Ubuntu Installation :: Login Doesn't Start After Upgrade

Mar 16, 2011

I have dell d630- 64bit version So i upgraded to the latest alpha and my system gets stuck at: as far as "Checking battery state" and hangs, i can login to the separate console and run startx but then no window manager is comming up so again, another ubuntu upgrade and another failure

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Installation :: UX Server Doesn't Start After Upgrade To Ubuntu 10.04 / Fix It?

Jun 14, 2011

Recently i upgraded my laptop from ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 but alas! after the upgrade i don't get anything, just the 10.04 boot up screen and my cursor after some time. when i run it in recovery mode and tried to startx from there , it gave me a message " no protocol defined " now i can only access my system in failsafe x mod. code...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade 9.10 To 10.04: Keyboard Doesn't Work On X Login Anymore

Apr 30, 2010

Just before Lucid was released, I installed karmic on a vanilla VM in 64-bit mode, and all was good. Did a desktop setup and afterwards installed Eclipse, and I was happy: A new system for coding on-the-go! Now, after upgrading to Lucid with do-release-upgrade -d, I can no longer enter my password on X login. The keyboard just doesn't work for some reason. When I enable the onscreen keyboard, and click my password, I can login. The strange thing is that my keyboard works like a charm after I've logged into my X session?

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Ubuntu :: GDM Doesn't Start After Upgrade?

May 21, 2010

I just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04. While it seemed to go fine, GDM won't start. (Instead the Plymouth bootloader just displays the splash screen continuously.) I can get in through a virtual terminal, but starting GDM via the init script does not do anything. I also tried this:

me@host:~$ sudo gdm
ERROR:gdm-settings-direct.c:157:gdm_settings_direct_get_boolean: assertion failed: (entry != NULL)

I tried running sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm, but this did not change anything. Logged in from the virtual terminal I can run startx and get the desktop, but obviously I would like to have the login manager working.

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Fedora :: Gnome 3 Doesn't Start No Login

Jul 30, 2011

When I boot my Fedora 15 installation it shows me the blue screen with progress indicator, however I do not reach the login screen.Instead I see the textual shell where the last item is:Started Display Manager.It looks like my monitors are not detected anymore. I have been working with them though (this appeared after a restart). I am not sure how I determined it but I read in some log that no display was detected. Nothing changed to the hardware set up however.I see some suggestions to run system-config-display as root.However this command can not be found nor can it be found when I run yum install system-config-display.

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade To 10.04 And On Start Desktop Doesn't Startup

Sep 3, 2010

I recently updated to Ubuntu 10.04. On this same machine I've used Ubuntu for 3 or 4 years now. Upgrading from 8 - 9 - 10. I love Ubuntu and use it as my everyday work environment. Anyway, recently when I start my machine in the morning it boots to commandline instead of the desktop. For the last couple days I boot to safe-mode and do a package repair. Sometimes more than once. Eventually I get the desktop to start but it is annoying. When trying to boot to Fail Safe Graphics Mode(?) I get an error stating: "Fatal Server Error: No Screens." The message referred me to /var/log/Xorg/failsafe.log. Here is a snippet of the end of that log file:


Also, I'm using an NVidia graphics card on an HP machine. I installed the "current version" accelerated graphics driver which it says is proprietary.

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-terminal In Startup Programs Doesn't Start At Login?

Mar 16, 2010

Every time I start Ubuntu, I set up an ssh session to a server. In order to automate this I made an entry in startup programs like this:/usr/bin/gnome-terminal -e '/usr/bin/ssh name@server.com'Nothing happens when I log in, and I've checked that the command works.

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OpenSUSE :: Digikam Doesn't Start After Upgrade To Kde 4.4

Feb 17, 2010

digikam doesn't start ~/.kde4 has been reset tried to copy ~/.kde4previous/*/*digikam* to .kde4 related paths running from console: riccardo@homeSUSE:~> digikam digikam: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libdigikamcore.so.1: undefined symbol: _ZN6Marble12MarbleWidget11changeEventEP6QEvent

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Software :: GNU Screen Doesn't Start Shells As A Login Shell?

Mar 22, 2010

I want to have an ls' output colorization in gnu screen. Colorization in my system (Slackware 13) is realized by aliasing of ls in /etc/profile.d/coreutils-dircolors.sh:

$ alias ls
alias ls='/bin/ls $LS_OPTIONS'
where $LS_OPTIONS is
$ echo $LS_OPTIONS
-F -T 0 --color=auto

But in screen this alias isn't defined. It seems like /etc/profile script isn't executed at shell starting in screen. I think it happens because screen starts a shell not as a login shell. I tried to correct it by adding to ~/.screenrc or to /etc/screenrc. The problem is the same. By the way when I start screen as a root I haven't this problem. What's wrong?

