Ubuntu Installation :: Install Without It Asking For Location/username/etc Until First Boot, And Also Have A Reinstall?

May 3, 2010

Is there a guide somewhere to install Ubuntu without it asking for location/username/etc until first boot, and also have a reinstall? Kind of like what Dell does.I ask because I'm considering refurbishing some old PCs for one of those headstart places, where I'm not going to know who ends up with it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can I Reinstall My / Partition With A Different Username, Computer Name?

Apr 23, 2011

I am using an old username which I have been tied to since my first install, any time I have tried to change it in the past lead to problems such as duplication of files and permission access.

I have a small / partition and a larger /home partition where I store media etc, and on freshly reinstalling Ubuntu 10.10 on / today I was tempted to use a preferred more accurate username and change the computer name - would there still have been consequences to this, if so can they be addressed post install, or can I some how simply just change my username and computer name without confusing my system from here without reinstalling?

*I carried out the re installation using my old usual username and computer name.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error Occurred "not Possible To Install The Boot Loader At The Specified Location"

May 18, 2011

might cry soon, had so many problems and still nothing latest problem when installing sorry and error occured and it was not possible to install the boot loader at the specified location.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Uninstall / Reinstall Mac OSX - Unable To Mount Location

Mar 3, 2011

Running Ubuntu 10.04 and I'm trying to re-install Mac OSX back onto my MBP. I'm running competely off of GRUB and I have no other partitions for any other OSs running. Popped in my MAC OS CD and came up with this error.

Unable to mount location
Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:
mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-prtected, mounting read-only
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sr0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error
In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
dmesg | tail or so

How should I go about with removing Ubuntu, and re-installing MAC OSX?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Username Pasword Required At Boot - Command For Startup?

Mar 22, 2011

I just burned the iso of openSUSe 11.4 onto a dvd, and I make it through all of the installation. At the end it reboots the computer and starts in the kernel/command line or whatever you call it. I think it's kernel. Anyway, it asks for my username and password and then it says like "have fun.." () or something and then just has like my directory or whatever waiting for commands. Is there some command to start up the OS?

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Fedora Installation :: Unable To Change Installation Location For Boot Loader

Dec 2, 2009

I am unable to change the installation location for the boot loader when installing Fedora 12 in the graphical installation mode. The 'Change device' button does nothing when I click on it during installation. I'd like to install the boot loader on my /boot partition. Is there some kind of bug that is preventing me from doing this?I am trying to install from the Fedora 12 386 DVD.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Can't Boot Existing 11.3 Nor Reinstall?

Aug 2, 2010

On my Desktop I am experiencing a very weird behavior. First of all, I would like to mention that I am posting from the very same machine...just under Windows (which tends me to roll our hardware issues).

Next, a short history I installed 11.2 on my machine when it came out last year. I upgraded my hardware (new mainboard, cpu, ...) without reinstalling. Everything went fine I upgraded to KDE 4.4...still everything ok I did a system upgrade to 11.3 final using zypper And there it starts. After the upgrade, the first boot didnt work as expected (the system just hang). So I just did a restart and 11.3 was up and running. Now, since last week, I cannot boot my system at all. The screen just shows me the boot-splash but the progress bar isnt moving a thing. So I started with the option splash=verbose which did not show me a single line of output. The system just hangs right after the GRUB selection occured. So I decided to download 11.3, burn it to a disc and reinstall it. Well...this doesnt work either At least it shows me some lines of output, which look fine, but some lines after starting KDM the screen goes black and thats it. The only way I got something was when I started the installation in Textmode. I was able to log in but I dont know what to do then. I ran yast2 but it didnt look like I could install the system that way.It would be nice to get it running with my home-partition still in place.

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Ubuntu Installation :: What Is Username And Password To Log Onto Install Disk?

Jun 18, 2010

I downloaded the disk image, burned it to disk and after 3 tries managed to get the disk to load. It is asking me for a username and password. What is the username and password to log onto the install disk?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Server 9.10 - Can't Log In To The Clean Install - What's Username

Dec 30, 2010

I have installed Ubuntu Server three times now. It "NEVER" asks for a "USERNAME". I can't log in to the clean install. Guess what? I never entered a username, so I don't know what it is. I have never logged in. Don't ask me to go to /etc/, I can't log in. It is NOT a video proplem, Ubunto Server is command line OS.

Login incorrect: [system-name] login: Login time out after 60 seconds.

