Ubuntu Installation :: Maverick Installer Doesn't Recognize Existing Partition List?

Oct 13, 2010

I have been upgrading from 9.04 to 10.04. Now, I want to install 10.10 from the beginning without losing the data in my current partitions but when I run the Maverick installer it recognize my disk as a whole with no partitions. From another posts, I suspect that the problem is in the partition list because it seems to be a duplicate partition but don't know how to fix it. This is the fdisk output:

jgarcia@jgarcia-laptop:~$ sudo fdisk -lu /dev/sda
Disco /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes
255 cabezas, 63 sectores/pista, 30401 cilindros, 488397168 sectores en total
Unidades = sectores de 1 * 512 = 512 bytes


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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Doesn't Recognize Windows 7 Partition - 10.10 Maverick User?

Dec 23, 2010

I recently have installed Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Netbook Edition in my personal netbook. The thing is that I had installed Windows 7 in the hard disk drive so I decided to install Ubuntu alongside with it. After the process of installation everything was cool but I hadn't the Grub working. I then pressed the Shift button during the booting process so I got the Grub menu but it didn't show the Windows 7 partition. The Windows installation was not erased because its file system is present in Nautilus. I have tried reinstalling the Grub a thousand times but nothing changes. I have attached the results of the boot info script so you can have some info about my booting configuration.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installer Doesn't Find Existing Windows XP

Jan 8, 2010

I'm trying to set up a dual boot of Ubuntu & Windows XP.I have two hard disks installed - sda is 80GB and has an existing Windows setup on it, sdb is my 160GB data storage disk.When I have installed Ubuntu on other machines, it has detected any exisiting OS's and offered to install Ubuntu alongside them.

However, this time Windows doesn't seem to be detected - it says 'no other operating systems found' and wants to install to my second (i.e. sdb) disk. I was intending for Ubuntu & Windows to sit side-by-side on the first hard disk.Although I've installed Ubuntu before, I'm a bit of a novice and I'm not sure how to achieve this - where am I going wrong?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Maverick - Grub Won't Recognize My Windows Partition / Fix It?

Oct 17, 2010

I had Windows 7 ultimate installed on my netbook and installed Ubuntu 10.10 using the 'Install alongside other OS's' option which put windows onto another partition and created one for ubuntu.

Anyway I've tried reinstalling the grub but I never get a grub boot menu when I boot it up and the grub won't recognize the windows install

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Debian Installation :: Jessie Installer Cannot See Existing Linux Partition

Jan 12, 2016

I have an issue with Gparted v0.19.0 (Jessie) which has replaced v0.12.1 (Wheezy) which works fine. I had hoped to ask this question in Gparted's own forum, but after three weeks and multiple attempts no-one has approved my account there.

Unfortunately, my existing partition structure (on two different laptops) seems to be invisible to the new version of Gparted. Since parted seems to be used by the Debian installer, the Jessie installer cannot install on these machines without repartitioning the entire disk. That means that on such machines, the only option is to wipe everything or install Wheezy, then edit sources.list to upgrade to Jessie.

Both Gparted v0.19.0 and the Jessie installer report the entire hard disk as a single Fat16 partition,The same partitions which are invisible to Gparted appear as normal in the Places sidebar, of either Thunar or the PCManFM file manager. They can be mounted and used, seemingly without issue (I have experienced the same problem under Ubuntu/Lubuntu 15.10). Below, is the shell output of fdisk, which can see the partition structure and parted, which cannot:

Code: Select all$ sudo fdisk -lu

Disk /dev/sda: 74.5 GiB, 80026361856 bytes, 156301488 sectors
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes


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Ubuntu :: Maverick Installer Incorrectly Reading Partition Table

Nov 23, 2010

I think I found a bug with the maverick installer. [URL]. The installer is incorrectly reading my partition table I'm afraid it might overwrite data. /dev/sda3 is the target for the install.

/dev/sda1 = 200M = Windows system partition
/dev/sda2 = 239G = Windows install
/dev/sda3 = 50G = Where I want to install Linux
/dev/sda4 = 45G = NTFS storage

At first I had /dev/sda3 as a RAW type. In fact the only way I could create ext4 is via mkfs. I did unmount them before proceeding - mounted just as a reference in the screenshot. fdisk reads the same thing. Fresh install from LiveCD. I only have Wipe entire disk or Advanced in the installer. I don't have the "Install along side another OS" option.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Live CD Recognize Existing 9.10?

