Ubuntu :: Maverick: Xrandr --dpi Fails To Change Resolution?

Nov 21, 2010

I need to set the resolution of my display to 96 dpi.

The command that used to work was
$ xrandr --dpi 96
In Maverick, this gives me


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Ubuntu :: Add A New Resolution Mode To Monitor But XrandR Always Fails

Oct 12, 2010

I was trying to add a new resolution mode to my monitor, but XrandR always fails. These are the steps I follow:


$ gtf 1280 768 60

then I copy the result and type


xrandr --newmode "1280x768_60.00" 80.14 1280 1344 1480 1680 768 769 772 795 -HSync +Vsync


Finally I just can't create another resolution. And yes, my monitor should run in 1280x768.

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Ubuntu :: Kubuntu 9.10 Xrandr Can't Open Display And Low Resolution?

Feb 25, 2010

I just installed Kubuntu on my computer running win xp. I have had problems with the resolution because it only lets me set it at 800x600. I have read many of the post here and most of them tell your to use xrandr or xorg config. When i run the xrandr iI end up with a message saying can't open display and also when i try the xorg confing. I installed kubuntu using wubi.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Xrandr Won't Let Increase Screen Resolution?

Jun 23, 2010

I have been arguing with my acer aspire one laptop since I bought it in terms of the screen resolution and have never been able to solve the problem, although I seem to be getting close. I just updated to 10.04 (the netbook remix).I have been following the instructions for how to fix it here. The result was this:

liz@Pippin:~$ cvt 1366 768
# 1368x768 59.88 Hz (CVT) hsync: 47.79 kHz; pclk: 85.25 MHz


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Debian :: How To Set Display Resolution When Xrandr Cannot Work

Sep 19, 2015

I've just completed my first pc build, and installed Ubuntu 8.2. My build was focussed around a legacy Apple Cinema 30" display, which has 2560x1600 @ 60fps resolution. The motherboard - Gigabyte H97N-Wifi - supports that display, although the display drivers are supplied by Intel, and are therefore nonfree. On startup, my display resolution defaults to 1200x800. This is what /var/log/Xorg.0.log says about it:

Code: Select all[snip]
[     1.830] (II) intel(0): Output VGA1 has no monitor section
[     1.881] (II) intel(0): Output HDMI1 has no monitor section
[     1.882] (II) intel(0): Output HDMI2 has no monitor section
[     1.882] (II) intel(0): Output HDMI3 has no monitor section
[     1.933] (II) intel(0): EDID for output VGA1
[     1.986] (II) intel(0): EDID for output HDMI1
[     1.986] (II) intel(0): Manufacturer: APP  Model: 9232  Serial#: 33555281


I bumped into a webpage which stated that xrandr does not work with proprietary drivers, and if that's true, I can't get it to change resolution on my screen.

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Software :: Xrandr Not Changing The Resolution (Debian Lenny)?

Jan 1, 2011

GNOME decided not to use the correct resolution ever. In Ubuntu, it got it automatically and that said it should be 1366x768, and when i run this:


xrandr -s 1366x768

I get


Size 1366x768 not found in available modes

So then I tried to run xrandr and find out what was available and I got:


$ xrandr
Screen 0: minimum 640 x 480, current 1024 x 768, maximum 1024 x 768
default connected


So when I try to change it to 1024x768, I get the same "not found in available modes" message.

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Hardware :: Limited Resolution Choices In Xrandr With External Monitor On Hotplug?

May 5, 2010

I am running Fedora 12 on a T400 Thinkpad. When connector my external monitor prior to powering on the computer or if I restart it, I get a lot of resolution choices from xrandr. See below.

$ xrandr
Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1440 x 900, maximum 8192 x 8192
LVDS1 connected 1440x900+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 303mm x 190mm
1440x900 60.0*+ 50.0
1024x768 60.0


Is there some daemon I need to restart to detect the monitor resolutions correctly, or is there a module I can reload?

