Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Load LiveUSB And Slow Boot After Forced Shutdown

Mar 30, 2011

I experienced what i perceive as the craziest thing during 2 years of using ubuntu. About some months ago, I have two ubuntu installed on my HP-mini netbook: ubuntu 10.04 64 bit (CAElinux) and kubuntu 10.04, and run without problem.

One day, the netbook's battery run out of charge and I forgot to plug it in. The ubuntu, as usual, went to hibernate, but without harddisk noise, so I forced it to shutdown by pressing power button (as i think it is not normal). What happened later was the partition of 10.04 was broken, it could not boot, it even affected another partition as the netbook couldn't boot kubuntu 10.04.

I try to run liveUSB and CD of both distro and the liveCD/USB boot stopped on loading screen. So I try another linux distro: PCLinuxOS, which was able to boot but took very long time. The partition of ubuntu 10.04 could not be accessed.

After installing PClinuxOS in replace of kubuntu, I scanned the ubuntu 10.04 partition and the partition was fixed, I could access the partition and could load to ubuntu 10.04, but it took very long time. Here how it loaded: first: blank screen with blinking cursor, then ubuntu load screen, then back to blank screen with blinking cursor, then it showed numbers and sentences, like some scanning works. It took long time before login screen appeared (about 10-15 minute, while the prevously normal boot time in my netbook was less than 1 minute), but once its done, the ubuntu worked normally. This also the case in the PClinuxOS and the reason it load very slowly.

After this, I try to boot the liveUSB of various linux distro, and found some could boot while the others not:

Able to load with unusual slow boot time:
PClinuxOS (latest)
Ubuntu 8.04
Fedora (latest)
Linuxmint 8 (based on ubuntu 9)

Can't load
ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10
kubuntu 10.04
latest linuxmint

The liveUSB boot could take 1 hour. I also try the latest Puppy, Gentoo and OpenSuse liveUSB but it couldn't boot, and it likely the liveUSB problem. I made the all the liveUSB with unetbootin. The ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, kubuntu and the latest linuxmint could not boot even after I scanned the ubuntu 10.04 partition. There was no problem with the liveUSB as it would load normally on another computer. I think it is just the variant of ubuntu 10 that is not being able to boot.

I was not content on this slow boot, so I try to format the two partition of ubuntu and PClinuxOS (there are another partitions though), and installed ubuntu 8. But it also happened to boot slowly as the previous ubuntu. Then I replaced it with linuxmint 8, and the same occurred. So I try to install windows on another partition, and it boot normally.

The question is, what is happening. Why do the forced-shutdown-of-ubuntu-10.04 affect another partition, to the boot of another distro? If my HD was broken, the Windows would load very slowly too right? Yes, in SMART Data (from disk utility) it showed "few bad sector", but i think this is not related to the slow boot. The ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, kubuntu and the latest linuxmint cannot boot until this moment. I am thinking there are some informations planted on my computer, that twist it to load some distro slowly, and prevent it to load some others. But where and what? (I almost arrived to the thought that this is supernatural!)

Because of my long story up there (as I think it must be reported), the conclusion is:
1. Ubuntu 10.04 on my netbook was forced shutdown (by me)
2. It caused the partition broken
3. After fixing the partition (by scan, but I forgot the command), it took very long time to boot, but the ubuntu itself run normally
4. It also affected the boot of another distro (slow down the boot time), but Ms.Windows boot time is normal
5. It also caused ubuntu 10 (and its variant) to not be able to boot from liveCD/USB
6. It also caused me going crazy

Now im gonna format the whole HD in hope of ubuntu 10.04 (and later) could boot again, but shall it fix the problem? (as formatting the previously ubuntu 10.04 partition did not solve the problem). Or should I buy another HD (or even computer) to install natty!

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Ubuntu :: OK To Use Forced Shutdown Regularly?

