this discussion it seems to have come down to trying the latest development milestone.There is quite a lot of diagnostics in the above discussion and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience of this sort of thing? The problem seems very fundamental in the sense that (even with all the tests) I've never seen the second monitor even receive a signal and wake up under any version of linux.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Are Nvidia Graphics Cards Still Preferred To ATI?

Apr 11, 2010

After a PSU and motherboard failure, I'm about to spec out a new PC. The last time I looked, Nvidia was the preferred graphics chipset as they tended to support Linux better than ATI. Is this still the case?[url].... seem to have lots of ATI cards in stock but hardly any Nvidia (despite offering a similar sized range), but I don't want to get an ATI card if it's not preferred for technological reasons (or even FOSS ethical reasons!).

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Slackware :: 64 Multi-lib And Nvidia Graphics?

Aug 13, 2010

I'm just about to install Alien Bob's multi-lib packages for Slackware64. Everything looks easy, but I've got a question about this part of the instructions:


After installing the -compat32 packages, you may have to re-install your binary Nvidia or Ati video X.Org drivers. These driver packages contain both 64bit and 32bit libraries to be maximally useful on a 64bit multilib OS. If you installed the driver files for both architectures, the mesa-compat32 package will overwrite some of the 32bit library files.

On the other hand, if you originally only installed the 64bit driver libraries for your Nvidia/Ati card, it is recommended after installation of the multilib packages, to re-install the binary driver package. This time, choose to install the 32bit driver files as well.

The graphical 32bit applications that you are going to run on your multilib installation will require these 32bit driver libraries. Crashes are likely to occur if you fail to install the correct files.

Right now, I'm on pure 64-bit Slackware64-13.1, and I'm using the Nvidia driver from Slackbuilds.org (along with the nvidia-kernel and libvdpau packages from there too).

So:Do I have both 32- and 64- bit bindary drivers installed as part of the package from Slackbuilds.org?
Could I avoid all this hassle by simply not installing the mesa-compat32 package?
If I do need to reinstall the Nvidia binary driver, do I just upgradepkg --reinstall nvidia-driver-195.36.15-x86_64-1_SBo.tgz?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Nvidia Graphics Cards In 12.1?

Sep 10, 2011

i just upgraded my pc to 12.1 milestone 5 when i went to play my fav game (Xonotic) it was all laggy at 1 fps. I realised the graphics card app wasnt working anymore.Can any 1 fix PS and i had to go on failsafe too. PS2 milestone 5 workes flawlessly apart from the gnome 3 bug at startup

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Hardware :: Current Space Of ATI Graphics Cards

May 18, 2009

What is the current state of ATI graphics card support under linux? Up until a few years ago, nvidia had much better (albeit proprietary) drivers than ATI. Has this situation changed, now that AMD has owned ATI for a while now? Are open source drivers any better?

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Hardware :: Dual Head Graphics Cards

Jun 14, 2011

I'm building another desktop. This is not a gaming system (though some video does cross my path), it's primary focus is as an application development platform. The thing is based on a SuperMicro two CPU motherboard with a couple intel multi-cores, 16GB RAM, a hardware RAID, and CentOS 5.6 (64bit). To this mix I would like to add a solid dual-head graphics card. Something that will support a couple HP LP2465 monitors (not new but functioning well). Speed of rendering is not my biggest concern, stability and "real estate" (the monitors are 1920x1200 and I want all of it).

I've looked a little at the Matrox items and started researching nVidia, but would like to hear opinions from those "in the know".The motherboard, though a solid performer, may have just made this trip unnecessary. It has a quirk that I hadn't considered before. It has several PCI-X slots (64-bit @ 133MHz) but only one "PCI-Express 1 (x8) on a (x16) slot". Does that seem a little strange to anyone else? Not that there is just one PCI-E but that it will fit a x16 board but will only support x8 connections...

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Hardware :: 2 NVidia Graphics Cards On Motherboard With Crossfire?

