Ubuntu :: Login Screen Looks Old After Applying Emerald Theme / Get It Back To Way It Was?

Jul 6, 2010

I tried applying an emerald theme yesterday, and when I did, it somehow affected the login screen, now it looks old and crappy like win98. I tried disabling emerald and even uninstalling it, but the login screen remains crappy, how do I get it back to the way it was?

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Ubuntu :: Change Emerald Theme Back To Default?

Jun 5, 2010

Have recently installed emerald and downloaded and imported a new theme, however I know want to go back to the default theme (I believe it is called Beryl Red).

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Ubuntu :: After Applying An Update, Getting A Black Screen At Login?

Mar 17, 2011

After applying an update about two or three days ago, I restarted my system and now I'm getting a black screen at login. I can hear the brief drum sound clip that plays when the login dialog box pops up, but the screen is completely black and I can't see anything. I'm still able to access low graphics mode via the fail-safe option in the recovery mode menu. So far I've tried the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-ati xserver-xorg-video-radeon
sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati
sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri xserver-xorg-

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Ubuntu :: Install And Use Theme In Emerald Theme Manager

Aug 15, 2010

I installed a theme in emerald, and it didn't do anything, like, it had no effect on my windows or anything. So i did some searching and the only thing i could find was to run "emerald --replace" in the terminal, and it worked, but if I exit out of the terminal, it reverts back to the old theme.How do I keep emerald's theme, even after I exit the terminal?

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Ubuntu :: Login To Xfce The Screen Goes Black - Flickers A Few Times Then It Brings Back To The Login Screen

Apr 12, 2011

My last setup (years ago) ran fluxbox so because it was familiar I installed it as a secondary to xfce right off the bat. I download a lot of different stuff because I like to try out all the apps I can find but somewhere I broke something. I can still run fluxbox fine, but nither the Xubuntu nor Xfce sessions will run now. Last thing I remember changing was pulse audio(removed it for an experiment I was trying with jack audio), not sure if it is connected but when I try to login to xfce the screen goes black, flickers a few times then it brings me back to the login screen.

I tried failsafe but everytime I do my monitor gives me a "frequency out of range" error. I tried purging and reinstalling xubuntu desktop and xfce settings but I am thinking its my xorg config. My laptop is a Toshiba satellite M305D-s4830 with ATI Radeon 3100 mobile graphics card and I am running Xubuntu 10.10. Unfortunately I also broke the screen, so right now I am stuck with an external monitor till I get a new one.

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OpenSUSE Install :: After Boot Restored Defaults In Login Screen Themes / Login Theme Not Working?

Jun 3, 2011

i am having a boot problem with opensuse.i installed a theme named suse-elegant under personal settings(configure desktop)-system administration-login screen.

i had also added vbox users(i ticked vboxusers) under yast-security and users-user and group management-edit-details to make virtual box work.

i want to check that installed theme so i restarted my laptop.after the restart opensuse taking too long time to boot

note:the login theme also not working.

after the boot i restored defaults in login screen themes.it is also not working.

i don't know which cause this problem(vboxusers or login theme).i am also seeing a root user has been added in my login area.i tried opensuse failsafe also.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Login Screen Keeps Bouncing Back To Login Screen

Sep 17, 2010

I have installed VirtualBox and setup a Windows Vista host, initially with a .vdi of 10gb. That filled up quickly, so I added another 20gb secondary partition, after first trying to allocate a .vdi to a SCSI controller. Configured the drive in Windows (Computer Management), and all seemed ok. I shutdown VB, and rebooted my Linux host (openSuse 11.3). Now I keep bouncing back to the login screen, and can't login to Linux KDE, but can login to a console.I do have the following info:

/dev/dis/by-id/ata-ST9250410ASG_5VG0B5VS-part5 swap swap defaults 0 0
/dev/dis/by-id/ata-ST9250410ASG_5VG0B5VS-part6 / ext4 acl,user_xattr 1 1


I did see a message before, that I don't see anymore, that said it could not start NFS services due to missing entry in fstab. Another I'm seeing now is it couldn't start the avahi-daemon, no space left on device. This is odd, since I have a 200GB drive, with half of it left, only max 30GB set to VB. Here's my df -k output:

/dev/sda6 Use% is 100%
devtmpfs Use% is 1%
tmpfs Use% is 1%
/dev/sda7 Use% is 46%

So root "/" is mounted on /dev/sda6, which looks like it could be a problem, but why would this suddenly be a problem after working with VirtualBox? Could this be a matter of just freeing up space on /dev/sda6? Like the /tmp folder that's under "/"?

