Ubuntu :: Migrating Quad-boot Setup - Console Screen Doesn't Even Clear

Mar 13, 2010

I know that these forums aren't M$ support forums, but any mention of Linux and open source there just ends up in "don't use Linux"-type replies, so i figured i should ask it here. I have a quad-boot setup (Win7x64-Win7x64-K9.10x64-K9.10x64). I am in the process of migrating this setup to another (bigger) HDD. The Win7 system partitions were cloned using 3rd paty imaging software, Linux system partitions were cloned directly (cat /dev/sda5 > /dev/sdb5), data partitions were freshly created and populated with files copied from old partitions.

As the hard drive is bigger than previous one, i decided to add a little more space to Win7 system partitions. So when creating new partitions, i left 5GB unallocated space between them in order to grow the partitions later. I cloned the new partitions, ran the chkdsk with all options on to make sure the resulting partition survived the migration, then checked if it is readable under Linux (it was), used KPartitioner to grow the partition to the new size, again booted into Win7 Recovery, ran chkdsk with all options on, removed bootloader and made a new one using bcdboot.

Now, my Linuxes boot OK (there was some wankery involved but nothing too serious), but neither of my two Win7 can. I checked the bootloader, fiddled with different settings (e.g. removed setting the root by UUID), even tried to manually boot it from commandline - to no avail. After "chainloader +1" and "boot" it just does nothing. No error messages, nothing at all - the console screen doesn't even clear.

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Ubuntu Security :: Sever Doesn't Clear The Console Text

Apr 9, 2011

When I'm logged in, physically on the server as root and logout the lines doesn't get cleared like when you logout as a normal user. This could be a bug and if it is, it could be a security problem. The last actions done shows.

Additional information:

Ubuntu Server 10.10 (32 bit)
Server used as: webserver, database, gaming server.

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General :: Migrating To 64bit Quad Core System

Mar 11, 2010

In the past, I've deployed new 64 bit systems and I've worked on and developed on 64 bit systems. But until a week ago, my workstation was a 32 bit system. Now, it is a 64 bit quad core Phenom II system, and I suppose I need to start the migration to 64 bit Linux. I do not want to blow off my system and rebuild it. This particular system dates back a decade and through many many updates. There is some digital debris in it, but there is also a fair amount of customization that I have implemented either for my own purposes or for customers, and to lose that customization would represent a headache for me.

What I want to do is install a 64 bit system over top of the 32 bit system. It is my hope that doing this would install the necessary 64 bit libraries, while not impacting the existing 32 bit libraries (except with some possible symlink problems). I then, hopefully, could boot into a 64 bit kernel while still running 32 bit programs. Is this feasible? My backup system is comprehensive; I COULD just try it and back up if my system became hosed. But I'd rather not; I have a lot of work to do and I'd rather not learn by doing in this case.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Gui Doesn't Boot After Nvidia Driver Install - Only Console Screen Shows Up

Dec 14, 2010

i just upgraded to the latest nvidia 8 series driver, i downloaded from the nvidia site. After i installed the driver, i reboot and it booted into the console login screen with no GUI. how do i get back into the GUI.

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Debian :: Boot Screen For Selecting Kernel NOT Clear

Sep 20, 2010

Debian 60 (squeeze, testing) 64-bit

The window for selecting kernels at startup is NOT clear.

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Hardware :: How To Do Triple Or Quad VGA Setup

Feb 8, 2011

I have a few 1U servers with one on-board VGA and one PCI slot (will install a dual vga card). I'd like to use three monitors at the same time to have a triple setup.I need to display 3 different websites from on system. My question is if Linux (fedora 14) will support three monitors? I found some old school dual vga pci cards for like $7.99-LOL.

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Ubuntu :: Quad Core ATI Radeon 4350 - Hardware Doesn't Meet The Requirements

Feb 4, 2011

I'm attempting to install WoW via wine, and when I run the installer I am told my hardware doesn't meet the requirements.