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Ubuntu :: Gnome-panel Doesn't Start On Login / But Gconf Settings Look Correct

Sep 5, 2010

I installed avant-window-navigator and followed these instructions to remove gnome-panel from startup: URL...However I have since uninstalled AWN and now cannot get gnome-panel to load at startup.I think I have put my settings back where they should be -- looking at them in gconf-editor:

1. desktop > gnome > session, the required_components_list is [windowmanager,filemanager,panel]

2. desktop > gnome > session > required_components_list, the panel value is "gnome-panel"

Yet gnome-panel does not load at startup. Any ideas why?Clarification: I can get gnome-panel to load by listing it under Startup Applications, but I am curious why it won't load via the gconf settings.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Firefox Doesn't Start In 10.04?

May 2, 2010

After upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 I realized that Firefox doesn't start, it just shows "Firefox starting"on the taskbar for a second and then dissapear. New Gwibber software doesn't start either.I have separate /home partion and installed new version to the system partition marked it to be formatted first. Opera browser works perfectly fine.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Flickering Login Screen After Start?

Jan 4, 2010

I've just installed a fresh Ubuntu 9.10 (I'm using Windows 7), after completing the installation, may laptop rebooted but following the white icon of Ubuntu were the 2 lines "Ubuntu 9.10 computername tty1 ...etc" appears and I could not login due to flickering.

My laptop is T500 Lenovo with ATI Radeon HD3650.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From 8.04 To 10.04 - Won't Start Up

Oct 13, 2010

Since I noticed a new version of Ubuntu (10) was out and I was still running an old version (8.04) I thought about upgrading. With the update manager is selected update to 10.04 and everything went on it's way.

During the process I got asked if I wanted to update the GRUB loader. Since I also use Windows and with a previous update of GRUB I couldn't start into it anymore I selected, "keep this version" (which I think is now causing this trouble).

The upgrade completed and restarted, however, Ubuntu now doesn't start anymore.
I get prompted with:

mount: mounting none on /dev failed: No such device udevd(896): error getting socket: Invalid argument ...

edit: I started Ubuntu with the live CD and typed gedit /booot/grub/menu.lst which gave me a blank file. Is that normal?

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Login After Upgrade From 9.10 To 10.04

Apr 18, 2011

I've just ran the upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 via the online update manager. It rebooted and now hangs at the text screen before any graphical login screen appears. The last line on screen appears to show a failure to connect to a cifs share on my other windows computer.

I've tried to select the recovery menu, which then appears but the keyboard does not allow any of the options to be selected with the arrow keys or any other I tried, I've tried a ps2 keyboard and that doesn't allow any selections either. But it is possible to use ctrl-alt-del to reboot from this non responsive menu.

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Ubuntu Installation :: After Upgrade To 11.04 Cannot Login Any More

May 5, 2011

i've created a completely new user, so config files for fluxbox/unity/gnome cannot be the problem. when i try to login with this user in gdm, the screen goes black for a few seconds and gdm displays again.

- new user without any gnome/unity/fluxbox config
- tried "ubuntu", "ubuntu-classic", "ubuntu-classic without effects", and "ubuntu-classic safe mode"
- did aptitude purge gdm & installed it again
- nvidia module is loaded properly
- no errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log
- login with NXCLIENT on this server works perfectly fine


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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Doesn't Consistently Start?

Sep 30, 2010

When I restart, GRUB sometimes doesn't start. It just hangs at the flashing cursor before grub.

When I restart again, grub works fine. The flashing cursor shows at the top of the screen for a few seconds, and then there is one or more new lines, and then the grub screen.

This is on an HP Pavilion 640 which is otherwise very stable.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Panel Doesn't Start Quickly

Nov 8, 2010

i have a netbook with ubuntu desktop 10.10 (gnome), i don't know what i've done, t got a message

"OAFIID:GNOME_FastUserSwitchApplet panel encountered a problem "

and i don't know how it was fixed, now it works good , but the panel doesn't start normally (quickly), i have to wait few minutes to get the menu bar and the other elements,

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unity Doesn't Autostart On Login

May 3, 2011

I upgraded from 10.10, and there were no apparent problems during install. However, Unity doesn't start when I use the Ubuntu session from GDM. I have guake terminal installed, which starts correctly, so if I open that and run unity as a background process, everything works perfectly. I would like a solution other than adding it to my startup apps, because I still use GNOME every now and then.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Delay In Startup / Ffy1 Login To Start GUI

Dec 29, 2010

I've recently installed ubuntu 10.10 again and when I boot it starts in ffy1 console, in which I need to login.After the login in console version it will display the error after this it takes ~30 seconds till the normal graphical login screen I've searching the forum about this problem but haven't encountered the solution anywhere nor the problem itself.And yes I do see the disk errors but that would be during the login on the graphical screen.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Firefox Won't Start After Upgrade?

