Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Not Showing Install After Upgrade?

Dec 6, 2010

At first I thought it was a fluke, but it happed on another computer I was a bit late in updating. I'm running 10.04 lucid 32 bit on both computers.

After running the update, everything ran fine. The script ran update-grub and everything seemed ok. However when I rebooted, my laptop booted into GRUB and only showed windows and the recovory partition. Desktop would boot strait into windows with no selection (I knew how to fix it for the desktop since it happed a few days later)

When it first happend on my laptop, I scrounged around trying to repair the OS list, but nothing worked. Eventualy running "grub-install" with the "--root-directory" option on a live CD fixed it.

I'm not sure what is causing the problem, but I think I remember there being an update to GRUB when I ran the updater. The fix works, just a bit of a hassle, but I thought I would bring it to someone's attention in case it happens to them.

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Not Showing 10.10 Install?

Nov 24, 2010

I have both 8.10 and 10.10 installed on my hard drive, but whenever I boot the GRUB (I believe it is GRUB Legacy not GRUB2) only shows 8.10. Is there any way to get it to see my newly-installed 10.10?

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Not Showing After Dual Boot Clean Install?

Mar 21, 2011

I installed Windows 7 and then Ubuntu 10.10 64 bits. The Ubuntu installation went fine but when rebooting a "check disk" appeared and since then my PC keeps booting directly on Windows. I tried all the GRUB reinstallation methods of the GRUB2 Community Documentation with the live CD but none worked.

Below is the output of the Boot Info script found on several threads.


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OpenSUSE Install :: Grub Does Not Boot / Just Showing A Black Screen Written 'Grub'?

Feb 26, 2010

I've been running openSuse 11.2 for a while on my notebook.Today I turned it off at work and came home. When I tried to turn it on, it boots, shows a black screen written 'GRUB' and then NOTHING. It doesn't complete the boot process.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Failed To Install After Upgrade?

May 7, 2011

I started the upgrade and the system is nearly completed but I there is a problem with GRUB.Most likely since I am dual boot with win7. So right now I have a pop-up message that says...GRUB failed to install to the following devices:/dev/sdbDo you want to continue anyway? ect ect ect...I have not rebooted and completed the installation yet as I figure its probably easier to fix this now while I have the full system up and running vs having to fix it via live cd.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub PC 1.98 Lubuntu 6 Failed To Install Or Upgrade

May 30, 2010

I installed a new Ubuntu OS in my computer, (I downloaded it yesterday) on a dual boot pc (windows xp) Installation went smooth until it reached grub-pc. It was installing grub-pc (1.98 lubuntu6). It hanged there for several hours. Finally I interrupted the installation. When I went to the installed packages I got a message telling: Grub-PC 1.98 Lubuntu 6 Failed to Install or Upgrade. I'm pretty new to Linux so I know nothing about it, but I wish to go away from Windows XP.

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Menu Is Showing Two OS's ?

Sep 12, 2010

I have dual-booted Windows XP and Ubuntu. Because Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't have the required proprietary drivers for my system, I chose Ubuntu 8.04. The installation procedure went well, the drivers are there, everything's perfect but... there's a problem with the GRUB menu that appears just after launching my laptop.

When I first installed Ubuntu it showed Ubuntu (and some letters and numbers), another instance for recovery mode, some memory test lines (I guess there are two of them) and Windows XP.

But after I used the software updater in Ubuntu (to make it up-to-date), the grub bootloader shows two more lines - and those are the same as the first two - Ubuntu (with some letters and symbols) and Ubuntu recovery mode.

Why are those duplicates there? I've never installed another Ubuntu OS on my PC. Because at the moment I have two Ubuntu and two Ubuntu recovery mode lines .

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Legacy Not Showing New OS (10.10)

Dec 18, 2010

My laptop came with Vista and I added Linux Mint 6 (based on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex) all is good for a year or so. Added Ubuntu 10.10 to my desktop, loved it, wanted to add it to my laptop...oops.

Installed the main version from a LiveCD, did the the easy multi-OS installation.

GRUB-0.97 is what boots my system though looking at boot script I do have GRUB2 somewhere.

