Ubuntu Installation :: Keeping Software Packages Up To Date

Mar 31, 2010

I've had a search through the forums but can't find what I'm looking for, I'm sure it's there and apologies for asking something that has undoubtedly been answered before. I'm running numerous Ubuntu 8 LTS web servers, with mysql, rails, nginx, etc etc and I was after some advice about keeping these servers up to date with security updates. I'm on the ubuntu security announcements mailing list, but I was hoping to find a way to automate the installation of any security updates.

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Ubuntu :: Keeping System Up To Date?

Apr 22, 2010

Was curious about keeping a running system up to date. Can any harm come from running the following:sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get upgradeWhat I mean is, is it possible that doing the above could cause a perfectly healthy system to go foobar? If so, what's the best way to prepare a system for a recovery. The Server in question is a Hardy BIND server. In the past, I've seen some ugly things happen to Windows systems after running updates, so I'd like to err on the side of caution.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Keeping Up To Date

Apr 22, 2010

Fairly new to Ubuntu server. Was curious about keeping a running system up to date. Can any harm come from running the following:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

What I mean is, is it possible that doing the above could cause a perfectly healthy system to go foobar? If so, what's the best way to prepare a system for a recovery. The Server in question is a Hardy BIND server. In the past, I've seen some ugly things happen to Windows systems after running updates, so I'd like to err on the side of caution.

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General :: Keeping Xandros 4.1 Up To Date.

Jan 11, 2010

Xandros isn't keeping its repostorie Apps. updated. I tried Ubuntu 9.04 and it was good with only a minor change, (wireless was slow). Got a workround from Ubuntu forum. Login as root I was able to fix it, I updated to Ubuntu 10. Wireless was slow again. I tried logging on as root. Ubuntu 10. has lockout root and sudo won't let me add (iwconfig wlan rate 54M) to a boot up program to fix it. I went back to 9.04 now it wouldn't let me sign in as root. I next tried Debian Lenny. The screen res. was 1600 x 900? And for Dabian Lenny the screen res. is set automatically and can't be set manually, so I could not finish the install. So I'm back to Xandros 4.1 needing help to keep it up to date.

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OpenSUSE :: Clock Settings Are Always Keeping Out Of Date

Jul 1, 2010

My clock settings are always keeping out of date, how can I fix this bug? I'm using opensuse 11.2 with Gnome desktop

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install With Up To Date Packages In Single Pass

Apr 23, 2010

is there a way to install Ubuntu with up-to-date versions of all packages right away? To clarify: With the normal LiveCDs, in order to install an up-to-date Ubuntu Lucid, I have to download a 700 MB LiveCD, install Ubuntu, and then use the Update Manager (or apt-get) to upgrade all outdates packages, which by now should be another about 300 MB. Old versions of SUSE Linux had the option of downloading an ~40MB installer ISO which did not contain any packages itself, but would download and install the most recent versions of all necessary packages.

Is there such a facility for Ubuntu as well? Or a way of using an outdated Ubuntu LiveCD (e.g. Lucid Beta 1) to still install an up-to-date system in a single pass? I am *not* talking about netboot images such as netboot.me or boot.kernel.org, which AFAIK will download the full normal Ubuntu ISO during boot, so that I would still have to upgrade the system afterwards.

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Debian Configuration :: All Of Packages Are Out Of Date - Update Not Working?

Jun 30, 2010

So I just installed Debian Lenny on my PC (the install went fine). After installing, I went into aptitude and noticed that most of the packages available in the repository are out of date (python 2.5, GCC 4.3). System Update tells me that I am up to date, and when I tell synaptic/aptitude to mark all updatable packages, it does nothing. I have tried typing apt-get update as root aswell. Nothing worked.

