Ubuntu Installation :: Update Still Wants Alpha CD

Oct 20, 2010

Few months ago I thought I would test the alpha release, so I downloaded the file and burned the .iso to CD. I had problems with the installation, so I cancelled it half-way through, and continued to use 10.04, which worked fine. Now, whenever I try to update/upgrade the system, it keeps asking me to insert the old CD, which I no longer have.

For example, if I try to
sudo apt-get update
it seems to work fine, until it stalls with the message:
Media Change: Please insert the disc labelled
'Ubuntu 10.10 _Maverick Meerkat_ - Alpha i386 (20100925)'
in the drive /cdrom/ and press enter

Apart from this recurring problem, I think I have have now successfully upgraded to 10.10. I realize that it's probably my own fault (or is it -- shouldn't 10.10 realise that I am way beyond the alpha release now?)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From Alpha To Alpha / Beta?

Feb 26, 2010

I upgraded Karmic Koala to Lucid Lynx, Alpha 2. Now I want to upgrade to Alpha 3, and eventually to BetaX. When I enter the command updata-manager -d, the system says that I am up-to-date. Is there a direct way to upgrade to the latest Alpha, or do I need to download the .iso, build a CD, and do an install from that?

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Software :: Will Fedora 15 Alpha Update To Beta/retail?

Apr 10, 2011

Short question here: Will fedora 15 with gnome 3, automatically update to the beta version once this is released? and will this beta version automatically update to retail Im on windows 7 now, and im getting into linux a bit, and since fedora 15 seems amazing to me i want to install this on my main pc aswell, but i want to make sure i do not have to redownload and reinstall it every time a new release comes out.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrading From 10.10 Alpha To 10.04

Jul 10, 2010

I recently decided to try the ubuntu 10.10 alpha and I'm getting an annoying amount of crash reports, is there an easy way for me to downgrade back to the normal ubuntu without reinstalling the whole os from my disk?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrade From 11.04 Alpha To 10.10?

Mar 12, 2011

how/if I can downgrade my dual-boot partition (win-7/11.04) to 10.10 without having to reformat the entire disk?

Can I use the same partition I installed the alpha 11.04 on to install 10.10 and save myself a lot of work?

Is it possible to simply reformat the Ubuntu Linux partition and re-install 10.10 there while preserving my Windows 7 installation?

Can I keep the newer GRUB boot loader for 11.04 (I like it better), or will I be forced to downgrade that as well?

I just tried the alpha, and I can't use it. It's still too green, so I want to go back to 10.10 the easiest way possible, so I'd need a little detail on the process of using the advanced partition features (if this is even possible).

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Upgrade To 10.04 Lucid Alpha 3 From 9.10

Mar 1, 2010

i tried update-manager -d from GUI and asked to downlaod 678 MB...so i downlaoded the i386 iso 685 from cdimage.ubuntu.com/alpha-3..now how to upgrade to 10.04 lucid alpha 3 from 9.10.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 0.04 Alpha Updating Errors ?

Apr 11, 2010

I get these from a Synaptic "Mark All Upgrades" and "Appye".


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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Alpha - Screen Flickering?

Mar 11, 2011

I had 10.10 installed and decided to chance it by upgrading to the Alpha release 11.04.Graphic card is ATI Sapphire X1550 I think (512MB).Apart from trying to get used to the buggy interface (to be expected from the alpha), the screen keeps blinking, goes black for a second every 30 seconds.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Kubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 - Bootloader - FAKERAID

Jan 19, 2010

I continue to have issues installing any of the newer version of Ubuntu on my ICH9 FAKERAID. I read that the GRUB2 issue with FAKERAID was solved shortly after Karmic was released. Did this somehow not get added to the Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 of Lucid? I would love to have Ubuntu installed on my main rig, but I do not want to fuss around with it forever...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgraded Karmic To Lucid Alpha 3?

Mar 16, 2010

I just upgraded Ubuntu Karmic to Lucid alpha 3. It works fine except for a few things that can be expected in an alpha version. Anyway, I would like to know if it would be better to upgrade to the final release of Lucid or if I should do a clean install. I don't mind losing my files and settings because there is nothing important on my laptop, but it would be nice not to.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Alternate Install (10.04 And 10.10 Alpha) LVM Boot?

Jun 19, 2010

Today I decided to replace my 9.04 install with 10.04. (I did this on a separate hard disk.) As I am a big fan of LVM I used the 'Alternate' install CD. Everything installed fine.

However, upon booting I observed two things: firstly there was no grub menu. No countdown timer, no menu. Just a flickering cursor. After 15 seconds or so I got a message telling me that:

/dev/mapper/bromine-root (My root partition.) does not exist and that it had given up waiting. Finding this kind of strange I tried the alpha of 10.10 --- same again. Hence I have two questions: firstly, where did the nice grub menu go; secondly, what is wrong with LVM and grub these days? At the initframfs prompt I am thrown to there are some LVM utilities and they appear to show my volumes.

