Ubuntu Installation :: Make A Customized Boot "disk/DVD"?

Jan 9, 2010

I currently using Ubuntu 9.10 last update formated with on a ext3 format. I have been a very happy ubuntu user for about 1 year. I have a win7 but I really do not see the point in installing it any more (only when I feel like playing a game).

Any my question: Some time ago I read somewhere that it is possible to make a customised boot "disk/DVD" so the programs etc. is intallled/deleted like you what from the beginning. ex. late week one of my harddrives crasched - and therefore I created a new and had to go find everything again. (codecs - program - visulizations and so on) I more or less use the same basic thing everytime for everything to work probably to my liking, but this takes me about a day (more or less) and this time wasted.

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Ubuntu :: Install Customized ISO With DM-Crypt Boot Disk?

Jan 7, 2011

I just bought a new laptop which will be running SSD (Corsair 120GB) as the boot drive and would like to migrate my OS to the new system. One of my requirements is full-disk encryption. I work with proprietary client data and need to encrypt the new drive, its swap partition, everything except for /boot. I've read instructions for doing this from the alternate install CD, but my OS is disturbingly customized (started out as 10.04) and it would take months to rebuild everything. I keep remastersys (-dist) ISOs to ensure I don't have to go through that process, but the ubiquity installer does not appear to have the option of doing disk-level crypt during the installation process. I can boot the ISO into CLI, but don't know how to run the alternate installer from there.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Make A Customized Bootable Dvd?

May 9, 2011

i have installed ubuntu on a virtual machine. i have also installed it on a hardisk partition. i have edited some package files and install the packages. it works great. now i want to ship this whole thing to my client. Can anybody tell me how could i make a bootable ubuntu cd so that my customized file are there in the cd and when the client installs ubuntu from this dvd he will get all the cusotmized packages preinstalled

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CentOS 5 :: Redistribute A Disk Without Loss Of Data Namely It Is Necessary To Make / Boot And Two Equivalent On Disk Volume?

Aug 24, 2009

There is a disk 500 gb, it is broken on /boot and on /root and on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2. Whether prompt it is possible to redistribute a disk without loss of data namely it is necessary to make/boot and two equivalent on disk volume.

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Ubuntu :: Make A Live CD Of Customized OS?

Mar 29, 2010

I try and try and try to make a live CD.. I get "fails" in the process..? This time I managed to get a file in Home, but it's locked, and I've tried everything I found on the Net to unlock it, to enable creating the CD...It seems I am forced to reinstall Ubuntu to clean this mess out. I can't unlock the file..?All I wants is an install CD of the OS how I likes it, with my background pix, my music, and my choice of peripheral softwares, avoiding doing all those downloads and all that tweaking... Is this possible with Ubuntu?..

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Software :: Make A Customized Bootable CD?

Apr 8, 2010

I have a very usefull Floppy Disk, when I boot from it, it boots into a Windows 95 menu, the initial screen has various options including an option to press shift + F5, when this is done it shows the command prompt A:. I have added various utilities to the floppy myself ie- fdisk, format, chkdisk, efdisk, xcopy, an early Norton Ghost, etc, etc. So I can partition a new hard disk, format it, delete partitions, ghost a disk, etc, etc, very handy. But floppies are becoming obsolete. I have tried burning the contents of this floppy to a CD, but I can't boot from this CD. I have tried various bootable CD programs from the net, including Ultimate Boot CD, but none of them work very well. I would like to make a bootable CD that will simply boot any computer with either a --new blank, unpartitioned, unformatted Hard Disk -- a hard disk with Windows, -- a hard disk with a Linux Distro, etc. When booting from this CD, it will boot to a command prompt, enabling me to start any program that I have added to the CD myself, ie fdisk, format, etc, etc.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Make A Customized ISO Of The Operating System?

Dec 30, 2010

Can one make a self booting installation ISO on a flash drive of Fedora 14 as it is, with all my files being in the new install, so I can install this modified operating system on my relatives computers just like I have it on mine, or for if ever the operating system on mine fails, so I can use this flash drive ISO to reinstall the operating system on mine just like I like it, just like it is now? If this can be done, please tell me how you do it, or kindly provide me with a link to a page that has this information.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: 9.10 Powerpc Make Boot Disk?

Apr 24, 2010

I have OS9 and a PC with Win7. what is the best tool to burn the CD in Windows or OS9? I used Transmac on the PC but the G4 Cube won't boot from the disk though it reads it in OS9.

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Fedora :: What Is Process To Make Disk Boot-able?

May 5, 2010

im looking to boot a PC104+ from a linux floppy...

a) what version should i use that would fit and boot on a floppy?

b) is there any place i can still easily find that version?

c) what is the process (if any) to make the disk bootable (like msdos boot format)

d) can this boot floppy then be installed on a local drive?

i know that seems like a lot but they all kind of go hand in hand from my experience using DOS in such a way. im still out there searching but kudos to anyone who can help.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unplug Disk, Can't Boot Winxp Disk?