There seem to several variables to reproducing the behavior. If I restart without the laptop without the monitor plugged in, log in, and then, plug the monitor in with the monitor powered on prior to plugging, all resolutions are detected properly. However, if I plug the monitor in with it powered off, then power it on, I only get the few options shown in above. Once I get the reduced number of options, it seems to stay that way till I restart regardless of how I unplug the monitor.

I have found a work-around by just forcing the modes with xrandr --newmode and xrandr --addmode, but I would much rather have the modes autodetected.

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Hardware :: Finding The Maximum Supported Resolution Of Video Card By Using Xrandr?

Aug 25, 2010

I am trying to find the maximum supported resolution of my video card by using xrandr. My card is an NVidia GeForce Go 7300 (in a laptop). The official documentation does not list specific resolutions that are supported. My laptop display is detected as "AUO" in the NVidia X Server Settings dialog (Ubuntu 10.04 amd64) and has a native resolution of 1280x800. However, I would like to know what is the maximum resolution that I could use on a display with the VGA adapter irrespective of whether the laptop's display is on. This is what I get from xrandr: Screen 0: minimum 512 x 384, current 1280 x 800, maximum 2304 x 864 default connected 1280x800+0+0 0mm x 0mm

1280x800 50.0* 51.0 56.0 52.0
1024x768 52.0 50.0


I am guessing the maximum width of 2304 would be for using TwinView with the laptop's 1280-width display next to a 1024 CRT or similar. Surely these cannot be the only supported resolutions. I would like to use a LCD display of width somewhere around 1600 pixels (in particular while turning off the laptop's screen so as to use the external LCD as the primary display) if possible.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Xrandr Doesn't Detect External Monitor Native Resolution

Apr 25, 2011

When I'm connecting second monitor to the laptop, Display Settings applet (and xrandr -q) does not detect full list of supported resolutions. I need to restart my system or perform Log off while monitor is connected to make full list available.openSUSE 11.4 32 bit, Ati Mobility Radeon HD 3450, proprietary ATI driver 11.3 8.831.2-110308a-115935C-ATI.External monitor is FullHD SyncMaster B2330 (1920x1080)I wonder is there any other workaround to access full resolution that does not require restarting of the system?

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Ubuntu :: Maverick Fails To Suspend To Ram?

Dec 8, 2010

Maverick (64 bit) will suspend to RAM on my desktop computer immediately after I boot it up (before I start working). But after I have some programs open, it always fails to suspend. I get the typical blinking cursor in the upper right corner of a black screen. Then, after 20 seconds, the screen comes back on. The logs contain a message that "Freezing of tasks failed after 20.01 seconds." The problem task is usually listed as gnome-panel. Sometimes other tasks are listed too (such as Nautilus). Why will gnome-panel allow me to suspend soon after booting up, but not allow suspend after I start working with applications? I am not changing anything in the panel. And deleting the applets I have installed (system monitor and hardware monitor) doesn't make any difference - the problem continues. As I said, sometimes Nautilus is listed as the task that refuses to freeze.

If I switch users, I can suspend. I assume switching users just puts me in the "clean" state I have with my own user after booting up, so this doesn't really tell me anything new. I have searched all the other threads I can find. Most of the extensive suspend debugging threads are either from the 2007 era or they deal with laptops or resume issues. My issue is failure to suspend on a desktop. As you can see from the logs, I've been working on this for a month already!

