Ubuntu Installation :: After Dd From Full 15GB Part To 1.3TB Part, Shows Same Free Space?

Dec 8, 2010

I just used dd to clone a linux partition to a new hard drive, it had 800mb left on the old hard drive, after dd, new hard drive lists 1.29/1.3 terabytes full. Is this what happens by default in dd? How can I fix this?

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Server :: How To Access Local Part / Domain Part Of Email Address In Postfix's Main.cf?

May 24, 2010

I'm trying to figure out how to access the local part and the domain part of an email address in postfix's main.cf. For example, myname@mydomain.net has myname as the local part and mydomain.net as the domain part.I get the whole email address with %s. I want to speed up the lookups by writing better database queries.I've had no luck finding this in the otherwise well documented postfix.

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Software :: Server Hosting Different Part Of Web Site Must Appear As Part Of Domain

Jul 13, 2009

we have access to one domain name , 1 internet ip address and may servers hosting different part of site. I want them all to be accessed via same web site . some of the server in our network are embedded devices.they have their specific utility being hosted on that machine. So the severs are bound to be distributed . I just wanted to know how can I access them via single ip, domain name.

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Hardware :: Is CMOSRAM Is Part On Mother Board Or Part Of RAM?

Jan 14, 2010

In bootseqence of linux, the first step is check the CMOSRAM(size 64bytes) setup for custmor setting. So i am just confused wether CMOSRAM is a part of motherboard or is a part of RAM itself.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Re Partition Space In Middle Of Drive Without Messing With Windows(sda1&2) And Shared Part

Jul 23, 2010

I've dual booted Ubuntu and Windows for years now and I've installed OSx86 on a separate drive which Grub2 picked up automagically and everything has been working great -- except I'm out of space. So I bought a 1.5 TB drive and installed win7 into sda1 (100MB NTFS bootloader for windows) and sda2 (50 GB NTFS windows drive). I now want to install two or three flavors of Linux. I'm thinking Ubuntu 10.04, Debian 5.05, and (if I'm bold enough) gentoo. each in 50GB partitions. I've already partitioned the drive a bit putting a 1.2 TB shared NTFS partition at the end (sda10), and a 2 GB swap parition just before that(sda9) My questions are:

(1) can all my linux distro's share that 2GB swap, or does each need it's own dedicated swap partition (installers generally assume you do)?

(2) can I re-partition space in the middle of the drive without messing with windows(sda1&2) and the shared part. (sda10)?

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CentOS 5 :: Part Of The Disk Space Is Unavailable: Only 37 GB Out Of 80GB Is Accessible?

Dec 26, 2009

A part of the disk space is unavailable: Only 37 GB out of 80GB is accessible A part of the disk space is unavailable: Only 37 GB out of 80GB is accessible. I have a vmware instance of CentOS setup with 80GB of Hard Disk space ( Preallocated). When I login to the system I only see 35 GB.


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Fedora :: Finding A Fstab Or The Terminal To Recognize The Space In Part Of The Volume Name?

Oct 18, 2009

The space in the volume name seems to disagree with fstab and terminal, I can't change the volume name either as I do not have access to Windows at this time. Is there a way I can help fstab or the terminal to recognize the space in part of the volume name?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Use The 72.15Gb Unallocated Space For Windows7?

Mar 15, 2011

I've been trying to install Windows7 along side of Ubuntu 10.10, but trying to sort out the partitioning is a little difficult to figure out.

I have Ubuntu already installed Here is the screen shot for you from Gparted. gparted.jpg

I want to use the 72.15Gb unallocated space for Windows7, and I believe that that (Windows) needs to be on it's own partition. I just can't figure out how to get it to its own partition.

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Ubuntu :: Free Space Shows Different Number In Folders?

Jun 23, 2010

I don't know how to explain this but the free space indicator in folders shows a different number than in Gparted. The Picture pretty much shows it all.

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Server :: How To Free Up Space On Directory (100 Percent Full)

May 5, 2010

I am using Redhat Linux 4 as I checked space and foud that / is 100% full. Like below:

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda3 2316536 2179008 19852 100% /
/dev/hda2 101107 9324 86562 10% /boot
/dev/hda6 1683960 70256 1528160 5% /home
none 192012 0 192012 0% /dev/shm

How to create more space on / directory? or decrease size in / directory.

