Ubuntu :: Lost Speaker Icon/sound Control?

Jan 12, 2011

Using Natty Narwhal, sound works, but the icon disappeared up in the panel. Not that big a deal, other than it shouldn't have happened, so its go t me curious.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Top Sound Icon & Can't Control Volume With Keyboard?

Feb 14, 2010

my issue is as my Title "Lost Top Sound Icon & Can't control volume with Keyboard" OS: Ubutnu 9.10 x64 - Karmic Koala Lost the Top Panel Sound Icon, I even go to: System > Preferences > Sound Message Pops Up: Waiting for sound system to respond

Funny thing I do get Ubuntu OS Audio sounds Now as well I lost control of my Volume with my Keyboard, pretty sure it has to do with the same Sound icon in the Top panel that is missing The only way I can control Audio is Manually using: gnome-alsamixer 0.9.7

It sucks big time, because I can't control my Audio when ever I need to mute it or upper/lower it through my keyboard fastly when needed. having to manually opening an application to be able to change/control the Audio volume is a huge hassle for me


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound After Update - When Click Sound Option On Speaker Icon Get Nothing Listed Under Hardware

Feb 16, 2010

I recently updated my computer Using 9.10 and I updated on the 14th. Before the update my sound was working great. No problems, but afterwards my sound is completely gone and under hardware when I click the sound option on the speaker icon I get nothing listed under hardware.

I am using the HP DV2810 US notebook PC. With this being listed as the audio device.

I will also list the updates from my synaptic history. I'm having to use Win7 . And i only wanted that for the few games that one run well in wine.

Upgraded the following packages:

Installed the following packages:

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Speaker Icon On The Top Right Gets Into Sound Preferences

Jan 13, 2011

I bought a $400 Dell Vostro V130, and decided to put 10.10 netbook remix onto it. (Vostro V130 owners: after the reboot into the new system, there is no GUI. worse, after log in, a startx means the screen goes dead. fortunately, a power key event is still detected, so reboot still works cleanly. after I did a full apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, and apt-get upgrade, the screen and remix worked.)

I would now like to increase the bass, systemwide (so that ..... gets sound that is a little better). the speaker icon on the top right gets me into sound preferences, but I do not see an equalizer.

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Ubuntu :: Deleted Speaker Sound Icon From Panel?

Jan 27, 2011

Deleted mute / unmute speaker (sound) icon from panel?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Lost Volume Control Icon On Top Panel

May 2, 2010

I accidentally removed the volume control icon on the top panel of my desktop. How do I get it back. I'm on 10.04 if that matters.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Mail Icon And Volume Control In Top Task Bar / Get That Back?

Oct 2, 2010

This has been bugging me for a few weeks now all of a sudden i lost my email icon chat etc and the volume icon in the top notification area.
i have tried deleting and re adding the notification area back but they are still missing.
also sometime when i boot up i loose my minimize and close window icons on the windows???
not sure if this connected i am running Ubuntu 10.04 on a dell vostro 200

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Not Working For Root And No Volume Control Icon

Aug 12, 2010

I'm not able to hear any sounds from my system. The panel does not have the volume control button anymore. I'm not able to run System -> Preferences -> Sound. I get an error saying "Waiting for sound system to respond" And if I run 'pavucontrol' in the terminal, I get "Connection failed: Connection refused"

Also recently I've noticed that when I run some commands in the terminal I often get this message "Home directory /root not ours." Can this be related to the sound problem? I am on the system as root.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Using 11.3 Gnome - No Sound - Even Lost The Panel Icon?

Mar 11, 2011

I've been using 11.3 Gnome for over a year with no problems...until now. Now I have no sound. Even lost the panel icon?

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Fedora :: Lost Volume Control / Internet And Battery Indicator From Control Panel On F11

Jul 15, 2009

I feel little silly asking this, I accidently removed from my gnome panel my internet connection, volume control and battery indicator on F11. how can I add this back. It does not show up in the add to panel menu and the applications do not give you back the default feel.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Limited Speaker Control In Lubuntu?

Jul 25, 2010

I recently switched from Ubuntu to Lubuntu on my Acer Aspire netbook. When I had Ubuntu, in System Preferences I had a Sound mixer that would allow me to set the volume beyond 100%. It simply said "Sound" and was different than the applet feature. Both were preinstalled. With Lubuntu, I seem to have lost this option. I went through and installed Gnome ALSA Mixer along with Pulse Audio Control, but neither does what this simple volume control feature on Ubuntu did. My speakers are horrible, and the previous "Sound" feature really let me crank it up a bit. I'm not trying to blow my speakers out or anything;

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Ubuntu :: Speaker Icon Disappeared From Panel?

Aug 17, 2010

and I can't seem to get it to come back. does anyone know how I can get it to come back? It's really inconvenient having to open System > preferences > sound just to change the volume on anything.

