Ubuntu :: Mouse Cursor Becoming Unresponsive At Random Intervals

Jun 21, 2010

Once every, say, 12 hours of use, I find that the mouse cursor spontaneously becomes unresponsive. The rest of the system is fine, and it responds to the keyboard, but the mouse does nothing. I'm pretty sure this isn't a problem with the mouse itself, because when it happens I've tried unplugging the mouse and plugging in a different one, and the problem persists. The problem doesn't seem to be correlated with any particular program or type of activity. I realize that this probably isn't much to go on. The next time it happens, is there at least anything I can do by way of diagnosis?

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Ubuntu :: Gnome And Fluxbox Both Crash At Random Intervals?

May 15, 2011

I just recently upgraded to Natty and I'm having a fairly annoying issue with Gnome and Fluxbox. There will be random intervals where I'll hit the enter key and my desktop environment will just quit out without any warning. Now this is becoming a huge nuisance because I use time tracking software for work and I essentially lose time because once the environment crashes, the time is not saved.

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Ubuntu :: Banshee Emptying Imported Playlists At Random Intervals

Aug 4, 2011

Banshee is, at seemingly random intervals, emptying any playlist I have imported (as .pls generated by Rhythmbox). The playlists I build in Banshee directly are not suffering this emptying problem. (There is one imported playlist, of some 30+, which has not yet emptied but I see nothing special about it.)

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Debian Multimedia :: SiS 671 - Screen Shuts Off At Random Intervals?

Mar 28, 2016

I've been running Debian 8 jessie at the screen's native resolution (1280x800) via the following hack: [URL]

What's bugging me is that at random intervals, my screen shuts off while the laptop is still running, forcing me to hard reset.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Screen Goes Black At Random Intervals?

Nov 24, 2010

opensuse v11.3
linux x86_64
ati radeon hd3200 (builtin to mb)
fglrx driver - distribution-specific build

At random intervals the video output is turned off for 2 - 3 seconds giving a black screen. (I suspect the 2 - 3 second blank time is how long it takes the monitor to recover after a loss of input signal.) The interval between events can vary from 1 minute to an hour to more than a week, and recently more than a month. Sometimes I get several per hour; other times not for two weeks. Hmm, there was a kernel update in the last week or so.At one time the cause was pointed at a USB driver problem since a number of USB log entries occurred at the same time as the screen blanking. That is not the case here;here is nothing in </var/log/messages> (or the dmesg output) that is anywhere near when a screen event happens.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Kernel Errors - Syslog Output At Random Intervals

Jan 28, 2011

I am running a headless Ubuntu 10.04 server with the 2.6.32-28-generic kernel. For what I can figure out no single direct cause I get a high load average and the following syslog output at random intervals. Generally the load average will drop back down to normal however the kernel errors will still continue What little I have been able to find has pointed to memory issues. I am not totaly convinced this is the cause as the server will be showing >50% free when the errors are happening.


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Ubuntu :: Cut Random Text And When The Cursor Focus Jumps Back To The Location Of The Cursor On The Screen

Jul 1, 2010

Im running netbook remix on a eeepc 1005ha. It is my only OS and Im loving it except for one obnoxious quirk. It randomly cuts text and randomly pastes it. If there is something in the clipboard, it will usually paste that, but just as often it will cut random text and paste that. The pastes occur when the cursor focus jumps back to the location of the cursor on the screen. I dont know a better way to phrase that, but thats what it is doing. Say... I put the cursor over the word "pastes" in the paragraph above... even though Im typing in this paragraph, the focus will "jump" to the cursors physical locale (the word "pastes") and then paste whatever is in the clipboard. If the cursor is outside of the textbox, the page will jump to the bottom.

This behavior occurs across programs and in any place text can be entered. I can find no rhyme or reason for it... it just... happens. Sometimes even when Im away from my computer, so its not like Im hitting some key on accident. I have loved everything about this ubuntu distro, but this issue is just toany obnoxious. Writing psych papers on this thing is going to be near impossible if I dont get this fixed before I go back to school.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic Booting To Black Screen With Unresponsive Cursor Flashing / Fix It?

Apr 23, 2010

As the topic says. I'm having problem after problem, everytime I figure out a way to take a step forward, my PC has pre-emptively taken a step back.

I'm unable to boot to X or (recovery mode).

I did try booting to a LiveUSB in order to run update-grub, but then it occured I have no idea how to do this from a LiveUSB that will affect the internal HDD installation?