Aug 22, 2010

WinXp sp3 is on disk sdb, then installed Ubuntu 10.04 on sda, can go into diff OS without any problem. I am going to move sda to another machine, when I unplug sda, WinXp can't start to boot on sdb. How to fix it?below is my case output$ sudo fdisk -l

Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB
Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System


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Debian Installation :: No Boot Disk Has Been Detected Or Disk Has Failed

Nov 3, 2015

I installed Debian on my PC with a Acer Stock motherboard (xc600) with amd64 and after the installation finished it told me to remove my installation media and reboot. After reboot I was returned this message ' ERROR: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed.'. I have verified with gparted using mint live OS that I have Debian installed on my system.

I got believes that this may have be caused by a broken grub or I need to configure something I don't know how in BIOS.

I will update the topic later..

My installation media was a USB 2.0 flashdrive with a Debian 8.2 Jessie Installer and 9 different Linux distros. I have installed Debian multiple times before on my laptop and never had this problem so I know how to go through the installation process and set the partitions.

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General :: Old Pc: Make A Bootable Single Floppy Disk To Boot With The Pendrive?

Sep 1, 2009

Nothing is working,[URL] My bootable pendrive is not seen by grub. The tab in grub, e, gives my 3 partitions only


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Ubuntu Installation :: Make A Disk Image?

Oct 27, 2010

I need to make a disk image of Jaunty. Something like Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost in the Windows contingence. I have tried Remastersys and Ghost 4 Linux. The former simply created an ISO file, which is 1/10th of the size of my hard drive and I do not know how to restore my computer using the ISO. The latter seems to be stuck at 0% even after leaving my PC on for 4 hours and verifying that all the settings are correct.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cant Make Start-up Disk With Some OS's

Feb 27, 2011

I have made several start-up disk, just made 2 today, but certain ISO's won't even go into the "start up disk creator" window.I've made them with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ultimate-Edition, Peppermint One & Peppermint Ice, but I can't make one with Puppy, PCLinuxOS, and a couple others.I'm trying to make one with "system rescue cd" so I can use it to totally wipe my 500GiB hdd, before I start to partition & install OS's on it. I downloaded system rescue & saved it to my desktop, but start up disk creator won't let me make a start up usb with it.My questions are...

1. Why does it refuse to make some & not others?

2. I know it's not totally necessary but, is there really any reason to completely wipe it before writing over it? Such as longevity or speed?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Disk Error On /boot With Dual Boot On Dual Disk

Dec 30, 2010

I have a (slightly complicated) dual/multi boot system.

I keep getting boot errors (when choosing ubuntu from the grub2 menu)

Serious errors were found while checking the disk drive for /boot

If I switch off and restart, ubuntu will then start without issue.

My setup is like this ....3 disks, one with 10.10 clean install - so Grub2, separate partitions for /, /boot and /home, one with windows 7, one with windows XP and 10.04 wubi (this is my old disk which I will trash once I'm happy with my upgrade to 10.10 & 7 on separate disks.

I installed 7 and 10.10 with ONLY their disks installed. After both were working, I added all disks and rejigged the grub2 menu (using update-grub and StartUp-Manager).

This problem only seems to occur if my previous boot was not 10.10 ( I will investigate this further). It's as if something (grub2 ?, the bios ?) is remembering part of the previous boot and not using the grub2 menu completely.

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Fedora Installation :: Boot From Installation DVD - IsoLinux: Disk Error 80 , AX = 42A7 , Drive 9F Boot Failed

Oct 20, 2010

I downloaded the Fedora live dvd iso file, burned it to a dvd. I was wondering if I forgot to do something or did I do something wrong. When I try to install from the dvd I get this error message, isoLinux: Disk error 80 , AX = 42A7 , drive 9F Boot Failed: press key to retry When I press a key to retry I get the same error. I also tried to install virtual pc and get not boot disk found.

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Software :: Create Customized Livecd To Boot Machine As 3270 Terminal

Jul 21, 2010

i need to create a customized livecd to boot a machine as a 3270 terminal.. (no graphic interface required) where should i start?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create A Customized DVD

May 4, 2010

how I can create a customised Ubuntu Iso.Cause ive spent hours trying to customise ubuntu and finally it meets my requirements .I dont want to go through the process of doing all that again incase anything goes wrong.I like to have a DVD which if I install would load all the codecs, wallpapers, applications the way they are right now. so in other words : I would like to create an ISO image with all my applications and stuff that would install automatically If Godforbid I reinstall Ubuntu again.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Customized Install Of 10.04rc From CD?