Switching back to my old pair of hard disks and everything works as expected (i.e, the hardware is fine and supported by Linux.)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 Installation 64 Bit

Jul 10, 2010

I really need to install blender 2.5 alpha 2 64 bit but i can't figure out how

This is the download link: [url]

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Ubuntu Installation :: Natty Alpha 1 Console Text Corruption?

Jan 17, 2011

fixing a text corruption issue / advice for filing a bug report (if necessary). So, generally speaking the stability I am experiencing with Natty is as I expect; I'm fully aware that this is a very very early development release and so all sorts of things can go wrong. I just wanted to point that out So while Gnome/Unity are up and running, graphics run more or less perfectly, the boot process text is completely garbled and if after everything is fully loaded I hit Control+Alt+F1-F6 the text looks like:

* this
* the above image close-up

The above links are supposed to be of the ubuntu login prompt. The problem occurred after running the upgrade command:


sudo do-release-upgrade -d

As is standard upgrade procedure. Is there anything obvious going on that I can tweak to make it all happy again? Since I have a working GUI.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading To Latest Alpha Release Of Natty

Feb 13, 2011

and type
update-manager -d

This should show the option to upgrade to the latest alpha release of natty. Through the terminal this can be done using the same command but you need use.

sudo -s
to do this.

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Fedora Installation :: F13 Alpha Kickstart On Usb Crashes?

Apr 11, 2010

I am trying to kickstart the F13 alpha from a usb drive.The usb drive is labeled "disk" and is setup with extlinux and can boot fine.My laptop has one hard drive (sda) and the only other drive is the usb (sdbThe ISO is copied on the root of the usb diskI extract the boot files from the F13 Alpha ISO and copy them on the disk also

cp /mnt/ISO/images/install.img /media/disk/images/install.img
cp /mnt/ISO/isolinux/vmlinuz /media/disk/boot/Fedora/.


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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Boot 11.10 Alpha 3 From Usb"BOOT ERROR"?

Aug 9, 2011

I am currently using ubuntu 10.10. I downloaded ubuntu 11.10 and created bootable usb drive.But now it giving error "BOOT ERROR".The same error occured when I tried to install 11.04..Also I am using windows 7 dual boot with ubuntu 10.10

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade To 10.10 Alpha 3 ?

Aug 18, 2010

I tried accessing the update manage through the "Alt+F2" command box and entering "update-manager-d", but upon running, it reads

"Error stating file '/home/hannah/update-manager-d': No such file or directory"

I can access it through System>Administration>Update Manager, but, I haven't been able to update the package information for "87 days" and it doesn't say and upgrade is available.

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Ubuntu :: 11.10 Alpha - Downloading MD5 Sum Using 11.04

Jun 22, 2011

I downloaded ubuntu 11.10 aplha 1 to my downloads folder. What command in the terminal do I type in to get the download's MD5 SUM (using 11.04).

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Ubuntu :: Ipods And Iphones Work With 10.04 Or 10.10 Alpha?

Aug 24, 2010

How well to Ipods and Iphones work with 10.04 or 10.10 alpha? Has it got to the stage i can just plug it in and sync? My friend who uses Ubuntu wants to switch back to windows cause he just got an Ipod, Plus, I'm getting sick of Rockbox now and want the normal ipod firmware again on my ipod.

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Ubuntu :: LibreOffice Regex - Replace [:alpha:]$

Jun 20, 2011

My friend lost her dissertation and she had only a pdf copy of it. I am trying to convert the pdf into an odt format. After copy-pasting the content into an odt, i need to replace all paragraph breaks which are not following a dot with a space. For which i thought of using the regular expression feature of Libre Office. I've not succeeded so far.

I tried: to replace [:alpha:]$ or [a-z]$ or [a-z]>$ with space, but none of them worked. Finding [a-z] seems to work, finding [a-z]> too. So did finding $ (end of paragraph) but if i combine any regex with $ then it doesn't find anything.

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Ubuntu :: Cleaning Up Residual Alpha/beta Crap

Apr 28, 2011

I've been using Natty since alpha, and along the way several thing became broken. I would like to get my system to be as stable as if I did a clean install, but without haveing to do all the work it would take, to get everything back the way I want it. Is there a way to clean up all the leftover obsolete files and bad configurations, created by buggy beta builds?

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Hardware :: <PrintScreen> Key Locks Up Keyboard In Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 2

Jul 6, 2010

Basically, whenever I press <PrintScreen> I cannot type anything and on some rare occasions my X crashes.

I have Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 2 on an Acer Aspire One AOA110-1545.

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Ubuntu :: Get To Adobe's Website To Report A Bug With 64bit Flash Alpha?