May 1, 2010

Is there a way to get the 10.04 Live CD to recognize my existing 9.10 installation and perform an upgrade without deleting all my files? I have been blocked out of Ubuntu 9.10 since December when I installed Windows 7 and it overwrote GRUB.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installer Can't Install To Existing Ext4?

May 29, 2010

I haven't used linux for a long time, after this break i wanted to install ubuntu and give it a shot but altough that i have a 10gb free space and another seperate 2gb free space for a possible linux setup, installer can't seem to recognize them.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading To 10.04 LTS Will Installer Recognize LVM?

Jul 20, 2010

My fileserver is running 8.04 LTS. I have 4 drives in an LVM and a separate drive for the OS. The OS drive is dying. When I replace the OS drive, I figure I'll go ahead and upgrade to 10.04.

Will the 10.04 installer recognize the existing LVM? Do I need to do anything to the LVM (apart from backing up the data) before I install 10.04?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Overwrite The Whole Disk - Recognize The Existing Partitions?

Jan 8, 2011

I have reinstalled XP and conseqently messed up Grub and lost Ubuntu. I am trying to do a fresh install but the installer insists on trying to overwrite the whole disk. I downloaded the alternate instal ISO as this has got over this problem in the past but this also wanted to overwrite the whole disk. It recognises the Sata Raid array as being nfts (this is my main data disk) but it doesn't recognise the existing partitions on my main disk:

18G windows
18G Old Ubuntu
113G nfts data disk

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Fedora Installation :: Possible To Make Updated Installer DVD From Existing System?

Feb 19, 2009

I have recently installed Fedora 10 in my x86_64 system and fully updated. The updation size was nearly 650MB. My question is can I make a an updated installer DVD from my existing fedora system?

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General :: Installer Doesn't See Ntfs Partition?

Sep 17, 2010

I'm trying to dual-boot install ubuntu but when i start up the installer it doesn't see my ntfs windows 7 partiton (64 bit if that matters) but i can mount it in nautilus?

Also, the same exact thing happens in Pclinuxos and Sabayon.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Doesn't Recognize Fat32 Partition On Sd Card?

Dec 5, 2010

I have a sandisk sd card with 3 partitions two ext2 and one fat 32 partition for some reson Ubuntu only automounts two ext2 partitions. I've tried inserting another card with only one fat32 partition and the system doesn't mount it. Both cards are visible in gparted byt not in "Places" menu.

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Ubuntu :: Says "no Such Partition" And Won't Boot From Anything. It Doesn't Even Recognize Dell Utilities Partition?

Jul 9, 2010

I was using GParted Live to resize my Windows XP partition on my desktop aaaaand... it rebooted properly and now says "no such partition" and won't boot from anything. It doesn't even recognize my dell utilities partition. I can boot to the GParted Live disk - and that is all. So I'm relatively certain that I just destroyed something

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Fedora :: Win7 Doesn't Recognize 2nd Partition

Feb 2, 2010

I have been using fedora 12 for quite some time. When i first installed Fedora on my new system i created 2 ntfs partitions on the hard disk using mkfs.ntfs and in the space at the end of the disk i have Fedora. recently i tried installing Win7 but it didnt recognise the partitions even tho they are NTFS. I had to format 1st partition from setup to install Win7. After boot i find that Win7 doesn't recognise the 2nd partition as welL. The partitions are working fine in Fedora.

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Fedora Installation :: FC4 - Installer Does Not Recognize Hard Drive

Apr 18, 2009

I have this laptop that I just reformatted in hopes of doing a dual boot between XP and FC4. It is an Acer Aspire 5315-2153 (the Wal-Mart special). I reformatted the drive; the Windows partition is in NTFS and then I have a 10GB partition in FAT32 for Linux. When I try to install FC4, the disk boots into the installer, then it tells me that it does not recognize any hard drives (the disk in this laptop is a Hitachi HTS541680J9SA00). It asks me if I want to load any drivers, and I tried a few and still no success. Any way, after it goes through that, it tries to start anaconda and after that launches it goes to a black screen and nothing happens. So, did I do anything wrong in the Windows install that won't allow the disk to be found? The XP disk only allows a format in NTFS, otherwise I would have done FAT32 on the whole drive. Second, is the anaconda problem something related to the HDD issue, or does anyone think that it may be a separate issue?