Here's a typical error message:

Nov 7 01:52:59 MyComputer kernel: [ 1625.221296] Freezing of tasks failed after 20.01 seconds (1 tasks refusing to freeze):
Nov 7 01:52:59 MyComputer kernel: [ 1625.221374] gnome-panel D 000000010001fdc2 0 1925 1853 0x00800004

Here's an example log showing 2 tasks that fail to freeze:


Nov 9 01:25:09 MyComputer kernel: [16615.765114] PM: Syncing filesystems ... done.
Nov 9 01:25:09 MyComputer rtkit-daemon[1738]: The canary thread is apparently starving. Taking action.
Nov 9 01:25:09 MyComputer kernel: [16615.767512] PM: Preparing system for mem sleep


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General :: Video Resolution Out Of Range Change Setting To Recommended Resolution 1280x1024

Oct 14, 2010

When I boot my computer I get this message: Warning Pc video resolution is out of range Change setting to recommended resolution 1280x1024 @60mh So I hit ctrl alt f1 I typed in Sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg Nothing happens. It's been very frustrating because with everything that I've looked up it says that it's suppose to guide me through something. I desperately need my computer for school.

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Ubuntu :: 2530 Konica Printing Fails With OpenOffice And Maverick 10.10

Oct 18, 2010

I have a Konica 2530DL colour laser and have used it with versions from 6.06 onwards.

However now, with 10.10 I find I cannot print at from most apps eg OpenOffice or PDFs. I get errors on video frame showing on the printer but nothing obvious on the PC.

Test print and gedit text prints works fine and so does using a VM with Lucid running on the same host prints fine too from anything.

Can't see any other comments about this problem anywhere but I know the printer is fairly common and has worked well with Linux in the past.

Using it with IP printing on port 9100 and allow the installation to detect and select the driver. Not setup anything clever and I have the same issue with a Lucid upgrade to 10.10 or a clean install. However the VM running Lucid prints fine. Must be something changed on Maverick somewhere.

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Ubuntu :: Maverick: Suspend Fails - Doesn't Work Anymore Since Upgrade From 10.04 To 10.10

Oct 12, 2010

I upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 Worked fined, but suspend doesn't work anymore. When I click suspend, a tty1 terminal screen appears, exactly as you would hit ctrl+alt+F1, with the exception that no input is possible. I'm a newbie and an Ubuntu fan but I absolutely have no idea how to solve this...

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Ubuntu :: Maverick Fails To Load Grahical Display After NV Driver Deactivated / Solve It?

Nov 11, 2010

I am able to login to the system. code...

Are there any logs that you would like me to post?

I have tried reinstalling the NV display driver via "additional drivers" in the live CD, but they do not appear to be being retained on the HD version of Ubuntu. When I go back into the live cd the driver is not installed.

How can I switch the proprietary driver back on in the hard disk when I am running the live disk.

Is there a repair system program?

If not is there a way of forcing an upgrade on an upgraded system so that missing files are reinstalled?

If that does not work what should I do next to get the GDM to load?

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Ubuntu :: Change Login Screen In Maverick?

Dec 23, 2010

this was the instruction given.Use 'gdmsetup' to install.bBut when I open my so called "gdmsetup" or log in screen from system - admin all I find is...

playing sound
show list of users
show screen for choosing who will log in
login as automatically
select default session

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Ubuntu :: Upgraded To Maverick; Can't Change Theme?

Jan 16, 2011

I just upgraded to Maverick, and now I can't change my theme except for the cursor and window border/decoration.I've just reinstalled the themes I want to use (Dust + Dust extra) successfully, and while the window border/decorations change properly when I select them, nothing else changes. The icon set doesn't change;gnome-panel doesn't change. I'm stuck on the fugly fallback theme - the one you see when you do gksudo gedit or something.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless DNS Resolution Fails?

May 24, 2011

When connecting to any wireless network, DNS lookups completely fail to work. Over a wired connection, there's no trouble.

I can ping machines by IP address, and I can dig and nslookup domain names using the DNS servers assigned by Network Manager or by myself. When I try to ping by domain name, however, nothing happens. Similarly, I cannot ssh into machines by domain name or browse the web.

My wireless card (Intel 4965AGN) is managed by Network Manager. The issue is seen regardless of whether DNS servers are obtained automatically by DHCP or assigned by me through Network Manager. This started about a month or two ago while I was using Maverick and presents again with Natty. I dual-boot Natty and Windows 7, and everything works fine in Windows.