I'm asked to enter a network system name during install. I'm asked for a password, then repeat it during install. but never asks for a "UserName" during install. So, what is it? root? ubuntu? default? Nope, I've tried many many many of them, even admin, nothing works.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Clean 10.4 Reinstall In Dual Boot With XP?

Nov 7, 2010

I had a 100% XP machine, installed 9.10 into a dual boot a while ago, and eventually upgraded to 10.4 LTS.

Current partitions
/dev/sda1 ntfs
/dev/sda2 extended
---- /dev/sda5 ext4
---- /dev/sda6 linux-swap

Currently, dual boot is working and both OSes are working as expected (although there's that bit of inconsistency with intel 845 graphics). I want to do two things in a major re-install: move Home to a new, separate partition, and do a clean 10.4 install while still retaining XP dual boot. If possible leave sda1 untouched, but that can be reinstalled if necessary.

Only things in Home that need to be moved are documents and mozilla seamonkey prefs and emails. Those items I can save and restore manually, so I have no problems with backup needed files, then clean install, then manually restore.

I know enough to be willing to try suggestions, but also know enough to recognize I can get into trouble. So that's why I'm asking here first.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Trying To Reinstall - Doesn't Boot On Startup ?

Apr 5, 2011

I'm trying to help my dad, who's recently got a computer that had Ubuntu 10.10 preinstalled. After some problems while I wasn't in a position to help out, I think a reinstallation is necessary. But when I make a USB drive to install it from, it only has .exe files, and nothing Ubuntu can use, so it doesn't boot on startup (even though it's set to boot from USB first) and it can't be run later either. This happens when I download the ISO from the main download page on the Ubuntu website, so is there a link to download one without Windows files?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Windows7 11.04 Reinstall?

May 14, 2011

I have done some commands in ubuntu 11.04 and got problems, thinking of reinstall it. (laptop acer 5738zg)

Previously when i have dual booted win7 and ubuntu10 and linux mint i always get "grub rescue" when i try reinstall my linux partition, and it ends with i have to do clean reinstall of both windows and linux, which is a major pain in the rectum area

Is there a way to make my linux go back to original state without reinstall, and if i reinstall, how can I do this without loosing win7 partition and get this awful grub rescue message.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Reinstall Grub Boot Loader ?

Aug 27, 2011

I am running Windows 7 and openSuse 11.3 as a dual-boot system. I had to run a Windows 7 Startup Repair, which apparently reset the Windows boot loader, so now I am not getting Grub. How do I reinstall or reactivate the Grub boot loader? I am assuming I have to use the installation DVD?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Change Location Of GRUB Boot Loader?

Feb 4, 2010

i installed it on a external HDD. my primary OS is windows 7 on my 1 internal hard drive. After i installed ubuntu whenever i boot up my computer i have to have my external hdd plugged in and turned on or else i get "cannot find GRUB" then some rescue thing comes up where i can type stuff. i would just like to move the GRUB loader to my primary hard drive or at least recover my windows loader but have ubuntu on it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Reinstall 10.10 For Dual Boot - Host Windows XP

Jan 24, 2011

I need to reinstall Ubuntu 10.10 on my PC. Previously (first time installation), was from Ubuntu Desktop LiveCD using USB. I installed Ubuntu on different drive. I didn't make any swap-drive before (I just know about it). Also, I upgraded to Ubuntu Studio manually from terminal. It was my first time, and i did a quite little mess with my current installation during the course of learning sudo and setting up for audio related works.

The problem I have now,
1. No sound from the speaker (after replacing ALSA with OSS4, which was success, and trying to get back to ALSA, which was not)
2. I missed that speaker icon on default setting of Ubuntu Studio Desktop theme. It supposed to be on top-right of the panel. That icon also contains sub-menu to "Rhythmbox" and "Volume Setting".
3. I think I made a lot of sudo apt-get install and compiling from tar, I think I downloaded many unnecessary dependency files, which I'm not using it.
4. I downloaded and install complete Ubuntu Studio audio/video/graphic package. After trying all the stuff inside, I found out that i didn't need all of them. I decide to remove the package and just get necessary software that I need to use. However, I failed to remove the package using "sudo apt-get remove ubuntustudio-etc" I can't remember what I did during the course of sudo-ing things.

I just want a fresh new install of Ubuntu Desktop, and build from grown up again, and keep the Ubuntu Studio desktop theme on top of it. I did made a little Google and find out about GParted and Super Grub Disk. What I had in mind is,
1. boot to Gparted using USB,
2. delete/clean the drive where I installed Ubuntu
3. reboot to Super Grub Disk from other USB, to fix mbr things,
4. reboot to Windows,
5. reformat the drive I've installed Ubuntu before
6. re-install fresh copy of Ubuntu again.

