Ubuntu :: How To Change The Timezone Permanently

Jan 3, 2010

So, here's my problem. Every time I'm trying to change my timezone, it last until I'm restarting my comp again, it seems like it doesn't save the changes permanently.I'm using Ubuntu v9.10 installed through Wubi. My timezone is set currently via BIOS.

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Fedora :: Change Timezone From BST To UTC?

Sep 16, 2009

How do i change the timezone from BST to UTC ( through the terminal only )

SERVER ~ # cat /etc/sysconfig/clock

However a date shows :

Wed Sep 16 11:07:15 BST 2009

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CentOS 5 :: Timezone Change Not Working?

Oct 6, 2010

I was needing to change the timezone on a CentOS 5.1 (but upgraded to 5.3) machine that doesn't have X installed nor did it (initially) have the system-config-date package installed. After some Googling it appeared that all I needed to do was copy over the desirec zoneinfo file to /etc/localtime and edit the /etc/sysconfig/clock file to zone that I choose. I then set the time and used that to set the hardware clockhe original timezone was "America/New_York" (EDT) and was wanting to change it to "US/Central" (CDT). After making the changes, when I do a "date" command it is still reporting the time in EDT. I then installed the system-config-date package and tried using /usr/sbin/timeconfig. I still get the result that the timezone is reported in EDT. The time is technically correct but is an hour ahead since its using EDT to report the time.

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Server :: How To Change Timezone Running RedHat

Feb 2, 2010

I want to change the time zone in my redhat server but its not working. I have made necessary changes to make it IST but not coming up. I have made it Asia/Calcutta and also Asia/Kolkata but not changes and its changes for other zones.

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Ubuntu :: Change Resolution Permanently Of Second Monitor?

Apr 13, 2011

I use a laptop and Ubuntu 10.10 x86. Problem is I have a second monitor with 1280x1024 native resolution, and that resolution is not displayed in modes.So I solved my problem temporarily using this: Code:xrandr --newmode 1280x1024_60.00 109.00 1280 1368 1496 1712 1024 1027 1034 1063 -hsync +vsync

xrandr --addmode VGA1 1280x1024_60.00 The 1280x1024 mode appears and I do "apply" -> all OK. And then I press "make default" (where I get a pop screen confirmation warning me that will be the default config after reboot) - nice! Problem is: "make default" don't work! And I have to add a new mode after each login.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Change Eth1 Mac Address Permanently 9.10?

Jan 22, 2010

how can I change eth1 mac address permanently in an easy way?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Change Umask Value Permanently ?

Jun 16, 2009

How to change Umask value permanently for all user in Red hat Version

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General :: How To Change Permanently A Script

Apr 28, 2010

I play MAME in Ubuntu 9.10 and every time i boot my PC I calibrate my joystick with jscal. The correction values are stored in a script ( /etc/joystick.cal ) but when I reboot, the old values are written again in so I have either to repeat calibration or open the script and give the right correction values (which I have stored somewhere). So , what is the way to save my changes in this script permanently ?

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General :: Ubuntu - Change Swap Disk Priority Permanently?

Aug 8, 2010

I'm using two swap disks. Changing the order they are in in /etc/fstab and using "pri" in fstab doesn't have any effect. This is what it looks like /etc/fstab

#swap on other disk
UUID=90a1550c-84d6-4bde-8bc1-7c15292980f1 none swap sw,pri=-1 0 0
#swap on same disk
UUID=13b70e65-f1c3-4728-920f-9e92467d1df0 none swap sw,pri=-2 0 0


Its opposite of what it is in fstab, and changes to fstab have no effect.

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Ubuntu :: Change The Default Format Of Openoffice Files Permanently?

Apr 2, 2011

i want to change the default format of open office files permanently. Like if i save a file it saves as .odt i want to change it to .doc

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Fedora :: Permanently Change Default Source?

Oct 17, 2010

my last Fedora installation, the pulseaudio source is wrong. The default sink is:


How can I permanently change the Default source to be:


When I change it on desktop login as regular user to the right thing, then log out or reboot, I have to change it again when I log back in again. This is with an Audigy2 card, and onboard audio chip. I switch between the two for various reasons.

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Slackware :: Clocks Won't Remain Set - How To Change It Permanently

May 18, 2010

I had to reinstall Windows recently, which reset my clock under Linux. No problem, I set the clock, and then set the hardware clock to the system clock. Rebooted under Windows, and both were fine. After rebooting into Slack, it is again a few hours off. How can I change this permanently?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: How To Change Screen Resolution Permanently In 11.3

Jul 21, 2010

I upgraded my opensuse from 11.2 to 11.3, but after it, I have several problem with it.

