Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Lacks Install Into Largest Un-partitioned Space On Drive

Dec 11, 2010

I regret to see the lack of facility for Guided install into the 'largest unpartitioned space on the drive'. I cannot find it either in the Desktop CD, or the Alternate CD. It seemed to disappear in Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop CD but did stay in the Alternate CD. But in 10.10 it seems to have gone completely.I found it a really *very* useful facility for myself, and also when helping others - when all I had to say to them was - 'delete the existing partition/s, do nothing more expect then, install using the facility 'Install into the largest unpartitioned space on the drive'.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Install Into 'largest Free Space' On Drive?

Oct 14, 2010

I have just tried to install Ubuntu 10.10 and cannot find the facility to'install into the largest free space on the drive'Am I searching in vain? Is it somewhere I have missed or is it in a different form?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Partitioned Hard Drive Install On Dell Laptop?

Jul 13, 2010

I am getting ready to install Ubuntu 9.04 on my Dell laptop, only because 10.04 won't work. I have the hard drive partitioned as C: and D: . I am keeping Windows on C: for a couple of applications that need it. I still have a few things on the D: drive. Do I need to have it completely clean and formatted? And, will Ubuntu ask where I want it to be installed or will it just take the largest contiguous space available? After the install, does the system automatically ask if I want Windows or Ubuntu or how do I tell it which system to bring up?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Use Only The Free Un-partitioned Space?

Dec 7, 2010

When I install Ubuntu, after doing Windows, it always seems to hog some space away from Windows. How can I get Ubuntu to use only the unpartitioned space I left? I don't know how to use the advanced partitioning tool.

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Ubuntu :: What Ever Happened To Use The Largest Amount Of Continuous Free Space

Jan 8, 2011

After a terrible problem I had with x-server, I decided to opt for a clean install. So, naturally I poped in the 10.10 LiveCD (from Canonical), deleted the Ubuntu Partiton (ext4) and swap, and entered the installer. I have a 40gb Vista partition, 90gb media partition, and 20gb unallocated free space. Once I get to allocate drive space in the installation, I get three options - Install alongside other operating systems, erase and use the entire disk, or specify partitions manually. If I click install alongside other operation systems, it tries to take space away from my media partition to install ubuntu. I'm not too advanced with Ubuntu, so I don't think I'm going to specify my own. I don't know how much to give swap etc, etc, etc.What ever happened to use the largest amount of continuous free space? I have 20gb free I would love ubuntu to use.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing In Partitioned Hard-drive?

May 19, 2011

At present I have a hard drive with three primary partitions and one extended (logically split).

I'm runnining win 2k pro in each primary partition.

I'm about to reformat the middle primary partition and would like to take this opportunity of trying Ubuntu using the middle primary partition.

I'm using GAG to switch from one partition to another.

Is there any reason why trying Ubuntu in the middle partition would cause problems.

I think I read that Ubuntu can mess up the MBR.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Partitioned The Drive And Made A Dual Boot With The 64bit 10.04?

Sep 26, 2010

New gateway laptop with a 330M nvidia card and windows 7. I partitioned the drive and made a dual boot with the 64bit 10.04. Everything seemed to be running fine. I installed the recommended drivers for the nvidia card (and also ran an update). I rebooted. Now I get the same thing whether in recovery mode, normal boot or even to a liveCD, first ubuntu with the five dots (with an odd green halo around them) then a few screens flash by and then blackness.

None of the f keys do anything, nor does holding shift during the boot and ctrl+alt+anything does not have an affect except ctrl+alt+delete will shut down still. Once in my frustrated button bashing I did somehow get a stretched out window saying there seems to be some graphics problem, from there I did get to a somewhat normal looking desktop. I didn't to do anything then, foolishly thinking I could do it again in the future (for some presumably unrelated reason I could not get online = no updates and no Internet help) I haven't gotten back there since.

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Software :: Remove Un-partitioned Space Completely From System?