May 1, 2010

Just upgraded to 10.04 and Firefox will no longer start. I get the tab that says starting firefox, and then the tab disappears, and I never get a window.When I try to start via terminal it says (something along the lines of):Attempting to load libmoonloaderxpiSegmentation FaultI tried logging out and back in, no dice; restarted, no dice; uninstalled and reinstalled firefox, no dice.Running x64, if that matters, on a pretty decent laptop. I would describe my technical knowledge of Linux as moderate.

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Ubuntu Installation :: XServer Will Not Start After Upgrade 9.10 To 10.04?

May 2, 2010

I upgraded to 10.04 and when trying to boot, the computer would hang at the splash screen. Going into recovery mode showed nothing in the log files. The Xorg and gdm logs were zero bytes but had the proper timestamp. I tried and tried, but could not get it to boot until I removed the nvidia-current package. Then the computer will boot, but the screen is partially corrupted with just a blue background. I can hit enter, then type my password and I can actually login, but I can't see a thing. I can cycle through the resolutions with Ctrl +, but the screen just still has a blue background and nothing else. Trying to boot in failsafe X mode gives the same screen. I tried putting the vesa driver in the xorg.conf, but no change.

I've tried the i915.modeset=0 boot option. I've tried the "xforcevesa" boot option, but nothing will give me a readable screen. As soon as I re-installed the nvidia-current package and ran nvidia-xconfigure, the problem came back and it hangs again.At this point, I'm stuck. I would settle for a plain VGA screen at this point, but I can't even seem to get that. I've read several posts here with similar problems and tried every solution put forth, I think, but have not found a solution.When the upgrade wanted to install the new /etc/default/grub, I kept my old one. I compared the two files at the time, but I didn't see anything new, but maybe I missed something. What new items if any does the upgrade put into /etc/default/grub?

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Ubuntu Installation :: System Won't Start After An Upgrade

Mar 27, 2011

I talked a friend into trying Ubuntu, and installed it via wubi. So far, he likes it a lot, but today I checked his computer out, and saw that he had a lot of updates pending. There was a kernel update, openoffice, grub, the whole lot. So, I started the update, and, when it finished, the system froze.

I restarted the PC, but now Ubuntu says that the root partition is not ready. When I open a diagnostic shell, it says "Root filesystem check failed". However, an fsck works just fine, and I can see all the files in both Ubuntu and Windows.

There's only one real disk, as far as I can see, /dev/sda1, and it's the Windows disk. The Linux root is a /dev/loop5 which points to a file under Windows. I suppose it's the wubi way, although I'm not familiar with that.

There's a possibility that the Windows disk had errors while I was running Ubuntu; in fact, Ubuntu said something to the effect while booting the first time it failed.

What can I do to boot normally?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Panel Won't Start After 11.04 Upgrade

Apr 28, 2011

After upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04, it appears gnome-panel won't start when I login in classic, classic with no compiz, or even failsafe/safe mode. What happens is the login will start, and I'll see an empty wallpaper with a cursor that switches between the hourglass circle spinner and a regular cursor.

If I hit alt+f2, the run dialog will appear, but immediately be killed (or something).

I am able to login with Unity as well as the recovery console. On the recovery console, when I try to launch the panel, I see this:

[blah blah blah]
b2b97000-b2ba8000 r-xp 00000000 08:05 2101405 /usr/lib/gio/modules/libgioremote-volume-monitor.sofish: Job 1, gnome-panel terminated by signal SIGABRT (Abort)

Since Unity doesn't work with focus-follows-mouse, but still tries to use focus-follows-mouse, I'm actually using IceWM to report this.

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Keyboard On Login After Upgrade To 10.04?

Apr 30, 2010

I just upgraded to 10.04 from 9.04 and I cannot log in to the machine. I tried launching the on-screen keyboard but it just flashes and disappears. Anyone else having this issue?I also tried attaching a different USB keyboard, but that didn't work either.

