Ubuntu Installation :: Network Drivers Not Recognized On Windows 7 After Dual Boot

Jul 14, 2011

I have a HP g6t, previously fully running 11.04. I wanted to root my HTC evo 4g so I decided I *needed* to install windows 7. I created a 20GB partition with gParted, then downloaded and burned .iso of windows 7 my laptop came packaged with (windows 7 home premium 64-bit). However, after installing, Windows now refuses to recognize ANY of my network drivers. This means my ethernet connection (was plugged in during set-up) as well as my wireless card.

Stats via lspci:
Network controller: Ralink corp. Device 5390
Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RT8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet Controller (rev 05)

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot - Partition Not Recognized In Windows

Jul 3, 2010

I'm running a dual boot of Ubuntu 9.10 and Windows 7. For months now everything has been just wonderful. Recently, however, I tried to add another partition (in windows) and saw that my Ubuntu partition is recognized as RAW. I formatted it as NTFS originally. In Ubuntu, it is recognized correctly (ext4). I don't know what's going on. I'd like to be able to install drivers to recognize this partition in Windows. Will I have to reformat? I'm not sure if it's at all connected, but probably worth mentioning: while booting into Ubuntu, I received an error about "usplash mode failed." It also said something about "mount of filesystem failed." (I really, really wished I had written down the error message.) Everything seems to work now.

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Ubuntu Installation :: XP Partition Is NOT Recognized - Cannot Dual Boot?

Feb 22, 2010

Absolute newbie to Linux (assume I'm a complete dummyhead. I don't understand anything about Linux.). Just bought 500GB HDD. Made 3 partitions, 1 for Linux, 1 for Windows, and 1 for data.

1st, installed Win XP on 2nd partition (NTFS)
Then installed 64-Bit Ubuntu on 1st partition (Ext4)
(Created a 2 GB partition and for the swap file.)

Not sure which partition is primary, extended, etc., never really understood all that stuff anyways. XP was working perfectly, till I installed Ubuntu. Now, it just boots straight into Ubuntu, doesn't give the option to boot into XP. Tried everything I know, but it will not give the option to go into XP.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Windows Vista / Lucid 10.04, Grub Doesnt See Windows?

May 7, 2010

I had 9.10 installed and I did an upgrade to 10.04. However I cannot see anymore my Windows Vista partition with grub.. I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite p305.This is my boot script output:

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010

============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================

=> Grub 2 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks on the same drive in [code].......

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot - Windows 7/10.4 - No Windows Now After Upgrade

Apr 30, 2010

I just did an upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 and now I can't boot into Windows 7 on this dual boot desktop. I usually do a clean install but with a laptop and desktop a copy of Windows 7 and Ubuntu on each machine it's getting very tiring with 4 os's so opted for the upgrade this time.

During the installation there was a window that game up about upgrading grub and what devices to install it on. The help box was not very complete and seemed to say to click all the check boxes which included the main drive and it's partitions including windows. During the install somewhere it said something like grub could not be installed on one of the devices which I think was sda6 which is probably the Windows 7 partition.

So how would I get the option of booting into Windows 7 on startup as now I only get a blank black screen when I click on the Windows 7 option upon bootup? I hope I don't have to reinstall one or both os's again from scratch as this is becoming to much work to do on two systems every 6 months, especially with the amount of programs I have installed.

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General :: Grub Boot Loader Installation In Dual Boot Machine After Windows 7 Installation?

Mar 23, 2010

I had a dual boot machine with fedora 12 and windows vista and I could use grub boot-loader to switch between two. Few days ago windows got corrupt and I have to reinstall it. I put windows 7 now and as usual it erased grub. So to reinstall I put the fedora 12 installation CD on and followed some usual setup steps. When I got the command line I issued the command "grub-install /dev/sda" (sda not hda because It showed bunch of sda, sda1..) but surprisingly it said grub command not found. I remember doing it before while it worked fine.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Xp And - Netbook Dual Boot - Error - Windows Boot Failed

Jul 8, 2010

I have a netbook running Windows XP as standard. There is also a recovery partition which came from the factory.

In the past I installed Ubuntu (I think 9.something) from USB key and all worked fine. However my XP became corrupted and I needed to do a repair on it. After this, Ubuntu became removed from the boot select menu.

Since then, Ubuntu has become updated to 10.04, which I now cannot install.