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Server :: Migrating Old NIS System To 389 Directory Setup

May 17, 2011

I want to migrate our old NIS system to 389 Directory Server.

What I have done:
* Installed Redhat 5 x86_64
* Installed 389 from EPEL
* Imported NIS Data into 389 with LdapImport from Babel
* Authentification over LDAP is working. (POSIX Accounts)
* Installed slapi-nis

I configured slapi-nis module (dse.ldif) from the readme --> nis-getting-started.txt. And ypserver is running. But what should I do next? I don't know how to " Configuring a Domain and a Map". Where should I configure it? Commandline ? 389-console?

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Debian :: Grub And Boot Console On Wrong Screen?

Nov 16, 2010

I've recently installed a new graphic card after my old one started to go belly-up and it works nicely in X with twinview. The card have one VGA, one DVI and one HDMI. I have the monitor connected to the VGA and my projector connected to the DVI. However, when I boot the monitor (VGA) don't receive a signal. It is dead until X comes up (and when X comes up it does exactly what I want, it uses the VGA monitor as the main screen).

I had this setup on my old card to and it worked fine. Grub and boot console showed on both screens and I never had to tweak anything to make it do this.

how to enable the VGA outlet, either have boot enabled or only the VGA enabled (either way is fine by me but I really want to see Grub and the boot console on startup).

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Fedora :: Cannot Change Console Screen Resolution Due To Boot Progress Bar

Mar 8, 2010

I have tried this with many different configurations, however, I believe that the scroll bar that shows the progress of the boot is preventing it from changing successfully. I don't know how to switch it off. X is not installed. No gui, only tui.

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Ubuntu Installation :: XP Doesn't Book After Migrating From SUSE To 10.10?

Nov 3, 2010

I recently migrated from SuSE 11.2 to UBUNTU 10.10.I didn't run into any major problems until I tried to boot into XP.The screen just goes blank.My search of other threads revealed error message problems but no blank screen problems.Would it make sense to backup my home files, reinstall XP and then reinstall UBUNTU?

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Debian Hardware :: AMD Quad M4A785TD-V: Monitor Freq Out-of-Range, Blank Screen?

Mar 14, 2010

Last Thursday, 3/11, I installed a new mother board (ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO), AMD Athlon II X4 Processor, 4Gig DDR3 ram (RIP JAWS), 1 SATA DVD drive, along with my 2 IDE HDD's. The display was OK during BIOS review, and boot UNTIL it came to mounting x-graphics, at which point the screen went black, and a display message came up saying Out-of-RangeHf: 30KHz-70KHzVf: 50Hz-90HzCurrent Frequency:90.3KHz, 60.0Hz.

Does anyone know what is causing this? I mean, is there no way that Deb 5 X86 is going to run on a quad 64-bit system, or can something else be wrong? Before changing hardware, I had seen indications that this system was backward-compatible to older systems, and the more in depth study I've done since seems to verify this.y be, however, that I completely mis-understand what I am reading - this is all pretty new to me.

I tried booting into Debian 4, Libranet 3, and Linspire 6. They all complained loudly, but differently, about x being inoperable. I can't tell you how they complained because I can't go back and check them. THAT is because, in BIOS, I was testing the system with all the different options for "Internal Graphics", to see if one would work. One of these options was "Disabled". Oh-ho-ho! BAD MOVE!!! it's disabled, all right, including BIOS! I can't believe it. There was no warning, whatsoever. I assumed no engineer in his right mind would allow that option to lock out the BIOS without SOME kind of warning. I'm going to try to call ASUS tech support tomorrow to see if they have a solution, but if anyone knows how to reverse this, please let me know. I suppose the only answer is a separate graphics board. But I don't want to get that if I can't use this MotherBd.-processor setup.