Sep 1, 2010

Background you can skip: I have an old Dell laptop, an Inspiron 2650, which I use primarily as an internet terminal at home. I have switched back and forth between XP and different Ubuntu releases, and Lubuntu is what I am running with now. At some point I upgraded and the hardware support for my laptop broke. I have done multiple clean installs, and using any 10.04 Ubuntu distribution I have to disable ACPI in the Grub settings, or else my mouse and kb will not work. So...

Question: Since the OS shutdown feature can't turn off the laptop power with ACPI disabled, I often hit the laptop power button and skip the shutdown process entirely. Most of the time I am only running Chrome, so I am not worried about losing or corrupting local data. Is there any valid reason why this would be a problem? Does the shutdown process do anything important enough to justify the hassle?

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Ubuntu :: Forced Shutdown, Now Freezing On Startup Screen?

Sep 9, 2010

I have a Toshiba Laptop Satellite L355-S7905 Intel Celeron Processor 585 @ 2.16 Ghz, Mobile Intel GL40 Express Chipset. 4GB of Memory, 160 GB HD. Tri-boot: Windows 7, Unbutu 10.04 and Fedora 12.

Here is what happened: I had a hard/forced shutdown while using Ubuntu 10.04. Some warning text flashed on the screen before it went blank and I could not read it. Now when I turn on my laptop it freezes on the Toshiba set up screen. I can not go to the F2 setup, I can not go to the F12 boot seqence and I can not use F8 safe mode. Also the ESC button had no effect.

I have tried turning it on with the Win 7 cd in the drive but nothing. The same when I put my Ubuntu 10.04 cd in the drive, nothing. My guess is that the forced shutdown messed up the bootfile/grub order. The harddrive runs for a few seconds then stops. Should I attack the problem from a Windows view point or a Ubuntu view point?

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General :: Unclean Shutdown / Reboots - Check Forced On Start-up

May 23, 2011

unclean shutdowns/reboots. Whenever I boot/restart, I notice the message "/dev/hdb1 (and hdb2) was not cleanly unmounted, check forced." Then fsck(?) scans them without errors, and everything continues normally. FWIW, hdb1 @ hdb2 are ext2, /boot & /tmp respectively, whereas all other partitions are ext3. Could that (ext2) be why? I checked halt, reboot, umountfs, umountnfs.sh, and umountroot in /etc/init.d, and nothing jumped out at me, though I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at/for.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 - No Boot Up From LiveUSB

Apr 29, 2011

Switched off ubuntu when I installed windows 7 for a bit, didn't have time to learn the intricacies of both systems. Saw the new release and wanted to try it out. Followed the ubuntu instructions on how to install it and make a live usb. Using a 4 GB Sandisk Cruzer straight out of the box. When I boot to the usb, I get to screen that asks whether I want to run ubuntu from the USB, or to install it on my computer. Selecting the run from USB option shows a bunch of commands cycling through for a bit, then the screen goes black and just stays that way. Not really sure what the problem is. Trying to run the 64 bit version fyi.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic LiveUSB Created With Unetbootin Won't Shutdown?

Apr 24, 2010

I've been using a LiveUSB I created using unetbootin from Windows Vista/7.

Whenever I use it to install Ubuntu (done it a few times now) or as a LiveUSB to try and rescue my installation, it never shuts down or reboots. It just starts the cycle then hangs on the white Ubuntu logo. As it never gets past this, I'm forced to hard power off, and I'm concerned this could be damaging my mounted system drives? I've decided I should be unmounting before I try and shut it down now, is there a proper way to do this, and can I fix the LiveUSB itself?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot Into LiveUSB With A Custom Pc (amd Processor)

Feb 20, 2010

im not very educated in amd processors, but i think that they are all 64-bit processors.

i downloaded the amd ubuntu 9.10 into my computer, and used the usb maker utility in the system menu. i put in in my new pc (it was given to me), and i tell it to boot into the usb.

then i get this. i am posting a pic.

sorry about the sideways pic. i took it with my phone.

anyway, i get the syslinux boot shell script thingy. i have tried lots of things. linux, vmlinuz, lots of other things i found online. so what im wondering is the exact name of the kernel in ubuntu 9.10 amd version.