The Live CD tells me there is a "file IO error" and simply stops installation at around 70%.

I did manage to get into Ubuntu from a Live USB using Wubi. However when I chose to install Ubuntu to a Harddrive, the option to "install side by side" was missing.

After reading on the forums, I did a chkdsk /f on Windows and tried again. Now my liveUSB does not show a boot menu!

When I select to boot from USB stick, the screen goes blank with a flashing cursor. Ctrl+alt+dlt reboots.

I'm really lost here! It seems when I fix one problem, another problem arises!

Also when trying to instal Ubuntu within Windows, the process goes through to 100% and asks me to reboot. When I do so, the option for Ubuntu does show in the boot menu. However when I select it, I get an error "Windows boot failed: file wubildr.mbr and status: 0xc00000f - something is corrupt".

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Boot On Dual-boot XP After Recovering Windows Bootloader?

Jul 18, 2010

I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Windows XP installed on my laptop. Usually when booting, I get the GRUB 2 menu and I can boot into either Ubuntu or XP.I was playing around with EasyBCD, then after trying to remove it I was unable to boot into Windows, I used a Windows 2000 CD recovery console to fix the MBR (using: fixboot and fixmbr).Now Windows starts up when I power on, but I don't get the grub menu anymore with an Ubuntu option. If I boot from the Ubuntu Live CD and try to mount my Ubuntu partition (/dev/sda5) I get this error:

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda5,
missing codepage or helper program, or other error
In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try


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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot - Vista Ultimate / 10.4 - Can't Boot Windows

May 7, 2010

I have just installed Ubuntu 10.4 x64 onto a machine with Vista Ultimate x64. When I boot the machine, the Windows option comes up in the GRUB menu. However, when I attempt to boot Windows, I receive the following error: No such device: de80ab9f80ab7d21. error: No such partition. Press any key to continue...

I looked around and found a similar issue at [URL] However, before trying to fix the issue by guesswork or via solutions that worked for a similar, though not necessarily identical problem. I've run the boot info script (see output below) mentioned several places on this site as a valuable input for boot problem tracking. how to get Windows to boot on my computer?


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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Using Windows Boot Loader, Not GRUB?

Nov 8, 2010

I'm trying to dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu WITHOUT using Grub. This is to support Bitlocker encryption.

I followed this guide, and now when I select Ubuntu I get a Grub> prompt and no ubuntu.

I feel like I'm halfway there, I just need to get Grub to load correctly or something.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Why Boot Partition Is Recommended For Dual Boot Of 10.04 And Windows 7?

Jan 5, 2011

if having a boot partition is recommended for dual boot installation of Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7 and why?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Install Or Boot 10.10 (dual Boot With Windows 7)

Oct 19, 2010

I am trying to install Ubuntu on a machine that already has Windows 7 on one partition. Obviously I intend to install it on the other free partition. So I downloaded the iso burnt it onto the disk and pop in the disk and the boot the machine. The installation screen comes up I selected the first option (Try Ubuntu without installation), I just see a prompt after a few seconds and then the screen goes blank and nothing happens. Unable to detect a signal, The monitor goes into standby. The same thing happens if I use "install Ubuntu" option as well. I downloaded minimal install version Ubuntu and tried to install with that. since its old school installation, the installation completed without any errors, but when I restart the grub come up and when I select to boot into Ubuntu, I see the same behavior i.e. the screen goes blank and never boots to anything. This is a machine on which I was using 10.4 until yesterday.

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General :: Access The Network From An External Modem And From A Dual-boot Windows 98 WiFi?

Apr 10, 2010

I have Mandrake 7.1 installed on a laptop and I have several problems that an upgrade would likely fix or provide a path that will support a fix. The Mousepad is irratic and the PCMCIA WiFi and Ethernet cards are not recognized. What's a good way to upgrade? (I can access the network from an external modem and from a dual-boot Windows 98 WiFi)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot - Windows XP / 10.04 - Can't Boot XP

May 14, 2010

I just got a Toshiba Mini NB305-310 and tried to install Ubuntu 10.04 on it using the .iso file on a flash drive. When I try to boot into Windows XP, the loading screen comes up for a second, flashes blue, then restarts the computer. I'm able to boot up in Ubuntu, but it takes a LONG time with the screen black before it goes to the Ubuntu loading screen. I saw in an earlier post that it's helpful to post the output of the Boot Info Script, so I've posted it below. I'm new to the forums, so if I'm doing anything wrong, please let me know:

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================
=> Grub 2 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks on the same drive in
partition #5 for /boot/grub.


