Ubuntu Installation :: Freshly Installed System Freezes Just After Loading Screen

Jan 27, 2010

I recently upgraded from Hardy to 9.10 Kubuntu. The install went smoothly, and when I boot up, the loading screen (the one with the progress bar) does its thing. Then I see the 'waiting' cursor (in Kubuntu, the two dots chasing each other around in a circle). I see this for about two to three seconds, then the entire thing freezes up and I can't do anything, including switching to a virtual console. How do I figure out my system's dying words so I can figure out what's going wrong? As a (sort of) aside, when I open files in /var/log for reading with cat <file> | less, I have to Page-Down a whole bunch to get to the most recent stuff. Is there a way to jump to the bottom, or read with something other than what I have been using?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Freshly Installed System Hangs On Boot?

May 8, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix on an acer Aspire One D250, specs below: Processor Name: Intel Atom N270

Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz
Graphics Card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
Storage Capacity: 160 GB

I had to resize the win partition, making a new partition for Ubuntu of about 15GB. I then installed the system. Everything went without problems. I was able to boot once, and verified that everything worked as intented.

However, after that, 90% of the times I reboot the bootup process hangs at a blank screen (with a blinking underscore), immediately after grub selection. If I select "recovery mode" in grub I can see the bootup messages, but the process hangs, all except one time, right after:

[2.304418] ata2: DUMMY
[2.304487] ata3: SATA max UDMA/133 abar m1024@0x58344000 port 0x58344200 irq28
[2.304584] ata4: DUMMY

and does nothing more. There are no error messages or hints to the source of the problem, to my eyes.I've noticed that sometimes even the loading screen of the live cd will hang indefinitely, leaving me no choice other than a hard-reboot.

The rare times that the system does boot normally, everything works normally. I've tried installing using both the ext4 and ext3 filesystems. I couldn't find anything like this on the forums. Am I doing something wrong? Do you need more details?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Update The Repository Files In A Freshly Installed Karmic

Jan 26, 2010

I have a freshly installed Ubuntu Karmic 32 bits installed in an old machine (Pentium 4 512 Mb RAM) and I'm having a severe problem with apt-get. No matter what repository I choose, I can't update the repository files. I get the following error during a


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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Freezes At Splash Screen Upon Loading?

Dec 21, 2010

I was not able to install any version of Ubuntu. Everytime when the splash screen would appear, the computer would freeze and no hard drive activity would be present. The only way was to use the alternate install version of Ubuntu 10.10. Though, the splash screen problem persists. After the Ubuntu boot screen disappears, the splash screen appears with the coursor. About 3 seconds later it becomes unresponsive and the hard drive light stops showing activity. After reading a lot, I think it's my video card driver. I'm a complete newbie, so any commands need to be written out so I can just type in and cross my fingers. I can boot into the GRUB recovery mode. I log in and have a text based setup at this point.You know, I can type sudo commands and all that jazz. How can I fix my video? The graphics is not integrated. It's a 32mb nvidia TNT2 PRO.

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Ubuntu :: Screen Freezes On Loading Conky File

Nov 13, 2010

Every time I load my conky file, the screen just freezes. I have tried different conky script but still not working. I also provide some screen shot to have better idea whats going on. [URL]. This is the script I am using right now:

# set to yes if you want Conky to be forked in the background
background no
cpu_avg_samples 2
net_avg_samples 2
out_to_console no .....

# Default colors and also border colors
default_color white
default_shade_color white
default_outline_color white
# Text alignment, other possible values are commented
#alignment top_left
#minimum_size 10 10
gap_x 15
gap_y 70
alignment top_right
#alignment bottom_left
#alignment bottom_right
# Gap between borders of screen and text
# Add spaces to keep things from moving about? This only affects certain objects.
use_spacer no
# Subtract file system buffers from used memory?
no_buffers yes
# set to yes if you want all text to be in uppercase
uppercase no
# none, xmms, bmp, audacious, infopipe (default is none)
xmms_player bmp
# boinc (seti) dir
# seti_dir /opt/seti
# Possible variables to be used: .....