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General :: Wrong Free Space Report - Close To Full

Mar 4, 2010

So... I run df -h and I get this:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 293G 21G 258G 8% /
tmpfs 503M 0 503M 0% /dev/shm
/dev/hdd1 113G 12G 96G 11% /win1
/dev/hdc1 113G 109G 0 100% /win0

It's close to full, but not actually full. I can't run a lot of things on this drive because the programs complain that they have no space.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unmount Part Error In 11.04 Install

Mar 15, 2010

I ran the ubuntu 11.04 live CD on my laptop that had an earlier version of ubuntu (9 maybe??). I really liked what I saw so I used the Install ubuntu 11.04 wizard and chose the option to override the earlier version. During the 'Importing document and settings' step a pop-up entitled Failed to unmount partitions. the body stated: migration-assistant needs to mount a partition, but cannot do so because the following mount partition could not be unmounted:


The only app showing on the taskbar is the Install. this is running from the live CD.

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Ubuntu :: Packages Part Of Iso Image File Installation

Feb 24, 2010

When I look in /var/cache/apt/archives/, I see packages I recognize that I downloaded. But, I also see packages that I know I did not download, but rather were part of the initial installation of the image iso file on the CD. For example, the package for Abiword is in there. I would like to know which packages in this directory I installed, and which were part of the initial installation.

How do I know which packages are part of the installation from the image iso file on the CD? Once I know that, I would make a copy of all the other packages in this folder onto a DVD, so if I ever need to reinstall Ubuntu 9.10 I will know which packages to install over and above those part of the initial installation off the iso CD.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Access Gui Part Way Through Dist-upgrade

May 19, 2010

I am doing a dist-upgrade from 8.04LTS to 8.09. I use usb KVM switch, and I keep my eye on it so that I can respond to the usual configuration file prompts that pop up. For a while everything went fine, but suddenly I find that I can't use the keyboard to log in and check the progress (the mouse is completely unresponsive). Here's the kicker though: the computer is fine. I can use 'Ctrl-Alt F1' through F7, and the computer responds appropriately; it just doesn't do anything when the login screen is up.

I checked the /var/log/dist-upgrade/term.log, and if I understand it correctly, whether or not to keep /etc/mysql/my.conf is currently up for question. Is there any way to take back control of the computer without interrupting the upgrade? Not knowing very much about the install process, it seems like the GUI stopped polling for input.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot ISO From One Part Of Drive And Install On Other

Mar 18, 2011

I tried to install ubuntu 10.10 onto an HP laptop and could not get anything to boot apart from windows vista. When I entered the boot options and selected CD to try and load the ubuntu CD it just booted off the HDD repeatedly. I removed (foolishly perhaps) the HDD and formatted it on my other machine, then created a start-up disk for ubuntu on it. I re-installed the hard drive and loaded ubuntu with no problems, but I can't install it. What do I need to do to the HDD (partitions, flags, etc) to make it so I can boot the iso from one part of the drive and install on the other?

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Fedora Servers :: No Installation On Part Of Client

Apr 13, 2009


1) Can be integrated into web browser (so when click on chat the a window will open for chat with technical support executive:- It will be basically used for TS)

2) Must Have option to transfer file between costumer and TS execut

3) No installation on part of client

Basically it chat support as any other company on net... Like Symantec and all(Not That big thought)Any one know or have experience in this(setting up is relatively simple for me i need info on any particular software that i should try)Currently thinking about experimenting with ejabber... If that a bad choice i will loose lot of time and be behind schedule by miles.

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Fedora Installation :: 30 GB LVM Partition By Just Resizing Part Of The Volume?

Sep 1, 2010

I have been using Ubuntu for about a year and I decided to switch to Fedora just to see how it goes with getting everything in my system working again. I would say that with Ubuntu and Fedora installations I have installed and reinstalled 15 times, which I mention because I am not new to installing linux. I have used GParted to partition and resize my HD numerous times and reinstalled linux on a partition and so on. I know how to do all of that without any problems.

NOW HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED... I installed Fedora on my Desktop which I had partitioned into a 190 GB partition onto which Windows is installed and then I had another 30 GB partition onto which I chose to install Fedora. I chose the "replace existing Linux systems" in anaconda... and what resulted was a 30 GB partition with Fedora that is now showing up as LVM. I have never seen an LVM partition and I am not sure if I can use GPARTED to resize it without destroying it. I have used GPARTED to resize Linux partitions before, but they were never showing up as LVM. The forums on GPARTED only show info from about a year or two ago.