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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows 7 Dual Boot Won't Boot

Oct 28, 2010

I am trying to run a dual boot system with Windows 7 and an Ubuntu 9.10 installation from a live CD. I am running this on a Dell Inspiron M5030. Both operating systems have installed fine however whenever I run Windows the computer subsequently fails to run Grub upon rebooting and gives the following error message:

Grub loading
the symbol 'ob_bioslgrub?+E?U? Not found
Aborted press any key to exit

The unrecognised symbols are different each time. I have also had (' ') and ('ee*??S ') and ('un'). I cured this initially by reinstalling Ubuntu but after looking at the support documentation have now found that I can cure it temporarily by simply reinstalling Grub using the command:

sudo grub-setup -d /media/dd5d6cd6-cb80-40e0-baf3-13ae1ebe17a4/boot/grub -m /media/dd5d6cd6-cb80-40e0-baf3-13ae1ebe17a4/boot/grub/device.map /dev/sda

I can then run Ubuntu fine, however upon running Windows again the problem reoccurs and Grub will not run.

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Fedora Installation :: Dual Boot With Xp - Grub Can't Boot Into Windows?

Jan 10, 2010

I just set up a dual boot on a system with fedora 12 and XP. XP in on one hard drive (sda) and Fedora on a second hard drive (sdb).

I installed grub on the Fedora disk so as to not touch the windows disk at all.

Prior to installation, in the bios, I set the Fedora disk (sdb) first in the boot sequence, and then XP (sda) so that the grub loader would boot up by default. (If I set the windows drive first then the system bypasses grub and loads straight into windows.)

My system can now boot up into Fedora fine, but if I select windows from the grub loader menu I just get a blinking cursor - windows will not boot.What do I have to do so that grub can boot into XP?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot 9.10 And Windows XP

Jan 10, 2010

I have a 160 GB hard disk with three partitions (All NTFS):

C: (30 GB) (WINDOWS XP system partition)
D: (60 GB)
E: (60 GB)

I want to install Ubuntu on another drive (D: in this case). I have backed up all my data on D: drive. What are the steps in doing so and does Ubuntu support NTFS? If it does then will I be able to read and move data between all the drives without any problem (while running either of operating systems)?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 / Windows Dual Boot

Jan 18, 2010

I tried to set up a dual boot system on two separate hard drives. I installed Windows XP first (because doing so in past experience has made it easier) on the PATA 20 GB hard drive configured as slave on the first IDE channel. Then I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on the PATA 80 GB hard drive configured as master on the first IDE channel along with an NTFS partition on this drive:


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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot 9.10 With Windows 7

Feb 9, 2010

I can't for the life of me get my GRUB whatever version I have to dual boot these. I've spent over 3 weeks on it and then finally gave up.

But It would be really nice since I have so much software that is solely devoted to windows. Not to mention with my photography stuff it's just a whole lot easier to run everything through windows. But for the general census I do prefer Linux.

I'm running these two operating systems. (although I can't access my Windows 7 because of the boot menu problem) I think that's all that needs fixed but I'm not sure.

Ubuntu 9.10 ( I believe it's 64bit although the "about" doesn't specify) Windows 7 64bit is installed. Currently I only have access to Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 - Windows 7 OEM Dual Boot

Feb 19, 2010

I have ubuntu 9.10 installed and working on a Pangolin Performance system 76 laptop with a 120 gb hard drive. The ubuntu install has 65 GB free at the end of hard drive (done using Fdisk). It is STATA II hard drive. I got a dual boot to work on a upgrade for an HP desktop for my mom so I know the basics. Using the windows 7 OEM home premium I go the first steps i.e. time ect. Then it shows partitions (as 4 seperat objects 1 primary and 3 logical). The 2nd and 3rd are swap and more ubuntu space. The free space also comes up as logical and is the 4th partition. I try to install and says can not use this partition on the hard drive.I press the format and in changes to extention but still gives the same error (error log is not viewable in the install). All a can do is press a formate button in the install no menu. I formatted as NTFS in gparted and it still would not work. I saw posts about bios and XP but they were old.