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Freezes On Boot During Purple Loading Screen

Jun 29, 2010

When I try booting my computer under Ubuntu, it freezes whenever it gets to the part of the purple loading screen (with the Ubuntu logo and the red/white dots indicator). I won't load any further, but I can still turn it off by pressing the power button. Has someone else got this problem? Ubuntu was my main partition, and I don't have any practical way to make a hard install.

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Ubuntu :: Freshly Installed 9.10 Freezing Up

Nov 5, 2009

I am running a dual boot with Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10. I have a Gateway Computer with a 2 GHz processor and 1.25 GB of RAM and a 40GB hard drive. My video driver is an integrated Intel variety. I went to Salimane Adjao Moustapha's website: [URL] and copied and pasted all of his post-installation commands into my terminal to run them. Not sure if this guy knows what he is doing or not. He seems very intelligent and has a lot of good feedback on the site.

Basically he seems to be upgrading/updating everything and adding apps for Video, Music, Utilities, Antivirus/Firewall, Open Office, GIMP etc. Somehow my screen freezes up on a regular basis. I can't mouse click on anything and CTRL+ALT+F2 doesn't bring up an instance of my terminal so I can't kill the offending process. It also freezes up sometimes when I first power it up. In any event, my only recourse is to pull the plug on my computer and reboot.

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Software :: System Freezes (Sometimes) At 'Grub Loading Stage 2'

Oct 16, 2009

I'm using Arch with the latest updates and I'm pretty sure this is a software problem.Basically about one out of five times my system freezes at "Grub Loading Stage 2". Whenever this happens, I usually just reset my box with the reset button and it will boot up just fine the next time.I originally put it down to being a defect in my hard drive which is probably three years old now at least. However, last week I bought a brand new 1.5TB drive. I removed my old drive and am using only my new one. Same problem.I Googled for this problem and found a bunch of posts with the same issue as I'm having, yet all of those issues are with people that dual boot with Windows. I don't. I only have Arch and no other OS on my system. I then tried reinstalling Grub and that doesn't seem to have solved it.I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I hope it's not a hardware problem. Any help is VERY appreciated as this problem makes me worry that something worse is going on.

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Fedora :: Cannot Update Freshly Installed 12

Mar 15, 2010

I just freshly installed Fedora 12 on my PC from a live CD. After finding the update button, It says I have 451 updates. When I go to update all of them a few seconds into the update I get a error message and it says this below. " could not add package update for abrt-plugin-runapp-1.0.8-2.fc12(i686)updates: abrt-plugin-runapp-1.0.8-2.fc12.i686 "

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General :: Repositories In A Freshly Installed Ubuntu Karmic?

Jan 26, 2010

I have a freshly installed Ubuntu Karmic 32 bits installed in an old machine (Pentium 4 512 Mb RAM) and I'm having a severe problem with apt-get. No matter what repository I choose, I can't update the repository files. I get the following error during a apt-get update:

Hit http://br.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates/universe Sources
Hit http://br.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates/multiverse Packages
Hit http://br.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates/multiverse Sources
96% [4 Sources bzip2


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Ubuntu Networking :: HP HP Pavilion G6 - No Wireless With Freshly Installed 11.04

Aug 14, 2011

Installed 11.04 (64bit) on my HP Pavilion G6, in place of windows. ethernet works, however i cannot connect wirelessly. i have done much Google searching but to no avail.


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Fedora Installation :: Boot Selection Menu, Get A Grey Screen With A White Cursor, And The System Freezes?

Dec 4, 2010

I'd like to install Fedora 14 64bit as a dual boot on an existing win 7 32bit system. When I boot with the Live CD, after selecting "boot" in the Fedora boot selection menu, I get a grey screen with a white cursor, and the system freezes. I checked the Live CD on my laptop and it worked perfectly.

