Ubuntu Installation :: Thunderbird Crash Since Upgrade To 10.10

Oct 12, 2010

I've upgraded my 10.04 (64bits) into 10.10 (64bits) on sunday and since I can't get thunderbird working anymore, I get the following error :

LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/nppdf.so [/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/nppdf.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32]
Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-open.c: 612: _dl_open: Assertion `_dl_debug_initialize (0, args.nsid)->r_state == RT_CONSISTENT' failed!

It seems nspluginwrapper has similar issues...

I've seens there has been similar problems with skype but downgrading to ia32-libs_2.7ubuntu26_amd64.deb didn't fix the problem.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Thunderbird Not Working After Upgrade?

May 25, 2010

I finally got around to doing some more testing after I upgraded from Ubuntu 9.x to 10.x and now Thunderbird wont work right.

It wont let me see the messages correctly. its slow and takes forever to load.

What do i need to do to correct this?

Do i need to remove it and reload? Will I lose all my email and my account settings? Anyone else have issue with Thunderbird after upgrading?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Thunderbird Segmentation Fault After Upgrade To 10.04?

May 13, 2010

Since upgrading to 10.04 Thunderbird doesn't work properly. It is Thunderbird 3.04. It works for locally-created users but exits with 'segmentation fault' when the user is from LDAP. In the latter case, the home directory is local, created by pam_mkhomedir. I get the same problem with a newly-installed 10.04 system.

I cannot understand why it worked fine in 9.10 but not in 10.04. I set "set -x" in the thunderbird script and here is the trace from that:

$ thunderbird
+ moz_libdir=/usr/lib/thunderbird-3.0.4
+ found=0
+ progname=/usr/lib/thunderbird-3.0.4/thunderbird
+ dirname /usr/lib/thunderbird-3.0.4/thunderbird
+ curdir=/usr/lib/thunderbird-3.0.4
+ basename /usr/lib/thunderbird-3.0.4/thunderbird
+ progbase=thunderbird


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Ubuntu Installation :: Safe To Upgrade To Thunderbird 3.1 Yet? (Lucid)

Jul 16, 2010

I notice the repository Thunderbird version is 3.0.5 but 3.1 is already released. I'm on 3.0.4 and it took me forever to find a compatible version of the Lightning extension, which I really need.Now I am afraid to upgrade to anything older than 3.1 because it might break Lightning, and I'm afraid to upgrade to 3.1 because maybe there's a reason it's not in the official repository yet (and because who knows if the latest version of Lightning really is compatible with the latest version of Thunderbird). My question is, is anybody out there currently running Thunderbird 3.1 with the Lightning extension on Kubuntu or Ubuntu 10.04, AMD64? Have you found it to be stable?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Thunderbird Upgrade Wouldnt Start?

Sep 9, 2010

Just upgraded to the latest 3.0.7 thunderbird and it wouldnt startI tracked down the problem to it wanting to alert me and as I had Jackd running that blocked it.I had to kill jack to get it to start!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Gdm / Xorg Crash After 10.10 Web Upgrade

Oct 30, 2010

I've been using Ubuntu since Feisty Fawn, so I've been around the block when it comes to upgrades. From 9.10 to 10.04 I did a clean install, but I decided to try my luck with a web upgrade to 10.10. Well, so far it looks like that was a bad idea. I can't stay in gdm for more than about 1.5 mins before it crashes and drops me back to the greeter. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly what's crashing, but I'll append what logs I think will give some info.


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Ubuntu Installation :: Major Crash During Upgrade?

Dec 4, 2010

Just tried to upgrade my mythbuntu box from lucid to maverick.

It crashed during the upgrade. On re-boot it now stops at a dialog telling me its running in low graphics mode because it cannot load/find the nvidia drivers. I am unable to close the dialog. No mouse, no keyboard.