I installed Debian with the first DVD from [URL]. During the installation, I told it to download anything that wasn't on the DVD. Shortly after installing, I had manually edited my /etc/apt/sources.list and commented out the CD line. Could any of this have messed up APT?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Over The Top Of Broken 10.04 - Keeping Data

Dec 6, 2010

I had 10.04 in my netbok but something happened, packages failed to install, all sorts of errors when shutting it down, kernel panic when switching on again so I've decided to just install it again. I've got 10.10 running from a LiveUSB drive right now and I'm going through the installer. I want to just tell it to use the exsting partitions, dont bother formatting, just install the new OS on top of the old one so I can keep the user documents etc How do I do this? I picked advanced partition management in the installer, pressed Change on sda1 and gave it a mount point of / but now the "format partition" is ticked and greyed out.. i dont want to format this partition, I just want to install to it

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Ubuntu :: Installing Applications - Message "Requires Installation Of Untrusted Packages The Action Would Require The Installation Of Packages From Not Authenticated Sources"

Jul 26, 2010

when I try to install anything using the Ubuntu software centre, I get the following message Requires installation of untrusted packages The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing & Keeping Windows Data?

Jul 28, 2010

I've finally had enough of Windows and have decided to go with Ubuntu. However I hope someone can help me with this query... I currently have a single hard drive which I have partitioned under Windows into two. The old C:drive holds software & the windows O/S and the D: drive is where I stored photos, documents, etc. Can you tell me if it is possible to install Ubuntu into the old C: partition and leave the d: partition in tact (for a few weeks to ensure I have backups of everything on here). Alternatively, if I add a new drive and install Ubuntu onto there, will I still be able to access the old D: partition (or would I need some kind of dual boot config)?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Keeping A Storage Partition When Installing Onto USB?

May 9, 2011

I have a 32g usb stick and I am trying to install Ubuntu on it. But I want to keep 16g as storage space so that I can have it as a normal USB storage for daily use. It's my understanding that I need to create 2 partition ( Since I want to use ext4 for the system which windows doesn't recognize?). But when I created two logical partition and installed ubuntu onto the second partition <sdc6>, I can't seem to boot into there,the screen stays on the white cursor blinking mode, and the usb isn't being read. Is there any way that I could do this? I just want half used as storage and half as Ubuntu system.

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General :: Keeping New Ubuntu Installation's /var On Separate Drive Without Formatting

Oct 11, 2010

I have a server running an older version of Ubuntu and with /var stored on a separate partition on a separate hard drive. I am attempting to update Ubuntu to 10.04, but I still want to store /var on a separate partition and hard drive. However, I don't want to format the drive which currently contains /var, as it has important data.

Is there some way to have 10.04 set up the new /var on this separate drive at installation, without formatting the drive and losing the old /var?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Keeping Software Updated For Security Reasons?

Jan 7, 2010

I've recently built a VM appliance using Ubuntu 8.04 that is given to customers for an easy deployment of our software. Ubuntu works great in a VM and its perfect for our software (which is a web application).

Some customers are paranoid (rightfully so) and they will run a vulnerability assessment on the web application. A particular customers' assessment fails as it finds that the appliance isn't running the latest version the Apache web server. I thought that just running "apt-get upgrade" would upgrade all of the software packages to the latest so that failures in the assessment caused by outdated software packages would be resolved... However this is not the case...

I realize that there is a probably a whole process for submitting/approving the latest versions of software packages in Ubuntu, that then get pushed to the repositories - But how does this work? What exactly does "apt-get upgrade" do if it doesnt upgrade packages to the latest?

For example: I need Apache 2.2.11 to fix a particular vulnerability. But when running apt-get upgrade, it doesnt actually upgrade the Apache version number (or any of the other packages). I'm stuck on Apache 2.2.8, and I can't find a .DEB installer for 2.2.11 or later.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Clean Install From 9.04 Keeping Home Folder?

May 29, 2010

I have 9.04 in my laptop and I want to make a clean install of Lynx.

My home partition is sda7 (ext4), so in the partition step during the install I'm telling the installer to use the partition as ext4 but don't format it (I'm explicitly checking sda6 as / mount point and set to format as ext4).

On the next step I see disabled options regarding the access to my home folder and "Require my password to log in and decrypt my home folder" is checked.

My current home partition is not an encrypted partition, so I am not sure of what will happen. I just want it to mount it and access it as Ext4, not encrypt it.