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Software :: Quad Boot With 2 Ide Hard Drives

Jul 24, 2011

One hard drive (I'll call it hard drive 1 for the sake of this post) has windows xp and ubuntu on it. It dual boots fine and Grub is installed in the MBR. I physically removed that hard drive and installed a higher capacity hard drive (I'll call it hard drive 2). This hard drive (hard drive 2) is a dual boot (win xp and linux mint) and Grub is installed in the MBR. It works fine.

Here's what I want to do:

1. Make hard drive 1 the master drive, and hard drive 2 the slave drive. I know how to do this (hd pin settings, master drive on the end of the ide chain, etc).

2. Have a grub menu that allows me to boot any of the OS's from any of the hard drives. As such this grub menu should have 4 entries.

What I think I need to do is add two entries to hard drive one's Grub; 1 for window xp (on the slave drive) and one for linux mint (also on the slave drive). How do I do that? However, I wonder if there is a way to tell hard drive 1's grub to link to the grub on hard drive two - i.e. to make an entry show up that when selected would show hard drive 2's grub menu options. Is this possible?

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General :: Setting Up A Bootloader For Triple/quad Boot?

Jul 14, 2011

I want to have LinuxMint, Fedora and OpenSUSE installed alongside Windows 7, and have the option to choose which one to boot from some sort of bootloaderow can I set up a bootloader (let's say, grub, or the windows bootloader) to be able to correctly boot all 4 OSs? And imagine I add Slackware to another partition, will I be able to easily add Slackware to the bootloader

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General :: Grub2 Shows Multiple Entries For Each Of Quad-boot OS's?

Nov 18, 2010

So my grub menu is showing several selections for each of my OS's. In Ubuntu, my OS of choice for now, how can I access the grub and edit it.

I would like to know the steps for console, but also I hope somebody can show me how to use Super Grub to do it.

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Fedora Hardware :: Setup Nvidia On Geforce 5700LE - Monitor Doesn't Support Screen Resolution

May 13, 2010

First off, let me say: I'm a long time Linux hobbyist and recently installed Fedora 12. I've been looking (some say "lurking") around these forums for a bit after I loaded it up and let me say: Leigh, You're an amazing young man! Keep up the great work! I've a question: I've just put together a hobby computer: Pentuim 4, with 1 Gig of RAM and a Nvidia Geforce5700LE. When I install Fedora from a fresh install, everything works great: nice screen resolution, good graphics, etc. but no 3d or acceleration, so I'm very limited on my programs.

So I decided I need to upgrade my Nvidia driver. I followed Leigh's Nvidia setup guide after installing Fedora 12 (all four steps!) everything seemed to go fine, but when I reboot, I quickly see the Nvidia splash screen, but the screen then goes blank. Well, not really blank, I can see what appears to be a kind of cross-hatch pattern, plus I can see what should be my mouse cursor on screen (it also is a square shaped pattern). I suspect it may be at a screen resolution that my monitor doesn't support. Once there, the computer pretty much doesn't do anything else. Usually I can break into the x driver loading and go to the command prompt, but this latest time I can't even do that.

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Fedora :: Get A "grub>" Console At Startup And System Doesn't Boot

Dec 11, 2010

I'm having a strange behaviour with GRUB, and I don't know much about it. The problem is that GRUB is looking at the wrong place when it starts. I have a /boot partition (/dev/sda1) with everything for booting and grub. This gets updated when I update, say, the kernel, grub, etc. But I also have a /backups partition (/dev/sda4) with a directory /backups/boot/grub that is a copy of /boot/grub. The /backups/boot directory only has the /backups/boot/grub directory, not the kernels, etc.