ESC will not let me interrupt the boot to get to a recovery console.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.4 Upgrade Download Crash Can't Boot 9.10

May 1, 2010

Was running the upgrade through the manager this morning and the download got about 3/4 of the way and froze up making the system unresponsive I left this for an hour to see if it would resolve its self but no luck so as the installation hadn't begun I hit the power button. BIG mistake now when I try boot to 9.10 it hits a black screen with white ubuntu logo much like 9.10 but no loading bar. it just hangs at this now. I am currently posting this from a live usb I made from an ISO of 10.4 i downloaded on my girl friends windows machine. Is it possible to either fix the 9.10 installation or update the files on the 9.10 installation to 10.4 from the live disk(I have the option to make a 9.10 live disk if needed)?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade To 10.04 - Login Screen Crash?

Oct 30, 2010

Today I was prompted to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.1, and then again to 10.04

Doing these upgrades wreaked havoc on my system. I have been able to fix most of the problems that were caused but I am having trouble finding information on the following:

When I boot up the system and after passing the GRUB loader, the system freezes up at the login screen and I have to power down.

If I hit ESC at the GRUB screen and choose Kernel 2.6.32-25-generic (recovery mode) and then choose "failsafe graphic mode", then I am able to log in to GNOME as normal.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Upgrade On Bind In Chroot Crash?

Dec 8, 2010

I just tried to upgrade my server to the latest version of Bind9 and the process fails gets frozen.First note that I have Bind in a chroot jail.When I try the upgrade, or the recommended "dpkg --configure -a", it displays this then hangs:Quote:

Setting up bind9 (1:9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1ubuntu0.1) ...
* Stopping domain name service... bind9 rndc: connection to remote host closed


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Ubuntu Installation :: System Crash After Partial Upgrade 10.10?

Apr 7, 2011

I have a Dell studio running ubuntu for two years now. I had ubuntu 10.04, but a few days ago, the update manager started to bug me that some stuff don't work properly and that I need to to a partial upgrade. I postponed that for a while, and all worked fine, but I finally had sometime and clicked "yes", all began collapsing:

1) the update manager crashed while updating.

2) I rebooted and ran it again. same crash at the same stage.

3) I decided, god knows why, to do a full upgrade to 10.10, which also crasehd.

Now it won't even boot. It always get stuck at a line saying "no IPv6 routers present" or something of that sort. when I switch off manually the wireless switch on the laptop, the boot gets stuck a bit earlier, on a line that says: "laptop login:"

EDIT: I just remembered something which might be important: I had a hibernation problem on the upgrade to 10.04, so I played around a bit with that. now it uses libgcrypt, and I remember I set up something manually then, but I can't remember what.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From 10.10 To 11.04 - Crash Halfway Through Update?

May 8, 2011

I was upgrading my laptop from 10.10 to 11.04. The laptop crashed part way through the upgrade (fairly far in, at least an hour after downloads completed, a few minutes after grub installer asked some questions). The crash was from another issue besides the update

Now when the computer boots it immediately goes into kernal panic (black screen, flashing caps lock light). when selecting recovery mode, it boots for about a 5 seconds then hangs.

I can however at grub select Previous versions of ubuntu > 2.6.35-28 and it will boot succesffully and run without error. Currently running like this to post this message. For the most part everything looks as if it has upgraded. To things worth mentioning.


$ sudo do-release-upgrade
Checking for a new ubuntu release
No new release found


I backed up my home folder just in case but didn't do a system backup. Wasn't worried if I broke it and had to reinstall, but this doesn't look in my (possibly incorrect) to bad.

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Slackware :: Print Crash On Firefox And Thunderbird / Resolve This?

Jun 28, 2010

Well, that's about it - the firefox and thunderbird packages included on the first batch of official 13.1 updates keep crashing when I try to print a web page or an e-mail. Seamonkey, updated as well, can print as usual.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From 10.10 To 11.04 Error "written Fail At Stopping Automatic Crash Report Generation"

Apr 28, 2011

Today I upgraded my 10.10 to 11.04. Since the last step of upgrading, when it was restarted, I get stucked in consola where it is checking, and there is written fail at stopping automatic crash report generation. How can I repair it. I tried to do

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo reboot

but it doesn't do it properly.

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Won't Start After Upgrade?

Jul 7, 2010

Tonight I did the usual apt-get update/upgrade and it installed a newer version of Thunderbird.

Synaptic says the version I have is 3.0.5+build2+nobin.