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Ubuntu :: Shutdown During Loading And Fails To Load From Win7 Boot Loader

Feb 17, 2010

I have installed the ubuntu 9.10 and the pc already have 2 win 7 OS and 1 win xp I installed the ubuntu from win xp every thing go just fine but in win 7 boat loader it detects the 2 win 7 OS , previous windows ( the xp )and the ubuntu which fails to load from win7 boot loader ( the first problem ) but it is present also in win xp boat loader so when choosing older windows the win xp bootloader let me choose between windows xp and ubuntu which works fine when choosing it the ubuntu bootloader appears with ubuntuubuntu safe modewin7 bootloader

the second problems that choosing win 7 after restarting the pc from ubuntu fail to open it begin loading with the windows logo and then just shutdown the whole pc as if i have unplugged it! the only way to let it open is to choose older windows>>> ubuntu >>>> ubuntu bootloader >>> where there is win 7 bootloader option it returns me again to win 7 bootloader but this time the windows load complete ( mostly but may shut down also!)

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Ubuntu :: NVIDIA Kernel Fails To Load, Forced Into Low-graphics Mode?

May 15, 2010

I can run Ubuntu 10.04 just fine as long as I have my hardware drivers disabled, but when I enable my hardware drivers I get an error before the GDM login screen that says something to the effect of it being unable to load the NVIDIA KernelI'm then given the choice of booting into low-graphics mode, configuring xorg for this hardware, troubleshooting, dropping to console, or restarting X.Booting to low-graphics mode does nothing useful, just boots to low gfx mode.Configuring xorg for this hardware does nothing at all - same errors after trying every single option in the configuring xorg sectionTroubleshooting is equally useless to me - I can't copy and paste the very-long error reports, I'm not an xorg pro so editing the xorg conf doesn't help me, and when I tried following the option to export all my config and error logs, it said that it has exported it to $xorg_backup_file - but that's just a variable not a file.. after a reboot I can't find this anywhere.

I've googled this and the only useful info I've found is to run nvidia-xconfig as root, which I've done and it has zero effect.The only temporary solution is to disable the nvidia driver, which lets me boot normally using metacity at full resolution, but has no accelerated 3d or composite overlay so I'm unable to run compiz or have any nifty 3d.Details: Vid card: NVIDIA G96 (according to lspci) Driver: NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version current) [Recommended] OS: Ubuntu 10.04

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Fedora Installation :: Install From LiveUSB - 11 - Boot Can't Be Ext4

Jun 9, 2009

I booted into the Fedora 11 on my netbook, and used the desktop icon to install to hard-drive. I specified to use "Free space", and hit next. From there, it just stalls. The "Install Fedora" window does nothing, and I'm going on a half-hour now of nothing.

Tried three times, still nothing.

The first time I tried, I chose to replacce old linux installation (ubuntu), and when I told it to install Fedora 11 root as ext4, it said the boot can't be ext4... so I chose ext3 and it said root device must be ext4...

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Fedora Installation :: 12 LiveUSB Fails To Boot (sleeping Forever..)?

Nov 20, 2009

I've created an LiveUSB disk with the USBcreator method in Windows 7.Now the the image is copied succesfully and the USB key is bootable.However when the boot window popsup and I select the verify & boot option, a graphical loading window comes up and right after that the system halts with the error message "Sleeping forever".What am I doing wrong? Or what is Fedora doing wrong with their LiveCD to USB media?I've did a forum search and the exact same issue is described in this thread[URL]

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Fedora Installation :: LiveUSB Freezes At Boot Menu (15, X86_64)?