Apr 24, 2010

I have the cd image for the install cd of ubuntu 10.04 release candidate. Before I install it, is there anyway to specify which of the default packages I DO NOT want to install (via command line arguments or some other means). There is ALOT of things I DO NOT want, like firefox, "cloud one", "social features", totem, rythmbox, "music store", empathy. I know that the cd allows you to adjust the command arguments for the install command, and something tells me that there should be an argument for specifying which packages to install/not-install or to choose from a list or something to the same effect.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Make Bootable USB Drive That ISNT Startup Disk?

Aug 19, 2010

I want to make a live USB drive, perhaps even 1 with its own GRUB and a choice of operating systems..Its 16gb so it will fit..or maybe just install multiple desktop environments so I can switch depending on the resoruces of the computer I am using..Gnome>E17>LXDE.But I want it to be a regular account with a root/administrator password, ect. When I use the Startup disk creator or Unetbootin I find that the results are pretty limited. I might as well be using a live CD, but thats not ideal. Alternately, when I just install normally it doesnt always load, even when I hit F8 and tell it to boot from my USB drive.Knoppix based distros seem to work better than Ubuntu based distros in this regard, but I dont want Knoppix I want Ubuntu/Mint and friends.Finally, I have sometimes been having problems 'mounting' or using 'swapon'. Even when I turn on Swap with Gparted Im still not getting the benefit of the large swap area I have created..is this because of how the operating system uses swap? Is there a live distro that will save files and settings to swap before using up ram, by default? If not, is there a way to change the behavior of Ubuntu Live CD?

Is there a reason why we cant make proper paragraphs? Is this site strapped for bandwidth or something? Is the site just acting funny?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Make A Full Disk Backup Using Acronis And Try Out 11.04 Beta?

Apr 1, 2011

Firstly I've never (successfully) upgraded before using update manager -d but I've only tried once. I'm on 10.10 at the moment but I want to make a full disk backup using Acronis and try out 11.04 beta 1 so if I can't boot (like with the 11.04 Alpha 3) I'm ok.

What I want to know is if I upgrade to beta 1 it will install new things and settings, if beta 2 is released and I upgrade to that (after having beta 1 installed) will it overwrite all the settings again? Or will I be able to spend time set beta 1 up nice how I want it (if it works) and just smoothly upgrade gradually to final 11.04 keeping it pretty much exactly how I want it?

Also with the software sources, I understand I need to disable the ones I manually added before updating from 10.10 then to re-enable them, but how do I re-enable them for Natty as they are currently for Maverick? Do I just change the word Maverick to Natty, or is it better to remove and re-add them for natty? And do the authentication keys need updating or are they ok? I don't really know a lot about the keys.

1 more thing (sorry) will an upgrade overwrite any settings I have e.g. etc/fstab, sudoers, things like that? I know when you upgrade it gives you an option for some things e.g. keep or replace, if I keep old settings from maverick does it matter? Or does 11.04 add new lines/things to these files if I choose replace?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm pretty new been using ubuntu as my only OS for couple months now and most of my time has been spent tweaking settings and I don't want to lose them, or do a clean install when 11.04 final is released as I won't ever be able to remember them all.

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Fedora Installation :: Boot From Installation DVD - Boot Process Doesn't Make It Even To Anaconda

Jun 15, 2009

I'm trying to install F11 on a machine that was running well under F10 just a few hours ago. I made some changes to the disk configuration, involving the addition of a dmraid-controllable fakeRAID card (SiL 3124 I think) and creating a RAID 0 array out of the two drives connected to the motherboard itself (Intel ICH7R). Otherwise the machine's configuration is identical to the way it was when running F10. My problem is thus: when I boot from the installation DVD (64-bit), the boot process doesn't make it even to anaconda. Here is the error I get, right after md devices are autoconfigured:


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Software :: How To Make Live CD / DVD From Hard Disk Installation

Jul 28, 2010

I have a Fedora 11 Installed in my machine with customized packages and scripts. Now I want to create an ISO/Image of that installed FC11, so it can be used to install in multiple machines.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot Error / Failed To Find Boot Disk

Sep 1, 2010

I had a a problem booting last night when my laptop battery came loose and caused a crash during boot.It ceased loading a daemon and I turned it off with the power switch, then I received the boot error,then i checked the linuxdrives directory and it was corrupt,I then, out of ignorance, ran wubi from within windows XP and said unistall believing that it would reinstall and fix itself.Thus you can see my green behaviour.I have been searching the threads and have tried many things but have had no success, I will suffer a great loss if I lose that load of Ubuntu as I have allot of work stored there, and in my Thunderbird accounts.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Separate Boot Partition - Doesn't Care About The Boot Flag On The Disk

Feb 14, 2010

Ubuntu 8.04.4

Added an SSD (dev/sdc) and decided to move some less often changed directories there. Started with /usr and /boot, leaving / on a primary in the first drive, for now. All started ok, and my changed fstab mounted the right ones, and the system works.