My System:
MotherboardASUS P5Q DELUXE
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6750, 2,66 GHz, Sockel 775


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OpenSUSE :: Revert 11.3 KDE To The Freshly Installed State?

Jan 16, 2011

I want to revert Suse 11.3 KDE to a freshly installed state. I mean, is there any way to remove any traces of software(s) which have been installed or updated along with any associated repositories.

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Debian :: Freshly Installed Squeeze Doesn't Have Gdm (X Server)?

Sep 24, 2010

i got a copy of CD1 from [URL]. And then, i noticed there was no gdm(X server) installed. Is it different from Lenny? It is possible to install X from the CD?

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Slackware :: Freshly Installed 13.1 - Initial Fonts Look Quite Out Of Focussed ?

Jan 2, 2011

I have successfully installed Slackware 13.1 with the help of a brilliant guide and some reading on my own. And I am loving it. I have installed few applications and feel that the I understand the system more better than any other linuses I tried.

But, the initial fonts look quite out of focussed(can't find a word) or simply ugly?

I searched and found few threads and a dugan's blog but I got confused as to what to do exactly....How to make fonts beautiful or focussed?... This is my first query.....

Also, a second query is about updating the system...I installed Slackware 13.1 DVD without KDE( Yes I love xfce). As I see I used the "slackpkg" utility to update.

First, uncommented the # sign from one of the mirrors in /etc/slackpkg/mirrors and ran slackpkg update

And the next time when I ran the same, it said "No changes in change log between last update and now". I gather it means my system is upto date but I have doubt about it. How do I conform if the system is upto date? Should I necessarily subscribe to the mailing list? It a thing I haven't done yet.

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Fedora Networking :: Get Wireless Access On A Laptop With Freshly Installed F14 32-bit?

Jan 2, 2011

I'm trying to get wireless access on a laptop with freshly installed Fedora 14 32-bit, but I'm having some issues. I ran the diagnostics advised in this thread: [URL]..Here are the results:

[root@localhost]# lsmod | grep iwl
iwl3945 97265 0
iwlcore 160590 1 iwl3945
mac80211 188648 2 iwl3945,iwlcore
cfg80211 110951 3 iwl3945,iwlcore,mac80211


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General :: Dell Studio 1535 Screen Resolution - System Won't Get Past The Loading Screen Anymore

Aug 4, 2010

Unfortunately my experience in the Unix* based world up to this point has only been using web servers and administrating them, no GUI experience of any kind so I am completely unfamiliar with the setup and entire usage of Xorg or any other Window manager at this point. The issue I am having is with the screen resolutions I am being allowed to chose for my Dell Studio 1535 running Fedora Core 13 and the KDE 4 desktop GUI, thus my issue since I am not really familiar with how to run a Unix* based GUI in the first place.

The basic information, if there is more needed just advise what and what command gathers that info (or what conf/log I should look into in order to find it). Laptop is a Dell Studio 1535 Video is the Mobile Intel GMA X3100 ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics. LCD interface is the LVDS.

So far it seems to give me modes for 1024x768 and on down, nothing above this. I believe I am supposed to use the radeon driver being that is the type of card it is but every time I change the xorg.conf file to use this instead of vesa the system wont get past the loading screen anymore upon reboot and nor can I seem to find a way to bring up a command line so I can hit up the Xorg.0.log to see what is wrong or change the xorg.conf file back to the original driver it had listed.

I am going to assume this is a missing driver or something else it hangs on but without being able to get access back to the system and having to rebuild it again (re-install via live CD) I am basically out of luck at this time. Sorry for the rather poor post but I do hope to receive some basic directions on where to go from here with this issue

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Freezes When Loading?