Firstly: My graphic card is intel hd4500 and motherboard chip's is intel G41. After upgrading, I understood suse 11.3 didn't have sax2. at a result. I have problem with graphic card driver and consequently can't change screen resolution, therefore after each restart, my resolution automatically fix to 1600x1200 but I would like to set it in 1280x1024? What can I do to change it permanently?

Secondly: I installed vmware workstation 6.5 and after it, I see a message that say vmware need to Kernel Header 2.6.34-12- desktop. I install kernel-syms, kernel-source, gcc and make but doesn't run yet. What happen for it?

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Debian :: Permanently Change Locale From POSIX To En_GB?

Apr 3, 2010

All my LC environment variables are currently set to POSIX at boot, though I can't find the startup script that does this. I've grepped through /etc/rcS.d and /etc/rc2.d but no luck. In /etc/default/locale, LANG is set to en_GB.UTF-8, which is my preferred locale. But this doesn't stop all the LC's being set to POSIX. Consequently, my dates follow the American convention, which I find hard to read.

I tried resetting with update-locale LC_TIME=en_GB.UTF-8. This changed all the locales to en_GB but only for the session. When I rebooted, everything went back to POSIX. The only change is that en_GB.utf-8 is now in the /etc/default/locale file as the value of LC_TIME as well as LANG.

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General :: Any Way To Permanently Change Terminal Font Size

Jul 10, 2011

I installed Ubuntu on my Netbook. I like it to use the Terminals. I don't mean the "GUI-Terminal-Emulators", I mean those I can open with "Alt+FX". There the font size is to big, so I changed it with "dpkg-reconfigure console-setup". It worked, but after restart the font were "reseted" and big. Is there a way to permanently change the font size?

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Software :: Permanently Change Background Color Of Vi Editor?

Jul 12, 2010

How can I permanently change the background color of vi editor so that every time I open a document the editor has my default background color?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Permanently Change Printer Margins In CUPS?

Feb 16, 2009

With the printer I am using, the text always extends part of the way into the margins, resulting in it getting cut off. Is there any way to change the margins for a printer?

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Debian Installation :: "permanently" Change The Mount Point?

Feb 11, 2011

I recently installed Squeeze and it was simple and is running great. I have a usb fat32 drive that shares data on 3 partitions with winxp. None are listed in fstab. They all are mounted in /media.2 partitions, Video and Music, are shown in gparted as mounted by their volume labels, which is what I want; eg /media/MUSIC. The DATA volume is mounted by its' uuid. This is how it is displayed on my desktop. The other 2 volumes display the way I want: MUSIC and VIDEO. I have changed the mount point in /media to the label name:/media/DATA but it returns to its' uuid after reboot. How can I change it to display the label name? It works fine, but I have a need to "tidy up" my desktop.

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General :: Set Timezone For Nagios In Ubuntu 9.10

Aug 5, 2010

so as the title says.

i saw this in nagios.cfg:

# This option is used to override the default timezone that this
# instance of Nagios runs in. If not specified, Nagios will use
# the system configured timezone.


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Ubuntu :: Scripting Timezone Changing Process?

Mar 25, 2010

I have worked on redhat/fedora for last 5 yrs but now working on ubuntu as well. I have around 200 ubuntu VMs on which I have to change the timezone.I know I can do that using "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata",But doing it manually on 200 machines is not what I really want to do.Hence I am looking for a way to script this process.On fedora, its simple,change the "ZONE" entry in "/etc/sysconfig/clock" and copy corresponding file from /user/share/zoneinfo to /etc/localtime. Hence I can script is easily.But in ubuntu, with "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata", I don't know how to script it.

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General :: How To Set Timezone In Fedora 12

Aug 19, 2010

In the panel at the top of the screen it shows the time of day - perhaps at the international date line. Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to inform the system of my time zone? Tried "info timezone" - drew a blank. Don't know where to look.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: MythWeb Broken - Failed To Set Php Timezone To EDT?

Sep 23, 2010

I let the machine update the other night. Now MythWeb is broken with these lines appearing either at the top of the listings or as the only thing on the page. User Notice at /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/classes/MythBackend.php, line 124: Failed to set php timezone to EDT Response from backend was Array ( [0] => EDT [1] => -14400 [2] => 2010-09-21T21:27:32 )

Warning at /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/modules/_shared/tmpl/default/header.php, line 16:
Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/includes/errors.php:14Looking at MythTV pages it looks like this got broken in late August but should be fixed by now.

Looking at Synaptic it looks like I am at the current version.

