Ubuntu Installation :: Firefox Shows Bold Font By Default After Removing Packages

Oct 29, 2010

I updated and removed some packages that could not be upgraded, and now Firefox and Google Chrome show web pages in bold font by default. By this i mean that all pages not setting font-weight explicitly.

This is on Meerkat, upgraded from long before (Lucid, i believe). I'm guessing the KDE packages are due to me having Amarok and konsole installed some time long ago, so i assumed i could ditch these.The terminal output from the commands above is attached.

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Ubuntu :: PDF -Cannot Find Or Create The Font TimesNewRoman - Bold

Nov 17, 2010

We are having problems opening some PDF files: get error and whole document is unreadable using acrobat 9.x on karmic. "Cannot find or create the font 'TimesNewRoman,Bold'.Some characters may not display or print correctly." I also ran upgrade from ubuntu software center and retried but same problem.

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Shows Both Read And Unread Messages In Bold

Jun 6, 2010

In the Evolution message list, all messages are shown in bold whether read or unread. I know it's supposed to only show unread messages in bold, but it shows read messages in bold too, so you can't tell between them. The read/unread flag is set properly - you can tell by right-clicking on the message and seeing whether it offers to toggle it to read or unread. But the font remains bold no matter what.

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Ubuntu :: Select Font Characteristics For The So-called MS Fonts (Arial) Instead Of The Menu Showing Bold And Italic

Mar 12, 2010

This is an interaction between OOo and the font package on Ubuntu, so I have searched both sets of forums fruitlessly. In Open Office when I go to select font characteristics for the so-called MS fonts (Arial for example) instead of the menu showing Bold and Italic, it shows "Negreta" and "Cursiva".

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Debian :: Fonts With Pdf Files - Lines Remain Blank - Error: Couldn't Create A Font For 'Courier Bold'

Feb 23, 2011

I have a pdf file (nasm documentation) that used to be displayed perfectly with xpdf, but now all code example lines remain blank. On the terminal I get repeated lines such as:

Error: Couldn't create a font for 'Courier Bold'
Error: Couldn't create a font for 'Courier'

I tried to figure out the problem... the same problem occurs with both evince and okular. However it does not occur when opening the same file under root (tested with xpdf), so it seems to be some permission problem. I tried searching on the error message but couldn't find a working solution.

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Software :: Open Office Installation Shows No Packages Available

Jan 30, 2010

I downloaded openoffice.org-2.3.0-6.11.el5.src.rpm. When I try to install it, it shows that there are no packages but it is up to 250 mb.

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Change Font - Font Size FIrefox 3.6.8

Aug 16, 2010

I can't change fonts in Firefox preferences (Content).

My OS is openSUSE 11.3, KDE 4.4.4. release 8.

Any type and size of font I use, nothing happens. It's still same font which I choose for the first time I've started Firefox afer installing openSUSE 11.3.

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Ubuntu :: By Default Pango Is Choosing AR PL UMing CN As Font To Render Japanese Text When Current Font Doesn't Have Japanese Glyphs

May 4, 2010

Actually I want to log a bug but I don't really know what package to log it against. The problem is that by default Pango is choosing the AR PL UMing CN as the font to render Japanese text when the current font doesn't have Japanese glyphs. But AR PL UMing CN is a Chinese font, so Chinese glyphs for kanji characters (e.g., 覚) are displayed. This is jarring and confusing for Japanese readers.

This situation mostly arises when you have mixed English and Japanese text. Some applications (for instance Firefox) will allow you to select a font for Asian text. Thus if the text contains only Asian characters it will use the font you select, rather than what Pango would have selected. But if it is a mix of English and Japanese, you end up with the wrong glyphs.

Other environments (like gnome-terminal, or a gedit) have difficulties as well. Since the primary interface requires mono spaced roman characters you run into difficulty selecting fonts. Most Japanese fonts only have proportional roman characters. This means that if use a nice roman font and use Japanese text (for instance file names), you end up with Chinese glyphs. What I want is a mechanism that will work across all of Gnome for selecting the font I want to use for Chinese characters. That way I can choose either Japanese or Chinese glyphs.

I realize this is low priority. It only bugs me a little, but many of my Japanese colleagues are put off from using Ubuntu because they are confused by the Chinese glyphs that pop up on my screen from time to time. As I said, I'd like to file a bug, but I'm not sure against what package...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lucid Upgrade: Restore Default Desktop And Font Settings?

May 18, 2010

I upgraded from Karmic to Lucid recently. Before upgrading, I had customized my desktop on Karmic with Compiz, Emerald and new set of fonts. After upgrade (which appears to have gone smoothly, yay!), my desktop retained the previous appearance settings. I want to try the factory default gnome appearance settings for Lucid and still stuck with restoring fonts.

What I have done till now:

0. Enabled Visual Effects from Appearance menu.
1. Theme -> Changed to Human
2. Window Manager -> Still using Compiz
3. Window Decorator -> Switched from Emerald to GTK
4. Font -> Changed first 3 font types in the Font tab to Sans, size 10, 4th to Sans Bold and 5th to Monochrome. Rendering -> subpixel smoothing (LCD)

What I want:

1. Is this the default setting? Have I missed anything in restoring default settings?

2. I have done too many changes to firefox font rendering over time. How do I restore default 10.04 font settings for Firefox? I would ideally love to have an option in Ubuntu which would help me restore factory settings.