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Ubuntu :: Lost The Pictures Icon And Music Icon On The Places Menu?

Jan 24, 2011

I lost the pictures and music icons on the places menu. When I browse the folders from nautilus I see the icons, but when I click on the places menu I see the regular folder icon and not the special pictures icon or music icon

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get A 'snap-sound' In Computer Sound From Center Speaker

Nov 29, 2010

For a couple of days ago, maybe a week or two I beguinne to get a 'snap-sound' in my compurt sound, like an eletrick charge or someting. I comes with about a minutes period. I resently find out that it came from the center-speaker. I run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and have this sound-card: 00:09.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP73 High Definition Audio (rev a1)

My speaker system is Logitech X-530 I have located the problem to center-speaker, but the snap-sound only disappear if I mute the center, not lower the input, in the GNOME ALSA Mixer. I have tried to disconnect the antenna to the analoge-TV-tuner. Has anyoe a similar problem, and a trick to fix it? I don't know if it's related to any recent update of the system?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Notification Area - Where Did The Speaker Icon Go?

May 1, 2010

I upgraded to Lynx and the speaker icon is no longer shown in the notification area. Everything works, though.

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Fedora :: Speaker Icon On Task Bar Keeps Getting Changed

Dec 7, 2009

F12 completely patched. Can someone provide some insight into the various volume controls available and why they seem to conflict with each other? The incognito application that loads up on the task bar as a speaker icon keeps getting changed. I try to nail it at 100% but it keeps getting altered - how I don't know. BTW - I say its an incognito application as there is no way to identify what piece of software it actually represents. I assume it's the gnome-volume-control-applet, but there is no way to know for sure as it is devoid of any identification. I run rhythmbox and its volume control also gets altered from where I attempt to set it.

I assume that gnome-volume-control-applet is the master to set a limit on what anything else can do. I then assume that rhythmbos's volume control operates within the envelope that gnome-volume-control-applet allows. Both assumptions are probably wrong as nothing makes any sense. Maybe all the pulseaudio stuff is also in there somewhere messing with the controls, but I see no user space apps to influence pulseaudio. To top it off, I can push the volume control on rhythmbox around from 100% down to 16% and there is no discernible change in volume. When I hit 14% there is a halving of volume, and from there on down to 0% seems to function linearly as expected. Why is there this non responsive range between 16% and 100%?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Volume Control Resets Alsa-speaker Settings To Max?

Nov 25, 2009

I have 5.1-speaker set, confed succesfully with alsa. alsamixer -c 0 -command shows volume of all the speakers I want to set up. My problem is, when I have alsamixer open and change main volume from gnome-panel (it's called pavucontrol for me, pulseaudio?) it "resets" all speakers to max (100%). Only master volume changes like planned. For example, if I have front speakers set to 50%, center to 75%, surround to 100%, subwoofer to 40%, when changing volume from gnome's panel it only changes master volume, and puts every other speaker to max. How to prevent this? Do you have any clue? I had not any problems with this in openSUSE 11.1. Alt+F2 not working with Emerald decorator Screens go black after 10 minutes or so in openSUSE 11.2

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Headphone / Speaker Output Affected By Volume Control

Jun 25, 2010

Just switched my laptop from that other operating system to openSUSE11.2. Everything works great except for one odd little bug. Both my speakers and headphones have output, are affected by the volume control and it even detects when I plug in headphones and stops output to the speakers. However the moment I adjust the volume, output to my headphones stops, and my speakers start.

Following is my multimedia information: [URL]
~> rpm -qa '*alsa*'
alsa-oss-32bit-1.0.17-25.2.x86_64 .....

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Ubuntu :: Sound Out Of Left Speaker Only?

Apr 9, 2010

Everything was fine until I upgraded to the Beta 2, now the sound only comes out of my left headphone speaker and stereo speaker. My sound settings are the same and I have double checked them.Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know how to fix it?

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Ubuntu :: Empathy - Sound From Only Right Speaker

Dec 3, 2010

I thought the message received sound was too quiet in Empathy and figured out that it was playing the file located here:[URL]...I replaced this file with a more suitable sound file but I have since noticed that the sound is only playing through my right speaker. I don't know if this was happening from the start or if I caused it by changing the sound file.

Playing the sound file manually proves there's no issue with the file as it plays correctly, through both speakers. I have no other sound issues.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Only Getting Sound From Internal Speaker

Feb 17, 2011

I have a HP Compaq dc5750 desktop pc, which has a internal speaker for audio playback. My problem is that I can only get audio from this speaker, when I plug something into the rear jack stick, the sound still comes out of the internal speaker. I have tried to install alsamixer and unmuted AUX and Line IN, and increased volume to 100%. Sound is working, but only on internal speaker!.

