Ubuntu :: Moving Files By Type In Terminal

Jan 30, 2010

Is there a command for moving a certain amount-or all files-of a certain type? I know how to move files around but I can't find anything that explains how you would move multiple files at once.Writing this, I wonder, is it possible to move files by their size-moving all files under or over a certain size-rather than by type or name? I've looked but can't find how to do this, or if it's possible. Can't find anything on google with any combination of search terms.

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Ubuntu :: Moving Files In Terminal \ Moving Files That Have Root Permissions?

Mar 4, 2010

I have limited experience in terminal, but let me first explain what I am trying to do to see if there is some easier way to do it. Basically I want to change the skin in aMSN. I downloaded the new skin but am unable to unzip or move it without /root permissions. I don't know how to acquire this without being in terminal. So I figured there had to be some way to go into the terminal and use it to move the unzipped folder from the desktop to the aMSN skins folder.

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Ubuntu :: Use Terminal To Search For All Files Who Are Not Of A Specified Type?

Sep 14, 2010

I want to use the terminal to search for all files (also the hidden ones) who are not of a specified type.

For example; I want to find all files that do not end with *.txt.

How do I do this?

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Ubuntu :: Moving Files To A Pendrive Renders 0 Bytes Files And Files Gets Deleted

Jun 10, 2011

I get a SD card. Put in the SD reader. It's empty. I go to my super-important-pictures-to-a-monthly-relatory folder and select all files. Select them for MOVE. Paste them on the SD card. When the move/paste process is finished, i click on the "Eject" button on top of the SD card name. Card's ejected. I can't access the card anymore. I take out the card and put on my other computer. From 300 pictures, there are only 10 available, the remaining ones are there, but with 0bytes and unrecoveable. I panic. I go back to my main computer, my pictures are not there anymore. The pictures were on the Home folder. I panic again. I reset the computer and boot on the LiveCD. I install foremost, scalpel, photorec and about everything till my USB drive complains about being filled up. I run everything and I can't recover my files. I'm in the danger of getting fired. Things like that makes Windows sounds more appealing. When you securely remove a pendrive, things get REALLY pasted there before screwing everything up with a removal.

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Ubuntu :: Moving A Folder In Terminal

Jan 23, 2010

I had a folder named "Rage Against the Machine" in my Home directory which contained a bunch of music files. I opened my Terminal window and planned on moving it to a folder named "Downloads" inside my home folder, so I used this command:

sudo mv "Rage Against The Machine" /Downloads

Now I can't actually find the folder inside Downloads, which I think it should be. so I even tried running this to find it:

locate "Rage Against The Machine"

and it couldn't find it either.

Where did it go??

The folder size was approximately 837.6 MB in size total.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Type On The Terminal?

Mar 31, 2011

I recently installed ubuntu on my pc in parallel with windows 7 ( I have been running wubi so far ). After the installation was completed I installed chrome and Mathematica ( by using the terminal ). I then restarted the computer. When I restarted ubuntu again I realized that I couldn't type on the Terminal any longer.I can type on anything else, documents, browsers, Mathematica ecc, but, as soo as I try to type over the terminal the mouse pointer disappears and nothing happens. However I can copy paste on the terminal but it is of no use since I cannot use the enter key.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Files During Moving Files With Nautlis?

Oct 16, 2010

I was moving a folder using Nautilus from an internal drive to a USB drive when suddenly, the power failed and the system rebooted before the UPS could go into backup. After I booted the PC again, half the files are are in neither of the drives. Do they go into a temporary folder first? There's nothing in /tmp and there's no Lost+Found folder. Is there anyway to get back those files? I'll always copy and delete from now on instead of moving.

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Ubuntu :: Find By Type From Terminal?

Jun 27, 2010

I'd like to find all files of a specific type (as determined by the terminal "file" command) from the command line ... and haven't been able to figure out a way to do so. For instance, I'd like to be able to find all JPEG files in my filesystem, even if their names don't end in .jp*. It would be helpful to be able to combine this with other tests in find, so that I could type something like "sudo find / -atime 0 -size +1M -type adobeflash" or something like that.

I've looked for ways to hook find up to file and tinkered around with a few ideas involving pipes, but nothing seems to get what I want.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Run Scan - Type Into Terminal?

Aug 14, 2010

It installed but I cant seem to run a scan and as there isnt much need for it i want to remove it. The problem is its changed name from what I downloaded it as. Does anyone know what it could be? Ill try and add a pic a bit later, but im on windows at the moment so I cant acces terminal. Also I have Wine installed but would like to remove its root access, Im not sure if it does have root access but I would like it not to if it does, what should I type into the terminal?