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Ubuntu :: How Do I Use Emerald Theme

May 26, 2010

I use Ubuntu 10.04 and I have compiz installed and also emerad. Currently I have the theme Ambiance and I want to change it to another theme that use emralld, but the problem is nothing change.

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Ubuntu :: Cant Find Emerald Theme?

May 17, 2010

[URL]I had this emerald theme not two days ago, and now I cant find it again for the life of me, I am 99% sure I got it on gnome-look but i've been searching for quite a while and just cant find it again anywhere.

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Ubuntu 10.04 : Emerald Will Not Keep Theme On Boot Up?

Mar 6, 2011

I just did a clean install with Lucid and I can not seem to get Emerald to keep the theme when booting up. I have to keep pressing Alt-F2 then type...

emerald --replace
I had changed the settings last time and when I booted up, emerald stayed the same. I'm not sure how I changed them, I forgot. I know I did something with...
gconf-editor /apps/metacity

...but I don't remember what I did and I can't seem to find the web site that showed me how. How can I keep the themes when booting up and not have to manually do it everytime I boot up?

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Main Menu Won't Change Looks When Applying New Theme / Fix It?

May 29, 2010

Whenever i try to apply a new theme .. everything seems to be ok except the gnome menu ... sometimes when applying icons, depending on the theme you can see it has applied almost everywhere except when u go to "Places" the icons there in the gnome menu is still on default.. have a look at the screenshot here..

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Ubuntu :: Emerald Theme Not Working Karmic

Feb 12, 2010

emerald theme wont enable. i ran emerald --replace in terminal nothing i replaced command in compiz nothing i added emerald as a start up nothing. right now there are no window borders. window decorations are enabled. what am i missing?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Install Emerald Theme Manager

Feb 13, 2010

i recently watched Die Hard 4.0 and liked the look of his theme; this lead me to download it from some website.. it's a .emerald - so i went into Ubuntu Software Center and i found it, but there was no install button.. and after poking around on here, and using terminal alot. i still havent got it.

P.S, im running 9.10 on my White Intel iMac

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Emerald Theme Managere Crashes?

May 2, 2010

I just upgraded to 10.04 (actually had to dl 10.04 iso and do full install, upgrading from 9.10 crashed). I am trying to use "Emerald Theme Manager" (which is a pain aside from the problem I am having) When I click on a theme I dl'd and installed, E.T.M. just vanishes, the theme does not switch and I am done. It takes about 1 second after clicking the theme and then gone, no error message or error reporting message

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10: Login In Just Brings Me Back To Login Screen?

Jun 5, 2010

I have just did an upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10. I am planning to go to 10.04 . After the upgrade everything was ok but I noticed the GRUB was still legacy. So I updated my GRUB to GRUB2. Now when I boot, after entering my logon-id and password, it just brings me back to the login-id screen (to logon on). Any indication of what is wrong and how I should fix this ?

I have no encryptions. [added comments] Currently reading thread about login loop bug with 9.10 Followed instructions about possible missing pre-release update but even if it did do updates, I am still login screen looping. Doing additional researches until someone answers with the fix.
did :
CTRL + ALT + F1 switch to one virtual console
sudo service gdm stop


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Ubuntu :: Login But Almost Immediately Kicks Back To The Login Screen?

Sep 28, 2010

When I try to login with my username, the one I created when I installed the OS, it seems to try to login but almost immediately kicks back to the login screen. No authentication error it just seems to just logout? The only change I made since last successful login was to add ". .alias" to the .profile file - the only entries in the .alias file are comments and "alias" commands. I have one other username but it is not in the sudo's list of users so I can not change anything in the master login.

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Software :: Emerald Theme Not Starting?

Mar 25, 2010

I have compiz and emerald installed and all the settings that need to be set in the ccsm for emerald to work I opened up emerald theme manager and selected a theme, but when I run emerald --replace from a command prompt nothing happens, not sure if that's the right then to do to get it to load, but I can't really find any info when I google it.

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Software :: Emerald Won't Change Theme?

Jun 16, 2011

I have Ubuntu 11.04 installed on my laptop. I've installed Compiz and Emerald, and I am trying use Emerald to change the themes. I open Emerald, import a theme, and select it. Nothing happens. I've searched on Google, and people have said to type "emerald --replace". This is what I get when I try it:Code:colin@TheDarkSideOfTheMoon:~$ emerald --replace
Segmentation faultThen the top bar on all my windows disappears. I've reinstalled it multiple times, but it still won't cooperate

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Appears To Be Applying Its Own Theme To The Web Page (slightly Rounded)

Aug 10, 2010

I'm developing some apps on my Ubuntu 10 box. Firefox appears to be applying its own theme to the web page (ex the form inputs are slightly rounded). I need to view this as a browser typically would as the users of the app will be on various hosts. The default theme appears to be uninstall-able and appears to be called Tango.