Jan 13, 2011

I am running RHEL5 on VMWare Esxi, i JUST DELETED A 30 GB PARTITION, AND WANT THIS os TO STOP SEEING IT So I can use it for a new machine...How do I go about removing it from the RHEL VM??

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To See Or Allocate Drive Space On Install

Jun 21, 2011

I have an Acer Aspire One that came with Windows 7 starter and 1GB of ram. I am currently trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 via USB drive. The problem that I am having is, whenever I get to the Allocate drive space screen it shows nothing. The box is pink with not text. If I click on Install now anyway I receive a No Root File System error. Currently the hard drive has NO partitions on it, including no file systems. It's completely blank and it is also showing up in my BIOS.

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Debian Installation :: Resizing Drive During Install Leaves Empty Space Unusable

Sep 12, 2015

I just bought a new HP desktop, and I want to install Debian on the hard drive. I ran the Windows program on the Debian CD to start the install.

I selected Manual drive setting, and resized the large C: partition to 50 GB. I want to install Debian in some of the free space, only their isn''t any free space! The 400+ GB I took out of the C: partition is labeled "unusable" instead of "free space."

If I double click the unusable space, I am just given the cylinder/head/sector numbers. How I can make that space usable?

I would boot my Gparted CD, but I don't know how to get to the BIOS. The boot screen goes right to Windows without showing me the key to get to the BIOS. I tried hitting DEL, but to no effect. Do you know what the HP computers use to interrupt the boot?

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Ubuntu :: Ex Partitioned Drive - Cand Find It ?

Aug 14, 2010

Right so I reformated my windows partition to ext3. Now ubuntu tells me there is a problem with it when I start the system. It says it cand find it and asks me if I want to: s ignore this or m fix it manually. Well that or something quite similar. how I make it understan I don't have a windows partition any more?

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Debian :: No Permissions To Drive - Partitioned?

Feb 19, 2010

I have a bit of a problem in my new install of Lenny (5.0.1). The machine in question was running XP and has a C: drive (system) and two other had drives (ide) one with music on and the other with videos. All were NTFS naturally.

I installed Lenny and re partitioned the system drive accordingly with swap and root partitions, no problems there.

The next phase was to convert the other two drives to ext3. The music drive has been backed up so the plan was to re-partition that to ext3, copy the video files to it and then re partition the now ex video drive and restore the music files to that.

I ran Gparted and partitioned the old music drive to ext3 but could not then mount it, it didn't do this after formating. I did not have permissions to mount the drive.

I read on a forum how to mount the drive from Terminal, going to /mnt, mkdir VideoDrive, mount /dev/hdb1 VideoDrive and presto it was mounted. However I still did not have permissions to it and could therefore not create directories.

Right clicking on the drive and showing properties now showed owner as root ~ create and delete files, group as root ~ access files, others ~ access files. All of these drop-downs are unavailable for changing.

I went into users and groups. There were groups there called mike and root so I selected both root user and mike user as members of both of these groups. Nope.

In the drive properties I entered Mount Point as /mnt/VideoDrive, File System as ext3, and Mount Options as defaults,unmask=000 0 0. The other forum I read stated that unmask is used to allow access to all users.

I then transfered these options to the Volume properties, again no joy.

I have added entries into the fstab and mtab files still no joy.

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Ubuntu :: Installing Karmic Koala On Already Partitioned Hard Drive?

Feb 18, 2010

I partitioned my hard drive on my computer with G-parted, the second partition (sda3) has data stored on it. I use to have Karmic Koala on sda1, but something went wrong and I want to install it back on sda1. How would I do this without losing my data on sda3? When I use the live disc, it want to install it onto sda3. I cannot figure out how to install it only on sda1.

Also, when I stored data, I want to store it on the sda3 partition. I already have on that partition a /jason file which was my old Karmic Koala.