So I'm currently trying to reboot from Live USB, but that just seems to have locked up the PC on the white ubuntu logo. I'm afraid to hard reset it (been doing too much of that lately). How long should a Live USB take to shutdown? (been about 10 minutes so far ). It's not a persistent LiveUSB as far as I know, and I basically just booted to the desktop and then start the reboot cycle as soon as I realised I didn't know what I wanted to do .

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Ubuntu :: Get Unresponsive Mouse Clicking/scrolling Ever?

Oct 18, 2010

I dont know why this is happening to me. Maybe it's because I have so many things running, but its mainly just browsers and stuff that hardly require cpu usage. Sometimes (and its getting worse now) when i try to highlight the text on a web page, it wont work, the mouse pointer will be the arrow instead of the "I" like symbol which signifies the possibility for text highlighting. Then after a little while it will become the "I" symbol so I can highlight the text. It will switch on and off like that and make it really hard for me to do things.

Also, sometimes I cannot scroll down, it wont work when i hold the side bar thing and scroll it down, but after a few seconds it may work. This happens on my browser as well as amarok so far. I hope someone has experienced something like this because its getting frustrating.

UPDATE: Happens on KMess too. I cant type in the convo box sometimes. So I have to minimize and maximize it in order for it to work. Also if I have a browser up in the background while a Kmess convo box is infront, I cant click to the browser when its right there, even though I can click on it in the taskbar, if you know what i mean.

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Ubuntu :: Computer Becomes Unresponsive To Mouse Clicks?

Dec 13, 2010

I'll move around the mouse and see that docky is moving around (computer is not frozen, nautilius desktop environment is unresponsive) how do i fix this without restarting the computer.

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard / Mouse Unresponsive For 1st Minute Of Start Up - Cause Of It?

Jul 29, 2010

This just started happening recently on an older install of Linux Mint 9, 32 bit, Gnome with Compiz using a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse.

I noticed another problem about the same time and I don't know if it is related but now when I restart I get the "default keyring login" pop up message. The keyboard and mouse are unresponsive for at least 60-90 seconds after everything has opened. It only recently started to do this and is not a result of old/slower hardware.

I don't know where to start looking for a cause or what section to post this in.

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Ubuntu :: Erratic And Random Character Cursor Jumping

Dec 20, 2010

I have a dv7-4172us laptop from HP, a new laptop. It has AMD Phenom II N950 -64 bits processors. I am running LiveCD version 10.04 LTS 64 bits in "Try Ubuntu" mode. If I type type fast, the character cursor (not the mouse pointer ) moves away randomly, like a few rows up from present typing location. Sometimes, something else, like another application scrolls it self while I am using Gedit to type this posting. the cursor jumps here and there. Typing on this forum page also produce the same erratic cursor jumping problems!

I also disconnect my optical wireless USB mouse, and still have the same erratic cursor problem. I do not have the ANY problems with Win 7 -64 bits. This is a serious problem. It will render any laptop useless with Linux I so look forward to using Linux.

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Fedora Installation :: KB And Mouse Unresponsive @ Login

Jul 4, 2010

When I boot fedora off a live cd i can edit some boot options just fine with my mouse & Keyboard, but when I get to the login screen I cannot use them at all.

Now a year back I had same problem with Ubuntu. I had to enter some command can't remember if it was acpi nolapic noapic or whatever. I'd like to know what to type into my boot options to fix this issue.

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Ubuntu :: Embedded Flash Objects Unresponsive To Mouse Input

Mar 5, 2010

I have installed Flash (via Synaptic Package manager, �flashplugin-installer� and flashplugin-nonfree) on Ubuntu 9.10, 64-bit. When I attempt to view / interact with embedded flash objects in HTML pages using FireFox 3.5.8 I find that they are unresponsive to my mouse clicks (though mouse-over seems to work). For example, if I would like to start an embedded flash movie, I cannot click the play button, nor can I control any of the other mouse-click controls. Also, on occasion, the entire flash object will not display at all but will instead just leave a big white space on the web page.

