Ubuntu Installation :: Natty Alpha 1 Console Text Corruption?

Jan 17, 2011

fixing a text corruption issue / advice for filing a bug report (if necessary). So, generally speaking the stability I am experiencing with Natty is as I expect; I'm fully aware that this is a very very early development release and so all sorts of things can go wrong. I just wanted to point that out So while Gnome/Unity are up and running, graphics run more or less perfectly, the boot process text is completely garbled and if after everything is fully loaded I hit Control+Alt+F1-F6 the text looks like:

* this
* the above image close-up

The above links are supposed to be of the ubuntu login prompt. The problem occurred after running the upgrade command:


sudo do-release-upgrade -d

As is standard upgrade procedure. Is there anything obvious going on that I can tweak to make it all happy again? Since I have a working GUI.

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Ubuntu :: Text Corruption When Scrolling - Natty 64-bit

Jul 8, 2011

Whenever I have an open OS-generated window (Software Center, Settings etc), the text will be corrupted if the window is scrolled. This can be restored by highlighting the text - and sometimes it will self-restore given time, but the corruption will reappear if the text is scrolled again.

The behaviour does not happen in program-generated windows, such as Firefox.

Dell 1340 Studio XPS, NVidea GT310 Hybrid SLI graphics.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading To Latest Alpha Release Of Natty

Feb 13, 2011

and type
update-manager -d

This should show the option to upgrade to the latest alpha release of natty. Through the terminal this can be done using the same command but you need use.

sudo -s
to do this.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From Alpha To Alpha / Beta?

Feb 26, 2010

I upgraded Karmic Koala to Lucid Lynx, Alpha 2. Now I want to upgrade to Alpha 3, and eventually to BetaX. When I enter the command updata-manager -d, the system says that I am up-to-date. Is there a direct way to upgrade to the latest Alpha, or do I need to download the .iso, build a CD, and do an install from that?

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Ubuntu :: Ext 4 Corruption Using Natty 64 Bit Kubuntu?

Aug 4, 2011

I'm having a problem that I've not seen before, in that I ma constantly getting corrupted Ext 4 filesystems on my / and /home partitions. I am having to boot using a cd rom and run fsck -y on at least one of these partitions almost daily (mainly / partition)Looking at the system log, I'm seeing stuff like this:

04/08/11 04:28:37 PMValkyriekernel[ 28.090570] hda-intel: IRQ timing workaround is activated for card #1. Suggest a bigger bdl_pos_adj.
04/08/11 04:36:54 PMValkyriekernel[ 524.098006] ata1.01: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr


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Slackware :: Compiz-Fusion 0.8.4 Causes Text Corruption In Aterm On 13.1?

May 31, 2010

From time to time, I check out the latest compiz-fusion just to play around with it. Everything compiles and installs just fine under my Slackware64 13.1 install, and I follow the build order that's been posted here and on SlackBuilds.org. When I switch over to compiz and emerald from Xfwm4 using fusion-icon, everything looks just fine. However, all of the text that *I* input into aterm is corrupted. Using the xfce terminal doesn't seem to be a problem. When I move the cursor using the arrow keys, a similar type of display corruption occurs. When I close aterm, an outline of the window remains until I tell fusion-icon to reload the window manager.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Get Out Of Text Console And Back To GUI - Read Lost Login Name And Password?

Jan 17, 2010

The author (somewhere on these Ubuntu forums directed........ Ctrl + Alt + F1 which I thought was going to be the "Terminal" but nothing similar. I have about a half dozen different names/passwords for Ubuntu but none will work to log in. How to get out of this text console and back to Ubuntu GUI? And, how to read my lost LogIn name and password for this "Text Console"?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrading From 10.10 Alpha To 10.04

Jul 10, 2010

I recently decided to try the ubuntu 10.10 alpha and I'm getting an annoying amount of crash reports, is there an easy way for me to downgrade back to the normal ubuntu without reinstalling the whole os from my disk?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Update Still Wants Alpha CD

Oct 20, 2010

Few months ago I thought I would test the alpha release, so I downloaded the file and burned the .iso to CD. I had problems with the installation, so I cancelled it half-way through, and continued to use 10.04, which worked fine. Now, whenever I try to update/upgrade the system, it keeps asking me to insert the old CD, which I no longer have.