Dec 27, 2009

From what I've read there is no problem running one nvidia card on a crossfire motherboard, but not much information running two cards.Some context: I currently have a Core 2 Duo on a motherboard with an nForce chipset supporting SLI. I have 2 nVidia 9400 graphics cards not in SLI mode driving my 3 monitors.I'm toying with the idea of upgrading the CPU and motherboard (maybe the RAM if I go for DDR3), and am leaning (back) towards the AMD camp, however most of the motherboards for AMD CPUs that have 2 PCIe x16 slots also have Crossfire.

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Hardware :: Thinkpad T400 Graphics Cards And Fglrx 9.8

Aug 18, 2009

I have a Thinkpad T400 running FC11 and am using integrated (intel) graphics, because I know FC11 doesn't have 3-D acceleration support for the ATI Radeon Mobility 3470. I take this to be because the 2.6.29 kernel and the X Server release were too new, and unsupported. I know from phoronix that 2.6.29 is now in fact supported with the advent of 9.8, and that I believe my X server is supported too.

As far as I can tell, this means I **should** be able to use fglrx..I was wondering how one backed up their X configuration on Fedora, as it doesn't really use xorg.conf very much. I was also wondering how to reconfigure X for a completely new graphics card with a completely new driver, without reinstalling. That is, quite simply, out of the question for me, as I've made many customizations to Fedora, and I don't have the time to back them up and restore them.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Set Up A 4 Monitor Sys With 2 Different Cards?

Apr 19, 2010

I'm trying to set up a 4 monitor sys with 2 different cards. 1 is an ATI, the other an inVidia.

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Ubuntu :: Use 2 Video Cards For Just One Monitor?

Sep 6, 2010

I have 2 video cards installed, and I only have one 22" monitor (1680x1050 pixels).ATI Radeon HD 4290 Nvidia 7300 GT Silent How can I make the both video cards render OpenGL stuff at the same time? Is it even possible?

And which GPU is faster? ATI Radeon HD 4290?

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General :: Multi-touch Graphics Tablet (DIY Version)

Feb 2, 2010

After watching the absolutely amazing 10/GUI video, I have been dying to try to implement something like this. I can do the software side quite easily, but I don't have the hardware. The Wacom Bamboo Fun would work, but the Linux drivers don't support the multi-touch features. Microsoft's "UnMouse Pad" looks like the perfect solution, but it is not commercially available yet.

Are there any similar devices that would work? Alternatively, is there a way to build a DIY version? (It is fairly easy to build a multi-touch display with a webcam and IR LEDs, but it would not be pressure sensitive. Does anyone have any info on how the UnMouse Pad works and if it is possible to build one?). I should clarify that I don't want a multi-touch display. I want the sensor to be separate from the display. If that sounds crazy, watch the 10/GUI video.

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SUSE :: Installing NVIDIA Graphics Cards Gives Grub Error 13

Oct 27, 2009

So I installed openSUSE 11.1, and got everything from yast2 and then finally got nvidia.ymp or whatever. Bascially, the one click install. When i did that, I couldn't boot into the SUSE GUI. I could boot into the command line but I couldn't start X server.When I did try the Ec2-openSUSE- option, I get grub error 13. It says that the ex2fs file system is not supported, only I did not format it with ext2. I am completely stumped and I'm a newbie.

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Hardware :: Two Graphics Cards (Intel 965 / Cirrus 5440) Does Not Work

Jun 12, 2011

I want to add a second monitor to a computer with existing onboard Intel 965 graphics. The Intel graphics work great so i'd prefer adding something old for a second monitor (just to throw some toolbars on it) instead of installing ATI / nV card (which will disable the Intel graphics). I added an old PCI (not PCIe) Cirrus Logic GD 5440 Alpine for the second monitor (so that it won't disable the Intel). This card is capable of 640x480 w/ 256 colors (actually more, but I don't know how much more it will go. It has like 1MiB memory)

Now I set it up like this:
Section "Device"
Identifier "CirrusCard"
Driver "cirrus"
BusID "PCI:4:0:0"
/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf .....

