Ubuntu Installation :: Kubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 - Bootloader - FAKERAID

Jan 19, 2010

I continue to have issues installing any of the newer version of Ubuntu on my ICH9 FAKERAID. I read that the GRUB2 issue with FAKERAID was solved shortly after Karmic was released. Did this somehow not get added to the Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 of Lucid? I would love to have Ubuntu installed on my main rig, but I do not want to fuss around with it forever...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade From Alpha To Alpha / Beta?

Feb 26, 2010

I upgraded Karmic Koala to Lucid Lynx, Alpha 2. Now I want to upgrade to Alpha 3, and eventually to BetaX. When I enter the command updata-manager -d, the system says that I am up-to-date. Is there a direct way to upgrade to the latest Alpha, or do I need to download the .iso, build a CD, and do an install from that?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual-booting OpenSUSE And Kubuntu / Set Up Bootloader?

Jun 9, 2011

In addition to my pre-existing installation of openSUSE 11.4 I installed Kubuntu 11.04 to my machine. Surprisingly enough the SUSE Grub was not overwritten and I can still boot SUSE fine. I cannot, however, get Kubuntu to boot; tried to set up a chainloader entry in the SUSE Grub, but that doesnt seem to find valid boot files and errors out stating Invalid or corrupt executable format.

As far as I can see, both openSUSE and Kubuntu see my hard drives in the following order:

sda: 500 GB Samsung on SATA (no OS installed)
sdb: 120 GB WD on IDE Master (Kubuntu installed to 1st partition (sdb1)
sdc: 160 GB Samsung on IDE Slave (openSUSE installed to 1st partition (sdc1)

During installation Kubuntu (alternate CD) installed Grub2 to (hd0,0), which should be what is called sda above.

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Ubuntu :: Kubuntu And Win 7 Run Without A Bootloader?

Apr 29, 2011

Kubuntu and win 7 have their own separate hard drives. The problem showed up when I installed the new Kubuntu 11.04 (disconnected win7 hard drive in hope that it wouldn't affect the win boot loader) . As of now, it's just an annoyance since I can just hit f12 quickly during startup and decide which one I want to boot. I tried doing what other tutorial suggest, but I am a little nervous about their instruction in reference to what number I should jot down since situation may be a little different.

Basically, I want Grub or whatever good working boot-loader to be installed (I heard a rumor that a click-able one was in the making) on my Kubuntu hard drive, and avoid affecting my win 7 hard drive (they research now with the updates to make sure you got their boot-loader running *sigh).

Here is some data I collected from partition editor, hopefully this will assist somebody in understanding my problem better:

ATA ST (where linux is installed)
/dev/sda1; type: ext4; size: 461.76 GiB; Used: 20.77 GiB
/dev/sda2 type: extended; size: 4.00 GIB; Used: 4.00 GiB
/dev/s...; type: linuxswap; size: 4.00GiB; Used: ---;
ATA WDC (Win 7 is installed)
/dev/sdb1; type: ntfs; size: 596.17 GiB; Used: 116.61 GiB

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows FakeRAID Together With Mdadm?

Aug 9, 2010

My motherboard has a BIOS feature to support RAID1 for two disks. I know it's FakeRAID but that's what Windows can work with. I've read that Linux's built in softraid mdadm is better so I'd prefer to use that for Linux's own filesystems. Can I enable FakeRAID in the BIOS without it affecting Linux in any way? Is it possible for Ubuntu to read and/or write to the NTFS partition that's raided with the fakeraid?

Also, if running mdadm in RAID 1 how much risk is there of losing data if the computer crashes? Is e2fsck able to repair a filesystem on a RAID 1 setup?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Disable Fakeraid On Installation / Solve This?

Jul 31, 2011

I wanted to install Ubuntu 11.04 on my pc (dual boot with windows xp which is already installed on one disk).
I have a Asus P5K pro (motherboard) which has a integrated raid controller and i have two 500 GB hard disks.
On BIOS raid is disabled. On Windows i see 2 different disks (correctly)..
When i try to install Ubuntu, on the disk/partition stagei only see /dev/mapper/xxxxxx which should be the raid (i could be wrong). I tried booting inserting the nodmraid option but if i do i cannot see any disk.

what can i do to solve this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Setting Up FakeRAID On An Existing System?