I also have a Private folder in my home partition, what will happen to it? Will I be able to mount it afterwards?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Re-partitioning Keeping Vista Windows Intact

Sep 29, 2010

I'm currently running ubuntu on my netbook, and vista on my desktop. Earlier i had an ubuntu installation alongside my vista, this has resaulted in my desktop making a countdown at booting. After the countdown it boots up vista. So i'm aware that there still are som leftovers from my earlier umuntu adventures.... here is my objective: I want to keep my vista installation intact, BUT i need to clear all earlier grub and ubuntu installations...and finally I want to install a fresh ubuntu 10.04.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Is Keeping NTFS Hard Drive Still Worth It?

May 14, 2011

It's been about three days since I've made Ubuntu my OS and I'm quite surprised to see, when I tried it first via wubi, that it actually reads NTFS partitions.It made backing up easy for me though now is it still alright that I still keep them NTFS or should I now start converting them to ext4? Except for my external hard drive.and what's the difference with ext3 and ext4? I was shown these options when I tried formatting my hard drive.

My other hard drive has two partitions which was done when I installed windows a few years back..If I would to reformat should I combine these partitions into one and make new partitions via that?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Install Packages On 10.04 - Error Action Requires Installation Of Untrusted Packages

Apr 30, 2010

Whenever I do sudo apt-get or use the Ubuntu Software Center, I can't download anything because a message comes up saying "Action requires installation of untrusted packages: The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources." I've been trying to download GIMP and Thunderbird, so... I dunno what the problem is.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Separate Hard Drive Keeping Current GRUB?

Mar 4, 2010

I'd like to install Lucid on a spare hard drive I have, so I can do my bit for testing it. I have a feeling that if I just burn the latest alpha .iso and install from that, it will replace my current GRUB, whereas I would prefer to simply add the Lucid install as an option in my current GRUB.

Of course I might be wrong, I just wanted to check before I went ahead with it. I was unable to find the info I needed via searching.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Replace Jpg Files Last Modification Date With Timestamp Creation Date?

Sep 22, 2010

I'm looking for a method for modifying some jpg photo files last modification date with the corresponding timestamp creation date of each file.The reason is that shotwell import pictures in folders according to last modification date which is stupid on my opinion.

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Fedora Installation :: F10 - Remove Apache 2.2 Keeping Old 1.3 Version?

May 2, 2009

Been away for awhile (Fedora 5 or 6 was what I last ran). Just downloaded Fedora10 and installed it on a drive here, running great, looking slick. What drove me back to Fedora (Linux) is my need to create a simulated webserver to locally test stuff without messing up my live site. I had successfully installed php and mysql, using the specific versions my host uses. I then downloaded the RPM of the specific apache instal, followed the install directions and ran into a snag. Last step, says, "$ PREFIX/bin/apachectl start". I did that and received an error. Tried just typing apachectl start, and it worked. Upon my surprise it loaded Apache 2.2 (mine was a 1.3 release), and of course is Fedora-branded.

My questions are as follows:
Do I know somehow how two versions of Apache on? How do I start up the 1.3 one if so?
If not - How can I remove the 2.2, and what will have become of the 1.3 I installed?

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Fedora Installation :: 11 And Keeping Windows 7 As Dual Boot?

Jun 9, 2009

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some tips about this.I have very little fedora experiee and wanna start playing with it now.I'v bin using it for some short time a long ago but nothing much.Now I could use some help with this:Can I and how, instal Fedora11, while having Windows7 instaleed allready and then have them both with dual boot. I guess it should be possible but some tips / guide would be great so I don't kill my windows and have to reinstal all over again, as i wanna keep windows as main OS for work but have fedora to learn as well.By the way, I have 2x640Gb in raid0, 1st partition 100gb with Windows7 on it, and the rest on another partition. Both have data on them. If that means anything for instalation

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Ubuntu :: Organize Folder With Images By Date Taken Rather Than Date Edited?