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Debian :: Sound Not Card Configured - Error 'Volume Control Did Not Find Any Elements And/or Devices To Control" - Driver

Feb 8, 2011

Laptop is Dell Latitude C600/C500 with Pentium III 850Mhz, 256Kb L2 Cache, 256MB RAM, ATI M3 video card, HD 20005 MB and sound card is EES Maestro 3i. After trying to do something with Windows 2000 which was installed on the machine, I decided to put Linux without keeping windows on the machine. First I try with Xubuntu (latest version) which was working but slowly, then I found that Debian could work fine on that machine. I have installed latest version 5.08 and was surprised how goodly old machine can work. I solved problems with screen resolution (change from 800x600 to 1024x768) but I couldn't find solution how to fix problem with sound.

Actually I don't have sound on the machine. I looked for a linux driver for that sound card and Dell is only providing windows drivers. Then I found that I can solve the problem with ALSA drivers but I couldn't find the easy way (or any way at all) to install drivers and to get back the sound. When I click on 'Volume Control' (top right corner of the screen) I get the message: 'Volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured.'

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Ubuntu :: Getting Stereo Sound From Single Speaker?

Jan 30, 2011

So, I've got an Acer 5742G, and the silly thing is only built with one internal speaker. Ubuntu thinks it's my left channel, however Windows 7 'gets it' and plays both channels to that speaker.When I plug in external speakers or headphones, everything works fine.

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Fedora :: Adjust Sound Of Each Speaker?

Dec 12, 2009

i have a 5.1 setup ...

in fedora 10 things were pretty simpler . all i had to do was double click the volume icon and i could change the volume of each of my speakers individually ...

in fedora 11 that was not possible , this adjustment of volume had become more complicated, however there was this "advanced volume control" or something ... i dont quite remember its name , but thanks to that i could still adjust volume of each of my speakers individually ...

in fedora 12 i m not able to find that application - "advanced volume control" ... how do i adjust the volume of my each of my 5.1 speakers in fedora 12 ?

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Debian :: Can Only Hear Sound Through One Speaker

Jun 21, 2009

In the current release of Debian, is there a reason that I can only hear sound through one speaker. With any other distro, the sound can be heard through both.

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General :: Use Wav/ogg Sound Instead Of PC Speaker Beep?

Jan 12, 2010

This may seem like a stupid question (if not completely ridiculous ), but I was wondering if there's a way to configure audio events so that I can use a wav/ogg sound instead of the PC speaker's default beep for small events like hitting backspace in a text editor when it's the beginning of the document (or any other illegal keyboard action), or in Wine applications when it calls for an "asterisk" sound (it just beeps the PC speaker).

I've looked at similar threads, but they mainly just talk about either the beeps that the machine does when it boots up, or simply turning off the beeping completely. What I want to do is substitute the beeps (that are caused by the OS) for an actual sound that's played through the ALSA/OSS/whatever audio device.

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Slackware :: Sound Only In Headphone Jac Or Speaker

May 20, 2010

There`s no sound in headphone jack, if I plug a headphone nothing happens, the speaker doesn`t stop. BUT if i boot slack with the headphone plugged the opposite happens, the heaphone works but if i unplug it no sound come out from speakers.


After all that the problem continues the same. I`ve read that the alsa-driver comes with the kernel, so I have to install a knew one to get the last alsa-driver? Or just install like I did works?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 2.1 Sound Instead Of 5.1except With Speaker-Test?

May 21, 2010

I'm relatively new to Ubuntu, so please forgive me if I seem a little ... After installing Lucid Lynx, I had some sound issues that I've been attacking over the past few days. I've gotten it down to the point where .mp3s and other sound effects play on 2.1, instead of my full 5.1 setup, with the exception of using
Code: speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -l1 -twav which will play from every speaker. Relatedly, I have no volume control icon in my toolbar, and when I go to System --> Preferences --> Sound, an error window pops up that says, "Waiting for Sound System to Respond." Currently, I am using the ALSA Mixer GUI to adjust my volume and whatnot. My sound card is a Sound Blaster Audigy SE CA106, and here's the yield from various terminal commands:

uname -a
Linux DeskingtonJefferson 2.6.32-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 28 13:27:30 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux
aplay -l


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Ubuntu / Apple :: 10.10 - One Of The Left Speaker On Macbook 2.1 Has No Sound

Dec 5, 2010

One of the left speaker on my macbook 2,1 has no sound. The channel is not muted in alsamixer. If you go into sound preferences and change the card to a surround 4.0. The both the front and rear right speakers work. Front is higher sound (tweeter) rear is the lower sounds. (mid-sub) however on the left side the left front does nothing. to the naked ear you can tell not as much sound is coming out of the left side. one speaker is not functioning. is there a fix for this?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Mono Sound Played In One Speaker Only?

Apr 30, 2011

I would like sound from mono sources to play in both speakers/earphones. How do I do this? Currently, it plays in only one side (which makes for an odd listening experience).I generally use banshee to play sound.

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