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Ubuntu :: Dual-booted Computer Doesn't Recognize Windows Partition / Solve It?

Aug 18, 2010

I have a gateway laptop that I have attempted to dual boot, but the computer only sees the Ubuntu OS and the Vista Windows Recovery Partition. (Actually, gnome reports 3 separate Ubuntu OSs... part of the problem?)

When I type fdisk -l, I get the following message code...

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Debian Installation :: Installer Fails To Recognize SSDs Attached To Intel Ctrl

Oct 14, 2014

I am currently trying to install Debian Wheezy 7.6 x86_64 on an Intel Server System R2224GZ4GC4, but the Installer doesn’t recognise any of the devices attached to the onboard SATA controller.

Debian Version
Debian Wheezy 7.6 x86_64

Hardware used
Server: Intel Server System R2224GZ4GC4
Motherboard: Intel S2600GZ4
Onboard SATA Controller: Intel Patsburg 4-Port SATA Storage Control Unit (rev 06)
Device on Port 0: Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD
Device on Port 1: Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD
Device on Port 2: Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD
Device on Port 3: Intel 510 Series SSD

While the onboard SATA controller does support so-called “fake RAID,” this ‘feature’ has been disabled (i.e., the BIOS setting “SAS/SATA Capable Controller” is set to “INTEL(R) RSTe”). This is confirmed by the controller during the boot-up URL...Weirdly enough, the Intel 510 Series SSD contains an old system (Debian Squeeze 6.0, Kernel 2.6.35-5-amd64), which can boot and which does recognise all SSDs.

Remedies tried
* I’ve compiled the list of SCSI, SAS and block device related modules that the Squeeze-System, which recognises the SSDs, used and manually loaded these modules during the install process.* I’ve tried to rescan the SCSI bus by:

Code: Select allfor host in /sys/class/scsi_host/*; do echo "- - -" > $host/scan; done* I’ve tried to remove all disks, save for the Intel 510 Serives SSD.* I’ve tried all of the above combined.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Installer Hanging - Dialog Showing Check List

Mar 21, 2011

I am trying to install ubuntu 10.10 on an eee pc 1000H but the installer is hanging on the installation dialog that shows the check list for installation (min disk space, connected to the net, plugged in to wall outlet, etc).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows 7 Won't Install Getting This Message:"setup Was Unable To Create A New Partition Or Locate An Existing System Partition"?

Apr 8, 2010

i tried installing windows 7 on a partition on my laptop but i'm getting this message:"setup was unable to create a new partition or locate an existing system partition "i tried googling and found that it has something to do with the number of partitions:my hard disk layout right now:

p1 ext4 21gb /home
p2 ntfs 64gb
p3 ext3 18gb ubuntu installation


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Ubuntu Installation :: Installer Won't Recognize Partitions - Error Message Saying Partitions Over Sized

Mar 22, 2011

I used Ubuntu before, without problems but since the 10.04 version it won't recognize my partitions. I formated my laptop and partitioned it, installed Windows 7 64bit, which I need for my work, and wanted now to install Ubuntu 10.04/10. I then used GParted to check my Harddisk and it is having troubles to recognize my partitions, too while Windows finds them. GParted is giving me an error message saying my partitions are oversized. I am still in the beginning of my Linux experiences and so I don't know what to do. I have two 250GB harddisks (how Windows recognizes them),


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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing To Pre-existing Partition?

Jun 10, 2010

What I am trying to accomplish, is have 3 partitions on my hard drive. The first one being Windows 35GB. The second being 15GB Ubuntu. The remaining just being backups. I have set up partitions for this, but I have failed thus far in finding a way to install to the Ubuntu partition I have created. Should I have left that space unallocated? How would I make this work?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Booting From An Alternate (pre-existing) Partition?

Mar 27, 2010

I can't boot to Windows XP after recently installing Ubuntu (Ubuntu boots fine). The error that comes up (straight after selecting XP) is that it can't find "system32hall.dll".

Reason for the problem: Ubuntu is looking at the old, corrupted version of XP that I have. The 'real' version is on another partition, for reasons too lengthy to explain. Note: neither of these partitions were touched when installing Ubuntu - I placed Ubuntu in the pre-existing partitions I had setup when installing previous versions of Linux (last was Mandrake 8.)