Aug 12, 2010

I have 2 750GB harddrives with multiple NTFS and ext3 partitions and have just added two empty 1.5TB drives (with WD Advanced Format Technology) to the computer. I have several external drives of various capacities for temporary data storage. My final objective is to have two mirrored RAID arrays that I can access with both Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows Vista (which I still need for applications that aren't supported by WINE), and I'm trying to find out how to do this.

At the moment, the 1.5TB disks are mirrored in the BIOS settings, and I was able to add a blank NTFS partition to the array using GParted. However, I am now unable to mount any of my partitions (other than the Ubuntu one) and cannot use GParted to copy a partition to the RAID array (I get a generic resource in use message, but I have no other applications open and am opening GParted after a fresh boot).

My Ubuntu install is heavily customized, so I would prefer not to reinstall it if at all possible. If it matters, the OS was not installed as 10.04, but was updated incrementally over time, starting at Hardy Heron. I initially did an apt-get install of dmraid and kpartx after reading [URL]

For some reason, my 750GB drives are recognized as belonging to a broken RAID array even though they are not set up that way in BIOS.

HD configuration:

sda: (I cannot mount any of these partitions )
1: ext3 (Debian Installation)
2: ntfs (Vista Installation)
3: ntfs (Data)


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Ubuntu Installation :: Move From Dmraid/fakeRAID To Software RAID?

Oct 10, 2010

About a year ago I bought a new compy and decided to get on-motherboard RAID, and by golly I was gonna use it, even if it wasn't worth it.

Well, after one year, two upgrades, a lot of random problems dealing with RAID support, and a lot of articles read, I have come to my senses.

The problem: I have a fakeraid using dmraid, RAID 1, two SATA harddrives. They are mirrors of eachother, including separate home and root partitions. I actually found the method I think I had used here: [URL]

The ideal solution: No need to reinstall, no need of another drive, no need to format.

My last resort: Buy a drive, copy my home directory, start from scratch, copy my stuff over.

PS: if it matters, I'm on 64 bit 10.04 LTS

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrading From 10.10 Alpha To 10.04

Jul 10, 2010

I recently decided to try the ubuntu 10.10 alpha and I'm getting an annoying amount of crash reports, is there an easy way for me to downgrade back to the normal ubuntu without reinstalling the whole os from my disk?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Update Still Wants Alpha CD

Oct 20, 2010

Few months ago I thought I would test the alpha release, so I downloaded the file and burned the .iso to CD. I had problems with the installation, so I cancelled it half-way through, and continued to use 10.04, which worked fine. Now, whenever I try to update/upgrade the system, it keeps asking me to insert the old CD, which I no longer have.

For example, if I try to
sudo apt-get update
it seems to work fine, until it stalls with the message:
Media Change: Please insert the disc labelled
'Ubuntu 10.10 _Maverick Meerkat_ - Alpha i386 (20100925)'
in the drive /cdrom/ and press enter

Apart from this recurring problem, I think I have have now successfully upgraded to 10.10. I realize that it's probably my own fault (or is it -- shouldn't 10.10 realise that I am way beyond the alpha release now?)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrade From 11.04 Alpha To 10.10?

Mar 12, 2011

how/if I can downgrade my dual-boot partition (win-7/11.04) to 10.10 without having to reformat the entire disk?

Can I use the same partition I installed the alpha 11.04 on to install 10.10 and save myself a lot of work?

Is it possible to simply reformat the Ubuntu Linux partition and re-install 10.10 there while preserving my Windows 7 installation?

Can I keep the newer GRUB boot loader for 11.04 (I like it better), or will I be forced to downgrade that as well?