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General :: How Should A Secondary - External Hard Drive Be Partitioned

Mar 1, 2010

Having just moved to Linux from Windows, I have never considered whether or not to partition my 250 GB external hard drive. As of right now it will only be used for data storage. Should it be partitioned? If so, what size partitions?

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Ubuntu :: GParted - Hard Drive Is Not Partitioned And Has An Unrecognised Partition Table ?

Jul 31, 2010

GParted tells me my hard drive is not partitioned and has an unrecognised partition table, but I know it has because i'm using it now to write this on here, and fdisk shows the following:


Anyone know of anyreason GParted may not be working or can offer an alternative to create a partition?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Mount The Old Partitioned Drive With All Data As A Slave

Mar 15, 2010

I want to mount the old partitioned drive with all my data as a slave and then transfer to the new system. Have fiddled around with settings in fstab without the required result. As I remember, disk was partitioned with home, root and swap.

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Debian :: FFMPEG (libavcodec) Install Lacks H264 - MPEG-4 AVC?

Apr 9, 2011

I am running 64 Bit Debian, 6.0 install with VLC and libavcodec52, libavformat52, and libavdevice52 installed. I also installed recordmydesktop which creates an ogv file, and I would like to use VLC to convert the file to an MP4. Then I can add it to a project under Open Shot Video Editor.

I get the following errors when I try to convert the file: Streaming / Transcoding failed: It seems your FFMPEG (libavcodec) installation lacks the following encoder: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10). If you don't know how to fix this, ask for support from your distribution. This is not an error inside VLC media player.Do not contact the VideoLAN project about this issue.

Streaming / Transcoding failed: It seems your FFMPEG (libavcodec) installation lacks the following encoder: MPEG AAC Audio. If you don't know how to fix this, ask for support from your distribution. This is not an error inside VLC media player. Do not contact the VideoLAN project about this issue. I've used Google to search for the error message, searched on the forum.videolan.org, and searched on this forum. So far, I've not found a lead to the solution. What am I overlooking/missing?

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Slackware :: Partitioned And Installed Slack On A 1TB Hard Drive And Missing 300Gig

Mar 25, 2010

I just partitioned and installed slack on a 1TB hard drive. I then run KDiskFree under KDE, and saw that I am missing about 300Gig! Is it just a simple thing between bytes and bits like MS. Or is this an issue I can not ignore? I have 3 partitions. One is my swap, one is ext4(slackware is on) the last is a jfs partition.

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General :: Hard Drive Does Not Have Enough Space To Install UBUNTU?

May 7, 2011

My hard drive does not have enough space to install UBUNTU.I have an external USB hard drive.

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Ubuntu :: Install The Parition - HD Is Partitioned In 3?

Jun 29, 2010

im really new to ubuntu and ive tried to install ubuntu 10.04 to my pc previously wich resulted in a total fail and me paying $90 to a technician. So when he formated my HD i told him to make a 80GB partition so i could install Ubuntu the right way,and now i want to install it to this parition. My HD is partitioned in 3

Sda1-266GB (VIsta)
Sda2-80GB (going to be ubuntu but currently empty)
Sda3-9GB (Used to be Factory Image)

I want to go through the installation and install UBuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx in Sda2 so i can make a Dual boot and select between Vista and UBuntu on each startup,what exactly should i do in the installation process?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Hard Drive With 0 Space On It

Jan 24, 2010

I downloaded the Ubuntu installer for windows and it gave me a pop-up saying:
256MB of memory are required for installation. Only 233MB are available. Installation may fail in such circumstances. Do you wish to continue anyway?
This is an odd situation because when I finished installation of Ubuntu the first time (I uninstalled it,) it wasn't responsive and said my hard drive had 0 space on it. I still have about 23GB left on my disk. How do I clear out space so the installation can work properly?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Does Not Detect Any Drive Space?