Jun 14, 2011

I'm trying to install Fedora 15 from a USB stick. I can boot off it just fine, but most of the menu options don't work:

Boot => Freezes indefinitely
Boot (Basic Video) => Freezes indefinitely
Verify and Boot => Freezes indefinitely


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Ubuntu Installation :: Forced To Use Flash Drive As Boot Drive

Jun 11, 2011

Back in Febuary, my wife bought a Toshiba Satilite from Wal-Mart and a few days ago the hard drive got toasted. So now I'm using an 8gig usb drive as the boot drive. I also have 2 other flash drives for downloads and such but overall I am very pleased.

I'm running 11.04 32 bit and was wandering if 64 bit made a difference. I've got 4 gigs of ddr3. It's slow to boot, but once it's running, it's faster then Windows 7. Very nice.

Is there anything I should chage, use, since I'm running it off a flash drive??

I have 3 seperat drives, 2 x 16 gigs and an 8 gig, and was wandering which one would be best for booting off of? What do I look for??

Here's what I got:

00:00.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] RS880 Host Bridge
00:01.0 PCI bridge: Toshiba America Info Systems Device 9602
00:06.0 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] RS780 PCI to PCI bridge (PCIE port 2)


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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10, Takes 30-45 Minutes For Installation/Live Environment To Load. Install Slow?

Apr 27, 2011

Being a former user of Fedora, i decided I'd like to give Ubuntu a try and install so i could switch from a windows environment for ruby on rails development.I downloaded the 10.10 ISO and burned the image to a DVD-RW (a cheap one) at 4xI'm deployed in afghanistan right now, and the only decent internet connection i have is in my office (i work in the network administration/operations office as a NETOPS NCO) and even then my downloads rarely exceed 50kbps. I also don't really have the best pick when it comes to writable media, i'm stuck with imation "plus" cd-r's and dvd-rw's.

After i burned the image to disc, i deleted the iso from my computer since i'm genereally not suppossed to keep personal files on work computers.When i boot to the disc it takes about 45 minutes on average to load into the live environment to do the install or try ubuntu, if i select try ubuntu it's another 10 minutes before it's done loading.The install is even slower, generally takes several hours to complete the install, once the install is complete and i select ubuntu in grub, i get a { DRDY ERR } ru When it tries to load ubuntu and kicks me back into the shell. Nothing appears to be wrong with my hard drive, checkdisk finds nothing.

General specs are:Intel Core i7 i7-720QM / 1.6 GHz 8GB DDR3 1333mhz ram2x 500gb hd'sBlu-ray/dvd/cd driveFull specs are at: the laptop is a g73jh-a1http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/asus...-33950895.htmlI'm downloading the iso again and i'm going to try and burn it to a cd-r at the slowest possible speed, I'm mainly curious if it could be fualt of the disc i burned or if it has something to do with my computer.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Firefox Very Very Slow To Load/open Websites?

May 13, 2010

I have freshed installed lucid.Linux ubuntu 2.6.32-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 28 13:28:05 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/LinuxThe problem is firefox is very very slow to open web sites.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Network Forward - USB Stick Seems Very Slow To Load

Mar 29, 2011

I tried Ubuntu Network version on a USB stick on my Netbook Samsung NF210 with 2GB RAM but this does not seem to be a viable way forward to me. Ubuntu on USB stick seems very slow to load. When resuming seemed to throw up errors. Resuming from Windows takes 3 seconds. I am reluctant to dual boot my netbook with Ubuntu after my experiences with my spare laptop. Is there a safe way to install Ubuntu on a netbook to dual boot with Windows Starter? how I get Ubuntu to work with a 'Three' Mobile dongle?

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Ubuntu :: Slow Startup, Plymouth Not Showing, Slow Desktop Load?

May 3, 2010

I'm an Ubuntu user since Jaunty, and I've always upgraded my system (NOT fresh install). Everything went fine, but yesterday I upgraded to Lucid. My only concern -for now- deals with startup time. I'm a desktop user (Core2@3GHz) so I think I should boot in less than 10 seconds. Anyway, boot time is 30 seconds - not too much, but there is definetly something wrong with tools I don't know (ureadahead, plymouth, etc.). Attached is my bootchart: can anyone explain me what's wrong?