I do not have any flash-blocking ad-ons installed. When I first installed flash I experienced this problem but was able to temporarily fix it by downloading the 64-bit version of flash 10 from Adobe, [URL] and manually copy-pasting this file into FireFox's Plugins folder (which I had to create myself in the mozilla folder). Immediately after doing this flash objects work properly in FireFox, but upon restarting my computer I find that the almost always problem re-occurs and I have to remove and then re-copy the 64-bit plugin into the plugins folder again to get it to work. FireFox is my primary browser, but on occasion I will use Google Chrome and have not experienced this same problem with viewing flash objects.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Desktop Seems To Be Unresponsive To Mouse Right Or Left Clicks After Upgrade To 11.4

Jun 11, 2011

After I have upgraded from 10.10 to 11.4 I have a very strange problem. My desktop seems to be unresponsitve to mouse right or left clicks. The file browser only starts if I use thunar. Nautilus will not run at all. I am not sure if they are tied together but everytime I reboot i get the error message the file browser is still open. If my iphone is plugged in i get a metacity error. I am booting into classic with no effects. I can work kinda but mostly starting everything from inside a terminal. Also Nautilus only will run if I start it under sudo...

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Hardware :: Mouse Froze - OS Completely Unresponsive - PC's HD Led Was Fully On Without Blinking

Mar 18, 2011

I wanted to have a partition with Debian, but after lots of unsolved errors I went to the more compatible Ubuntu. To my demise, he suffered from errors too. Without counting on the numerous errors and bugs experienced with other linuxes and windows. Given my computer's history of failing, I'd like to know what's wrong with him, and I'll take the opportunity to see if I can make Ubuntu work allright, so I'll describe his last error.

Actually more like a first error. Right after the instalation process (Ubuntu 10.10), I ran apt-get upgrade, and went to Firefox to waste time. Soon after, everything but the mouse froze, OS completely unresponsive. One strange thing was that the PC's HD led was fully on, without blinking.

Stranger is that this also happened at Windows XP, but at the time, he wasn't accessing the HD, and it didn't froze, just got excruciatingly slow. And it stayed like that on every boot. At least I was able to do some tasks and install SliTaz on my pendrive so I could use the computer. But suddenly it came back to normal.

As I'm talking about windows, I'll add that he bluescreens seldomly, always refering to some winsomething.dll .

The HD is almost brand new.
The RAM is not too old.
The oldest in my computer is the mobo and the processor.
It's not overheating because the power supply's fan is not working, so the computer always run with a home fan in it.

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Ubuntu :: Use The Mouse Cursor In The Terminal?

May 5, 2011

I have been doing alot of work in the terminal lately (mostly just for fun) and I was womdering is there a way to use the mouse cursor in the terminal? So I could select and copy/paste text? I know it can be done because I have seen it in slackware before.

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Ubuntu :: Random Freeze - Neither The Mouse Or The Keyboard Will Respond

Jun 14, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 10.04, randomly while working in gnome with no particular application I get a freeze periodically. Neither the mouse or the keyboard will respond. I am running it on a lenovo Z61m laptop. I have had previous experience with Posix systems but I am a recent migrant from XP as my primary operating system. I never had such an issue with this computer which leads me to believe that it is not a hardware issue.

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Stops Working At Random Times

Mar 27, 2011

I just installed and are new to Ubuntu. I have a problem with the os is constantly ignoring my mouse after about 5mins of doing whatever, then I have to restart just to get it to work again. (btw I am using a Dell USB mouse if you need to know...)

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Cursor Not Visible After New Update

Feb 6, 2010

after the recent update of Ubuntu 9.10 my mouse cursor is not visible anymore, it is working, I can click, but I don't see it.

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Ubuntu :: External Monitor With NO Mouse Cursor?

Apr 30, 2010

I am using a Asus UL30A laptop computer. I just performed an upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04. I remember running into this problem before, but I forgot how to fix it. The problem is, when I plug my laptop into the external monitor with my laptop screen turned off automatically when I first log in, I do not see the mouse cursor on the external monitor! The mouse cursor is still here, although invisible - if I do a right-click, the property menu will come up. My current workaround is simple- if I switch to the next workspace (by pressing Ctrl-Alt-right arrow), the cursor will appear from then on.

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Mouse Cursor Pointer

Jun 3, 2010

I am using Kubuntu 10.04. I am using the default theme. I would like to know where do i go to change the mouse cursor point type.

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade From 9.10 To 10.4 - Mouse Cursor Freezing

Aug 3, 2010

I upgraded ubuntu from 9.10 to 10.4 today and now every like 20 minutes my mouse cursor freezes out of nowhere and i can't move it.

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Cursor Invisible After Upgrade?

Oct 11, 2010

Just upgraded to 10.10, which went smoothly except for the fact that my mouse pointer is now gone. I can track where it is by ticking on the function that shows its location when you press control, but otherwise it's invisible (though technically functioning - I can still click on things and move it about).

I've attempted to change the look of the mouse under theme in the hopes that it might be one that doesn't work, but after trying all of the selections I still haven't found one that will display.