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Fedora :: Upgrade To KDE 4.4 And "Configure Kmail" Displayed In The Default Font No In Console Font

Feb 25, 2010

In all previous versions of KDE I had Console8x16 set as KDE font for all cases (Settings->Appearance->Fonts). After tonight upgrade, this (only!) font is not working. I can see it in font manager, I can set it in ...Appearance->Fonts, but actually remains default font. Two of about 30 attempts somehow (can not reproduce) succeeded to set "console 12" font, but it disappeared after restart.

1. What can be the problem in 4.4?
2. In /usr/share/fonts tere are 3 files named console8x16.pcf, console8x8.pcf and console9x15.pcf, but in the font list in Appearance->Fonts I can see only 2 - one named "Console" (seems to be 8x16 and "console" (8x8). File 9x15 does not appear at all. Why?

Last results of attempts: cannot use console font in part of areas, while part works OK. For example: kdevelop editor, kmail message body text works OK. But kmail other parts - does not. The most interesting is that although setting the kmail body message text to console displays the message body text correctly (with console font), but the example message in "Configure kmail" dialogue "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" is displayed in the default font, as if there is no console font!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Won't Boot From Disc - System Shows A Folder With A Question Mark And Boots Into The Default OS 8.6

Mar 9, 2010

I've tried to install 9.10 on my PowerBook G3, with both a CD and DVD. However, the system shows a folder with a question mark and boots into the default OS 8.6. I even tried with an older ubuntu disc (8 point something) that had worked on another computer, but this didn't work either. I know the computer can boot from the CD drive, as it works with my OS X 10.4 DVD.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade Without Default Packages?

Oct 11, 2010

I've just upgraded 10.4 to 10.10 and everything works fine and looks good but I now have the usual palaver of needing to remove some default packages that have been installed but which I don't want such as Empathy and Evolution. Is there any way to upgrade to a new release without getting all the default software packages?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Folder Where Packages Are Installed By Default

Feb 15, 2010

Can you tell me where do packages installed with apt-get or synaptic package manager get stored in? I use Ubuntu9.10

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 Upgrade - What Packages Are Installed By Default

May 25, 2010

Since I had problems with Openoffice since the upgrade to 9.10, I've tried to uninstall all openoffice. I've searched for 'openoffice' in synaptic and uninstalled all thet I've found. It has uninstalled many other things, thunderbird, firefox and god only knows what other. Now, there is a way to know what are the packages installed by default? Or, to install all the dafault packages? Or, there is a log of what I've uninstalled?

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Ubuntu :: Removing Packages Via Synaptics?

Aug 2, 2010

When removing packages via Synaptics it gives the option of Mark for removal Mark for complete removal If I mark it for complete removal does it mean it will never be available from Synaptics again or does it mean that the whole package will be deleted from my system and have to be downloaded again if I want to install it again. I am never sure which to pick

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Ubuntu Installation :: Removing Evolution From Synaptic Vs Just Removing The Applet

Feb 27, 2011

what i did was, remove evolution mail from synaptic, what i wanted to do was just remove the indicator applet from the task bar. i read a bunch of bad stuff about removing evolution from synaptic vs just removing the applet.

im worried. did i break anything or put my security at risk. after, i used a command (older) (sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop)to install ubuntu desktop. because i thought that it would fix evolution. then i went to synaptic and installed a package called evolution. i rechecked evolution in applications menu. however, i notice that i have both a checkable evolution and two evolution icons. nothing 'seems' broken. im not sure if it ever was. and evolution calender pops up as normal, as does the the installed plain evolution. they both seems to be an exact copy of the other.

all i really wanted to do was remove the indicator applet. did i make a serious mistake. since ive had ubuntu, ive reformatted a lot because i was worried i made a mistake of some kind. however now im into the more "make a mistake and fix it stage' as im pretty happy with my current desktop and have worked hard to customize it. the command, sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages removed the mail icon. i still am worried that i broke something, or put my security at risk. also, now i have two mail icons. evolution mail and calendar, and another just called evolution.

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Ubuntu :: Removing Public Keys Not Available - Packages

Sep 23, 2010

I'm getting some errors while trying to do an update:How can I know which are the apps that are causing this, and how should I remove/update these?This is my /etc/apt/sources.list


deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner
deb-src http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner
deb http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu lucid main
deb-src http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu lucid main


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Ubuntu :: Removing Packages With Dpkg - Dependencies?

Jan 26, 2011

I want to remove Evolution and install Thunderbird. I have a general question. WRT any given package, how can I determine if that package is required by any other packages so that I wouldn't want to remove it?

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Ubuntu :: Default Title Bar Font In 10.04 / What Is It?

Aug 15, 2010

What is the default title bar font in 10.04? I changed it and it seems selecting themes don't restore it..