Now, I can understand why it is looking at the old version, because it is on the first partition of the hard drive, "dev/sda1", the new version is on "dev/sda3" (nomenclature according to Ubuntu, obviously).

Question: How do I point the config file to sda3? I have tried setting root to "hd0,3" and "hd3,1" with no luck. Original code is below:

### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ###
menuentry "Microsoft Windows XP Professional (on /dev/sda1)" {
insmod ntfs
set root=(hd0,1)


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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgraded To 10.04 And Existing Xp Partition Won't Load?

Apr 14, 2010

I recently upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 from 9.10. I now have grub 1.98 and my problem is that when i select windows xp from grub it just goes to a black screen with a white flashing line. If i boot ubuntu it does the same thing for about five seconds then ubuntu loads right up. I hit e on windows xp in grub and this is what came up.

insmod ntfs
set root='(hd0,2)'
search --no-floppy --fs--uuid --set 7a841c73841c33db
drivemap -s _hd0) ${root}
chainloader +1

I then hit c on windows xp and entered each line on its own and the only error was this. error unknown argument '--fs-uuid'

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Ubuntu Installation :: Partition On Existing Windows 7 Machine

May 20, 2010

I'm having a installation problem. I am trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop that is currently running Windows 7, and win7 is needed for use in projecting songs in our church services. The HD is a 500 gb already partitioned with the max. of 4 partitions. Win7 files are on the sda2 partition and my data files are on sda3. Sda1 and sda4 are smaller partitions, one is 3 gb's the other is 1 gb.

My question is, what is the best set up for me to install Ubuntu? I can't create an extended partition since I already have 4 partitions. I like my current partition set up as far as windows goes, but I would really like to get Ubuntu installed. I'm fairly new with Ubuntu, I like what I've seen so far. I had it installed with wubi in windows XP on a laptop that I just sold, and I've upgraded to the windows 7 laptop now, and I'm stuck!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Existing Partition Not Getting Detected While Installing

Jan 7, 2011

My Laptop is Dell Inspiron 1525 with Dual boot Windows vista as well as Linux mint. I was trying to install Ubuntu over Linux Mint, but it is not detecting the existing partitions asking me to go ahead and edit the partitions manually (which I am not familiar with). Earlier when I was installing Linux Mint or SUSE, it was detecting the existing partitions and could install easily. Currently I am sure how to go about, but I would like to install Ubuntu badly.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installer Cant' See Hd / Partition

Jul 11, 2010

i cant install 10.04 on my desktop with the 32bit or 64bit versions of 10.04 desktop.

i get to step 4 and there is nothing listed for partitions or any information and if i click forward, i get that message "no root file system is defined" "please correct this from the partition menu"

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Installer Doesn't See Windows 7?

Oct 26, 2010

I've searched the forums, internet, etc... and I can't seem to find anything on this. I installed Windows 7 using ~70% of my available hard drive space, the other 30% is unallocated. there are two partitions, the 100MB 'System' partition and the NTFS one with Windows 7.

On my first attempt to install Ubuntu: The partitions didn't look right. It detected two NTFS partitions, the first one of 100MB, and a second NTFS partition using ~30% of my hard drive, and 70% (presumably Windows) as unallocated. I decided to go ahead and try to install it over the 30% NTFS partition thinking that maybe the installer just didn't recognize the free space right or something, but after that happened, Nothing loaded and my Windows partition was trashed.

I wiped the drive, and reinstalled Windows again with the 70/30 split. On my second attempt to install Ubuntu: On step 4 of the installation process (partitions) it doesn't detect my Windows 7 installation at all. Instead, it says the disk is 100% unallocated.

Does anyone know why the Ubuntu Installer is not detecting my Windows partition correctly? If so, how can I go about getting Ubuntu to see it and install itself along side Windows?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installer Doesn't See The Disk

Feb 24, 2011

I have trouble installing ubuntu on my desktop machine. I had Mint before, reinstalled Win7 and wanted to upgrade to newest release as I didn't use Linux for some time.

Basically fdisk can see the disk but installer don't

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OpenSUSE Install :: Opensuse Installer Doesn't Allow To Create / Partition (ext4) >20GB

Jan 9, 2010

I am currently installing 11.2 on a new 1TB hdd.the opensuse installer does not allow me to create a / partition (ext4) >20GB. Does anyone know why and how I can get around this limitation?

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