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Ubuntu Installation :: No More Login Screen After Upgrade From 9.04 To 10.04

May 13, 2010

I upgrade my system from 9.04 to 10.04, then when booting, I get the purple wallpaper and mouse, but nothing else, No login menu. I can hopefully connect to my system with ssh from another machine, I update everything, upgrade, etc etc, try to boot on recovery mode, and clean packages and so one...Nothing happens, still no login menu.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From 10.04 To 10.10 Hangs At Login

Nov 27, 2010

Recently I decided to upgrade my 10.04 installation the lazy way, by clicking the upgrade button instead of a clean install (32bit). Now, I can only get into Ubuntu with the recovery mode. If I let the system boot the normal way, I end up at the login screen where I (correctly) enter my password and then nothing else happens. I can move the mouse, the clock ticks on, and I can even use the restart button, etc. But the login screen stays gray and does nothing else, so no desktop. With recovery-mode I can use the failsafeX option to get into the desktop, everything works fine there. And even though it calls it a low-graphics environment or so, everything looks normal, its even my native resolution of 1440x900.

My first idea was some driver issue for my Ati Radeon HD 2600 Mobility card, so I looked into that. I've checked/done the following:
- Installed the drivers manually (downloaded from AMD)
- Uninstalled those drivers
- Used aptitude to remove any fglrx things
- Installed Jockey
- Installed the drivers with Jockey
- Removed the drivers with Jockey (Ive read this is the cleanest option)
- "no drivers" at this point
- Use generic/default X config, make specific X config (both from the failsafe X boot thing)

Nothing worked at all, booting still only works with recovery option and then the low graphics mode. Otherwise, it will just "hang" on the login part. When I boot first recovery mode, and then pick the resume option, I'll see some errors near the end of the booting process.

I've seen 2 errors which might be related to my issue:
- "Unable to allocate crypto cipher with name [ecb(aes)]" (home is encrypted, and accessible with safe boot)
- BUG: CPU#1 stuck for 61s!

Now, the second error seems to "match" with hanging at login. I login, something is stuck and churns the CPU... and never gets unstuck, so login just hangs there. However, I can't find any information related to that stuck CPU thing. Only changing PIDs and other numbers/stack traces, no processname or any other name to work with. So I'm at a loss here.

Big dump of possibly interesting part of kern.log:
Nov 26 20:31:25 lexmortis-laptop kernel: [44.572381] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000021
Nov 26 20:31:25 lexmortis-laptop kernel: [44.572386] IP: [<c027c1b0>] sysfs_delete_link+0x30/0x70
Nov 26 20:31:25 lexmortis-laptop kernel: [44.572397] *pdpt = 0000000035f29001 *pde = 0000000000000000 .....

Despite that with low graphics mode everything works, it seems to be a non-graphical issue here (stuck CPU on some process?). Unless I missed another option I can test for the graphics / drivers. ow I could find more info on stuck CPUs during boot?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Login Loop After Upgrade To 11.04?

Apr 28, 2011

I just finished the upgrade of 10.10 to 11.04, restarted and now i can't login anymore, i'm stuck in an endless login loop.

1) Boot
2) Xorg starts
3) I see my user, login
4) Screen goes black like it's loading
5) Loop back to login

It's not a password issue, i can login in command line It's not a profile issue cause i tried creating a new user from the command line and it still loops. I looks briefly at the /var/log/... but i couldn't find anything relevant,respond ASAP this is my work PC.

I thought it would be simple since it's a very simple a relatively new machine (2months ago)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Doesn't Start Windows

May 2, 2010

All this started when I decided to upgrade Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04. Now Windows XP gives me a blank screen and doesnt run. I have tried a bunch of things but didnt help. I also clean installed Ubuntu 9.10 into a new partition and removed the deleted the other partition.


1. Windows XP on sda1 wont start from grub2 (version 1.97-beta4).
2. I can access the windows partition from Linux and see all the files.
3. When I boot using windows cd, and go to recovery mode it doesnt list Windows XP.
4. From windows Recovery mode when I try "diskpart" it says no partitions in c drive.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Vmware-server-console Doesn't Start On 11?

Jul 18, 2011

After upgrading Ubuntu to version 11, vmware-server-console stopped working - only gray window opens. After killing the process error message appears:

/usr/lib/vmware-server-console/bin/vmware-server-console: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libgio-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VARIANT

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Fedora Installation :: 12 Doesn't Start After Reboot?

Dec 9, 2009

I just installed Fedora 12 on my HP laptop. And everthing has gone smooth, and I decided to reboot my machine. And it rebooted and the Fedora Loading logo camep and after it finished, it went to a black screen with a "|" just flashing and it's stuck on that

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