Here is what I want to do (and reading around on forums doesn't really give a good explanation of whether it is possible)... Is it possible to install Linux Mint into that 30 GB Fedora LVM partition by just resizing the Fedora part of the volume? So, the question is this: How can I resize the Fedora part of the LVM volume and then install Mint into that LVM partition?

If Fedora was on an ordinary 30 GB partition I would have no problem with using GPARTED to chop that in half and then use the 15 GB I freed up to install Mint. I just don't want to destroy the Fedora stuff by messing around the with the LVM partition so I would like to hear from others who have worked around this issue and please don't link to the ordinary LVM howto's you get through a simple google search as I have already read them and I don't find them too illuminating.

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Fedora Installation :: Ibmcam.ko Is No Longer Part Of The Distribution?

Aug 19, 2011

I've been yum upgrading since Fedora 3. For the first time, I did a fresh install with Fedora 15 and I found that ibmcam.ko is no longer part of the distribution in any way (even through rpm fusion). Is there a replacement for ibmcam.ko so I can get my cam working again?

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General :: Add / Of 3000mb In The Remaining 20380mb Free Space It Showing An Error Message That No Free Space Is Available

Jul 25, 2010

I have 160gb laptop. i installed vista in c primary partition which is 25gb and installed ubuntu in d primary partition which is 20gb. A remainig for my data. Now i tried to install CENT OS by formatting ubuntu. I inserted CENT OS DVD and restarted and i selected to delete my /dev/sda2 which is showing 20480mb and it shown me free space. but i tried to add partion /boot of 100mb it got added. but, when i am trying to add / of 3000mb in the remaining 20380mb free space it showing an error message that no free space is available.

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Debian Installation :: MacbookPro - Unable To Sync GPT And MBR Part Tables

Apr 22, 2011

I'm trying to install Debian 6.0.1a on a MacBookPro5,5 (intel core 2 duo - EFI firmware). I have rEFIt 0.14 and a live cd of Debian (on a usb stick). I'm installing Debian on a usb stick. The installation process goes along smoothly, but then, it's impossible to boot up the freshly installed system (I get a black screen with a blinking cursor). I read that this is a common problem but all the solutions I have found have not worked for me.

The underlying idea is that since Macs have EFI firmware instead of a BIOS, the partition tables of devices are different (GPT for EFI versus MBR for BIOS), and grub is incompatible with GPT (I know there is an EFI version of grub but it is said to not work well). So the devices must have both a GPT partition table and a MBR one. These have to be "synced".
The tools available for this are:

- rEFIt can sync the partitions, but I haven't managed to have it sync them on any other device than the main hardrive. If I sync the main hardrive, then even the live cd (which is on a usb stick) won't boot (black screen with "GRUB _").
- Debian has a tool called gptsync, which returns a message saying "no data partition in gpt table, nothing to sync".
- Mac OS X has a tool called gptsync which returns a message saying "unknown partition type detected - I'm not touching this disc".

The reason there is no data partition is that gptsync sees my main partition as "EFI system". If I could change that, maybe I could sync the partition tables. Can that be done? Also, something I don't understand is: the live cd boots fine without grub. So why do I need grub? Couldn't the system boot up without it like the live cd does?

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Fedora Installation :: Shrinking NTFS Growing Extended Part

Dec 26, 2009

I wanted to shrink my Windows NTFS partition to allow me to grow my extended partition which contains my Linux partitions, namely to grow my swap space and home directory some however it just fails at enlarging the extended partition. Is this a known problem because I know there were rewrites to the storeage backend of Anaconda.

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General :: Ns-2 Installation - Tcl8.3.2 Configuration Failed! Exiting - Tcl Is Not Part Of The Ns Project

Oct 18, 2010

I have tried to install ns-allinone-2.29.....i followed the process given on the net....everything got installed properly except tcl and i got the following message tcl8.3.2 configuration failed! Exiting.... Tcl is not part of the ns project

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Fedora Installation :: How To Extract Bootable Part From The Installation DVD

Jun 24, 2010

I need to install fedora on my new 16 DELL servers. I will doing it through DRAC (Dell remote access console) but DRAC can mount only one ISO at a time. I am planning to do multiple installations at the same time.hence i need multiple boot.iso files for each and every DRAC console that I open for each server.The question is...How to extract just the bootable part from the fedora DVD? I don't whether it should be called boot.iso, but I hope you get my point.I believe it has got something to do with the "isolinux" folder on the DVD, but I don't know what and how.