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Ubuntu :: Set Font Settings As Default?

Jul 19, 2011

I changed font settings in appearance utility today. But now desktop appearance and firefox fonts are too bad and I need to set it to default setting. How can I do that?

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Fedora Installation :: Get An Analogous Error Associated With Packages Trying To Install Flash Into FireFox

Sep 12, 2010

After a hiatus, I'm fussing with Fedora again. I'm using the 64 bit version of R13. A screen popped up saying I needed to apply fixes to the installion. The maintenance process fails, when tried several times.

FWIW, I get an analogous error associated with packages trying to install Flash into FireFox.

Is it possible that the package archive has been corrupted?

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General :: Error Removing Packages In Ubuntu Using Synaptic

Jan 5, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and during my tries to free space I've removed several packages such as: openoffice, all editors, and some more packages such as players and printers drivers that I don't need and seem o.k to remove. However, after restart, the graphical interface doesn't load, I'm in the xserver, I have console but not gui. I was wondering if anyone can tell me which packages I should not remove or let me know of dependencies I need to consider when messing with packages?

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General :: Removing Multiple RPM Packages At Once

Apr 14, 2011

I need to remove a lot of rpm packages and I would like to save some time and make things easier, but I am unsure of how to do it. Currently I just copy/paste over and over. My plan was to put the output of the command below into a text file, and use that text file to remove all the packages.
rpm -qa |grep xxxxx > file.txt

My question is how do I get that file to work with "rpm -e". I tried to insert the file using the less than symbol but that didn't work:
rpm -e --nodeps < file.txt

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Ubuntu :: Changing The Default Devanagari Font?

Apr 13, 2011

When I recently installed a unicode devanagari font (raghindi.ttf), it was set as the default devanagari font. The original one was better. How can i change back?

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Ubuntu :: Recovery/repair - Will No Longer Boot After Removing Packages?

Jun 17, 2011

OK as a recent Windows to Ubuntu convert I made a stupid mistake and now would now like to recover my OS, particularly my files.I had happily been running Ubuntu 10.10 but then used Synaptic to remove Python 2.6 (I was having trouble running Python 2.5 with both installed), I selected to remove Python and all it's dependencies (a bad move as I realise now, as it was quite a dependency list in the end!).

I was left with a semi functional desktop, some things worked but many things were broken / unavailable, neither Synaptic or even Terminal would work to situation.I tried rebooting in the forlorn hope that I would get some recovery options, but it would not boot, boot starts, gets to grub (top left flashing cursor), then that disappears and I am presented with a black screen and nothing then happens. If I then do a hard power down the screen very briefly shows some text (something like enter password) as it shuts down.

Subsequent boot ups just do the same thing. If I boot with an installation disk and move forward to the partition step the original partition is shown as in tact.So, my main question is, is there a way of recovering my OS without the use of low level disk recovery utils (which may be a bit painful and long winded). e.g. what happens if I install 'over the top' of my original installation, will my file system be in tact

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Fedora :: Removing Unsupported Packages After Upgrade?

Sep 14, 2010

I recently did upgrade from F12 to F13 using preupgrade, and I was following the guide from the Fedora project website [URL]

On the section Removing unsupported packages it shows how to find orphaned packages and sugest you remove them. I tried that, found a bunch of packages that I promptly erased. But then I
came across


I thought "well I don't use a Modem" so I tried to yum erase it. I stopped when I saw that it was trying
to also remove the dependencies, a bunch of NetworkManager packages.

My question is, why is ModemManager flagged as an orphan if it has packages depending on it, isn't that wrong?

And also, the recommendation on the guide to remove these packages can be dangerous to people who don't pay attention (imagine someone accidentally removing NetworkManager, no internet).

I will keep the "orphaned" package out of necessity, but something is wrong in this whole deal.

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OpenSUSE :: Removing Unused Packages : Deb Or Rpm Orphan?

Jan 3, 2011

Are you using one of these ? : deb or rpm orphan ? Are they ok to remove old packages not used anymore , or have you got some others tools or intesresting tips for doing so

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Debian :: Removing Backport Kernel Packages ?

Sep 19, 2010

In trying to get something else working, I installed a newer version of the kernel from backports (I'm on 2.6.26 lenny and the backport kernel is 2.6.32). That failed, so I want to remove the backport kernel completely.

I tried:


and got:


Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?]

I don't really understand how these metapackages work and I don't want to accidentally remove my currently-working kernel.

What's the correct way to remove all packages related to the backports kernel and leave the existing lenny ones alone?

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Ubuntu :: Make Default OpenOffice Font Color In 10.04?

Aug 25, 2010

I keep forgetting to change the font color to black in OpenOffice.org in Lucid. This is a pain when printing, but the bigger problem is with writing up formulae. How do you change colors in Math (or make it default to black)?

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Ubuntu :: Change The Size Of The Default Font In 10.10 Bigger?

Dec 11, 2010

I have just installed Ubuntu 10.10, the latest version, into my computer. But I notice that the font is small when browsing the web using Firefox. I need to have a bigger font because of my shortsightedness.

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