Also, I don't even see a plymouth Ubuntu themed bootsplash: I only see a blank (black) screen standing for seconds, then I see the bootsplash for less then half a second, then GDM appears :S Not crucial -I know- but how can I fix it? (I don't know if it's related, but I can see the animation at shutdown)Finally, GNOME desktop takes too long to load. I don't know why, but there are 15/30 seconds in between login sound and a usable desktop (with panels and icons, I mean).Please help me, I don't want to do a fresh install. Boot speed is not a dial with desktops - I know - but it can be a symptom that my system is a bit a messy (and I don't like it, since I installed Jaunty less then 1 year ago). (!Forgot! I also installed grub2 by hand

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Fedora :: Forced Kernel Removal - Wouldn't Boot

Sep 5, 2010

When I was installing the last kernel update, the system informed me that I had to remove the kernel that was 2 back. The new kernel wouldn't boot and I reported the bug via bugzilla. I got a response within a day that a new kernel had been posted on koji and I was aked to try and see if it resolved my problem. When I installed it I was again forced to remove the kernel that was 2 back. This left me with only 1 known working kernel and if this new one hadn't worked, another attempt would have put me out of business.

What enforces this apparent rule of only 3 kernels. I upgraded from F10 to F13. F10 would let me keep as many kernels as I wanted and I could clean up old ones when appropriate. How can I disable this? I really need to be able to keep several kernels on the system at any given time.

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General :: Ubuntu Fails To Boot From LiveUSB?

Nov 8, 2010

I downloaded Ubuntu desktop 10.10 on to my Acer 5741 laptop (which I checked online for comptability), following the site's instructions to the letter. I used the USB installer to create a live USB which seemed to go fine. I then restarted as instructed and changed the USB to be selected to boot. However, from that point, the OS fails to load. I get several pages of code loading, then a screen with a logo at the bottom, then my screen just goes dark.

I've been using Windows 7 to download etc.

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Out Of Sync During Boot And Shutdown (also Shutdown Hang)?

Jun 30, 2010

when my pc boots and shuts down my monitor goes into 'input out of range' mode for a bit between the gui and the text only phases of boot/shutdown.is there a way to fix this? or where to start troubleshooting?also, when it shuts down it hangs after coming back to the text only part

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OpenSUSE Install :: Cannot Boot From LiveUSB

Apr 15, 2010

I have a memory stick of 8GB and I partition it like that: The first partition is a big one approx 7GB for file transfers and stuff like that - is a FAT32 file system On the second partition I made a opneSUSE 11.2 Live USB with the following command:

dd if=/path/to/iso/openSUSE-11.2-KDE4-LiveCD-i686.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M;sync

After that I plugged the usb in other computer to boot from USB but the system is freezing on a black screen.

I used the first partition for file transfer because Windows seems to see only the first one.

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OpenSUSE Install :: LiveUSB Hanging At Boot?

Nov 26, 2010

I have been trying and failing to install openSUSE 11.3 for the last couple of days to replace my Ubuntu install.

I have downloaded the openSUSE-11.3-GNOME-LiveCD-i686.iso (have downloaded numerous times in case it was a problem with the mirror I used) and done the standard dd stuff, as well as trying it from my windows partition with the ImageWriter app.

When I try and boot with the USB drive plugged in my system hangs at the boot screen and the usb drive starts flashing as if it is being read, this continues indefinitely and never goes beyond the boot screen and i eventually take the usb drive out and restart.

When plugging the drive in when Im in ubuntu it shows up as "openSUSE Live CD GNOME" and all the files seem to be there. In gparted it doesn't recognise the partitions or anything but I presume this is normal... Also reduces the size of my drive to the size of the Live CD but again I presume this is normal...

I have also tried installing using the NET iso however I have exactly the same outcome.

This laptop is a Acer Travelmate 8371 and has had Ubuntu, Mint, and Windows 7 all installed from the same USB drive. There is not optical drive so I have no other ways to install openSUSE.

