Ubuntu :: Lost Xp In Duel Boot After Hardy Upgrade / Get That Back?

Jun 6, 2010

I've just had a phone call from an 8.04/win xp duel boot user who has lost the boot entry to xp after a 8.04 update. I guessed at a system upgrade but she checked and is still on Hardy. They write and only have the xp for printing as there is no Linux support for the cannon printer. Using the printer is important. I've said I'll pop round and try to sort it out. Any ideas how I can do this. Update grub in recovery mode maybe or if I need the command line what should I try? I'd like to know before calling as though I'm not quite a novice this isn't a problem I've had to cope with since grub 2 beta ( didn't solve it then either an am still using 9.04 ). Hacking legacy will be new to me. As this is a writers machine with all her work on it I'd regard it as a critical pc, don't want to mess things up for her.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Lost In Upgrade / Get That Back?

May 14, 2010

I would like to have your help.
I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and lost my grub in between.
During the upgrade I installed grub on sda1.

Can you help me to recover my grub.

I inserted the contents of the RESULTS.txt here. code...

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Ubuntu :: Why A Hardy/Hardy Dual-boot Shouldn't Work

Jan 5, 2010

I've had issues with the later versions of Ubuntu, so in an effort to road-test Firefox 3.5 on Hardy I'd like to change my Karmic/Hardy dual boot to a Hardy/Hardy dual boot, and follow the instructions in [URL] to put the Mozilla build of 3.5 on the new installation.

I can't see any reason why a Hardy/Hardy dual-boot shouldn't work, but does anyone know of any issues with this I might not be aware of?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Lost Front Audio After Alsa Upgrade To 1.0.23 / Get That Back?

Oct 21, 2010

I lost front audio after alsa upgrade to 1.0.23 headphone and mic doesn't work anymore . Anybody out there who can help a newbee.

HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB VIA VT1708S ALSA Information Script v 0.4.59.doc

ALSA Information Script .doc

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OpenSUSE Network :: Internet Access Lost After Upgrade / Get That Back?

Apr 6, 2010

I just upgraded from Suse 10.x to 11.2. Unfortunately, I didn't use 10.2 much and I('m a bit overwhelmed by the upgrade. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

After my upgrade, I lost Internet access. I don't really know my way around too well, but I did try to ping my router, but had no success. (Although I can ping

I'm guessing that this means network access is not configured, although it looks OK to me.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lost Emails , Bookmarks And Pictures After Upgrade To Lucid / Need Back

May 5, 2010

I upgraded from Karmic to Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04) a few days ago (without backing up any data first). At first everything seemed fine but yesterday three things happened:

1. All my emails and address book have disappeared in Thunderbird. When I started Thunderbird, it took me through the wizard and seems to have overwritten my profile with a new one. There is only one profile in the Thunderbird folder and it seems to contain no emails and only a new, blank address book (the small size of the folder backs this up. I searched the hard drive but found no other emails or address book files.

2. My bookmarks have disappeared from Google Chrome. Again, it seems to have created a new, blank bookmark file. The bookmark.bak file is similarly blank and when I search I can find no other bookmark files.

3. The Pictures folder (in the home folder) is now empty; suggesting that ubuntu has either overwritten the Pictures folder with a new blank folder or deleted all the files in it. Again, when I search the hard drive for jpg files, it doesn't find any of the pictures that were in the Pictures folder.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Sound With Xine After Hardy Update?

Dec 19, 2008

I just lost the sound to Xine after updating Hardy. It works fine otherwise and I have sound with Totem and VLC so it would seem to be a Xine-only problem.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lost Power While Upgrading To Lucid From Hardy?

Aug 8, 2010

I tried to upgrade my kubuntu 8.04 LTS to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS as given here. Actually I wanted to upgrade to kubuntu. The download completed successfully. However,while upgrading the power went off and left the computer in bad state. Now I see multiple two entries for both

kubuntu 8.04.4 LTS, Kernel 2.6.24-28-generic
kubuntu 8.04.4 LTS, Kernel 2.6.24-28-generic (recovery mode)

in grub. Since I am not that familiar with ubuntu(in general linux), I would like
When I tried to boot in first two of these I get the following error message and it remains in command-line mode.

libudev: udev_monitor_new_from_netlink: error getting socket: Invalid argument
[ 20.839013] wait-for-root[946]: segfault at 00000030 eip b774bf2b esp bfb33340 error 4
Segmentation fault


However, the mount points are not having anything. It is like nothing got mounted. I would suspect there should be some way where I should be able to locate the downloaded upgrade stuff and apply it afresh again from start. Is this something possible?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Multi Boot (5 OS's) Lost 2 Upon 9.10 Upgrade

Jan 1, 2010

I lost my FC10 and PCLinuxOS 2007. Ubuntu 9.10 64bit is good, as is XP and Vista. What's the repair procedure? My old menu.lst was this:


Is it just a matter of editing partition numbers, as the old menu.lst?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lost Master Boot After Upgrade

Jun 2, 2010

Upgraded to 10.04 and now ubuntu will not load and we are sent to a grub shell. Tried reinstalling grub without success. can't find /boot/grub/stage1.can't reinstall system from CD.Partitioner fails with?