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Ubuntu :: Only Wallpaper And Mouse Cursor After Login

Feb 13, 2011

I used ubuntu 10.04 for some months and it worked just fine. Suddenly when my little sister and brother used the computer it crashed (Could be because of some upgrade). Black screen after ubuntu loading screen. So I googled for a while but lost my temper so I loaded my ubuntu cd formatted the disk and installed ubuntu over again. This time i get to login screen and after login all i see is the wallpaper and mouse cursor. I can move the cursor but I cant right-click or anything. Ubuntu works perfectly in safe mode though!

A difference a noticed from the first time I installed was that the first time: I could choose to install proprietary drivers for my graphic card and wifi network card whith "Jockey". Now i cant and I have no wifi internet connection! I dont know how the graphic card works but apparently its using some kind of default driver as i can see things how to make my ubuntu work as good as before

Graphic card: ATI Radeon X1200 (It worked before with compiz, desktop effects and everything!) Network card: Broadcom Netlink BCM5787M (Yes this is also my wifi card because of the M in the end, also worked good as ever, before) Computer: HP Compaq 6715b

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Cursor Not Responding Anymore?

Apr 27, 2011

I have dual monitors, and I was running Minecraft in a window on the external screen and I accidentally pressed F11, which made the game appear on both screens at once (I have dual monitors), one with the mouse and one without, when I pressed F11 again both screens flickered but nothing changed. I could move the mouse to close the window but it didn't respond, so I restarted, and now the cursor is stuck against the left side of the screen and doesn't respond to the touchpad (unfortunately I don't have a USB mouse to try out) It's a Samsung R580 laptop running Ubuntu 10.10, with an ATI HD545V graphics card. just recently installed Ubuntu for the first time and would really like to get to back to using it. Feel free to patronize me, I won't get offended.

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Ubuntu :: Random Mouse/keyboard Freeze In The Login Screen?

May 1, 2010

I downloaded and burnt the Kubuntu 10.04 release to a CD. I tried to install it. First time, couldn't find the disks and eventually it froze. Ok, second try, when it's contacting the "time server" (or whatever) another freeze, but this time I notice everything is running fine and then get a nice little image with the current time (increasing seconds and all). Third attemp, clicked the "update this installer" and it went fine. "Yay!" I thought. Well, a few minutes in my beautiful 10.04 system and again, another freeze. Hit the power button and to my surprise a "Shutdown" dialog shows up with a countdown. After 30 seconds it logs out and mouse is working again. I log back in and come here to write this long post, and as I was writing the title "Random mouse/ke..." guess what? Yeah, it froze again. And the little bar that goes after the writing continued happily blinking. Hit the power button but this time mouse and keyboard were still frozen in the login screen.

Short version: mouse and keyboard randomly freeze while the rest of the system apparently work fine.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Loses Mouse / Keyboard Inputs At Random

May 28, 2010

I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 LTS last week (32 bit, gnome desktop, no desktop effects). The system was quite stable before the upgrade (it's usually on 24/7 with uptimes in the dozens of days), but ever since updating to 10.04, the system loses all mouse and keyboard input at random times.

I can still ssh into the system fine and reboot it in an orderly fashion from a laptop, but I'd rather that it wouldn't freeze like this in the first place

I've tried service gdm start / stop from an ssh session to see if it's an xorg-related problem, but sadly that did not help in recovering mouse / keyboard input.

I also tried unplugging and re-plugging the ps/2 keyboard and the usb mouse, but sadly that also didn't help.

I don't see any weird messages in dmesg, so it's not a kernel oops either it seems.

I'm using the proprietary nvidia driver if that matters.

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Ubuntu :: Random Stuttering Video/audio When Mouse NOT Moving?

Oct 2, 2010

Since updating to 10.10, randomly sometimes the CPU usage will just up (although it's generally only 1 of the cores), it seems that it might be the Xorg process using it.

Audio and Video will start to stutter and the screen will stop updating so things like the terminal will appear frozen unless the mouse is moved.

When moving the mouse the screen keeps updating and the cpu usage lowers (although video still skips).

After a few minutes the problem just seems to go away until it happens again later.

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General :: Increase Mouse Cursor Speed In Ubuntu?

Jun 29, 2010

How do I increase the mouse speed in Ubuntu Linux? Running Gnome 2.30.0. I've already maxed out Pointer Speed Sensitivity in the Mouse Preferences control panel. I am not interested in increasing the Acceleration. Is there a config file I can edit to boost it past what the control panel allows?

I know that this mouse can track faster because it does in Windows.

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