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General :: Getting Error Message When Trying To Boot A LiveUSB / Fix It?

Jul 16, 2011

I am quite new to Linux, so bear with me if I ask silly questions. For homework (and fun) purposes I needed to create a bootable USB of Fedora12. Which I did, successfully I might add However, when I rebooted the computer, I got this puzzling error message code...

What have I done wrong here?

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Shutdown Is Slow?

Mar 15, 2010

I am using ubuntu 9.10. After newly installation, it is quick for starting up and shudown.But I don't know why it becomes so slow that I have to press the power button to shut it down in force. how I can see what the system is doing in the shutdown process. Then maybe I can figure it out which application slows down the shutdown

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Ubuntu Installation :: Force Boot After Improper Shutdown?

Mar 12, 2010

I've installed xUbuntu on a machine I will be using as a file server. Everything is fine except one thing. If the server suffers an improper shutdown such as a loss of power the next time the machine boots it gets to the GRUB2 boot menu and then waits for a keyboard input.As this machine runs headless with nothing connected other than a network cable and power lead and is tucked away under the stairs it's quite an inconvienience to go to the machine and plug in a keyboard so I can press enter.Is there some way I could force the machine to boot as normal without stopping at the menu ?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Acer TimeLine 3810TZ Can't Boot From LiveUSB

Nov 30, 2009

I want to install OpenSUSE 11.2 on my Acer TimeLine 3810TZ which has no DVD Drive and it reports that it's written it A-OK.So I go to my laptop, enter the BIOS to give priority boot to the USB (It has Three USB entries, USB-CDROM, USB-HDD, USB-FDD, so I just put them all before any HDDs, figuring it'd cycle through them) and reboot with my stick in one of the USB slots.

And then it hangs on the BIOS. It lights up my USB Stick's activity light like crazy, but it never actually leaves the BIOS screen (POST screen). Any idea what's going on? I'm kind of stuck with Windows Vista, and we all know how bad that is

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General :: LiveUSB - Boot Screen Appears But Do Not Start And Continue

Aug 5, 2010

I created a live usb and I am trying to boot linux, but after it starts a large written ubuntu screen when starting appears i.e its boot screen but it do not start and continues as if it is still loading.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Forced Upgrade From 7.10 On Sparc - Doesn’t Recognize The Cd Rom

Aug 14, 2010

Got kernel panic when upgradeing from 9.04 to 9.10... Have a tough time with this sparc server. On newer disto it doesnt regognize the cdrom in installation what will result in no install. I tried all trix I found on internet about this issue but none of them did it for me. So I went back in versions. When I come to 7.10 gutsy everything seems to work, so now everything is up and running.

But now I want it back on version 9.04. Last time (a year ago) I did the same thing, and just do-release-update to current version. Now that doesnt work. Maybe becourse I need some updates to gutsy, and the gutsy repositorys is not available anywere. how I can pass this upgrade to 8.04? I set the APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated true; to pass this far...

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Installation :: Ubuntu Fails To Load Before Installation When Attempting To Duel Boot / Fix It?

Jun 24, 2010

I'm trying to install ubuntu on a laptop (Acer Aspire 6530), and duel boot with windows vista. However, when starting up the computer with the CD in the drive, the installer fails to load, showing only a picture at the bottom of the screen showing a square and a circle with a person in it... This persists for as long as I have cared to wait (hours) and pressing keys at first results in nothing, then after sufficient key presses just produces beeps...

Anyone know what's wrong there?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Write LiveUSB Changes To USB

Feb 6, 2010

I'm wondering if it's possible to write changes to a LiveUSB stick. As you probably already know ubuntu gets mounted to a ramdisk to improve performance and save your USB stick's life (I think so anyway, don't quote me on that).

I'm wondering if it's possible to write any changes made, such as changing running services and installed packages back to the USB stick without actually installing ubuntu fully onto the USB stick.

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