Jul 31, 2011

I'm trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 on this old desktop that is currently running WinXP. I get to the menu to choose to try ubuntu, install, or boot hard drive. I choose Install and it begins to load with those 5 dots then after a minute or so it just freezes on that screen. I then try to choose the "try" option and it does the same thing, although takes slightly longer before it freezes.I just happen to have a v8.10 disc laying around so I try that. I get to the same options menu, it loads, and then shows a black screen with a white blinking underscore. Same goes for when I use the "try" option.Specs:2.53GHz P41.5GB RAM250GB HDD

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub4Dos Freezes When Loading Initrd?

May 13, 2011

I am using grub4dos 0.44 but can't boot directly into Kubuntu. The bootup freezes at the step of reading the initrd. Can't copy 'n paste the exact bootup-message but it looks similar to this one, I found on another forum-thread:

Filesystem type is fat, partition type 0x06 [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x1400, size=0xcff87] Unlike the guy who posted the two lines above, I installed Kubuntu on an ext3-partition (hd0,5), (which is /dev/sda6 in Ubuntu) and without an own bootloader, since I wanna use grub4dos instead of grub2. The installation is fresh - the initrd-file shouldn't be broken. My menu.lst looks like this:


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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Loading A Driver From A Floppydisk On An Installed System

Jun 3, 2009

I have a strange IDE device that isnt recognized during boot, so I installed via network but after the installation the DVDROm Drive is still not recognized. I found some floppy images with the driver but dont know how to install them:


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Ubuntu :: System Installed On A External Hard Drive, Themes Aren't Loading?

May 17, 2011

I've installed Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal on a External HDD (320GB Samsung S2). Worked like a charm. Bit slow to boot up and load programs, but after a while, works great. I installed it on the external HDD for one purpose: Work anywhere with Ubuntu, no matter which computer I use. I was thinking that was impossible, but I've tested thru several platforms (3 Notebooks, 2 netbooks, all Intel and one AMD Desktop). All worked flawlessly (32 Bits PAE activated and no matter how many cores are active, just works), BUT the themes.For no apparent reason, themes works on the computer I've installed Ubuntu on the HDD. It has his own Internal HDD with Windows 7 and two NTFS partitions.

Themes are stuck to the default boring-white from Gnome. I can only change the window controls. Compiz works, Wireless works, video works, sound works, filesystem works, system works - themes fail. Feels like I've hit my feet's little finger on a chair. P.S.: Ext. HDD is partitioned like this: 300GB FAT32 (it's my pop's HDD, he wants it this way), 18GB EXT4, 2GB Swap.


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Fedora :: Loading Freezes After Installation Of Kmod?

Sep 19, 2009

I installed fedora on my laptop and everything went fine, i installed my bradcom drivers and rebooted.
Next step was kmod for nvidia but when i rebooted i couldn't use fedora anymore cause loading freezes at some point. same thing happens to my desktop pc, where i solved the problem booting with an older kernel (this time i have an error saying "eth0 link not ready" or something like that). Everytime i try to boot with a more recent kernel loading freezes. The point is...i can go through with my desktop pc by choosing another kernel, but i can't even boot with my laptop.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot Disk Loads But It Freezes After The Loading Dots

May 26, 2011

tried to install 11.04 using wubi and wouldnt work so created a boot disk and did it that way: the boot disk loads but it freezes after the loading dots

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 - Installed Several Times And Each Time System Freezes/crashes During Boot

Dec 7, 2010

LIVECD of 11.3 Gnome works fine in my old PC. I installed several times and each time system freezes/crashes during boot. I am linux newbie, so, I am trying to figure out my problems. In Livecd I noticed Hardware info list's my SATA disk as IDE. Driver Modules: "ata_piix"Attached to: #24 (IDE interface). Is it right? I have posted Hardware information output in 01: None 00.0: 10105 BIOS [Created at bios.186] - Suse 11.3 install problem My machine specs are: Intel DG31PR motherboard, Intel core2duo, 3 GB DDR2 Ram, 250 GB SATA harddisk

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Fedora Installation :: Program Freezes After Loading Components / Mounting Partitions