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Ubuntu :: How To Duel Boot Windows 7 And 10.04

Sep 30, 2010

How do I get windows to install and duel boot with ubuntu?I am duel running Ubuntu 10.04 and uber student (Linux distro). The plan is to lose uber student and add windows 7. I need to format the part of the harddrive to good old ntfs (or what ever it may be called ) So I went system > administration > disk utility. of course I then choose the hard drive deleted the uber student partition of 100 gigs and turned it in to ntfs.Ramed windows disk in. But the windows screen didnt show up this partion and only gave me the option to use my swap space my 140 for ubuntu or my 110 for logical partitions.

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Ubuntu :: Default OS As WINDOWS XP In Duel Boot?

Feb 24, 2011

I installed ubuntu on my pc recently...But problem is that i have windows XP too..and my dad is not comfortable with ubuntu so i want my default OS as WINDOWS XP in duel boot. how i can do that?

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Ubuntu :: Transfer Momory From Shared In Duel Boot?

Jun 27, 2010

how to transfer memory from the shared location to ubuntu default memory? I have windows 7 and Ubuntu 10 on duel boot and don,t really use Windows and would also like to take a few Gigs from there if I knew how?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cant See Windows For My Duel Boot After Updated

Dec 1, 2010

Wanted to try Ubuntu for the first time i used a wubi install and i made sure i had duel boot when i selected for the installment because id like to play some games every once in a while well i got some updates from Ubuntu today and after i installed them when i restarted my computer i noticed that windows 7 wasn't there to choose.

I have 10.10 installed idk if this will help but here # RESULTS.txt

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Ubuntu :: Windows 7 Starter And 10.10 Netbook Duel Boot?

Dec 14, 2010

I've just installed linux on my Acer Aspire One netbook, (10.10 netbook edition) I've done it as a duel boot with Windows 7 Starter as i want to use Linux, family want to use windows. But ideally i would want the pc to boot up as Windows then say if i hit a certain key on bootup it would swap it over to Linux from windows before it starts to load?

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Ubuntu :: Duel Boot Working Before With Vista No Longer After 7?

Dec 24, 2010

ok so last night i had my computer set up and working with both vista and ubuntu dual boot so when i started my computer i had a choice between ubuntu or vista went back and forth a few times to make sure everythign worked fine and it did. so this morning i update my vista basic to 7 home premium well now when i start my computer i no longer have a choice and it boots directly into 7. can someone help me fix this i really liked being able to have both on on hdd

i know that ubuntu is still there becouse my hdd reads 220 free of 250 the hdd is 320 i set the other half for ubuntu

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Installation :: Remove Windows From Duel Boot Ubuntu?

Apr 29, 2011

For the past few years, I've been duel booting my PC with Windows Vista and Ubuntu, and for some weird unknown reason Windows Vista won't even boot up pass the update screen... so I want to get rid of it.

Every tutorial I find says put the ubuntu cd in, and press install, but my computer isn't detecting the cd at start up, so is there any other ways I can remove windows without (or another way to load the cd)? I can't access Windows at all, so.. I won't be able to do anything about that.

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OpenSUSE :: How To Load 11.3 Over 11.0 On A Duel Boot System

Oct 16, 2010

I want to upgrade to 11.3 but save my desktop and settings from 11.0. How can I do that?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade Hp MIE 8.04 Hardy To 10.04?

May 2, 2010

I am trying to upgrade my Hp MIE 8.04 Hardy to 10.04, how to do this.

It is the original install of HP MIE but when I use something like:


update-manager --devel-release

I install updates, but when i re-check it does not display upgrade available.

The update manager looks different due to the MIE interface. Is there another, better way to do this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Upgrade From Hardy

Jun 15, 2010

I am using a dell mini with Hardy and do not seem to be able to upgrade at all. I have tried following the instructions in the ubuntu documentation but the upgrade manager finds no new releases to upgrade to. Does anyone have any suggestions on what my be preventing me from upgrading? My goal is to get to 10.04.

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General :: Duel Boot On Two Hard Drives With Pre Installed Os

Sep 24, 2010

I lost two computers this summer, and want to place my xp harddrive in with my cpu running linux.

I have both drives in , and linux detects the windows drive.

Is it too late to make this a duel boot.? all the duel boot threads, I searched start with a fresh install.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From 7.10 To 8.04 Hardy Heron

Sep 16, 2010

I want to upgrade from Ubuntu 7.10 - the Gutsy Gibbon to 8.04 hardy heron. Will I have any problems after installation using the update manager. Will I lose any programs or files (mp3's movies) on my computer after installation? Are there any serious bugs that will my machine useless afterward?