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Ubuntu :: Nothing Appears In Terminal When Type Into It?

Jul 9, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 and I've been running into a bizarre scenario. So when I open a terminal, I can type commands into it. Then I open a tab (by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T) and can type into it normally as well. But when I close the tab (going back to the original terminal), I suddenly can't type into that terminal -- no characters appear on its command line. It is not a severe issue since if I jump to another window (say Firefox), then come back to that terminal, I can suddenly type again. Also as far as I know this seems to be the only scenario to which this problem occurs. Has anyone ran into the same issue?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Type Password In Terminal?

Jul 19, 2011

i need to install the new firefox. I have allready downloaded the tar.bz2 package and extract it in a folder. I go to terminal, type sudo make install and appear [sudo] password for severityconcept: but i can't type any character. How to type my password in terminal when i run that command I mentioned above?

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General :: Gnome Terminal Moving Through Folders?

Sep 10, 2011

I was wondering if there was a way to navigate back to the previous folder after a 'cd'.

~/ cd /home/
~/ cd /usr/local/
~/ want should I write here to return to the home dir (not 'cd /home' ^^)

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Ubuntu :: Can't Type User Password In Terminal

Jan 13, 2010

I've been having problems whenever I'm asked for my password inside the Terminal. The most recent one happens when I type this

ben@ben-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer

It says this

[sudo] password for ben:

But then I can't type anything. I try to but nothing happens.

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Ubuntu :: Type Spaces In Filenames In Terminal?

Mar 18, 2010

I'm trying to access a file and copy it to another location, but the drive name has a space. I'd like to rename that too.

I know that a % sign is sometimes used, but this didn't seem to work in terminal...

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Type Lowercase 'L' In Gnome-terminal

Feb 4, 2011

A few minutes ago, without any apparent reason, my gnome-terminal started refusing acceptance of lowercase 'L'. When I hit the 'L' key, the menu toggles between visible and hidden. Note, this is lower case 'L', not uppercase.

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Server :: After Moving PHP Files To /var/www They No Longer Are Seen As Hosted Php Files

Feb 25, 2010

I am setting up a Demo website that I am hosting in a Debian Lenny VM, I have installed Apache, mySQL, and PHP5 I know the php server is working because if I place an info php file I can see it in the browser. However, I downloaded phpfusion, as well as phpmyadmin and they are on my desktop, I open a superuser file browser (also added write access to /var/www to everybody and copied the files over as me) and copied over the files. Once in the www folder they are no longer seen as "valid" php files, if I try to access them with iceweasel, IE, Konquerer it asks me if I want to download the file. If I look at the files on my desktop they have different icons. I have attached a screenshot. I can't tell what the difference is, but obviously there is one otherwise the icons wouldn't be different. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here or a way to rectify it?

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Ubuntu :: Network - What Command To Type Into The Terminal To See The Dns Information

Apr 15, 2010

I dont have under system->admin networking, but i do have netwroking tools (I have the latest version of ubuntu) and I am wondering - what command can i type in to the terminal to see the dns information? also can I install "network" for ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Impossible To Type 'a' Letter In Terminal / Make It Possible?

May 27, 2010

Since 2 days, when I type the lowercase 'a' letter in a terminal, nothing is written (it's not the case for the uppercase 'A' letter).
The matter appears with all terminal's software (guake, Terminal, xterm...).
The only way for me to type the 'a' letter is to type 'Insert' key before.
I tried many solutions but the matter is still here.
Here, there is some clarifications and some solutions I tried:
-If I copy and paste a text, 'a' don't appears. For example, if i try to copy and paste
'sudo apt-get install'
'sudo pt-get instll' will appears
-The matter appears 2 days ago. Before that, I removed the .gconf file
-It's not a fresh installation of ubuntu but an update from karmic to lucid. When i was under karmic, I was using KDE. Then I did an upgrade, then I tried Xubuntu and Lubuntu and finally I moved to Ubuntu. The first week under Ubuntu (Gnome) was without any matter and 2 days ago, this matter appeared.

-I tried this following command line:
xmodmap -pke >fichier.conf
and the file called "fichier.conf" (I'm french) contains this line:
keycode 24 = a A a A ae AE ae AE

-When I type this line:
printf "x61
a 'a' appears in my terminal.

-In tty1 and all the other programs, 'a' appears without any trouble

-I tried with other users in my computer but the matter is still the same no matter wich user I use.

-I tried to change fonts of my environment and I also tried to change fonts only for the terminal but whithout success.

-I tried to change the layout of my keyboard.

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Networking :: Automating The Terminal Type With NIS Logins?