However, grub is actually using the original /boot on / on sda1. I cannot see any way to change this. (Which makes it sorta hard to update the kernel

From grub:

Okay, since it has two choices, I tried to tell it which one to use. But, grub> root (hd2,5) does nothing.

Disk /dev/sda:

what I seem to recall, grub doesn't care about the boot flag on the disk. Nor does it care about primary vs. logical (except GNU doc says "makeactive" only works on a primary?).

The GNU doc also indicates that it looks for a directory /boot on the partition, so if you're mounting a partition as /boot, it also needs to contain a /boot directory under it. Tried that, but no change.

Is my problem the logical partition? Does that prevent "grub> root" from changing it? I'm afraid to wipe out the old /boot and find that I can't start up.

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CentOS 5 :: Generate An ISO And Burn Into A DVD To Make A New Copy Of 5.4 Installation Disk?

May 19, 2010

Previously I have Centos 5.3 installed. Eventually I upgraded the systems to Centos 5.4 Now is it possible to generate an ISO and burn into a DVD to make a new copy of Centos 5.4 installation disk? This is far better than downloading.

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Fedora :: Customized Kernel For Kickstart Installation

Oct 13, 2010

I have successfully setup a kickstart environment for installing the original Fedora 13 using PXE/DHCP/TFTP. Now I want to build a customized kernel and install it using the same Kickstart setup. After building the new kernel.rpm file, what are right steps to do to replace the original kernel rpm in Kickstart RPM directory, like fixing modules dependency, creating new bzImage and intrid etc?

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Fedora Installation :: 13 Partitioning Ignores Customized Partitions

Jun 19, 2010

I'm trying since days to set up my netbook with Fedora and FreeBSD dual-boot and leave some space for a third OS. Most guides suggest to install first FreeBSD and then Linux, that attempt ended up in a disaster (BIOS hangs with the FreeBSD formatted HD connected; disconnect it => boot from USB => reconnect HD => format HD solved that). So I tried the other way around but the installer doesn't like my partitioning all to much.


after the installation sda2 is 300.000MB (the 50G unused were added to /home). Furthermore cfdisk can't open sda anymore (FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 1: Partition ends in the final partial cylinder). at my last try the installer canceled due to an error from python. But apparently after it wrote the partition table, cfdisk could display the HD partitions without error and it even was correct! "replace existing Linux systems" didn't work after that either - the partition manager suggested the usual partitioning (using the whole disk), however, "using free space" was able to display the real partition and after repartitioning (suggestion was to keep the old partitions on sda1 and 2 and create the new system in

rest (~50.000MB) unused ) I could for the first time install the system on the partitions i actually told it to. Unfortunately this doesn't mean the problem is solved for me because I (I did not censor that!! =>) ****ed my HD again with the next try to install FreeBSD (same scenario as mentioned above, but that's a story for the FreeBSD forum) so I'll run into the same issue after I restored my HD (unless i can reproduce the exception).

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Debian Installation :: 2.6.32-5-amd64 Boot Fails - How To Make It Boot

May 27, 2011

My old computer started randomly rebooting so I went out yesterday and bought a new one. It's a standard Intel 64 architecture with 2gb ram etc.The old computer was running Lenny however I'm happy to upgrade, so I just went to the main Debian download site and downloaded:debian-6.0.1a-ia64.netinst.iso (this didn't work, apparently ia64 is for itanium and my machine is definitely not that), so I downloaded: debian-6.0.1a-amd64-netinst.iso, burnt the CD and ran the install. First time through I had a power failure.

Second time through (a complete fresh start - new partition and everything) it went all the way through to completion and reboot.Clicked 'Continue' to reboot and the machine reset as it would normally and the Grub loader started okay, prompted for the "Debian amd64" standard boot image, selected that and the first 6 lines appeared normal, then the messages wizzed by so fast that only superman could read them. Then they stop - here is some of the content...

[3.816673] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to killl init!
Call trace:


Running it again I get similar stack stuff but it's a different place: [3.541816], [3.427502] And sometimes if I wait for a minute or two it will continue on further but appear to crash again. Hardware details (everything is onboard - no added cards):

Intel G41 + ICH7 chipsets
CPU: LGA 775 for Intel Core 2 Extreme


Is the amd64 the wrong image? Should I try i386? Is it a blip and I should just rerun the entire install again?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 8.04 Will Not Boot - How To Make It Boot

Feb 1, 2010

I installed the alternate disc on my ibook G4, it finished the install ejectedtrf the didc then restarted , The writing came up I to boot to C for cd rom so ihit retirn as per nut then it just stayed at an empty black screen

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