Dec 29, 2009

I am trying to install Fedora 12 x64 on my 27" iMac 10,1. I have tried both the installation dvd and the gnome live cd (both x64 i did not try the x86). On the installation dvd I get as far as the menu giving me the boot/install options - I have tried to install both with a basic video driver and the regular install/upgrade option - both times it begins loading components for the installer program (/sbin/loader) etc. After it loads sbin/loader and mounts the partitions it freezes with half the screen being the terminal txt beforehand and the other half being just a standard fedora logo w/blue background. It is not much different when I try the live-cd the only different is it does the exact same thing when the timer for automatic login is done. Any possible command line arguments that I could use to stop the graphical corruption?

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Ubuntu :: System Boots Then Screen Freezes / Fix It?

Mar 16, 2010

Don't know if this is a coincidence, but the other day we had a power cut and my laptop went off. When I tried to reboot it got to the ubuntu start up screen, but when it tries to get to the "desk top" screen it all goes blue and black flashes. I have XP and Vista on the same machine and these both start up ok

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Ubuntu Installation :: Nvidia 9300M GS - Purple Screen (loading Screen) With 4 Dots

Oct 25, 2010

I have been using ubuntu wel a long time now and I know my way around in linux but I recently updated my laptop from ubuntu 10.04 to ubuntu 10.10 all went fine until I had to restart my laptop. I got a purple screen (loading screen) with 4 dots and a oldskool like font which said: Ubuntu 10.10 Right after that the screen goes purple and its like the system halts I hear no login sound etc just a purple screen. So I did a clean install from the 10.10 live cd which booted perfectly fine and the system was also useable like before. But when I installed the system and rebooted it again no problems.

But when I tried to install the proprietary nvidia driver (the recommended one) I got the same problem again the purple screen. After searching a while on the internet I only found posts which had the problem with ATI cards but my laptop is fitted with a Nvidia Geforce 9300 M card. So I tried several things like removing the xorg.conf (read it somewhere) which ofcourse did not work, and booting in graphics fail safe mode which worked. So the point is in 10.04 and 9.10 I CAN use my video card drivers but not in 10.10 is there a solution to this problem? I am talking about the 32 bit version of ubuntu and here's my system hardware profile:

Intel core 2 duo t7350 @ 2,0 ghz / 3mb l2 cache
2 GB DDR3 ram
160 gb hdd
Nvidia 9300m gs
Chipset: I dont know sorry
Model: Samsung R710

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Image Not Loading - Flash Screen On Blank Screen

Dec 26, 2010

Is there a known problem with the Lubuntu 10.10 image here? I have downloaded it to two different computers, then burned the images to two different blank CD's (different brands) and neither loads. Both only get as far as the Lubuntu menu, once ENTER is pressed at that point to load the LiveCD, a blank screen eventually appears with a flashing cursor at the upper left of the screen, that's it. They were both burned using the slowest burn speeds available.

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Ubuntu :: System Freezes With Black Screen And Message

Sep 10, 2010

I'm using ubuntu 10.04 and it worked fine but recently I'm getting the following message -
(process:343) GLib_Warning** : getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id(0).

This message comes with a black screen and then no key stroke works and everything totally freezes. then I've to force restart using power switch. This message appears when I'm using internet. I'm using pppoe broadband connection. Without internet it works fine. I'm getting the same prob in Linux Mint 9. I've googled for this problem and almost everywhere it is said that this message appears in booting time and after a few moments everything becomes quite ok but my problem doesn't match with them. I don't get this message in booting time. I get this message when I'm on internet.

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Ubuntu :: System Freezes At Purple Screen On Boot

Jul 17, 2011

Every once in a while when I turn on my computer it freezes on the purple screen after the screen where you choose the operating system. When this happens the keyboard doesn't work and I have to hold the power button. Also I think this might be connected to the problem I had when I was running ubuntu from the live cd, which was freezing after choosing the option of "trying" the OS before installing. I'm using an HP Dv7-3112sa and am running the default 64bit ubuntu from the website.

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