Currently, my boot options are:

1. Mint 6

2. Mint 6 (recovered)

3. Mint 6

4. Mint 6 (recovered)

5. memtest 86+

Other operating systems

6. Vista/Longhorn loader

7. Vista/Longhorn loader

Sda7 is where Ubuntu should be installed. GPARTED says its ext3 file system and bootscript says ext4.

I did find the forum post on purging and installing GRUB2 though I'm not sure if that's what I need to do, or try to reinstall Ubuntu w/o also doing partition resizing at the same time.

The output from my bootscript:

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================
=> Grub 0.97 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks on the same drive in partition #5 for /boot/grub/stage2 and /boot/grub/menu.lst.


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OpenSUSE Install :: Windows Not Showing Up In GRUB?

Nov 26, 2008

I just installed OpenSuSE 11 and after it was done installing and i rebooted, Windows doesn't show up on the boot screen I only get the default OpenSuSE and Fail Safe options.

All i know is that vista is on sda3 when i partitioned my drive. Here is my menu.lst entry for windows:

###Don't change this comment - YaST2 identifier: Original name: windows###
title windows
rootnoverify (hd0,8)
chainloader (hd0,0)+1

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OpenSUSE Install :: Installed - Now Ubuntu Jaunty Isn't Showing In GRUB ?

Sep 4, 2009

I used to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu for quite some time now. Yesterday after seeing OpenSUSE installed on my friends lappy, I decided it IS the time to bid goodbye to Windows. I don't play games, just internet browsing, listening to music, some letter writing and movies of course!

So today I removed Windows XP by formatting C: drive and installed OpenSUSE.

I am happy with OpenSUSE, but I still want to dual boot OpenSUSE with Ubuntu. But in the GRUB,only OpenSUSE entry is shown, Ubuntu is nowhere. It seems OpenSUSE has overwritten the Ubuntu GRUB during install and doesn't include Ubuntu in the boot list as Ubuntu does for other OS when we install Ubuntu.

How to create an entry in the GRUB so that I am able to boot into Ubuntu also.

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Menu Items Showing Twice

May 26, 2011

I reinstalled Natty yesterday and then installed Fedora on a separate partition.

I now havedouble the menu items in GRUB2 for both of these.

I ran the update grub command in the terminal and it goes smoothly, but the extra menu items still don't go away.

Puzzingly the menu items point to the same partition on the drive as their clone. Both of the Fedora menu items point to sda8

For example.

How can I remove menu entries in GRUB? I searched but could not find a reliable answer other than re-running update-grub.

How could I remove GRUB and replace it with Plymouth? Ubuntu Software Centre actually shows Plymouth as "Installed" even though it does not run on startup.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Windows Boot Not Showing In Grub?

Jan 20, 2010

After shutting down linux the first time on suse 11.2 the grub loader won't show me the option to boot windows. I tried using wine and dosemulator to get to windows and it doesn't work because I don't know the file name to open windows.

Their are certain programs that I can only run in windows and I need windows open to install them.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade Option Isnt Showing?

Oct 28, 2010

I'm running kubuntu 10.04. I want to upgrade to 10.10 , but the upgrade option isn't showing in the "update manager".

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Ubuntu Installation :: System Not Booting Showing GNU-GRUB Version1.98-1

Feb 4, 2011

boot my system its showing GNU-GRUB version1.98-1 ubuntu7

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 Not Showing Upgrade Option In Update Manager

Apr 30, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 9.10, as i want to upgrade to 10.04. I followed the Ubuntu steps mention in Ubuntu.com but my update manager is not showing upgrade option..i tried below command that too did not show any output about the available updates..#do-release-upgrade.Checking for a new Ubuntu release.No new release found.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Showing Up On The Update Manager To Upgrade?

Apr 28, 2011

Finally I have been waiting for 11.04 to be released, but It is not showing up on the update manager to upgrade. The LTS release only is checked in the settings. Do I have to manually upgrade or do I have to install 10.10 then 11.04? or is it that the servers are quite busy?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Sshmenu-applet Not Showing On Add To Panel After Upgrade To 11.04

May 11, 2011

After a dist-upgrade, the sshmenu-gnome applet that I had on the gnome panel is not showing any more.