Mar 14, 2010

I know this topic Has been covered pretty extensively, but I am trying to get to adobe's website to report a bug with my 64bit flash alpha, the only problem is that their own website crashes firefox because it is flash-laden. By the way, it will play videos from ...... edit: nvm, can just disable flash plugin in firefox.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: UEFI Notebook, Installed 11.04 Alpha 3, Can't Boot?

Mar 7, 2011

Ok so I have a UEFI compatible notebook. I managed to take the natty-desktop-amd64 (the latest Alpha, 3 in this case), throw it on a SD card, and started the grub2 bootloader via UEFI.

Ubuntu installed just fine, the only problem is, there is no selection in my UEFI bootloader for Ubuntu. I can access my newly installed Ubuntu partition only via the "Try Ubuntu Before Installing" option on my SD card. So is there anyway I could create a boot entry?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Alpha 2W Disconnects - Can't Connect To Any Network In Range

Jun 22, 2011

Working on ubuntu 10.04 on an IBM Thinkpad X61 laptop with an Alpha 2W wireless usb card on wlan0. Once in a while the wireless network disconnects and can't connect to any network in range (open, wep, wpa, wpa2). It looks like it's trying to connect but then asks for a password (even if allready given one) and if open just not finishing connecting and trying to connect to another network. Happends the same with wicd. Network card is working ok. Also with other computers. Drivers are installed correctly and power consumption management is off.

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Programming :: Remove Alpha Channel From Bitmaps?

Dec 31, 2010

Is there anyway i can remove alpha channel from bitmaps without messing them up?

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General :: Vector 7.0 Alpha And Setting Up Nvidia Driver?

Oct 29, 2010

so I have been messing around with the new Vector 7.0 alpha and wanted to install the nvidia driver and see if it would work. my video card and cpu are as follows

root:# lshw
PCI (sysfs)
description: Desktop Computer
width: 32 bits


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Fedora :: 15 Alpha XFCE - Revert Back To The Default Panel?

Apr 17, 2011

When I first log in with XFCE, I have an option to use the Default Panel or blank. I opted for blank.

1. How do I revert back to the default panel?

2. How do I remove all instances of the panel?

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General :: Crosstool From X86 To Alpha Lacks Detailed Debug Information?

Apr 7, 2010

I have a working build of crosstool - it was built for gcc 3.4.3 using glibc 2.3.5 going from 32-bit x86 linux to 64-bit alpha linux. As far as I can tell -- it compiles correctly (output of alpha emulation matches expected) but it has a major flaw. When I use the cross compiler and attempt to add detailed debug information, it compiles, but does not have the debug information. For example, when I execute:

> /home/leporter/crosstool/gcc-3.4.3-glibc-2.3.5/alpha-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/alpha-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc-3.4.3 -g -o hello main.c


> /home/leporter/crosstool/gcc-3.4.3-glibc-2.3.5/alpha-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/alpha-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc-3.4.3 -gstabs -o hello main.c

I get a working alpha binary for hello world. BUT - when I run objdump - this is what I get

> /home/leporter/crosstool/gcc-3.4.3-glibc-2.3.5/alpha-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/alpha-unknown-linux-gnu-objdump -g hello

hello: file format elf64-alpha

/home/leporter/crosstool/gcc-3.4.3-glibc-2.3.5/alpha-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/alpha-unknown-linux-gnu-objdump: hello: no recognized debugging information

Frustratingly - if I use my x86 gcc version 3.4.6 to do the compilation (same arguments, just using the x86 compiler, not the cross compiler) - it correctly embeds the debug information.

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General :: Cross Compile GNU Make For Alpha Architecture On I686 PC?

Dec 22, 2010

I'm trying to cross compile the GNU make for Alpha Architecture on my i686 PC and the GNU make i compiled would be placed in my virtual hard disk which is a Alpha based linux simulated system. My question is now , I'm able to cross compile the GNU make on my i686 real PC machine , but when i let the make program run in my virtual machine , it pops out the error ..

make: /lib/libc.so.6.1: version `GLIBC_2.4' not found (required by make)

After that, I try another alternative , and I read through the file "INSTALL" on the GNU make directory that I downloaded from the internet . In this case , I downloaded make-3.81. On the sub section "Compiling For Multiple Architectures" It says that

"You can compile the package for more than one kind of computer at the same time, by placing the object files for each architecture in their own directory. To do this, you must use a version of `make' that supports the `VPATH' variable, such as GNU `make'. `cd' to the
directory where you want the object files and executables to go and run the `configure' script.`configure' automatically checks for the
source code in the directory that `configure' is in and in `..'. If you have to use a `make' that does not support the `VPATH'
variable, you have to compile the package for one architecture at a time in the source code directory. After you have installed the
package for one architecture, use `make distclean' before reconfiguring for another architecture." And I do not understand the line "by placing the object files for each architecture in their own directory" . What object files that I should put ?

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