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Installation :: How To Dual Boot Ubuntu On Windows 7

Feb 24, 2010

I am newbie to linux os.I want to dual boot ubuntu 9.04 with windows 7 which is already running on my pc.When i tried to do it with live cd i am getting an error message "Permission denied" while extracting files from cd drive.The log file shows the information given below.My system specifications are code...

How to do proceed with it?Any body know about the error in the log file?

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Dual Boot With Windows XP

Feb 24, 2010

For a couple of years I have wanted to use a version of Linux rather than Windows. I currently use XP and regard myself as a reasonably experienced Windows user. My current system has two SATA HDDs - roughly 500Gb, the 'D' drive, and 140Gb, the 'C' drive, and I have 1Gb RAM. So I decided to try Ubuntu 9.10. I downloaded the installation file, created the disk and ran it live for a time. Then I decided to take the plunge and install properly.

I created free space on the C drive, around 17 Gb, in which to install ubuntu. The installation into 'the highest amount of free space' seemed to go well but when I rebooted I was given no opportunity to select Ubuntu - it booted straight into XP. So I tried again. This time I chose to 'install them side by side'. Again the installation went well but again, on the reboot, the system went straight into XP. I guess I must be missing something - can anyone tell me how to install so that I can boot to either XP or Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Windows 7 And 10.04?

Apr 6, 2010

Question in title. I just wanted to know if anyone has tried it and if they were successful. And, if successful, any tips to make it easier.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot 10.04 With Windows?

Apr 17, 2010

i am trying to dual boot 10.04 with windows.

Windows works fine and i have 200g of unallocated space for ubuntu.

When i boot from my burned iso image i get the following error

(this is not word for word) "The disk has encountered an in-recoverable error.

restart your computer or try the installation again".

Note: I have tried re-burning to a different DVD still the same thing,

Also just to test it out i successfully upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04. But i want a clean install not a upgrade.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Windows 7 / 10.04?

Aug 12, 2010

I am trying to setup dualboot between Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 on my new system.

I have partitioned off a 1.5 TB drive, and given 500GB to Windows 7, I have another 500GB drive in the machine that I am using entirely for Ubuntu.

I have Windows 7 installed correctly, and it boots/runs fine, then when I go to install Ubuntu, the install completes "successfully", but will not boot.

The first time this happened there was a flashing cursor that loaded in the top-left corner of a black screen instead of showing grub.

This second time around, the same thing happened. During the install, Ubuntu found Windows 7 Loader and added it to the grub menu.

I have tried using the super grub disk to find/resolve the issue, and when I boot using the super grub disk it displays a grub menu for me, and i can make my choice of OS.

If I choose Windows 7, everything loads fine, however if I choose Ubuntu from the menu, then everything goes black. My monitors turn off (not getting any signal), and I can't tell what's going on.

I am using the alternate install cd (have tried x86 and x64), and am installing Ubuntu using the Full Disk Encryption option.

I have run integrity checks on the install disks, and the memory check on my system, both have passed.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Get 10.10 To Dual Boot With Windows 7

Dec 22, 2010

I've tried this once but it made my desktop inoperable maybe along the installation some things went wrong. I have this MSi all in one touchscreen desktop model AIO 2010 with windows 7 home premium installed on it and I want to dual boot with ubuntu 7. How to do it properly?

MSi All in one model AIO 2010
AMD Athlon(tm) X2 Dual core Processor 3250e
Hard disk is sata 320 g
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics

How to properly install Maverick Meerkat

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Windows XP SP3 & 10.10?

Jan 8, 2011

i'm entering the wonderful world of linux based systems and i decided after much research to start with Ubuntu, nevertheless for now i also have to stick with the most hated (at least by me) Windows XP, although at this time i'll be upgrading to the last Service Pack i'll use in my natural life (SP3).Now introductions aside, i would like to politely state that i have researched about 35 combined guides, how-to's and forum (this forum) threads, as well as ubuntu docummentation on the subject, and i still have my doubts about the whole process of booting, partitioning and installing both Operative Systems on my computer. So this is by no means a spam thread.

Now, i would like to ask to any caring soul to provide me with some few tips or hints as to the following questions.Considering i will be using one 160 gbs HD for windows and ubuntu, and a separate 500 gb HD for my Stored (and possibly shared) Data:1) I understand that it is required to have a generous size partition for both systems (xp and Ubuntu:root), also Ubuntu would need a swap partition, and also that it is best practice to make a fourth partition for the "home" or "user" information on Ubuntu.�How should i format and partition my 160 gb HD (considering i want to install everything from scratch) so i can install both Windows XP SP3 and Ubuntu with their required assisting partitions (SWAP & Home)?