Also if I try to re-add it to the panel it is not listed at all.

How can I restore it?

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Fedora Installation :: Windows Not Showing Up In Grub Loader?

Mar 20, 2011

I installed Fedora 14 alongside windows, overwriting my old Ubuntu 10 partition. Unfortunately, now the GRUB loader only recognizes my Fedora partition and the built-in windows recovery utility partition. I checked the disc utility and my windows partition still definitely exists, I just can't seem to boot into it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Boot Menu Not Showing After Natty Update?

Apr 28, 2011

When I first boot up. I get the GRUB command line. What happened to the boot menu? And I can boot up into my Windows partition just fine. But when I try the other partitions i get "Unknown file system" or when I try to boot into the other ntfs drive, I get "BOOTMBR missing", but yet it does not mean Windows, because i can boot that just fine. I can't find my Ubuntu partition. How can I get the GRUB boot menu back?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Can't Boot After Zypper Upgrade / Showing Black Screen?

Apr 14, 2011

I could upgrade openSUSE 11.4 on my desktop but when trying to do the same procedure on my girlfriend's laptop, after the zypper update part (and the reboot asked), now we can get it to boot.

After selecting suse from GRUB it shows some code (too fast to be read) then black screen forever. I erased the VGA option before booting and now it gets stuck in

[0.490266][<c02037a6>] kernel_thread_helper+0x6/0x10
We don't have any idea of what to do ;__;

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub - Setup: Warning: Attempting To Install GRUB To A Partition Instead Of The MBR - Install - Lvm - Luks - Raid - Karmic Server

Mar 27, 2010

I'm running Karmic Server with GRUB2 on a Dell XPS 420. Everything was running fine until I changed 2 BIOS settings in an attempt to make my Virtual Box guests run faster. I turned on SpeedStep and Virtualization, rebooted, and I was slapped in the face with a grub error 15. I can't, in my wildest dreams, imagine how these two settings could cause a problem for GRUB, but they have. To make matters worse, I've set my server up to use Luks encrypted LVMs on soft-RAID. From what I can gather, it seems my only hope is to reinstall GRUB. So, I've tried to follow the Live CD instructions outlined in the following article (adding the necessary steps to mount my RAID volumes and LVMs). [URL]

If I try mounting the root lvm as 'dev/vg-root' on /mnt and the boot partition as 'dev/md0' on /mnt/boot, when I try to run the command $sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/md0, I get an errors: grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR. This is a BAD idea. grub-setup: error: Embedding is not possible, but this is required when the root device is on a RAID array or LVM volume.

Somewhere in my troubleshooting, I also tried mounting the root lvm as 'dev/mapper/vg-root'. This results in the grub-install error: $sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/md0 Invalid device 'dev/md0'

Obviously, neither case fixes the problem. I've been searching and troubleshooting for several hours this evening, and I must have my system operational by Monday morning. That means if I don't have a solution by pretty early tomorrow morning...I'm screwed. A full rebuild will by my only option.

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade Grub With Dm-crypt - Warning: "Attempting To Install GRUB To A Partition Instead Of The MBR"

Nov 23, 2010

I am still using Lucid with a Luks/dm-crypt setup. I picked up an upgrade today that included grub. It gave me a box that had me choose my location to install the upgrade. I chose /boot. When apt did its upgrade thing, I got the following message: Setting up grub-pc (1.98-1ubuntu ... /usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR. This is a BAD idea.. /usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Embedding is not possible. GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists. However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and its use is discouraged.. Installation finished. No error reported. I looked in /boot/grub and found no menu.lst file.

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Ubuntu Installation :: System Lock Up - Error: No Such Device: 6937cabe-f115-455b-a248-6f8d46f80682.' Prompt Showing Is 'grub Rescue'

Dec 26, 2010

Have installed ubuntu on a separate partition on single hard disk and system initially worked on a dual boot basis with windows xp. However after installing most recent series of updates computer is failing to boot.