However I failed to boot to Gparted as per instruction on their website. I did try clicking the makeboot.bat from the USB while I was on Windows, and I still got boot error. I don't know how to Gparted from Ubuntu. I had the Gparted package installed but I get this line :
Inhibit all polling failed: Only uid 0 is authorized to inhibit the daemon
If there is a better way to do this, rather than going through GParted and SGD to fix mbr. Again, it was my first time on Ubuntu, I just want a fresh new install of Ubuntu Desktop, and build from grown up again and keep the Ubuntu Studio desktop theme on top of it.

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Fedora Installation :: Reinstall 12 In Dual Boot?

May 20, 2010

I have pc containing 80 GB Hard Disc with 1 GB RAM. I am using 60 GB for windows and 20 Gb for Fedora 12. Recently i formatted the pc and reinstalled both. I installed windows 7 instead of Windows XP i am using earlier. Now i do not like windows 7. My system became very slow. perhaps as my pc is five years old and motherbord configuration may not be matching. Now i want to revert to windows XP. I do not know any method by which i can retain fedora 12 and change from windows 7 to XP. Earlier i formatted complete hard disc and installed fedora 12 (myself) after windows 7 (by professional). but now i do not want to reinstall fedora 12. It will lose all upgradation and installed packages.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Reinstall The Games Package Or Reinstall The Update?

May 2, 2010

So I was messing around trying to uninstall Nibbles and reinstall since I have an issue starting that game and something happened and removed the submenu under Games called "Logic", which had another whole list of games.

Is it possible to reinstall the games package or reinstall the update?I'm thinking more of the lines of a system restore or something so back 2 days from today.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Reinstall Windows 7 But Its A Pain To Reinstall All Programs?

Apr 29, 2010

I recently installed opensuse 11.2 on my laptop which also had windows vista and windows 7, i created a new partition and the installation went smoothly, after i went to boot back into windows 7 i got a blue screen of death, strangely vista boots perfectly.I could just reinstall windows 7 but its a pain to reinstall all my programs and such

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OpenSUSE Install :: Using GRUB And The Boot Loader Location Has Both "Boot From MBR" And "Boot From Root Partition"?

May 19, 2011

I just did a fresh install of 11.4 and I LOVE IT!!! One of the little issues I am having though, is that there is no login screen. No matter what settings I change it still auto-logs me in.

I am using GRUB and the Boot Loader Location has both "Boot from MBR" and "Boot from Root Partition". Is this right? I would think that I should just boot from the MBR.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot - Windows Reinstall And Wipe The Partition

Feb 1, 2010

My old-ish Dell laptop is currently running Windows 2000 and Ubuntu 9.10. I originally installed 2000 to try and squeeze a bit more performance out of the laptop for general use, but in practise Ubuntu is running great and sees far more use than the Win2K installation so I've decided to create a stripped-down (i.e. non-networked) XP installation purely to run a few favourite audio applications.

I plan to do a fresh Windows install and wipe the current C: partition. Is there anything I should be aware of in terms of the GRUB bootloader. Will it simply recognise the new XP installation? Obviously I will back up my data before I continue, but are there any other precautions to take with respect to dual-booting? I could do without having to reinstall Ubuntu too!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Make System Dual Boot And Reinstall Windows XP

Apr 3, 2010

I installed Ubuntu a while ago now and I like it but when I installed it I removed windows and now its starting to annoy me. I cannot sync my ipod touch, I can't play some of my games because they are all meant for windows and wine does not work for then so what I want to do is uninstall ubuntu and reinstall windows xp, then I will reinstall ubuntu and this time around I will make a dual boot. Only one problem, I don't know how to uninstall ubuntu.

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Debian Installation :: Reinstall Squeeze Without Broken Other Boot?

Jun 8, 2011

i'm used eeepc here the situation i've already install squeeze AMD64 KDE but i want to try using i386 gnome which is more friendly for my eeepc spec. problem is there other boot in my pc. i'm currently using win7, ubuntu 10.10 32 gnome, and ubuntu ultimate 64 gnome and i don't have external HDD.