Aug 1, 2011

As a photographer I'm constantly taking photos and storing them in folders. Now occasionally I'm using two cameras (either for different settings or an assistant is also taking photos) which means that for one event I can have differently named images.Both cameras have the same time set (which always helps in Windows) but in Ubuntu when trying to sort my folder by date taken I can't.The options I'm given are to sort them: Manually, by Name, by Size, by Type, by Modification date and by Emblem.Now none of those are helpful to me once I've done a few edits to the images.So please if anyone knows, how do you organise a folder with images taken on different cameras by Date Taken rather than Date Edited?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade 9.10 From Wubi To Full Install While Keeping Files And Settings?

Apr 25, 2010

I want to upgrade my 9.10 from Wubi to a full install (my 30 gigs is almost filled) without losing my files and settings(like my panel apps and options). but how?

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Fedora Installation :: Preupgrade Leftover Packages - 176 F13 Packages Remaining

Nov 17, 2010

I recently upgraded from F13 to F14 using "preupgrade". This is the first time I've used preupgrade. So far, F14 is running OK. There are some leftovers from F13 and I'm wondering if this is correct.

Q1: There are 176 F13 packages remaining. [alfrugal@localhost Documents]$ rpm -qa | grep fc13 | wc -l 176 Is this OK? FWIW, after the upgrade, I ran "package-cleanup --orphans" as recommended by the "preupgrade" page on the Fedora Project wiki.

Q2: Also, my GRUB menu was correctly updated for F14, but it still contains the three entries it had for F13. Is it normal for the preupgrade process to require the user to clean up the obsolete entries from the GRUB menu?

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General :: Installation Of Packages / Using X Windows Menu Add / Remove Packages

Sep 21, 2010

How to add packages using X-Window's add/remove packages option in RHEL-5.3 as it shows only the currently installed package and and does not show any thing when we click the button "available packages" ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Fresh Install Keeping Home Folder Resetting Any Appearance Setting

Jan 14, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 and I want to move to 10.10. The upgrade path would be very long so I want to do a fresh install. I have twisted a little bit my Gnome appearance (theme, icons in menu bar, etc.). I would like to install it, keeping all of my files in my home folder but using fresh visual settings from Maverick. What should I do?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Safest Way To Upgrade Using New Installation While Keeping Existing Home?

May 23, 2011

Having read several threads and received excellent previous advice there are just a couple of points I want to check please before proceeding on laptop. I want to upgrade to 11.4 from 11.2. My disk setup is as follows:-

Disk /dev/sda: 120.0 GB, 120034123776 bytes
240 heads, 63 sectors/track, 15505 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 15120 * 512 = 7741440 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x462d462c


If I select existing /home root and swap partitions, format root but prevent formatting of /home and use a different user ID I believe that will leave my existing data intact and will allow me to trial new os. Is this correct approach? If all goes well and when I have new system working correctly, what is best way make old user id date accessible. Can I simply create my old id on new system and will that allow me to access data when I log on with that id?

Second question; at present I have the ability to boot to openSUSE, OS/2 and windoze. (It used to be done entirely by Boot Manager but during my last Linux installation I messed this up a bit so now machine boots to grub and this offers all three operating systems but chain loads Boot Manager if I select OS/2)

When I do the new installation what should I select to retain this setup so that I still have access to windoze and OS/2 but when selecting linux have new 11.4 system run.

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Software :: Cannot Install Source Packages - No Packages Given For Installation

Jan 5, 2010

HOW TO INSTALL PACKAGES IN IT ,IT SHOWS SOME ERROR (Cannot install source packages) OR (No packages were given for installation.)

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General :: Use Date With Touch To Create New File With Date Based Name?

Mar 12, 2010

I am using CRON to create a new, blank file, every minute, in a specific location on my web server. After web searching, and reading man pages, I get the impression that the following command is supposed to work:touch /home/mydomain/var/folder/attachments/`date +%H%M`.txtThis should give me a new file with a file name that is the current hour and minute.However, when executed, the CRON mailer reports:touch /home/mydomain/var/folder/attachments/`date +/bin/sh: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching /bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of fileSo, it looks like shell is seeing the plus (+) sign as an EOFObviously, nothing get created.What would be the easiest, single line command to create an empty file, at a given location, with a time based file name

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General :: Julian Date Converter To Gregorian Date

Apr 22, 2010

Anyone have a ksh solution to convert julian date to gregorian date?

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