Oct 18, 2010

I am attempting to install 10.10 over my 9.10 installation, but the installer says I don't have the required 2.6GB of free drive space. This problem only occurs with my 120GB SATA drive. If I plug in my old 80GB ATA drive (in a USB enclosure), there's no problem and I'm able to get past the installer's 3-point checklist.This is the first time I've encountered a problem like this and it seems as if no one else has encountered it yet. I can therefore not find this topic on any Linux forum, so I'm quite out in the cold.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Atleast 2.6GB Of Drive Space?

Jan 8, 2011

For some reason ubuntu will not install, as its saying that the 1.3gb of space is used up...yet there is a new 750gb seagate hooked up. bios reads the new hard drive. there are no other external/internal drives of any kind hooked up. here is a run down of what i have done...

disconnected old hard drive connected the new hard drive with the older cables put the 10.10 installation disc in boot drive it says i have the comp plugged into a power source and connected to the internet but it wont allow me to click the forward button because i dont have 2.6gb of drive space.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Installation Took All Hard Drive Space

Aug 6, 2011

My Ubuntu 11.04 installation took all 40GB of my hard drive space on my laptop, can GParted make a partition for extra space and make the installation smaller??

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot Linux / Change Drive Space Configuration For More Space

Mar 6, 2010

I have linux and windowsxp on one machine. I have only 3gigs free on the windowxp machine and 20gigs free on the linux machine. I want to transfer space from the linux box to the windows machine.Is this possible and what steps would I need to follow to do this?

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Ubuntu :: Disk Space Low On Flash Drive Installation?

Jan 20, 2010

I've tried installing UNR on a 1GB flash drive in the past, and on two occasions it completely broke due to lack of disk space. When I say broke, it was when I was trying to install or upgrade packages, it said it ran out of disk space, everything slowed right down, and in the end I had to restart. I was put into a recovery shell and after poking around for about 30 minutes, gave up. Then reinstalled.

Now my shiny new 4GB flash drive is split into two sections, one for documents (1.9GB) and one for the installation+persistency file (1.9GB). I went about updating the UNR system, adding software I need (some of which is quite big, anti-virus software, lyx etc), and quickly found the old warning message: disk space low. hastily make some free space (apt-get clean, delete a big firefox cache), and post this message. My questions:how do I find out how much disk space is left on this 1.9GB partition - specifically the persistency file? I've tried disk usage analyzer, also du -h, but can't really understand it. I want to be able to see ahead of time when I am short of disk space. I would like to switch to using XFCE instead of gnome for speed and disk space. Is this possible? What is the best way to switch, without risking maxing-out disk space and crippling the system again? is there are way to take a snapshot of the whole partition? I would like to back it up in case it goes haywire again. Would I just want to copy the persistency file, that's it?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Using Free Space On Hard Drive?

Oct 10, 2010

I've just downloaded 10.10, made install USB, removed the partition that used 10.04 (have home on an other partition), started the installation but the choice "install using free space" is removed from the installation. How can I install 10.10 using the free space on harddrive? WHY did they remove the choice "install using free space"

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Ubuntu Installation :: Hard Drive Space Planning For 10.04 LTS?

Oct 16, 2010

When I install and update software on Ubuntu, what is the location of those installation files. I'm going to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with 30 GB and wanna update huge collection of software. Is it enough or I need more space?

My plan is :
boot = 130MB
swap = 4096 MB
/ = 26000MB

Should I need separation of root(/). Like: /user, /tmp etc. If, then which media needs more space?? OR what should be the best choice?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Disk Space Allocation For Drive?

Dec 13, 2010

i was using vista in my laptop, recently installed ubuntu in another drive partition which is 69 GB. but during ubuntu installation i gave only 16GB to ubuntu from this drive. i guess the remaining 69 GB - 16 GB = 53 GB is unused space now.. now how can i allocate all 69GB in that drive to ubuntu ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Adding Space To The System Drive?

Aug 22, 2011

when i first installed ubuntu i cut up 20 gb from one of my drives and put ubuntu in it, because i still had xp. Now i want to add extra space. can i do that ?

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