Question is i want to remove all linux OS and keep my win7 is it ok if i'm using Gparted to delete all linux OS and then installing deb squeeze i386. my next project is to build portable server on eeepc.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Reinstall A Barebones Xp On A Compac Laptop As A Dual Boot With 11.1

Mar 15, 2010

I would like to try to reinstall a barebones xp on a compac laptop as a dual boot with 11.1. I repartitioned using gparted so I now have 20 Gb free. Here (I hope) is the output of fdisk -lu [URL] I spent a lot of time setting up opensuse and don't want to lose the settings, etc. Should I repartition with the 20G space "in front" of the linux partitions? Can I back up the linux settings so I can reinstall them if I lose everything? Is there a sort of windows emulator (wine?) that will run programs that won't run on opensuse, like netflix, tax prep software, etc? Too many questions I know but I would like a fairly simple foolproof fix if possible.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Lost Dual Boot Capability / Reinstall Grub?

Jan 8, 2011

I had dual boot PC (openSuse 11.3 / Windows XP). Then I had to reinstall Windows XP, so I lost dual boot capability. (No Grub boot options screen, directly Windows boot.)How can I reinstall Grub (only Grub)?I tried by booting with the openSuse installation DVD, but no repair option appears as in older versions.

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Fedora Installation :: GRUB/LILO: Getting The Location Of The Boot Partition?

Feb 13, 2009

I somehow recalled a rule re the location of the boot partitions with LILO being required to be in the first part of the drive (1024 cylinders, it seems) and I found it indeed in an old doc:

Boot Partition: Your boot partition ought to be a primary partition, not a logical partition. This will ease recovery in case of disaster, but it is not technically necessary. It must be of type 0x83 "Linux native". If you are using lilo, your boot partition must be contained within the first 1024 cylinders of the drive. (Typically, the boot partition need only contain the kernel image.) Is this still valid in GRUB, esp in Fedora 10?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Install / Reinstall Win 7 From 9.10

Feb 16, 2010

My buddy passed me a CD of W7 I installed & everything was o.k. But then I activate it and reboot it.! It gave me some stinkin error BOOT MSG some like that.! and that I had to press ctrl,alt & delete. Now I cant access or enter it. I wonder if I can install or reinstall from ubuntu 9.10. Cause I cant do it from the bios cause it asks me a password. Which I never had before. Any suggestions linux pros. One more thing I tried recovering it form the win7 repair disc but nothing.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Reinstall On Dell Mini Via System Restore - Boot Error

Feb 1, 2010

My Mini13 came with hardy preloaded, and it's got pretty messed up since, so I'd like to restore factory OS via a grub entry that looks like this:
title System Restore
root (hd0,2)
chainloader +1

This points to a partition which, when mounted, has this stuff in it:
bootfs.img initrd0.img install.sh logo.png syslinux.cfg vmlinuz
boot.msg install.cfg ldlinux.sys rootfs.img vesamenu.c32

I'm not a computer, but that looks pretty good to me but when I select this grub option it just says:
Boot Error
Is there a log or something that might give me more info about the error?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Applications On Different Location

Nov 8, 2010

Is there any way that i can install applications on any location (directory /partition) ? If we keep the installation file on other drive and just keep the link of that file/folder on root directory (/usr /bin /usr/sahre) then we can save our space of root directory. I found several times that my root partition is full after installing some applications. It is so painful to shrink or reallocation of root partition. Maybe this procedure of software installation will be helpful for the people who are already created low spaced root partition.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Install Bootloader At Specified Location

Dec 3, 2010

I just installed the 10.10 version of Ubuntu and while doing so I also deleted the whole partition on the harddrive. While I where installing the OS. I got this message:
Sorry. An error occurred and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location.

(Here I get to choose either if I want to choose a different place to put the bootloader on. Or if I want to continue without a bootloader or if I would want to cancel the installation.) I am currently writing from the live CD. And If I try to boot without the CD. The computer tells me that there is no bootable device. I have tried to reinstall Grub. I have also tried to reinstall the whole Ubuntu 10.10. I have also tried to install Ubuntu 10.04. Both with the original CD.

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Debian Installation :: Reinstall Stalls At Installer Boot Menu

Jan 18, 2015

I'm trying to reinstall Debian on one of my machines after an unsuccessful install of FreeBSD (it didn't jive with my ssd). Debian installations have never been a problem before on this particular setup before but now for some reason it won't get past the "Debian GNU/linux installer boot menu". The USB goes into idle mode and the menu does not respond to keyboard strokes. I've tried several debian images to no avail. Ubuntu seems to work just fine though but I don't want to install Ubuntu just because Debians having some problems. I booted ubuntu live and reformated the SSD I had tried to install FreeBSD on because there were no partition tables on it but that didn't work either. I'd like some expert input before I go do another `dd`.

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