For example, if I try to
sudo apt-get update
it seems to work fine, until it stalls with the message:
Media Change: Please insert the disc labelled
'Ubuntu 10.10 _Maverick Meerkat_ - Alpha i386 (20100925)'
in the drive /cdrom/ and press enter

Apart from this recurring problem, I think I have have now successfully upgraded to 10.10. I realize that it's probably my own fault (or is it -- shouldn't 10.10 realise that I am way beyond the alpha release now?)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrade From 11.04 Alpha To 10.10?

Mar 12, 2011

how/if I can downgrade my dual-boot partition (win-7/11.04) to 10.10 without having to reformat the entire disk?

Can I use the same partition I installed the alpha 11.04 on to install 10.10 and save myself a lot of work?

Is it possible to simply reformat the Ubuntu Linux partition and re-install 10.10 there while preserving my Windows 7 installation?

Can I keep the newer GRUB boot loader for 11.04 (I like it better), or will I be forced to downgrade that as well?

I just tried the alpha, and I can't use it. It's still too green, so I want to go back to 10.10 the easiest way possible, so I'd need a little detail on the process of using the advanced partition features (if this is even possible).

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Ubuntu :: Setup Text Boot In Natty?

May 5, 2011

I used to edit grub from /etc/default/grub and change line.But after doing that now in Natty I still get a graphical boot, the Ubuntu logo just doesn't show anymore, but it isn't a text boot. Anyone know how to get this to work?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Upgrade To 10.04 Lucid Alpha 3 From 9.10

Mar 1, 2010

i tried update-manager -d from GUI and asked to downlaod 678 MB...so i downlaoded the i386 iso 685 from cdimage.ubuntu.com/alpha-3..now how to upgrade to 10.04 lucid alpha 3 from 9.10.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 0.04 Alpha Updating Errors ?

Apr 11, 2010

I get these from a Synaptic "Mark All Upgrades" and "Appye".


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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Alpha - Screen Flickering?

Mar 11, 2011

I had 10.10 installed and decided to chance it by upgrading to the Alpha release 11.04.Graphic card is ATI Sapphire X1550 I think (512MB).Apart from trying to get used to the buggy interface (to be expected from the alpha), the screen keeps blinking, goes black for a second every 30 seconds.

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Ubuntu :: Use External Had Drive From Text Console?

Feb 2, 2010

I'm not able to login to my GUI. So I have to use text console only. But the hard drive is not getting detected from text console. What should I do ?

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Ubuntu :: See Console Text On Restart/shutdown?

Aug 4, 2011

I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 on an IBM Thinkpad T60, when I try to Logoff, Restart, or Shutdown the system just goes to a black screen and I'm forced to do a hard reset to restart the system. I did a reinstall and things seemed to be working fine until I applied updates and reloaded my package list from my previous install then I got the same conditions as before. I suspect that this my be a result of a bad package or update. What I want to know is if their is a way to display console text of the shutdown process so I can see where the system hangs and possibly remove the problem application. I have an AMD 64 bit desktop running with the same package lists and have no issues I suspect it is a hardware specific issue for the laptop or an error with a 32 bit install.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Kubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 - Bootloader - FAKERAID

Jan 19, 2010

I continue to have issues installing any of the newer version of Ubuntu on my ICH9 FAKERAID. I read that the GRUB2 issue with FAKERAID was solved shortly after Karmic was released. Did this somehow not get added to the Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 of Lucid? I would love to have Ubuntu installed on my main rig, but I do not want to fuss around with it forever...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgraded Karmic To Lucid Alpha 3?

Mar 16, 2010

I just upgraded Ubuntu Karmic to Lucid alpha 3. It works fine except for a few things that can be expected in an alpha version. Anyway, I would like to know if it would be better to upgrade to the final release of Lucid or if I should do a clean install. I don't mind losing my files and settings because there is nothing important on my laptop, but it would be nice not to.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Alternate Install (10.04 And 10.10 Alpha) LVM Boot?