Error message is 'error : no such device : 6937cabe-f115-455b-a248-6f8d46f80682.' prompt showing is 'grub rescue>' am now unable to access either windows or ubuntu.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub2 "upgrade From Legacy" Wants To "GRUB Install Devices"?

May 2, 2010

I've installed grub2 on 10.04, when I restarted I selected that option in the menu that seems to go for testing the chainloader. The system seemed to start ok, so I ran upgrade-from-grub-legacy. Now it's asking me for "GRUB install devices" and listing my hard drive (/dev/sda) and the 5 partitions on it as possible options. Which should I choose? I have Linux and Windoze running on this desktop,

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boots To Grub Prompt After Installation Upgrade

Jul 10, 2010

I installed 10.04 clean on the PC.Not other operating system.It booted to Ubuntu fine after the install and all appeared to be working fine.Used the upgrade manager to install the upgrades to the basic system.I had not yet loaded in any non-ubuntu or medibuntu repositories so this was the first, basic upgrade.After the upgrade,I can no longer boot to Ubuntu but boot to a grub prompt instead.I presume this is a recover prompt. How do I "recover" and continue booting to Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Booting And APT Upgrade Of Grub?

Jan 17, 2010

OKI am loading 9.10 (K or U, makes no difference). This installs 2-6-31.14. Eventually I am unable to dissuade APT from upgrading to Grub 1.97 beta4. One of two things can happen.

1) I am upgraded to a later kernel at the same time (currently 2-6-31.1. This singularly fails to work, in that I end up with no working kernel at all and I can only run memtest (or Windows 7, which is about as much use): good for the soul no doubt, but frustrating. "Solution": tar up the whole of /boot beforehand and then reinstate it afterwards. I am back to square 1, but at least a working square 1.

2) I persuade APT not to upgrade the kernel.I then get 14 (and 14 recovery) in my grub.cfg, but boot fails dramatically, and it becomes apparent that it has forgotten about /dev/sda, my hard disk.Further investigation shows that I have a new initrd.img in /boot, which doesn't work properly; reinstate the backup version, and all is well.What is going on? Is it just me? How come there aren't crowds of protesting peasants with pitchforks outside Canonical Towers?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Configuring Grub-pc During Upgrade?

Feb 16, 2010

When I upgraded my system for the first time, I got a message asking me to decide between a few menu items for configuring grub-pc. When I chose to keep the current version installed, GRUB booted to a CLI. What menu item should I choose?

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Ubuntu Installation :: After Upgrade From 9.10 To 10.04 Grub Stopped

Apr 30, 2010

I have problem with grub loader. When I upgrade my ubuntu I change my grub but after restart grub get error. grup_puts_ .......

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Ubuntu Installation :: Old Kernel In Grub After 9.10-10.04 LTS Upgrade

May 12, 2010

I performed an upgrade via the Update Manager from 9.10 to 10.04 LTS and it seemed to go flawlessly. However, now I cannot seem to be able to remove the old Kernel from 9.10 in the package manager. It does not even show 2.6.32-21 as installed but it still shows the old Kernel in Grub. I did a sudo update-grub but it was to no avail.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lost Grub After XP To Win 7 Upgrade

May 29, 2010

I keep finding the same fixes on the web and they are not working. What I have/what I did: I have a dual boot PC. HD0 was XP. HD1 Kubuntu 10.04. I upgraded XP to Win 7. This jacked my Grub up, now all I can load is Win 7. I don't see the Grub menu anymore. I've been trying to reinstall Grub using varoius web pages like: [URL]

They seem to all be telling me the same thing but not working. I boot into a liveCD. I have to sudo apt-get install grub then I can do sudo grub. I follow the instructions:
sudo grub
> root (hd0,0)
> setup (hd0)
I get "Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition".

Now if I'm understanding this right the reason for that is. HD0,0 is my first HD first partition (which is Win 7), and grub doesn't like windows. I tried swapping it out so it reads:
sudo grub
> root (hd1,0)
> setup (hd1)
I then quit and reboot. Win 7 loads. I don't see Grub.I am using 2 separate hard drives?

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