I just tried the alpha, and I can't use it. It's still too green, so I want to go back to 10.10 the easiest way possible, so I'd need a little detail on the process of using the advanced partition features (if this is even possible).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can Create An Mdadm RAID0 Array When Fakeraid Is Enabled

May 24, 2011

I'm looking to shrink my windows partition on a raid0 array and create a mdadm ubuntu partition using raid0. Is this possible? can I just ignore the /dev/mapper device and use the standard /dev/sdx devices?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Upgrade To 10.04 Lucid Alpha 3 From 9.10

Mar 1, 2010

i tried update-manager -d from GUI and asked to downlaod 678 MB...so i downlaoded the i386 iso 685 from cdimage.ubuntu.com/alpha-3..now how to upgrade to 10.04 lucid alpha 3 from 9.10.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 0.04 Alpha Updating Errors ?

Apr 11, 2010

I get these from a Synaptic "Mark All Upgrades" and "Appye".


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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Alpha - Screen Flickering?

Mar 11, 2011

I had 10.10 installed and decided to chance it by upgrading to the Alpha release 11.04.Graphic card is ATI Sapphire X1550 I think (512MB).Apart from trying to get used to the buggy interface (to be expected from the alpha), the screen keeps blinking, goes black for a second every 30 seconds.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgraded Karmic To Lucid Alpha 3?

Mar 16, 2010

I just upgraded Ubuntu Karmic to Lucid alpha 3. It works fine except for a few things that can be expected in an alpha version. Anyway, I would like to know if it would be better to upgrade to the final release of Lucid or if I should do a clean install. I don't mind losing my files and settings because there is nothing important on my laptop, but it would be nice not to.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Alternate Install (10.04 And 10.10 Alpha) LVM Boot?

Jun 19, 2010

Today I decided to replace my 9.04 install with 10.04. (I did this on a separate hard disk.) As I am a big fan of LVM I used the 'Alternate' install CD. Everything installed fine.

However, upon booting I observed two things: firstly there was no grub menu. No countdown timer, no menu. Just a flickering cursor. After 15 seconds or so I got a message telling me that:

/dev/mapper/bromine-root (My root partition.) does not exist and that it had given up waiting. Finding this kind of strange I tried the alpha of 10.10 --- same again. Hence I have two questions: firstly, where did the nice grub menu go; secondly, what is wrong with LVM and grub these days? At the initframfs prompt I am thrown to there are some LVM utilities and they appear to show my volumes.

Switching back to my old pair of hard disks and everything works as expected (i.e, the hardware is fine and supported by Linux.)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 Installation 64 Bit

Jul 10, 2010

I really need to install blender 2.5 alpha 2 64 bit but i can't figure out how

This is the download link: [url]

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Ubuntu Installation :: Natty Alpha 1 Console Text Corruption?

Jan 17, 2011

fixing a text corruption issue / advice for filing a bug report (if necessary). So, generally speaking the stability I am experiencing with Natty is as I expect; I'm fully aware that this is a very very early development release and so all sorts of things can go wrong. I just wanted to point that out So while Gnome/Unity are up and running, graphics run more or less perfectly, the boot process text is completely garbled and if after everything is fully loaded I hit Control+Alt+F1-F6 the text looks like:

* this
* the above image close-up

The above links are supposed to be of the ubuntu login prompt. The problem occurred after running the upgrade command:


sudo do-release-upgrade -d

As is standard upgrade procedure. Is there anything obvious going on that I can tweak to make it all happy again? Since I have a working GUI.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading To Latest Alpha Release Of Natty

Feb 13, 2011

and type
update-manager -d

This should show the option to upgrade to the latest alpha release of natty. Through the terminal this can be done using the same command but you need use.

sudo -s
to do this.

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Fedora Installation :: F13 Alpha Kickstart On Usb Crashes?

Apr 11, 2010

I am trying to kickstart the F13 alpha from a usb drive.The usb drive is labeled "disk" and is setup with extlinux and can boot fine.My laptop has one hard drive (sda) and the only other drive is the usb (sdbThe ISO is copied on the root of the usb diskI extract the boot files from the F13 Alpha ISO and copy them on the disk also

cp /mnt/ISO/images/install.img /media/disk/images/install.img
cp /mnt/ISO/isolinux/vmlinuz /media/disk/boot/Fedora/.