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Ubuntu :: Pull Up Emerald Theme Manager In Terminal?

May 4, 2011

you know how you can pull up CCSM through terminal?

is there a command to pull up emerald theme manager in Terminal?

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Ubuntu :: Emerald Theme Manager Not Working Correctly / Fix It?

Aug 12, 2011

Every time I choose a theme in this thing, the system never switches over to it. Am I supposed to log out, then log back in again to enable the newly installed .emerald themes? I tried running "emerald --replace", but my system just screws up once I do that: The window decorations completely remove themselves and I am stuck with uncontrollable windows.
I am using Ubuntu 11.04 in Classic mode.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Cannot Login - Just Cycles Back To The Login Screen ?

Jan 4, 2010

Every account every option I try. when I login, it just cycles back to the login screen. I have attempted to do a repair install, but to no avail. it happens when I try to boot normally or if I boot into failsafe.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Crash Back To Login Screen After Login?

Feb 3, 2010

The graphical login screen is loaded just fine. Though very shortly after (a moment after the loading screen could be seen) it crashes back to the graphical login. And that happens no matter what wm I'm trying - gnome, kde3, kde4, e16, e17, even twm.

It happened after the logout after a zypper up yesterday morning. Looking through the list of what packages were upgraded (two machines, both last zypper up'ed last Sunday, checked on the second one after the problem with the first one), the only packages which might be responsible are kwin or qt4.

The graphics card seems to be fine (NVidia 9600), as it happens whether or not I use nv or the propietary driver. Also tried reinstalling it from the repo as well as using the binary blob from NVidia. Has been tested on Windows and games are running fine there, so it shouldn't be the card.

What is strange, is that when calling upon sax2 -r from runlevel three, the initial screen loads nicely, but sax2 crashes back to the cli once one presses 'Change Configuration'. No error messages are being printed.

Any pointers on how I can narrow down the cause (and get it fixed)?

OpenSuSE 11.2 + KDE 4 factory & enlightenment & qt 4.6 repos
X.Org 7.4-35.3
Kwin 4.3.98-406.6
libqt4 4.6.1+4.6.20100202-1.1


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Ubuntu :: Emerald Theme Manager Swap Button Side?

Jun 30, 2010

this might not make much sense, but i was using gtk for my window decorator, then i decided to try emerald. i somewhat like it, but i was getting used to the minimize, maximize buttons being on the left side, but emerald has moved them to the right.

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Ubuntu :: Emerald Theme - Some Windows Missing Min/max/close Buttons

Sep 18, 2010

I've been using 10.04 for a few months here and installed the truglass 0.5 theme for quite some time. I've been putting up with one downfall of it, which is on certain windows the min/max/close buttons do not show. I can hover over where they should be to actually use them, but they are not visible on all windows. They always come up with firefox, unless I hit a pop-up and a new window comes up. Any nautilus window doesn't have them unless focus on that window is lost. Any ideas on how I can solve this? See attached screenshot.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Title Bar Not Updating All The Time - Emerald Theme

Dec 4, 2010

I'm using Emerald Theme Manager 0.7.2. Using Oxygen 0.1 as the engine, when I switch between Firefox tabs the Title Bar lags at times and displays the previously viewed tab/screen. If I click in the Title Bar, it then updates.

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Ubuntu :: Emerald Theme Cuts Off Side Borders When Maximized?

Dec 28, 2010

When I maximize a window the title border is still there as it should be but the side borders disappear. I do not think that this is an error or abnormal at all I just want to know if there is a way to show the side borders instead of hide them. If there is an option that I missed somewhere or something. The reason I ask is that when I use window previews or super+tab window switcher (do not remember exact name) the windows that are not maximized look great and the ones that are pretty ugly looking.

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Ubuntu :: Emerald Theme Manager Makes Panel Disappear?

Jun 28, 2011

Whenever I try to implement a theme using Emerald and execute "emerald --replace" my title bars disappears and the theme is not applied. I've created screenshots below of the problem so that you guys can have a visual of my problem.


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Ubuntu :: How To Change Gnome Login Screen Theme

Sep 2, 2010

So, here's the story: I did some messing about with the ambiance-maverick-beta theme and it worked fine, but the login screen, missing the default Ambiance theme, defaulted to Clearlooks. Clearlooks. So, I tried upgrading to Maverick, thinking it would default the login screen to the new themes. No such luck.

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Ubuntu :: Theme Selection Pops Up On Login Screen?

Feb 13, 2011

version 10.04.copy and pasted something into terminal and now the theme selection menu always pops up at the login screen, how do i get rid of that?

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