Jan 25, 2011

I am running NIS in an environment that has HP-UX 11.11 64-bit running on a PA-RISC rp3400 server, with Fedora Core 2 32-bit running on intel workstations. All users use the tcsh shell by default in their profiles. If more information is needed please let me know.

Users who log into the domain via a terminal window on the workstations are prompted for the terminal type which is normally dtterm. I want to automate the process so users are not prompted to enter in the above information. My plan is to modify the global-cshrc file on the master NIS server. I had several questions concerning this:

1. Is it better to modify global-cshrc, or should this be done at the individual user directory?

2. What is the correct syntax to use in either case?

3. Will the changes made go into effect upon the next login, or do I need to push out the changes via the make command?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Get An Error Message That Tells To Type A Command Into The Terminal?

Jun 8, 2011

I was running an update on my computer (running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid) and something must have been transferred incorrectly as every time I open synaptic, I get an error message that tells me to type a command into the terminal:

sudo dpkg --configure -a
After doing that, it displays this:


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Debian :: 'rxvt-256color': Unknown Terminal Type

Apr 29, 2011

Lately, my rxvt-unicode has been generating this ~$ top 'rxvt-256color': unknown terminal type. Many of the terms have a colour patch. Where is the one for rxvt? Is there one in Debian or do I have to get creative?

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Fedora :: Determine Optical Disc Type From Terminal?

Feb 3, 2010

From the terminal, or a script, how can I determine the media type (CDDA, DVD, ISO, etc) of a mounted optical disc? I need this for an automated script on my headless media server - Fedora 12 64bit.

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Networking :: Unable To Type Anything On 'cu' Serial Terminal Window

Jan 14, 2011

I'm using CentOS 5.5. I connected serial terminal using "cu". The command I had given was "cu -l /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 115200". It connects I'm seeing the target boards boot-up messages and log in screen. But I couldn't type anything on "cu" terminal window.

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Installation :: Ubuntu Boots To Terminal Type Prompt / Command To Start Gnome From That?

May 26, 2010

Since upgrading ubuntu boots to a prompt rather than logging into gnome. has anyone run into this? what can I do to fix this?
I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.4.
does anyone know the command to start gnome from the prompt?

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Ubuntu :: Type 'yes' In The Terminal Without The Quote Marks And Hit Enter Causes A Loop, Cpu Starts To Run High?

Jun 26, 2011

Maverick Meerkat 10.10Type 'yes' in the terminal without the quote marks and hit enter causes a loop, cpu starts to run high.

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Ubuntu :: Moving Files From Different OS's?

Jun 26, 2010

im switching. Vista is......yeah nothing needs to be said. Anyways i only have a few things preventing me from switching, biggest is Ubuntu is currently partinioned on 10gigs of my hard drive, the rest is mostly crap. All i want off vista is music, pictures, and a few videos. how do i get them onto the ubuntu side, or allocate more space to use a friends external harddrive. I know Wine is used for WoW(problem solved) but how about ventillo and the rarely played EvE online? also if possible i need to bring those over as well. other than than Ubuntu kicks the **** out of any windows or mac OS ive ever used. but thats not sayin a whole lot.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Moving Files On LAN

Sep 13, 2010

i want to copy files from a local ubuntu 10.04 machine to a remote XP machine on a LAN.using gnome terminal server client i'm able to copy text but not files!is this possible to achieve with terminal server client or do i need to use another program? if so whit and how?

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Ubuntu :: Lockup When Moving Files?

Dec 17, 2010

After updating to 10.10, I started getting hard freezes on a regular (read: every 10 min.during use) basis. A bit of diagnosis showed me that it was only a problem during periods of intensive I/O activity (moving files, downloading, etc.).A bug report started with:BUG: soft lockup - CUP#0 stuck for 61s! [kswapd0:26]I reinstalled 9.04, and was able to successfully copy 15gb from one drive to another. I upgraded to 9.10, and copied it back.Upgraded to 10.04 and copied it again. 10.10, it copied a few mb and froze.

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Ubuntu :: Moving Files Between Partitions

Jan 14, 2011

I have windows 7 and am soon to partition a large amount of my drive over to linux. I'd rather all of my computer be linux but I'm unsure how to get my files to my other partition, I don't have a thumbdrive and my email doesn't have much space. I have 300 gbs of room, 150 will be linux, how do I get the 100 gigs moved from my windows partition to my linux so I have more space on my linux.

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Ubuntu :: Moving Files Into Directories

May 12, 2010

I downloaded some backgrounds from Gnome Art and am having trouble moving them to the backgrounds folder. I've been trying this: sudo mv desktop <filename> usr/share/backgrounds.I moved to the desktop to make it easier.

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