2)Should i be using GPart to do the whole partition process, both for windows and for ubuntu, or should i use first a bootable disk for Windows XP, partition the HD with XP installation disk tools, and then use GPart (or QTParted if it's better?), to allow Ubuntu to be installed in the second partition created by Windows XP (i understand Ubuntu uses ext3 filesystem, so i'm having trouble to understand if the Gpart tool will "re-format" the second aprtition or it will re-allocate the size and "embed" the ext3 partition in the already assigned space )3) Along the lines of the past question, i also understand it is better to install windows first, and then ubuntu to prevent any unnecesary erasure from windows over Ubuntu, now.

How do i setup my installation so the second (500 gb) Hard drive will be (attempted to be) used as the shared data storage, and as well do i need it to be accurately FAT32 or can it be used as NTFS (i ask this because i had to format it to NTFS to backup some sensitive data for my work *sigh*).I must say i'm fairly knowledgeable with computers, or at least as much as any average home user would be, but right now i am a humble new Ubuntu user, and i am really excited to be able to have this opportunity to install it and keep it (forever if i can haha)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Dual Boot 10.04 And Windows 7

Feb 18, 2011

I switched to Ubuntu back in the days of Breezy Badger and haven't looked back since ... Unfortunately, my current university course requires me to use windows and I have set up windows 7 on an old laptop. As I don't want to use Windows full time, I have partitioned the 60gb drive into 3 :30gb Windows 7 5gb Shared Dropbox 25gb Linux Before I installed Windows, I had Kubuntu 10.04 running without any problems. The graphics support wasn't great (ATI Radeon Mobile 5700), but it booted and ran perfectly well.

Now, I cannot boot from an Ubuntu live CD. In fact, linux itself seems to have huge problems ... I have ried the latest stable versions of the following Distributions in an attempt to get the system running :K/Ubuntu 10.04 (10.10 doesn't support my wifi card)


All of these distros start to load from their live CD, but freeze whilst loading and never complete booting (no error messages are displayed). I have managed to boot into Kubuntu using the live CD by turning off APIC and ACPI, but the installer behaves very strangely : the installation stalls and refuses to continue unless I hold down the alt key, or unless I continually move the mouse pointer around.

Once the installation has completed, the system refuses to load ANYTHING when I reboot. I am just presented with a black screen and the hard drive stops spinning. As I know that windows still works, I am forced to swallow my pride and restore the windows master boot record. I have also managed to install Kubuntu through Wubi, but the performance was terrible and rebooting would disable the laptop screen until I performed a hard shutdown....

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Windows 7 And 11.04 On GPT

Aug 16, 2011

I've spent the entire day on this and it's driving me insane. I installed Ubuntu, used it for a few weeks, and then decided to add Windows 7. I ran into tons of trouble, and ended up in my current situation: neither Ubuntu or WIndows is booting. I'm writing this message from a LiveCD. I started gparted and removed windows. I then moved my Ubuntu partition (which has work stuff on it), to get the following, as reported by gparted:

/dev/sda1 977KiB (unknown filesystem, but I think this is where GRUB2 lives)
unallocated 97.66 GiB
/dev/sda2 1.72 TiB (ext4, my main Ubuntu partition)
/dev/sda3 7.92 GiB (linux-swap)

From this point, I'd like to install Windows 7 in the unallocated space, and then install GRUB2 so that I can dual boot Ubuntu and Windows.Earlier, before I deleted Windows and it was the only thing booting (since GRUB had been wiped out by it), I reinstalled GRUB, and completely lost access to Windows. I feel like if I install Windows now, and then install GRUB again, I'll just repeat my previous failure: Windows will be inaccessible. The drive has a GPT partition table on it, so I think a lot of the forum posts I read about similar problems may not apply. Fixing my MBR seems to be useless.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Removing Windows 7 From Dual Boot?

Feb 2, 2010

Am running Karmic and Windows7 dual booting with separate hard drives. I want to remove Windows 7 and leave Karmic on it's single drive. I am concerned that I will cause a boot problem if I just 'unplug' the Windows 7 drive.

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