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Ubuntu Installation :: Rebuild Status Raid 1 Intel Isw Fakeraid Intel?

Oct 1, 2010

I have recently installed Ubuntu 10.04.1 lts server on my Intel "fakeraid" (software raid) (2x250 sata).To test my RAID 1 I turned off one HD and start the system.The first screen (Intel software screen) show Status = Degraded, but the system starts normally with just one HD.Then I turned off the system and turned on the HD again, so the first screen (Intel software screen) shows Status = Rebuild. If I enter in the software raid panel the folowing message is showed: "Volumes with "Rebuild" status will be rebuilt within the operating system"The system starts normally... but this message status stays permanently even I restart the system again

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Installation And Revert To Windows Bootloader?

Feb 22, 2010

i've been using ubuntu with wubi, and I'd like to install it on my new hard drive (so windows is on one hdd and ubuntu is on another). afaik, grub will be installed on the hdd w/ ubuntu, and i have to set it to recognize the other (windows) hdd. assuming that i want to get rid of ubuntu and just use windows, what steps do I have to take to do so? (if grub is only on the ubuntu hdd, then would I just have to format it?)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Bootloader Fails After Reboot After Installation

Mar 29, 2011

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 amd64 (and tried 10.04.2 as well) from Wubi under Windows 7 64-bit. When I reboot after installing it through Windows, I go to Ubuntu and the installation completes. Then it reboots again to finish the install of the OS. When I boot into Ubuntu now, grub does not appear. Instead, some initramfs stuff comes up in a console with no GUI and says some error stuff about root devices. I read that grub updates cause problems, but the installation never finished and therefore I was never able to go into Ubuntu to lock grub packages, etc. I've run into this error on multiple fresh installs.

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Debian Installation :: Install Grub On Master Bootloader / If Installation Is Going On Separate Hard Drive?

Feb 5, 2010

I am helping my pal to get into Debian (yes first timer).He is running W7 on a 500G SATA HDD and he has another 250G SATA HDD that he wants Debian to go to.Will Debian install grub on the master bootloader even if the installation is going on a separate hard drive?I have dual boot before but on the same hard drive.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Possible To Use Windows Bootloader?

Feb 11, 2010

I was wondering if it's possible to use the windows bootlaoder instead of GRUB to choose between Windows and Linux? If so how?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Access The Bootloader

Feb 15, 2010

I am just starting to learn how to work with a Linux OS and was planning on using a bootloader to start my PC so that I could choose which OS I wanted to start, enabling me to mess around with them without needing to worry about hosing my system.Also, my studies are taking me deep inside how the Linux OS system works in general and was hoping that I could also get some advice on where to start separating GNOME from the OS to find out exactly how they work together, how the OS works with services, etc. because I am trying to learn everything that this entails.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Use Win7 Bootloader

Mar 3, 2010

I installed Windows 7 First then give partition space of 25 GB for my Ubuntu. However, I prefer using Windows 7 BootLoader instead of using Ubuntu BootLoader.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Getting The Lubuntu USB Without Bootloader?

Jun 24, 2010

I recently installed Lubuntu to a USB. It was up and running and worked fine, however, upon exiting and going to boot into windows, I noticed it had installed a GRUB bootloader. I use whole disk encryption on windows, which has its own bootloader, so I can't be having some other bootloader on the PC interfering with this. I used my rescue disk to restore my WDE bootloader, but the USB stick will not boot now.

I also tried using pendrivelinux but this copies the live cd version onto the USB stick and nothing saves when you log off.installing Lubuntu to USB without a boot loader?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Best Bootloader With 10.04 And Win7?

Oct 3, 2010

What is the preferred bootloader with Ubuntu 10.04 and windows 7, when multiple booting also with Vista and XP all on one hard drive and each on separate partitions? All are installed except Ubuntu and now boot with the windows boot manager. I have heard that if you install grub 2 on the MBR, then boot windows 7, that it will replace the grub boot code with windows boot code automatically. So is it best to use that NeoSmart EasyBCD tool to add Ubuntu in to the windows boot manager, and can I install grub on the boot sector of Ubuntu's root partition ?

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