Their is a bug [URL] that refers to an upstream directory which I don't have. Apparently some recent upgrades have produced some kind of circular link. I am not sure whether that is the problem I have but this is supposed to give the answer. Not sure whether it does but here is some terminal output:

kgw@kgw-desktop:~$ ls -ld ~/.*thunderbird*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 kgw kgw 22 2010-04-22 20:48 /home/kgw/.mozilla-thunderbird -> /home/kgw/.thunderbird
drwx------ 3 kgw kgw 4096 2009-12-08 14:34 /home/kgw/.thunderbird

When I click on the Thunderbird icon, there is an item that appears in the bar at the bottom of my screen that says Thunderbird and it produces a tiny vertical bar at the top of my screen that can be dragged into a an application window that is blank.

Oddly, when I asked firefox to send a link (forgetting that thunderbird wasn't working) it popped up the usual box to send an email and let me send it. The main screen of thunderbird still won't start.

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Not Working After Upgrade U9.x To 10.x?

May 25, 2010

thunderbird not working after upgrade I finally got around to doing some more testing after I upgraded from Ubuntu 9.x to 10.x and now Thunderbird wont work right. It wont let me see the messages correctly. its slow and takes forever to load. I cannot read mail or switch between accounts easily any more. Do i need to remove it and reload? Will I lose all my email and my account settings?

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade To Thunderbird 3.1 Locks Account?

Feb 26, 2010

I just upgraded from TB 3.0 to 3.1 and now I can't access my email account. (It has a lock on the account icon and there are no subfolders available -- see attached.)
What could be wrong?

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Will Not Start After 3.1 Upgrade Using Ubuntuzilla

Jul 4, 2010

Today I received a pop-up from Ubuntuzilla indicating that version 3.1 of Thunderbird was available. So I started Ubuntuzilla and updated Thunderbird to version 3.1, as I did successfully before with previous version updates. The update proceeded normally, without any error. However, now Thunderbird does start. I get the "Starting Thunderbird" in the bottom status bar for a few seconds, then nothing! I checked with Synaptic Package Manager, but it only indicates version 3.0.4

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird CPU Hog And Unresponsive After Upgrade / Troubleshoot This?

Oct 12, 2010

Ever since I upgraded to 10.10 (via update, not from scratch), Thunderbird suddenly ramps up CPU usage within the 10 seconds of being started. No add-ons are enabled. Anyone have this problem or can help me troubleshoot?

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Ubuntu :: Crash After Six Minutes After 10.04 Upgrade?

Jun 10, 2010

I have this problem since upgrade to lucid.

Every time I start my computer, from the power button, it crash after 6 minutes. It only could be recovered from the reset button, not CTRL + ALT + DEL nor REISUB.

I think it only happens if I don't touch anything in that 6 minutes.

syslog show this during crash:

Jun 10 07:46:21 antonio-desktop kernel: imklog 4.2.0, log source = /proc/kmsg started.
Jun 10 07:46:21 antonio-desktop rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="4.2.0" x-pid="725" x-info="http://www.rsyslog.com"] (re)start
Jun 10 07:46:21 antonio-desktop rsyslogd: rsyslogd's groupid changed to 102


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Ubuntu :: Firefox / Thunderbird Fonts Hosed After Upgrade To 11.04 - Fix It?

Jun 14, 2011

Fix my fonts after my upgrade. All my truetype fonts look really hazy and very off after my upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04.

This seems to only be a Firefox and Thunderbird problem.

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade Mozilla Thunderbird To A Newer Version ?

Jul 30, 2011

I'm running Mozilla Firefox 3.6.17. Can someone tell me the easiest way to upgrade to a newer version? When I search on Google, I get ;lots & lots of pages & they give me 20-different instructions on how to do it & i'm confused. Not sure which command to use (There is no "upgrade" option in the "tools" area of Firefox.) Do we upgrade in the command-line?

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Ubuntu :: Gimp And Inkscape Crash After Upgrade?

Apr 29, 2011

Both programs were working just fine yesterday before the upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04.