Jun 19, 2010

Today I decided to replace my 9.04 install with 10.04. (I did this on a separate hard disk.) As I am a big fan of LVM I used the 'Alternate' install CD. Everything installed fine.

However, upon booting I observed two things: firstly there was no grub menu. No countdown timer, no menu. Just a flickering cursor. After 15 seconds or so I got a message telling me that:

/dev/mapper/bromine-root (My root partition.) does not exist and that it had given up waiting. Finding this kind of strange I tried the alpha of 10.10 --- same again. Hence I have two questions: firstly, where did the nice grub menu go; secondly, what is wrong with LVM and grub these days? At the initframfs prompt I am thrown to there are some LVM utilities and they appear to show my volumes.

Switching back to my old pair of hard disks and everything works as expected (i.e, the hardware is fine and supported by Linux.)

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Ubuntu :: How Does Karmic Set Text Console Screen Resolution

Jan 21, 2010

I'm trying to track down a screen resolution issue (Karmic on an Acer SK20 [Intel 945 graphics] with Acer AL1511 flat panel via VGA) and mechanism for setting the framebuffer screen resolution after GRUB2 has loaded the kernel but before X starts.

Before I forced it to behave itself by adding an xorg.conf with a lone "Modes" entry for 1024x768, X was setting the panel to 640x350 by default. It appears from looking at get-edid | parse-edid that this is because 640x350 is the only resolution this idiot panel's EDID says it knows about, even though its native resolution is in fact 1024x768.

So the GUI works fine now, but all the text consoles (Ctrl-Alt-F1 through F6) are still operating at 640x350 and look terrible; also, because usplash doesn't know what to do with 640x350, I don't get my nice white Ubuntu logo before GDM starts.

In previous releases, I would have dealt with something like this by adding vga=791 to the kernel boot options. That doesn't work for the Karmic kernel, and GRUB2 whines about it being deprecated and tells me to use "set gfxpayload=1024x768x16,1024x768" on a line before the "linux" command instead.

Things I have already tried, with no success:

1. Adding "set gfxpayload=1024x768x16,1024x768" into the boot sequence, right before the "linux" line, by using GRUB2's inbuilt boot sequence editor (Ctrl-E): no change.

2. Changing the GRUB_GFXMODE= line in /etc/default/grub and running update-grub: changes the resolution used for GRUB's own menu, but as soon as the kernel boots it's back to 640x350 on text consoles.

3. Same as (2) but also adding a "set gfxpayload=keep" line in /etc/grub.d/00_header, right after the "set gfxmode=${GRUB_GFXMODE}" line: same effect as (2).

4. Removing the "splash" option from the "linux" line. No change (I guess this is because usplash didn't work anyway at 640x350). By the way, usplash.conf is set up for 1024x768 and yes, I did remember to dpkg-reconfigure -phigh usplash to rebuild the initramfs after checking this.

where exactly does Karmic set the screen resolution for its text consoles, and how can I force it to ignore this LCD panel's bogus EDID?

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Ubuntu :: Upgrading The NVidia Driver At The Text Console?

Nov 13, 2010

using Ubuntu 10.10 amd64, my older NVidia card suffered a hardware failure last week, and so I replaced it with an NVidia GTS 450.

As the driver that was previously in use was nvidia-173, at the next boot with the new card the X server didn't start. I got to the text console, where the /var/log/Xorg.0.log had the message that the GPU/chipset is unknown to the driver. (well, ok )

Some web searches revealed that the chipset GF106 of the GTS 450 is only supported by the NVidia 260.19.12 driver, which is not in the Ubuntu stock repositories, so I followed the instructions at http://halvar.at/blog/?p=258 to install the latest driver from the PPA repository:

sudo aptitude install nvidia-current
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude full-upgrade

In short, although all of the above worked fine, the problem is that even after a reboot, the system still uses the nvidia-173 driver (according to Xorg.0.log, and starting X still fails).

Before I tried the above, I also tried

sudo aptitude install nvidia-current

alone, in order to get the latest driver that is in the stock repositories, but the result is the same in both cases.

What do I have to do in order to activate the nvidia-current driver (either stock or from the ppa above) instead of nvidia-173??