If I delete the /backups/boot/grub directory, I get a "grub>" console at startup, and system doesn't boot. SO: Why is grub looking at /backups/boot/grub instead of /boot/grub and how can I fix this? This is my grub.conf, identical in both directories, and both pointing to /boot=/dev/sda1=(hd0,0):


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Ubuntu Installation :: After I Boot Into Setup / It Stays At A Black Screen

Jun 16, 2010

Had Ubuntu installed, it worked fine but I had to format for a new partition (out of space) I program in Windows, I would consider myself a Windows geek, and would like to try out Linux. After I boot into setup, it stays at a black screen. It did that when I was installed Ubuntu, the first time. I don't know how exactly it ended up working, after a lot of different things I was able to get it to boot.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Migrating From LVM To Normal Partitions - Boot Not Complete

Feb 20, 2010

I have an Ubuntu 9.10/64 Server configured with LVM in a 1Tb sata disk in my home server. For a simple server, LVM adds complexity if you need to recover your system, so I decided to migrate from LVM to normal partitions. I have another 1Tb disk to copy my system disk. In the backup disk, i have created same size partitions and trasfered files from /boot and root volumes with rsync, presenving perms etc... and excluding /dev /proc /sys etc... I have then modified /etc/fstab to mount new UUID's and reinstaled grub via live CD and chroot.

At this point, when I replace my system disk with backup one, the boot process start as usual, but when it starts loading services the boot process does not continue. The system is not "frozen". If I press intro, there is a line feed on screen. If I mount the backup disk in another system, there is nothing writed to /var/log/syslog or dmesg files during the boot process. I can change terminal with <alt>F2 but there is no login. In console, with backup disk I get:

....type 1505 audit.... operation="profile_load".....
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
/dev/sda1: clean ......
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
/dev/sda5: clean ......
* Stopping remote control daemon(s): LIRC
* Loading LIRC modules
lircd-0.8.6[1057]: lircd(default) ready, using /var/run/lirc/litcd
* could not access PID file for nmbd

And with original system disk:
....type 1505 audit.... operation="profile_load".....
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
/dev/sda5: clean ......
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.16
* Stopping remote control daemon(s): LIRC
* Loading LIRC modules
lircd-0.8.6[1057]: lircd(default) ready, using /var/run/lirc/litcd
/dev/mapper/coll-root: clean ......
* could not access PID file for nmbd
* Setting preliminary keumap...
Ubuntu 9.10 coll tty1
coll login:

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Ubuntu :: Doesn't Boot From CD. Just Stays On Black Screen

Nov 4, 2010

I have tried booting from 2 different Ubuntu CD's (10-04-01 and 10-10) and a Fedora CD.All 3 CD's do the same thing, in Ubuntu I just see the first screen (Keyboard/Battery on the bottom with the guy next to it) and then the screen goes black but the lights, that indicate there's a computer connected and transmitting info onto the screen, are still on.

I know the CD's aren't the problem because they work on 2 other computers I have.The CD drive isn't the problem because took it out of a working computer and that booted up fine with the CD's.I've restored BIOS to default settings.I've tried booting with 1 stick of ram at a time but still doesn't boot.I've left the computer on for 3 hours but nothing appeared on the screen and the lights never turned off. It was just a black screen, nothing on it, not even a blinking cursor.I know it's capable of booting up CD's because the Windows XP setup disc boots.

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Ubuntu :: Windows Xp Beside On Boot Screen Doesn't Work?

Dec 3, 2010

Yes, I've been trying to get Windows xp and Linux Ubuntu installed on my computer in the boot screen to pick from one but Linux ubuntu works but Windows xp won't even boot.I just sets there With a little line like that just blink for hours and nothing happens I end up just pulling the power plug to restart the system back into Linux because the side by side Install didn't work.There was software, that should allow me to do this but I forgot what it was, software that would allow me to set Linux ubuntu in the boot screen .

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Ubuntu :: Boot Screen Doesn't Appear Anymore / Show That?