Somehow, this seems to be linked to Nautiluswhile connected to a wireless network, Nautilus won't open, my desktop icons won't show, all that jazz. If I'm connected to a wired connection at login time, Nautilus works fine.

I've managed to workaround the browsing issue by setting up an ssh tunnel through a machine at school and forwarding Firefox's DNS resolution through that tunnel. But I'm at a loss as to how to resolve the core problem.

Here's some diagnostic info. I've modified my IP and hardware addresses below.

$ ifconfig wlan0
wlan0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:1f:3b:27:be:35
inet addr:xxx.xxx.38.96 Bcast:xxx.xxx.39.255 Mask:
inet6 addr: fe80::21f:3bff:fe27:be35/64 Scope:Link


I've tried all the basic steps killing and restarting Network Manager, renewing my DHCP lease using dhclient, restarting /etc/init.d/networking. I'm at the end of my rope, though, and ready to reinstall. I'd be much obliged if anyone can think of a less "Microsoft" solution.

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OpenSUSE Network :: DNS Resolution Fails After Crash?

May 20, 2011

My laptop, running OS114, crashed today b/c it ran out of battery. Apparently, apart from the partial loss of an important document, this has wreaked some part of OS.

I can connect to the network w/o problems i.e. I can access the router over it's IP.

I can not, however, open any site in any browser. pinging them does not work too.

the /etc/resolv.conf is blank up to the standard notes from the OS developers. That is, there are no relevant entries there.

I'm using KDE 4.5 with KNetworkmanager, but neither did I find any solution while looking through the menus of KNetworkmanager, nor in Yast "Network".

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Networking :: Web Name Resolution Fails - Ping Works

Aug 2, 2010

I'm trying to install Mandriva Spring 2010 for a friend on his laptop after MS Windows crashed. The installation appeared to work, but I've got an odd networking problem - firefox is unable to load URLs. Every URL I try returns a server not found error.

When I drop into bash I'm able to do the following
ping google.com

However when I try
wget http://google.com

I just get a message that tells me that wget is "unable to resolve host address google.com'". This is odd - ping is able to resolve google.com, but wget isn't. I assume that firefox and Konqueror both have the same problem. Could it be cause I've specified the http protocol?

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Tty Resolution

Mar 21, 2010

Ok, I'm sick of Grub2. It's a total mess that is needlessly complicated in the worst fashion imaginable. (Yes, I've read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2, it doesn't help.) I can't understand Grub2 developers thinking (maybe they're aliens?) and, quite frankly, I just don't care anymore. how to change resolution for textmode terminals (tty1, tty2, ...)? I don't want to read any more [censored] about gfxpayload and how it's supposed to work. Please don't respond if you can't provide an example config that simply just works.

[Edit/SOLVED]: No longer an issue in Lucid Lynx for me. See this HOWTO. Note that 1280x1024 isn't the only option. You can use any resolution supported by VBE of your video card. Use vbeinfo command in Grub shell to see the list of available display modes.

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Ubuntu :: Cant Change Resolution In 10.04?

Jul 27, 2010

when i try to change my resolution in 10.04 i get a msg saying"it appears that your graphics driver does not support the necessary extensions to use this tool. Do you want to use your graphics driver vendor's tool instead?"

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Ubuntu :: Trying To Change Resolution?

Oct 1, 2010

I have just installed Ubuntu 10.04 server on VM. Installation went well and now im trying to change the console resolution. I have changed the grub.cfg file and added the "vga=791", but after rebooting I get a black window (on the vm), nothing written nothing is happening.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Log In After Resolution Change / Enable This?

Jan 20, 2010

I just installed ubuntu 9.10 32-bit on my parents computer. My dad was having this weird problem where it would only randomly allow him to log in every few tries. Let's say every 1 out of 12 tries.