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Debian :: Setting Date Timezone

May 5, 2015

I'm trying to install Symfony to Debian 7 amd64 LAMP Server and I have some lil problems

When I run php my_project_name/app/check.php

It says:
Your system is not ready to run Symfony2 projects
Fix the following mandatory requirements

* date.timezone setting must be set
> Set the "date.timezone" setting in php.ini* (like Europe/Paris).

I already tried to edit php.ini with command :
sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

I deleted ; and so under [Date] section is now following sentence: date.timezone = Europe/Helsinki
after that restarted apache /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

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General :: Use To Set The Timezone Of The Entire System Using C?

Aug 4, 2010

Is there any function I can use to set the timezone of the entire system in linux using C? (Other than creating a symbolic link between /etc/localtime and /usr/share/zoneinfo/). Could I specify the timezone offset in seconds by any chance?

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General :: How To Make Own Custom Timezone

Feb 17, 2010

I don't really like Los Angeles (they steal all our water) and neither Tijuana nor Vancouver make sense to me, so I am trying to make my own, custom timezone of Felton, California. How do I do this? I changed my /etc/timezone to "America/Felton" but upon reboot my calendar still says "Los Angeles". Which files do I need to change?

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Server :: How To Get Info About Current Timezone

Jan 13, 2010

I was wondering if there is a way of knowing what is the current set timezone for a linux server. I know that "date +%Z" gives the 3 letter abbreviation of the timezone, but then CST can be interpreted as Central Standard Time (US) and as China Standard Time. I'm looking for a way I could tell what is the real timezone, e.g. "Asia/Jerusalem", "Europe/London", etc. I know that I can set the timezone by symlinking /usr/share/zoneinfo/<Timezone Name> to /etc/localtime, but when I freshly install CentOS and choose my timezone, /etc/localtime isn't a symlink at all so I can't use this info...

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Slackware :: 13.37 - Need To Define Date / Timezone In PHP

May 18, 2011

I need to define date.timezone in PHP for an application and I can't seem to figure out how to get Apache (or whatever) to use changes in /etc/httpd/php.ini. For example, I need to set the value of date.timezone to America/Detroit and the latitude and longitude values. I'm assuming that simply stopping and restarting HTTPD ought to make that happen (it doesn't) or rebooting the system should (nope). I must have missed something somewhere.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Natty Installer Hangs At Timezone Select

Aug 11, 2011

I've just decided to downgrade from 64-bit to 32-bit Ubuntu. I created a live USB from the most recent (as of today) 11.04 download, booted up, and selected the option to replace Ubuntu. (Also on my HDD are a Windows partition and a shared partition for documents.)The installer hung at the timezone select page - and, foolishly, I hard-restarted the PC. I can get into 'try Ubuntu' without problems, but every time I try to actually install, it hangs. I can't boot into Windows, since GRUB seems to have been overwritten in my failed partial install. (I can get to a 'grub rescue' prompt, though.)

I suspected it might have something to do with my internet connection - I need to go through a university proxy script, so I'm not sure whether the installer will actually have internet access, even after I've been able to apply proxy settings while running Ubuntu from the USB.

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Fedora Installation :: F12 Fails To Install Timezone

Feb 26, 2010

I'm newbie in Linux, but have used Windows and Mac OS X Leopard. Used RedHat in the past, and can't figure this out. I burned Fedora12-x86_64 DVD image on DVD, and start install. Whether I use "linux text" command from boot or just select Install at graphical prompt, everything goes OK until I select hostname. I leave it as "localhost.localdomain" and press Enter. It always give me an error "Can't load class=TimeZoneWindow".

My computer is connected via ethernet to my router, and I had no problems getting online in Windows. Now, in case there are hardware questions:
Intel Pentium 4 with HyperThread enabled and 64bit support (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit runs perfectly in 64bit mode)
2Gb of DDR 400Mhz RAM
I have 2 SATA hard drives with RAID option as Mirror (BIOS settings - RAID or AHCI)
And 128Mb ATI RAdeon X300 series. Pretty simple, but this error aborts my installation.

I tried to do Anaconda updates, but I have no clue about URL where the image is, ex:
linux updates=[URL]
or I tried configuring network:
linux ip= netmask= gateway= dns=,
and no luck. Why does "Can't load class=TimeZoneWindow" appear? Is it a network issue or what? I've seen the screenshot for TimeZone screen in the Installation Guide, but I never get to it.

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General :: Optimization - Set The Timezone In A Non-standard Distro?

Apr 27, 2010

I'm trying to set the time in an embedded system ... There isn't a link/file /etc/localtime and /usr/ has only two subdirectories /usr/bin and /usr/sbin.Is there something I can try or do I just give up and make UTC be my timezone?

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