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Fedora Installation :: 14 From The Live Cd To Have A Duel Boot Setup - Partition

Jan 15, 2011

Well Fedora 14 sees my Emu soundcard right out of the gate with the live cd! I have windows 7 installed right now. I would like to install Fedora 14 from the live cd to have a duel boot setup. What I am trying to do is just give Fedora 60GB of the drive and keep the rest for Winows. How can I go about this with the live cd. I am sure it's been covered to death but I couldn't really find it.

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Debian :: Time Displayed Incorrectly After Win7 Duel Boot Setup

Sep 29, 2010

I believe a windows7 addition to a multiboot system has buggered up the time displayed on two other debian installations on the same computer, a X86_64 and an AMD64 respectively. I'm running unstable on the two Debian installations but #dpkg-reconfigure tzdata can't fix the problem. At the moment the local time is displayed as 15:59 when in fact it is 19:59 and UTC is displaying the correct local time. (19:59) when it should be 23:59 I'm sure this is related to something win7 did, because I only noticed it after the additionalinstallation. I just don't know how to change things back like they were.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Black Screen After Kernel Upgrade In Hardy?

Mar 3, 2010

Yesterday I upgraded the kernel from 2.6.24-26-generic to 2.6.24-27-generic (I'm still using Hardy Heron). After upgrade I uninstalled the previous Nvidia driver installation:

sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.13-pkg1.run --uninstall
and did a install with


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Ubuntu Installation :: Gutsy To Hardy - Extracting Upgrade Failed

Mar 29, 2010

# do-release-upgrade
Checking for a new ubuntu release
Failed Upgrade tool signature
Failed Upgrade tool
Done downloading
extracting '/tmp/tmpDtqG4L/hardy.tar.gz'
Failed to extract

Extracting the upgrade failed. There may be a problem with the network or with the server.

# cat $HOME/.update-manager-core/meta-release
Dist: hardy
Name: Hardy Heron
Version: 8.04 LTS
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 12:00:00 UTC
Supported: 1
Description: This is the 8.04 LTS release
Release-File: [URL]
ReleaseNotes: [URL]
UpgradeTool: [URL]
UpgradeToolSignature: [URL]

Changing this to ...old-releases.ubuntu didn't help, either.

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Ubuntu :: Port 80 Closed After Upgrade From Hardy Heron To Lucid?

May 24, 2010

I had an install of 8.04 running Tomcat 6 on port 80. I did a marathon upgrade session to 8.10, then 9.04, then 9.10, and finally to 10.04. My website no longer loads (from Internet, LAN, or local), and a port scan shows port 80 is not open. I have removed and reinstalled Tomcat 6, to no avail.

Could it be that the 10.04 upgrade saw an existing Desktop install and locked this port down? The /etc/Tomcat6/server.xml shows it is using port 80, so that much appears to be correctly configured. Before this would give me the ROOT webapp. Anything else I can check? Does this sound like a Tomcat problem or something Ubuntu is doing?

As a side note, I have installed the Tomcat 6 Docs and Manager apps as well. These also worked before the upgrades, and do not now.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From Hardy To Lucid Cannot Start Nevernote

Feb 22, 2011

After in place upgrade from Hardy to Lucid cannot start Nevernote. Removed existing version/reinstalled/removed and upgraded. No love. However, System Monitor shows that nevernote.sh is sleeping.

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General :: Slow And Poorly Working Karmic Koala After Upgrade From Hardy

Jan 21, 2010

I reinstalled Ubuntu on my HP pc-40 computer. I used to run Hardy Heron and am now running Karmic Koala. The cd drive which had had issues for a while, broke after finishing the install, when I tried to get the cd out.I dont know if this has anything to do with it, or if my computer is too old for Karmic Koala, or if possibly the harddrive didn't appreciate being overwritten a second time - but the graphics are not working well (small squares of previous windows linger in my present browser window*)everythin is much slower, and many applications come up without a border, or their windows cant be moved with the mouse.

To top it off, while I tried to fix a bug with the terminal (no border) and uninstalled it, I couldnt install it back. So no terminal, which really makes even a newbie like me sad.If I cant solve it in a few days I will probably try to install a smaller distro via USB - I think Slax can be installed straight to USB without a live cd?

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Ubuntu :: Hardy CD With Kernel 2.6.35 Fails To Boot

Oct 26, 2010

So I just finished doing a Hardy based LiveCD. I made an installation in VirtualBox, installed some packages, and then compiled a totally new kernel, 2.6.35, actually this one: [URL] I compiled squashfs support in the kernel naturally Everything seems to be fine, the system boots up normally etc. But here comes the trouble: I make the iso file with remasterys (2.0.12-latest for Hardy) but this iso isn't able to boot.

It drops to busybox shell, casper.log says: /init: 1 /dev/sr0: no such file or directory Unable to find medium with the livesystem. My /dev folder is totally empty, it contains only the shells (8 pieces of tty). I don't know what's wrong...my rootfs is surely mounted, mount shows rootfs rw /

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