I believe I have figured what is keeping him from logging in. Only on his user is there an issue with logging in. Only on his desktop have I turned the screen resolution down. From 1152 to 1024.

The usual sequence goes like this -
- I choose his user
- I enter his correct password
- It appears to be logging in, half the log in sound happens and the splash screen runs for 6 or so seconds
- The splash screen flickers between a 1152 and 1024 resolution
- Reverts back to the log in screen, his desktop is never visible.

any ideas on how to fix this? The computer in question is a Compaq Presario circa 2000-2001 if that makes any difference. I have not looked into the video card make yet

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Ubuntu :: Resolution Change At Startup?

Feb 21, 2010

I'm running Karmic with an NVIDIA GeForce 6600, normally at 1280x1024. Just during the past week, the resolution has started spontaneously changing to 1024x768, just after I type the password to login. I get the Ubuntu splash screen with the animated light thingy underneath, then the screen flickers and it goes to 1024x768. I have tried changing driver but this has no effect.

I then have to change it manually using the Nvidia X Server settings utility, which is fine. I can then save X settings into /etc/x11/xorg.conf but next startup it does exactly the same again. I have seen a lot of posts in which Ubuntu leaves users stuck in a low res, or even tries to put them into an unsupported res, but nothing quite like this. Is there a Gnome setting somewhere that defines screen res at startup??

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Ubuntu :: How Can I Change Screen Resolution

May 14, 2010

How can I change screen resolution?

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Ubuntu :: Change The Resolution Of The Terminals?

Jun 1, 2010

In a tty (the terminal you access via CTRL+ALT+(F1-F6), is there a way to change the resolution? The text is freaking huge right now and I want to lowerit a bit.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Change Resolution On Console

Jul 20, 2010

I have been running Ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop just about since it came out.Prior to that I was running 9.10 on the same laptop. I was so happy with 9.10 I thought I could only be happier with 10.04.I was wrong.There are some things about 9.10 that I have *lost* in the transition to 10.04.These bother me quite a bit so much so that I have repeatedly considered going back to 9.10.Please keep in mind this all worked fine under 9.10 on exactly the same hardware.

1) When I connect the external VGA port on my laptop to my 32 Samsung TV it comes up as a 40 Samsung TV and it is impossible to set the correct resolution.This makes watching TV over the Internet via my notebook impossible (I used to use URL... and others).

2) I cannot change the resolution on the console (the TTY's 1 to 6). It used to come up as standard old fashioned VGA (80 columns by 25 rows of text) but now it is much smaller font and much larger console.The VGA= in GRUB does nothing. And this is the only suggestion I seem to be able to find. From my reading most people seem to like the large console w/ small font.I dislike it for the reason I will get into next

3) DOSEMU locks up my computer with a blank screen when running in super mode on the console.Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F# accomplishes nothing and either does Ctrl+Alt+Del.I have to press and hold the power button forcing a hard shutdown (at least this is the only solution I have found).

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Ubuntu :: Can't Change Screen Resolution / Do That?

Aug 10, 2010

I'm very new to Ubuntu and have 9.04 running on a Sony Vaio, don't know what graphics card I have. My screen resolution doesn't have an option higher than 800x600, so everything looks super zoomed in. Other threads tell me to edit xorg.conf, which I did (probably incorrectly). The result was the computer had mega problems when I restarted it, and when it finally got back to the desktop it didn't give me any other options for screen resolution. Also it says I'm in low graphics mode.

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Ubuntu :: Change Desktop Resolution In 10.10?

Nov 5, 2010

changing desktop resolution in Ubuntu 10.10.

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Ubuntu :: How To Change To A Higher Resolution

Jan 1, 2011

I've changed my operating system from Vista to Linux Ubuntu 10.10. Now I stand in front of the problem to change the screen resolution. The current resolution is 800x600.How can I change to a higher resolution?

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