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Fedora Installation :: Get F14 Updates As Part Of A Kickstart Installation

Apr 5, 2011

I'd like to write a kickstart file that installs available Fedora 14 updates as part of the installation process, much as if I was doing a standard Fedora 14 installation and had enabled the 'updates' repo.

So my question is, is there an easy way to do this? I don't want to have to go down the route of downloading all updated packages and maintaining my own update repo (or indeed, creating a repo with the dependencies listed above).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Add More Space To Sda2 From Free Space?

Jul 22, 2010

i made space by shrinking my window partition and so i have unallocated and would like to add to sda2 to have more space. Check out this pic. How can i do this?

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Fedora Installation :: Convert Unallocated Space To Free Space?

Jun 7, 2010

I was trying to install Fedora 13, on to my laptop. I have 30 GB of unallocated space in extended partition. When trying to install Fedora 13, I got stuck, as the installer says that there is no free space for installation.can convert the unallocated space into free space.

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Ubuntu :: Disk Full - Can't Free Any Disk Space

Jan 2, 2010

I'm running mythbuntu 9.04 and am having an issue with disk space.

I try 'rm' various log files but the space I free up lasts less than a minute before the disk reports as being full once more.

df -Th | sort gives:


/dev/sda1 ext3 8.3G 7.9G 0 100% /
/dev/sda6 ext3 138G 125G 6.3G 96% /music
/dev/sda7 xfs 783G 617G 167G 79% /videos
/dev/sdb2 xfs 344G 242G 103G 71% /recordings


There's nothing enormous in /var/log and my trash and the root trash are empty.

why size and used fields are not the same despite 100% usage being reported on sda1..

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Ubuntu Installation :: Configure MFC-7420 Scanner Part - Get Warning : Overriding Because --force Enabled : Package Architecture (amd64) Does Not Match System (i386)?

Aug 13, 2011

I have installed Ubuntu 11.04, 64 bit and now I am trying to install/configure MFC-7420 scanner part (printer works fine)I tried to follow the steps listed at http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-590793.html, but I don't have etc / udev / rules.d/45-libsane.rules file to edit and can not continue with the remaining steps of the guide.

I also tried to follow the steps provided by the Brother Solution Center http:[url].... I have downloaded brscan2 64 bit and installed without error but when I tried to install the brscan-skey-0.2.1-3.amd64.deb using >sudo dpkg -i --force-all brscan-skey-0.2.1-3.amd64.deb I get the following error:

************************************************** **************************************************
sudo dpkg -i --force-all brscan-skey-0.2.1-3.amd64.deb
[sudo] password for aUser:
dpkg: warning: overriding problem because --force enabled:[code].....

Which dependencies am I missing? or What am I doing wrong?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Screen Resolution Crashed - Could Not See The Right Part Of The Same "nvidia" Window

Jul 30, 2010

I was wandering around the system parameters and saw that there was an option to activate a non-open nvidia driver for my Asus Emachine EL1200 with Ubuntu 8.04 install (pre-installed, worked fine for a year now). So I did. However, when I restarted, my screen resolution was changed to 800*600 or so, no good. Although I could not see the right part of the same "nvidia" window, I managed to deactivate the driver. Regretfully when restarting the screen resolution was still 800*600. I thought it was 1440*900 for my Asus VK192S-B (checked it on internet) but it didn't work (did not check the refreshrate at that time). So I stared to fiddle around and stupidly accepted a 1280 * 800. As I said before the resolution is completely f***up now. I have about 4 copies of my desktop and the worst part is there are lines over it and I can not see what the windows say. I manage to get the resolution config screen, but can not get the right optios selected, working "blindfolded".

I looked at this helpful forum and identified the /etc/x11/xorg.conf file as the important file. Also I saw a xorg.conf.failsafe file with my original config! With the recovery cd of Asus I managed o set up a live session and actually can open the xorg.conf file and see the damned line with 1280*800. Regretfully the original /etc folder as well as the original home folder cannot be written in, or copied. Permission problems, as could be expected. I have some backup, but not of quite a lot of photos I uploadd from my camera recently. Reinstalling from scratch is fo the moment not an option.

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Ubuntu :: Using Only Part Of The Screen?

Oct 6, 2010

my laptop is kinda broken and the right part of my 1440x900 display doesn't work anymore (all black). I think i have around 1200x900 left on the left side. Is there a way to tell X to only use those for displaying the desktop?Does this work with other application using "fullscreen" ?

schematic of the display:


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