All the additions to the cirus (modeline etc) were added when experimenting, but did not change the errors. X fails to start in all configurations I tried here:
X.Org X Server 1.10.2
Release Date: 2011-05-28
[987.179] X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0 .....

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Multi Monitor Configuration With Two ATI GPU

Aug 20, 2010

I have 2 GPUs in my system, a HD4870 and a HD4350. The HD4870 has a Benq 24" and a Dell 17" which are working fine in a multi-display desktop setting (No Xinerama) configured via CCC. On the HD4350 I have a single Samsung 17" which in CCC is listed as '[Unknown Display] Unknown adapter' and cannot be used. How can I get that working properly so I can configure it as an additional screen in this setup?

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "aticonfig Layout"
Screen 0 "aticonfig-Screen[0]-0" 0 0

Section "Files"
Section "Module"
Section "ServerFlags"
Option "Xinerama" "off"
EndSection .....

I have tried a few different configurations in Xorg but I don't have a great understanding of the configuration files so I have broken it a few times. I have read through this guide [URL]. It's a guide based on the work around for multiple Nvidia GPUs with a six monitor configuration while still being able to run visual effects without a hitch. But I didn't continue after reading "If you're prepared to use ATI cards, and therefore deal with their drivers, a better option might be to buy an Eyefinity card." Since that is based on the drivers back then I figure maybe it's possible with ATI drivers now. I'm sticking to Ubuntu this time around there is no doubt there so I would really like to get my third monitor working.

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Ubuntu :: Multi Monitor Support (Different Resolutions)

May 13, 2010

I have two monitors of different resolutions. Under settings->display the settings for my monitor look like this: [URL]. Ultimately what I want is to set up this kind of configuration: [URL]. But whenever I do, it doesn't work out. When I up after setting the above settings, my configuration ends up like this: [URL]. Any attempt to change the resolution or to change the display type to anything other then clone is simply ignored. If I disable the second monitor I can set my first to the proper resolution. If I try to set the settings to what I want they will stick but the second monitor doesn't actually turn on, and if i try to drag windows that direction it acts like a single display.

I have tried using the ATI control panel to adjust my display, but there seems to be a problem entering it as an administrator.I can load the CCC just fine as a regular user, but when I try as an admin a terminal pops up, I type in my password, and nothing happens. I want to avoid trying to reinstall my display drivers or do anything drastic. In previous versions of linux I would just nano the Xorg.conf file and be done with it, but it seems ubuntu 10.04 LTS doesn't use Xorg, or at least not a Xorg.conf I am used to. I want to set the monitors at their native res and as independent displays, similar to what twin view did for me not to long ago.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Monitor Configuration Dual Cards?

Feb 11, 2010

I'm having a rather hard time getting my 3 monitors setup as one display. I can get all three to work without too much heartburn using 3 separate X instances. The monitors are on 2 different video cards, one dual heads. The other on it's own card.

I've tried countless ways to get this to work, and I'm just not feeling the love. There are 2 17 inch monitors on the 1 video card and then the second video card has a 24 inch monitor on it. I can get the two monitors on one head to work with twinview, but the third one is left out.

The physical configuration looks like this..

17inch on the left of the 24 inch monitor, and another 17 inch monitor on the right, with the 24 inch monitor being in the center.

I'm going to include my current xorg.conf and lspci.


harry@ubuntu:~$ cat /etc/X11/x
xinit/ xkb/ xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup
harry@ubuntu:~$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf
# nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings
# nvidia-settings: version 1.0 (buildd@palmer) Sun Feb 1 20:21:04 UTC 2009


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Activate Graphic Cards Without Monitor?

Jun 16, 2011

is there any way to activate the graphic cards without a monitor?It seems in xorg.conf, a "Device" had to be referenced by a "Screen" to have it activated.

I wonder is there any other way to activate a graphic cards without monitor connected to it?

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