I tried to modify the proper blacklist file in /etc/modprobe.d/... (sorry if the file names are slightly wrong - I'm typing all this from the top of my head, as the affected Ubuntu system has no graphics, and thus no graphical browser etc. ), but then there is the error:

"Error: API mismatch: the NVidia kernel module has version 260.19.12, but this NVidia driver component has version 173.14.28 ..."

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Ubuntu :: The Text In Recovery Mode Console Is Unreadable?

Apr 30, 2011

When I try to load Ubuntu (recovery mode) or if I press Ctrl+Alt+F1, the image gets corrupted showing a white screen with black writing on it, but which is unreadable. Also the words seem to be spelled backwards. I'm trying to install an NVIDIA driver and I need to stop first the X server.

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General :: Not Able To Log Into Text Console / Resolve This?

Jan 7, 2010

I have just come over from the darkside (Microsoft) and am finding problems with a few items.

I am trying to configure the monitor/video card as I am having problems with the nvidia geforce 4 integrated video card. Some instructions I have sat to press ctrl alt and f1 to go to the text console. I do but it asks for a login and does not accept my user name and password.

What have I done wrong?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 Installation 64 Bit

Jul 10, 2010

I really need to install blender 2.5 alpha 2 64 bit but i can't figure out how

This is the download link: [url]

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Fedora Installation :: F13 Alpha Kickstart On Usb Crashes?

Apr 11, 2010

I am trying to kickstart the F13 alpha from a usb drive.The usb drive is labeled "disk" and is setup with extlinux and can boot fine.My laptop has one hard drive (sda) and the only other drive is the usb (sdbThe ISO is copied on the root of the usb diskI extract the boot files from the F13 Alpha ISO and copy them on the disk also

cp /mnt/ISO/images/install.img /media/disk/images/install.img
cp /mnt/ISO/isolinux/vmlinuz /media/disk/boot/Fedora/.


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Ubuntu Security :: Sever Doesn't Clear The Console Text

Apr 9, 2011

When I'm logged in, physically on the server as root and logout the lines doesn't get cleared like when you logout as a normal user. This could be a bug and if it is, it could be a security problem. The last actions done shows.

Additional information:

Ubuntu Server 10.10 (32 bit)
Server used as: webserver, database, gaming server.

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Fedora :: Download The Recovery Through Text Console?

Sep 26, 2009

My computer isn't booting up or logging in, period, and I was wondering if I could run any of those Grub fixes if I downloaded it through the console. Can I run anything online besides yum using the console? I have a 4 gig USB Flash drive if necessary.

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Fedora :: Can't Change The Resolution Of Text Console On 13

Aug 8, 2010

I have install Fedora 13 on my machine (Intel 815 Chipset with graphic card of nVidia GeForce 256), but the default resolution of text console wound have be about 1024x768. I intend this machine as a simple samba server (without X Window), so just a low-resolution monitor will work with it. However, this monitor can't work with the resolution higher than 800x600, I have to change the resolution lower. I have searched the solutions for this problem on Google. Most of them thought I should fix /boot/grub/grub.conf, append "vga=769", "vga=771" or even "vga=ask" to the end of the line start with the word "kernel". I have tried but all of them doesn't work. Just like Fedora 13 use the value from the other configure file overwrite the one list in grub.conf. As everyone knows, if I installed and launched X Window on my machine, I could query and change the resolution with command "xrandr". Are there some similar ones that can work on text console?

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General :: Finding A Console / Text Based XDM / GDM?

May 22, 2010

I would like that users can log to X but this with a text based xdm + how to active it as last in inittab since it is text what contains my inittab


1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1
2:23:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty2
3:23:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty3


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General :: Kmail Notification When In A Text Console?

Jun 9, 2010

GNU/Linux kernel 2.6, Slackware 12.0
KDE 3.5.7, Kmail 1.9.7

To any user of an email program running on KDE: Let's call Kmail to such a program. When I am in the GUI, Kmail notifies me of any email that is entering. It does so by playing a .wav file through the loudspeakers (and displaying a little window in the desktop). But what happens if I am in a text console? Let's says I pressed Ctrl+Alt+F3. So now I am in virtual console #3. Shall I hear the sound? This question mortifies me.

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