Opening Gimp results in many error pop-ups on being unable to locate module gimp and module gimpfu. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, and the installation fails with this message:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:

gimp : Depends: libgimp2.0 (<= 2.6.11-z) but 2.7.3-2010072701~ll is to be installed Depends: gimp-data (<= 2.6.11-z) but 2.7.3-2010072701~ll is to be installed

This may be because of times in the past where I tried to compile Gimp. Do I need to clean up my repositories list? (in that case, any way to get a fresh one?)

Inkscape doesn't open at all, instead the terminal message says this:

inkscape: error while loading shared libraries: libwpg-0.1.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I'm not sure what's wrong in the case of Inkscape though, although I did compile a few versions long ago I was using the "normal" version from the Ubuntu repositories afterwards.

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade Of Thunderbird 3 Results In Wrong ELF Class: ELFCLASS64

Sep 27, 2010

How can I fix "wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64" ???

Updatemanager suggested to upgrade thunderbird 3 and I agreed. Now thunderbird remains in the background. When I started thunderbird from the command line I saw these errors: "wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64"

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Ubuntu :: Lost Mail After Evolution Crash After Upgrade?

May 16, 2011

I just upgraded to ubuntu 11.04 and the evolution mail crashed and I lost most of my e mail files can I get them restored in any way?

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Ubuntu :: Crash Between 10.04 To 11.04 Upgrade - Access To Files From LiveCD?

Aug 17, 2011

Yesterday, while upgrading from Ubuntu 10.04 to 11.04, the computer crashed. For this reason, when I reboot, Ubuntu doesn't recognize any longer the root folder and so on... and halts execution in a blank screen (well before the login screen).I'm currently running LiveCD and I can see the Filesystem with the root folder, the bin folder, home folder and so on....My question is How can I access the files I had in my desktop from LiveCD? I know the user and password so how can I access it?

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Ubuntu :: Crash Allot When Use You Tube - Upgrade To Firefox 3.0.18 ?

Feb 23, 2010

I can't update Firefox, and it crash allot when I use You tube.

I don't know why!





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Slackware :: KDE Crash After Upgrade / Solution For This?

Nov 24, 2010

So I did an update to my slackware current and as many people here found that KDE crashes... Mine I am unable to find a fix for it.... I get the following error as I log in...

Warning Can not Open ConsoleKit Session Unable To Open Session: Failed To Connect to Socket: /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No Such File or Directory.

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CentOS 5 :: Glxgears Crash After Upgrade From 5.2 To 5.4

Oct 25, 2009

My exercise below is to check if glxgears crashes xorg of CentOS5.4 with Intel GM965 Chipset. Apparently I don't have luck in this case. Since the exercise failed, it means I will still stick to CentOS 5.2 (residing on a different partition) for a while, even though CentOS5.2 crashes glxgears too. After "yum upgrade" (done after moving all repos in /etc/yum.repos.d to elsewhere except CentOS-Base.repo and CentOS-Media.repo), I ran glxgears that consistently crashes CentOS5.2 xorg, an issue that upset me quite a bit.

During upgrade, I saw a line "grubby fatal error : unable to find a suitable template". I guess the my grub.conf is too confusing for the installer, but that is not big deal, I just used the kernel number 2.6.18-164 where it is applicable. Even this this new update, glxgears still crash the xorg (the screen froze and then a new login screen reappears). With this I am sure the 3D application might still crash the xorg from time to time. (I can still revert to CentOS5.2 with a tar file, but I am still thinking to just upgrade to Centos5.3 but I don't know how.)


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OpenSUSE :: Firefox And Thunderbird: Upgrade - Restore From Prior HD?

Aug 17, 2010

I had FF and TB running on a desktop computer which was on Suse 11.0. That computer has gone to the Great Interrupt in the Sky. The hard drive still works, and I can hook it up to the replacement (laptop) with an eSATA cable. Thus, all of my email, settings, bookmarks, etc are sitting there waiting to go back to work.

My new laptop is on Suse 11.2, with the FF version which came on the DVD (from Linux Pro Magazine in February). I would like to A), load the latest vers of FF and TB onto this laptop, and B), move my older FF and TB stuff to run here. I am little more than the ignorant appliance operator so derided by Linux gurus in the "Why New Users Give Up" thread. I want to learn more, but my primary need is PRODUCTIVITY, so what I need is an 1D10T-level stepthrough to get done what I need to do.

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