May 7, 2011

I'm fairly new to Ubuntu and I like it a lot. However, there's a graphical error which started to happen after the very first bootup. The startup screen (the purple one with the 5 dots that appear) isn't showing anymore. It is replaced by some console technical guff scrolling down my screen (which isn't a problem, because Ubuntu itself works fine, but it just looks a bit rough). Again, on shutdown, it displays some amalgamated mix of more technical jargon, and a terribly lo-res version of the shutdown screen.
Is there any way I can fix this?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Migrating Away From The XP - Boot Drive

Mar 1, 2010

My machine came with one drive installed with XP. I put a second drive in and installed 11.2. Dual boot. I'm replacing the XP drive (keep intact) with a new one but don't want to lose the ability of booting off the second drive. I want the new drive to be first drive in the system.

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Software :: Clear Screen On Logout Using Pam

Jun 24, 2011

If I logout on terminal, old contents are still possible to be read. I was trying to get it to work using pam_exec, by adding



This however didn't do antyhing. How to make it work using pam? I know that i can simply add some control codes to /etc/issue to get basically the same effect, but i wanted to do it using pam.

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Ubuntu :: Boot Display Doesn't Fill The Monitor Screen?

Jul 15, 2010

I have an Nvidia card and I am using ubuntu 10.04. Before installing the ubuntu nvidia restricted drivers, the boot screen with the ubuntu logo would cover the entire display area of the monitor. But now, after installing the Nvidia driver and fixing the display resolution of the boot screen with the Plymouth fix, the boot screen doesn't expand to fit the entirety of the monitor display area. How can I fix this? There is a good 2 inch off from either side of the display while booting.

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Ubuntu :: Alienware Laptop Doesn't Boot Sometimes To The Login Screen

Jul 25, 2010

My alienware laptop doesn't boot sometimes to the login screen. It doesn't move on from kubuntu screen (the one with the animated dots). This happens only sometimes. When this happens if I press the power button once,the dots start moving and machine shuts down. I also have a nvidia card and don't know if the bug has been sorted where it doesn't show proper resolution during the kubuntu dots screen.

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Ubuntu :: Boot Black Screen - No Gui - Startx Doesn't Work

Dec 25, 2010

I'm having a pretty serious problem, whenever I try to boot into Ubuntu the screen goes black, I see a flash of purple or violet and then i get a prompt asking for my login credentials, afterwards I'm stuck with a terminal trying to start the gui... I don't know what I'm doing wrong, fresh install tried to reboot after getting the display driversinstalled idk if that could be a problem. I tried to commands in the terminal already:

sudo service gdm start
return = start: Job is already running: gdm

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Debian Multimedia :: Booting Screen Not Clear

Sep 20, 2010

Debian 60 (squeeze, testing) 64-bit. The window for selecting kernels at startup is NOT clear.

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Ubuntu :: Migrating 10.10 Settings From Dual Boot Hard Disk To Wubi Installation?

Jun 7, 2011

i started ubuntu from 9.04 now using 10.10 on my laptop. problem started when my laptop motherboard got bad beyond repair, and i had installed ubuntu 10.10 on it along with windows 7 (grub, dual boot). now i have pc running windows 7 and installed ubuntu 10.10 using wubi. i want all the settings of my laptop ubuntu 10.10 (programs installed, themes, softwares other configurations etc) to be transferred to this new ubuntu (installed using wubi) on my pc. how to do that? i have attached my laptop hard disk to my pc and am able to boot that installation on my pc, but now i have decided to remove laptop hard disk and use the same settings on pc hard disk.

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Debian Hardware :: PC Doesn't Boot No More / No BIOS Screen?

Jun 10, 2010

I got a new monitor (a used one), so i hooked up my very old PC. I went to the living-room and checked something. I went back and got a black screen. i did a "cold reboot" (?) and: nothing. Not even the BIOS-messages.

Now i am missing the terms: I replaced the "thing" where the monitor gets plugged (i would say its a PCI-slot, but as the graphics are build-in it doesn't seem to be a graphics-card. I simply don't know. I searched for PCI-slot +monitor and that picture should show it: picture). I rebooted with a live CD and voila: i get a screen. I rebooted into the installed OS and i get a screen. Then it freezes. "Cold reboot" (if it is called that way): again nothing.


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